Saturday, May 31st through the Gemini New Moon Tuesday

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The moon becomes “balsamic” tomorrow. That’s considered a “malefic” time by many, but I think it is a GREAT time to clear clutter and get rid of things. Can be good for breaking habits, particularly if you couple the initiation of that process *IN* a moon void of course, such as the one Saturday morning starting “about” 9am EDT and ending a little after 6pm the same day.

When is the best time to breakup?

If you are thinking about “breaking up” with someone, from now til Tuesday is the time to do it. This is especially true for Saturday. Just make certain to do the breakup during the DAY on Saturday, not the evening. By evening time, new events may change your mind or situation, and you’ll miss your opportunity to let go. AND, if you are going to do it, make certain communications are terminated through “about” Tuesday. If possible, turn your phone off.

Accidents Happen

If you are NOT trying to break it off Saturday, then be careful what you say. You might precipitate someone else to break it off with you. For many people, despite the beautiful spring weather, this might be a day better spent at home in quiet, possibly solitary, pursuits.

Dark of the Moon

People who claim to “work magic” like to do it in the “dark of the moon,” and that would be Monday night, although you might get results on Sunday.

Personally, I think “dark of the moon” is a good time to clean house then rest and imagine things as they could be, not as they are (to paraphrase JFK).

The rest of the week after Tuesday’s new moon will bring “Gemini” type opportunities: phone calls, writing letters, reviewing the accounts, and teaching.

For some, the “opportunities” will be those of lying, cheating, theft, and deception. Be careful.

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