June 23, 2017 (Julian 174) New Moon in Cancer; Solstice “begins” in earnest

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Irregular Oracle

June 23, 2017 (Julian 174) New Moon in Cancer; Solstice “begins” in earnest

We have mentioned the key idea before, but we will state it again here.  “The New Moon is this evening, 9:30 PM CDT (and after dark in U.S. time zones except PDT, and early tomorrow morning for UK / EU).  Until then, you have a final window for cleanup or prep before the big shift comes.  And, it is coming.”

While the Summer Solstice was officially either June 20th or June 21st (depending upon your time zone), we have been in a needed “house cleaning” mode the past few days.

Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars are all in Cancer, and Venus is in Taurus.  This combination tends to “activate” Earth and Water signs, though the Mercury / Mars pairing tend to bring harsh words and sometimes violence.  Avoid those, and you might have the energy to channel…

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Cancer New Moon followed by a transformational contact

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New Moon in Cancer – Jul 23

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: Friday we will have magical, accountable desires. Followed by a ‘fresh start’ in the area of mom, home, family and land. Our emotions will be in sync with our goals and reality.

At 3:01pm Venus at 17:54 Taurus Biquintiles Saturn Rx at 23:54 Sagittarius.

This is a very nice aspect that will allow us to effortlessly align our desires with our philosophical perspective that Saturn is holding us accountable too. We can feel optimistic about all types of ways of feeling abundant and hopeful.

At 10:30pm the Moon Conjuncts the Sun at 2:47 Cancer creating the New Moon.

This is a time of clarity around our emotions. The Moon rules Cancer and therefore the Sun right now. We are setting new goals for all Cancer areas of life: mom, family, nurturing, emotional attachment, non-movable assets such as land. We are security conscious and may be hunkering down more to…

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Expect some repercussions from your actions because you can be more aggressive with what you want. You can step on some toes today to get your way. Some people in your life maybe butt hurt about it because your more hungry and aggressive when it comes to money opportunities. So don’t get reactive because their being reactive on you. It’s best to do what you do best and go on to the next. Because if you react to them being butt hurt over something you did. That they wanted to do than it’s going to ruin your whole day. Be the mature one in the situation

You need to cock those brains before you shoot that mouth off. For some…

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Gemini Moon chill before New Moon

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

It’s a relatively easy day from the planets today June 22. We are still in Solstice “standstill” sun energy. 

Gemini Moon makes a trine to Jupiter in Libra

it‘s nice and polite and good to socialize with. Your mind should feel happier lighter and more balanced. Just chill and enjoy other peoples company. Good for sales. 

Moon squares Neptune 

Confusion about what to choose sets in. Listen to your psychic side.

Moon inconjuncts PLUTO in Capricorn in the evening in PDT/ June 23 in EDT and GMT

this can lead to power struggles and shadows coming up that a Gemini mindset would much rather ignore but do so at your own and other’s peril.

REMEMBER to mark July 2nd on your calendar

MARS will OPPOSE PLUTO on that date

that is a heavy dangerous, difficult power struggle energy both emotionally and in the world. 

get ready for the New Moon in…

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New Moon in Cancer 2017

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Emerald Astrology

Happy New Moon in Cancer and Summer Solstice! We are in the feels, aren’t we? I know I am. On June 24, 2017, the New Moon will be 2 degrees in the sign of Cancer at 2:31 am (central). This will weigh on our feeling capacity and encourage us to understand what our heart is truly saying, or at least guide us to its meaning.

Moon signifies our emotional nature and instinctual thought patterns. The sign of Cancer (which the moon originally rules) signifies our feeling nature, how we go about gaining emotional security, and our connection to our heart and family.

New Moon in Cancer calls for deep self-reflection on what is within our hearts and to create holding space for it to come to form.

Esoterically speaking, Cancer is dual in nature, representing Soul and Form which combine together to make the physical body. Manifestation works if there is an…

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New Land, New Moon

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Sarah Fuhro Star-Flower Alchemy

A few days before the new Moon, we see her rise as a wisp in the light of dawn.   Hard to catch her on a morning so close to the Summer Solstice when light begins early and stays late. Yet this is the new Moon in Cancer, the sign most associated with Moon, and the qualities of Moon: flux, cycles, emotions, the sea, security, family. Friday, the day of the new Moon, she rises in Massachusetts just before 5:00 am and is entirely lost in the brightness of her partner the Sun.   There is a way in which the new Moon in Cancer is a secondary Solstice.   It’s all about merging with a light much brighter than her own.   Yet she is luminary quite as important in astrology as the Sun.

bas relief king musician and stars BL                        photo: Bruce Lhuillier

The Sun has reached…

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Subdued Gemini Moon today 6-22-2017

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Libra Seeking Balance

There are too many planets in earth and water for the airy Gemini Moon to feel comfortable now. She misses having Mercury and the Sun in Gemini to keep her company. Today she does get a bit of relief when she is trine Jupiter in Libra mid-afternoon but the glow doesn’t last long because an hour later she squares Neptune in Pisces. Take your time moving through the day, and it wouldn’t hurt to use Mercury Retrograde protocols today in order not to lose important information. 🌠☽♊🌠

Interacting with others does go better under the outgoing Gemini Moon but the overall tone is quiet, in part because we’re now in the Balsamic Phase of the Moon. Do your best to finish up what you already have on your plate and wait until next week to start on new projects. Tomorrow is the New Moon in Cancer and while we may…

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Today the Sun conjunct Mercury both in the sign of Cancer. Both about patriotism, tradition , family. For some of you second chances with relationships can come up . For some of you romanticizing the past or not being able to see a situation for what it really is. Your decisions are based on your feelings this can be a good thing. Because this energy brings about a need to change or to help yourself or get unstuck. Or this can be a bad thing because we aren’t about our moral compass but more about our feelings with this transit. For some of us we become more creatures of habits. So we revisit that relationship or that job we quick. For others it’s difficult to get out the hamster wheel . We need more self awareness, and to slow down and analyze our situations and try to see things as…

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June 22, 2017 (Julian 173) Dark of the Moon

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Irregular Oracle

June 22, 2017 (Julian 173) Dark of the Moon

Beyond our other commentary, consider this: the Moon is in Gemini (ruled by Mercury) and Mercury is in Cancer (ruled by the Moon).  This kind of exchange is called a “mutual reception,” and, unless it contains malefics (particularly Mars or Saturn or both), this is a powerful and beneficial situation that permits both planets to speak for each other or “trade places.”  That means, for the moment, both the Moon and Mercury are very powerful.

With a Dark of the Moon period, as we have now, the “veil is thin” as others have said, and we can tap into our intuitive side or, depending on your beliefs, connect with those who have gone before us and sometimes other entities.  This is the kind of period where people can “daydream” and let the mind spin free and then write down what comes…

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22nd  June 2017 Energy Forecast

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Michele Elizabeth


Good Morning I hope you are well and did lots of releasing and manifesting yesterday. So today is all about communication which is great as I am teaching. The space that so many have cleared over the last week or so is allowing your own truths and realisations to come to the surface to be heard. The energy will help you hit your mark, calmly and with clarity. If you find that someone has something to say to you then listen. Really listen give them the space to get out what they need to say and then take some time to really digest what it is that they say, it is important.

Truth as always is coming in by the bucket loads and it is really important on so many levels that you break away from “playing the game” and stand In your truth, your intentions are as important for…

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