Neptune begins a retrograde cycle; Void Moon time on the 17th

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Eyes of Heaven

Void of Course Moon time is on the 17th

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You need to go with the flow or not be impulsive on taking drastic actions. You could find that others can disagree with the way you handle a situation. You could come across as the bad guy with this energy. For some of you this can be a turning point in your life.You could be reevaluating your life purpose with this energy

For some of you, you are looking for a long term relationship. For others of you this new love coming in and this can be the long term relationship. For some of you, your partner may do something sweet for you, or make something to you. It’s the sentimental stuff that you appreciate;things that come from the heart

I feel at this time, you can feel like others done have your back or you can feel used with this energy. For some…

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Swimming with the Pisces Moon today 6-15-2017

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Libra Seeking Balance

Well before dawn the Moon dives into Pisces and we’ll need to brush up on our ability to navigate in the fog. The Pisces Moon does have a good day with a sweet trine to Mars in Cancer helping empower her along with a dreamy late night sextile to Venus in Taurus. We need to practice using our “indoor voices” today and resist the urge to trample all over people to achieve our goals. One thing Pisces is very good at is figuring out how to get their way by using very effective but indirect means. I wouldn’t call this a productive day but we can continue to make some progress. 🌠☽♓🌠

The Gemini Sun faces stiff opposition from Saturn in Sagittarius today which translates into something similar for us. However . . . if we tend to business and fulfill our responsibilities in a timely manner, we should be…

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Sobering thoughts, Sun opposite Saturn

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Sad to hear about that tragic London fire and the Republican shooter in Virginia yesterday. He had nothing to do with Bernie Sanders, and he is a lone wolf with anger issues. I am sending blessings of healing for all the victims of all these events who have passed away and who are injured.

Remember the SUN is opposite to SOBERING SATURN in SAGITTARIUS today

Sun opposes Saturn today, stay grounded

The Grim Reaper was always to blame for deaths and trouble in the world. This also affects President Trump whose birthday was the day before. 

It’s a good day to get sober and to look at your life from a very hard realistic POV. Take care fo business, stay grounded.

A battle to the death of words and ideas its whats going on.

It’s good for GEMINI’s especially to grow up and mature. It affects all mutable signs of Virgo and…

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Merlin’s Big Picture – Jun 15

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5D Astrology

Snapshot: Early Thursday morning (EST) we can expect to see how accountable we have been in keeping to our philosophical perspective. By afternoon, if we adjust our desires we will create some ease in our philosophical approach.

At 6:18am the Sun at 24:30 Gemini Opposes Saturn Rx at 24:30 Sagittarius.

Saturn in Sagittarius has been restricting our usual mundane communication so we could more effectively work on applying a sound philosophy to things. The Sun in Gemini will reveal to us how this has helped us, and prevented us, from creating extra Karmic responses. Sometimes just keeping our mouths shut allows us to think better (aka Sagittarius vs Gemini). There is a chance here as well to see how the ‘not talking’ has played a big part in the Karmic Squares of 2016 and the Heartbreak Transits of 2016/17. The 1st Heartbreak Transit occurred at 24+ Sagittarius/Pisces. While not hearing…

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Thursday 15/06/2017

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Journey by the sea

Thursday, June 15th, 2017.

The Moon is in Pisces and it sextiles Venus in Taurus.

The Sun in Gemini opposes Saturn.

The Pace changes today and don’t be surprised if no one seems particularly chipper this morning as we see Saturn opposing the normally upbeat Sun in Gemini. This planetary clash only happens once a year, so today is the only day for 2017 we have these energies clashing thank goodness!

Today is a day about dealing with responsibilities. To learn lessons, be real with one self and to really see if you and what you are doing is on the right track! Self assessment on all the limitations and restrictions in our life is something we may be facing today. The clash will make you get very real and very deep with yourself. What is serving a purpose and what isn’t. Today is about self check in and see where…

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