Grand Cross, Hele, and Quintile Kite of May 27 and 28, 2010

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Decisions made these two days (May 27 & 28) are crucial.  The Grand Cross and Hele show penultimate instability and this bodes for misfortune regarding oil spills and financial markets and such.  Fortunately, the Quintile Kite  of May 29th may provide creative solutions that just might save the day.

Here are the patterns:

Hele of May 27th:

Grand Cross of May 28th:

Quintile Kite of May 29th:

1 Comment

  1. […] The “stronger” of these two Hele contains Uranus Square Pluto.  For some (many, actually), looking back to events that occurred some time near December 14, 2014 may provide insight to what is happening at the time of this full moon.  February 7, 2015 may also be useful.  Some may wish to look further back to late May of 2010. […]


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