Saturday, January 9th 2016

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Saturday, January 9th 2016

Saturday is a day of subtle aspects (Noviles) and a New Moon, just two days past Sun Square Uranus and Jupiter Retrograde Station.  Noviles can bring acquisition of special skills and the Uranus square can brings insights, but this is a Capricorn New Moon during Mercury Retrograde.  Keep those new ideas practical if you plan to implement them, write down the weirder ones for later review, and know that any new projects you start may need tuning or review later this month or in February.  While technically this is the “weekend,” in many ways it feels a bit like a workday.  Take advantage of that but proceed carefully and methodically.

Venus conjunct Saturn is in play, currently, and we think that is (at least) as important as the New Moon (for some people).  While that aspect can be interpreted a number of ways, we will focus on ONE of them for the next few days (ignoring, for example, the impact we would expect it to have on financial markets).

Sometimes Venus / Saturn signifies a “May-December romance” of the variety of Anna Nicole Smith and J. Howard Marshall had.  Others would say that such a comparison is unfair.  Still others would ask, “what was wrong with that?”

If that kind of arrangement interests you, today is the day to make progress in that area.  And, if you meet someone “interesting” who is from a different generation from you, and you would be interested in “getting to know them better,” then know that today that is possible.  (Make your move now or forget about it!)  Just know that, if you enter a relationship of this kind, you MUST have follow-through on Saturday and Sunday and next week.  Failing to “call,” send flowers, and so forth, at this time, will mean that your efforts will be lost and the window will close.

Venus & Saturn

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9th House

“ To fear is to die a hundred deaths daily! A man fears everything in this world, great and small, the insect as well as the lion, mean words as well as illness…which is why he always attacks, hates the fairest and unwillingly listens to the wisest.”

-Jovan Ducic, “Leutar Mornings”

For the next few days, Venus conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius. Maturity within our relationships will be required even though we might not see eye to eye.

This is about finding the silver lining or the sweet spot in winter amidst the cold facts of reality. Being mature is accepting that life is not always a fairy tale and being ok with that.artlimited_img174204.jpg

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