Sun Trine Saturn 2015-07-21: Kite, Mystic Rectangle, Hele, and Rosetta

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Sun Trine Saturn 2015-07-21

We see a rather curious situation on Tuesday: a Moon v/c overlaps with a void Sun (nobody seems to talk about those, but they do happen about once a month: i.e. the time from when the Sun makes the last major aspect in a sign until when it enters another sign) to create a double void.  These seem like a good time only for cleaning house and getting the trash ready to go out.  (But not actually taking it out until after the sign change because you might accidentally have a lost object in the trash.)

HOWEVER, we see in the chart of this aspect (Sun Trine Saturn) on this day FOUR patterns (not counting HLT’s): (1) A Kite (an opportunity); (2) A Mystic Rectangle (an unusual window which likely contains a special opportunity); (3) a Hele (a strong polarizing influence); and (4) a Rosetta (also a polarizing influence, but the alliances are very fleeting and temporary).

How to interpret?  We are not certain.  Without considering the patterns, we would say this: “The Sun Trine Saturn aspect on Tuesday indicates that this is a time when we work hard and might could accomplish a few things.  Traps exist in (1) a moon v/c from about 6a CDT Tuesday until a little before 9:30a CDT Tuesday and (2) the Sun’s aspect to Saturn that marks a double void that ends when the Moon moves into Libra (but with the Sun still void until 2330 CDT Wednesday).  Stick to routine during these periods.”

But, the patterns are there.  So we modify our recommendation to this: be careful what allegiances your form at this time.  Some will be lasting but others may be treacherous and at best temporary.  Working alone might be the smartest move, but chances are good you might need the help of others.  And at least one opportunity, perhaps a superb opportunity, is hidden within the events of Tuesday.  If your discernment is good, you can gather the resources together today to launch something very special by the time of the next Full Moon.  And, in particular, avoid launching anything important during the double void.

Here are the charts, filtered in sequence for (1) the Kite (an opportunity); (2) the Mystic Rectangle (an unusual window which likely contains a special opportunity); (3) the Hele (a strong polarizing influence); and (4) the Rosetta (fleeting alliances which might be treacherous):

2015-07-21 Sun Trine Saturn (Kite)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

2015-07-21 Sun Trine Saturn (Mystic Rectangle)


[Click Image to Enlarge]

2015-07-21 Sun Trine Saturn (Hele)


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2015-07-21 Sun Trine Saturn (Rosetta)

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Jade Helm 15 Question

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Over on our current (mid-July 2015) New Moon post, reader and frequent visitor Gia posits this: “Hi Grandtrines, hope you are well! What do the stars say about the Jade Helm 15 situation? I am quite worried about all the hype and paranoia of it all. Can you please look into it?”

First of all, WHAT is this “Jade Helm 15” thing?  Here is the Wikipedia page on Jade Helm 15.

Second, I do not ordinarily do “Horary” charts, and part of this is because they are a “fortune telling” in the purest sense of the phrase.  (I am looking for a study of patterns in astrology that, at least potentially, COULD be scientific in nature.  Horary / fortune telling does not seem to fit that to me.  Maybe I am wrong, but that is my impression.)  But, I am also very much a fan of Anthony Louis, I adore his book, and on rare occasions I make an exception.

Third, I also usually avoid conspiracy theories.  So, this is an exception to that as well.

So, throwing caution to the wind for a moment, here is the Horary chart for when I had completed reading the initial question and formulated my initial response:

2015-07-13 Jade Helm 15 Question (Horary Chart)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Part 1 of an Horary analysis (as I understand it based on my understanding of Anthony Louis’ book) is to ask: is this chart fit to be interpreted?  We have to check several “considerations,” and if we fail any of them, then we STOP the analysis.

1.  Is the ascendant in the first three or last three degrees of a sign? No.  Proceed.

2.  Is Saturn in the Seventh House?  No.  Proceed.

3.  Is the Moon v/c?  YES. STOP!  DO NOT PROCEED.

Well, that’s it.  Sorry to disappoint.  We cannot go any further without the peril of messy answers and flat out wrong results.

But, of course, we cannot resist the temptation to peek.  (Curiosity killed the cat; you would think we would learn that lesson.)


4.  We are not only in a Moon v/c, but in a really LATE waning Moon.  Probably MORE evidence to STOP NOW.

Did that ever stop us before?  Well we will peek a bit further but not go deep.

5.  Neptune in Pisces is in the first house and rules the ascendant.  That tells us that DECEIT is almost certainly at play here, but we do not know the precise source.  Is it from the military?  Is it from the rumor mongers?  Is it self-deceit?  Somewhere else? We do not know.  But it is another sign that this is a messy question.  Juno (trust issues) is on the seventh house cusp, and Pallas (warrior goddess) is near MC.  SOMEthing is going on, but we cannot say what.

So, now, we will stop.  Either “nothing will come of this” (traditional moon v/c interpretation), or we simply cannot answer the question at this time.  Feel free to comment.

Astrology Chart for Wichita KS Plane Crash (2014-10-30)

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We note another catastrophe, a plane crash, occurred today (2014 October 30).  The chart has a remarkable resemblance to our rectified version of the recent Marysville school shootings.  According this report, the crash “happened around 9:50 a.m.”  (Our rectified chart for the recent Marysville school shootings is set at 9:47 EDT a few days earlier.)  The same planets are in the twelfth house in both charts, except that the Moon has moved to 0 degrees Aquarius in today’s plane crash.  (We note that virtually all of the preparations to depart likely occurred during a Capricorn Moon void of course.)

Here is the chart for the plane crash:

Wichita Plane Crash 2014-10-30

[Click to Enlarge]

As with the other chart, we find the horary version a little more interesting.  (The Sun opposes the “Part of Catastrophe” in this different rendition of the same moment in time.)

Wichita Plane Crash 2014-10-30 (Horary)


[Click to Enlarge]

We note that this time, 9:50 EDT, places the ascendant at 29 Scorpio, a “fated” degree.  (Perhaps we should relocate our School Shooting chart to use that same degree as well?)

XCD Natal Chart Analysis 2012-07-26

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Reader XCD posted the following comment in Saturn in Scorpio (The Power of Mutual Reception):

Submitted on 2012/07/26 at 6:13 am

I am born on July 18th 1984 with Libra rising and Pluto at 29 degrees, But also Saturn 9degrees and Mars(16 degree) in First house.

My Venus is squared by Saturn and Pluto 

For no fault of my own (At least I am assuming) I am unconsciously carrying lot of past relationship, Will it be supportive when Saturn moves into Scorpio? to be able to fully throw my past? Can you please tell me what it it that i need to work on?
I never had a relationship until Saturn Entered Libra and broke up in 2010.

We will refer to XCD as the “querent” (seeker) at later times in this analysis.

We begin with charts produced by Allen Edwall’s AstroWin and “Astrolog 5.4.”

[click to enlarge]

This first chart is produced by Astrolog and is offered for the convenience of any who wish to examine Transneptunians and other detail.

Here is the same data charted by AstroWin:


[click to enlarge]

We are setting the chart in Plano with a time chosen close to noon.  This particular chart has Moon at 29 Pisces and the individual in question may have an Aries moon.  [Edit: We have since learned that querent XCD has an earlier Pisces moon.]  However, absent that information we use this Moon which is in aspect with the natal Pluto.  Additionally, we will avoid discussing the natal moon.

[XCD has since offered this improved, more accurate, and more legible version.]

XCD (the querent) complains of not having had a relationship (we presume this means a long term romance) until recently, and that one has now dissolved.  Further, XCD wants to know what to do differently.

Although we will not cast a horary chart, we note that the question arrived as moon void of course was beginning and this analysis is being conducted during a void.  Therefore, chances are good that the answers will be “wrong” and clarification from XCD (particularly with regard to birth time to more clearly locate the Moon) may be necessary.

The first house is highly activated and populated by Pluto, Saturn, and Mars.  Pluto is at 29 degrees Libra; the last three degrees of any sign are often called “fated” degrees (or similar names).  In a sense, this individual has powerful “karma” to work through to move the planet in question to the next sign.  And, in this case, the planet is Pluto.

Combined with the other planets in the first house, we see indicators that this individual is often involved in powerful power struggles.  If the Moon is indeed Piscean in the last degree of that sign, then it The Piscean Moon is in trine with Pluto and another planet in a “fated” degree.  We see a grand water trine in this chart.  The individual in question is capable of generating wealth, and may be able to generate great wealth, depending on their willingness to work and “do what it takes.”  (But, grand trines can also be lazy.)

This individual may have involvement in death and dying.  If not criminal, then we might expect involvement in a funeral home, hospice care, or some type of institution such as a nursing home.  Alternatively, the involvement may be with liquids, ranging from the oil industry to liquor sales.  Addiction could be a problem.

We also note that Neptune is also located in the final degree of Sagittarius.  Neptune can be related to deception, and the final degree of Sagittarius is also related to deception.  We expect powerful  challenges for this individual.  But, what about when Saturn moves into Scorpio?

[click to enlarge]

Mercury and Saturn conjoin the Natal Pluto.  Mercury combined with Saturn creates a high degree of focus.  If XCD makes the mistake of engaging in criminal or other deceitful activities, then they may be discovered at this time, particularly with Neptune in trine and Mars semi-sextile.  On the other hand, if XCD is being victimized, then a chance for justice exists at this time.  This would be the time to co-operate with the police.

The querent asked about romance, but we are seeing an entirely different set of questions and answers for this querent.  Venus is trine Jupiter, and that bodes well for relationships.  But, bigger issues are playing out.  How they play out depends on XCD’s past choices.  As stated elsewhere on this blog, the coming series of aspects are challenging, and the justice that results will depend upon the choices we make.

We would like feedback from XCD.  Given that this analysis is being done in a v/c Scorpio Moon, it is subject to revision.  [And we have done some of the subsequent revision in the originally thread of comments located at Saturn in Scorpio (The Power of Mutual Reception).]

A New Shift in Values Thursday and Friday April 16 & 17, 2009

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Wednesday April 15th Moon enters Capricorn (tests, trials, and tribulations) after a few days sojurn in Sadge.  The Sun sextile Chiron on Tuesday brought the necessity to at least consider issues of teaching and/or healing.  Wednesday’s Mars conjunct Uranus will bring disruptions, especially to computers.  My guess is that we will hear more about the “Conflicker Worm.”

The Sun also aspects Neptune (dreams, delusions, and confusion) on this day.  Neptune can favor psychic activities, but the rest of us may just be confused or misled.  A few may have truly profound insights on this day.

Moon conjunct Pluto at this time adds more stress, particularly with regard to control dramas.  Mars, Uranus, Neptune, and the Sun tell the Moon and Pluto that control will not be had this day.  Neptune may offer the illusion of “control,” but Neptune is famous for impermanance.

With that cheerful prediction, I might add that we receive some rest with the Grand Trine of Thursday April 16th.  If your birthday is on that date this year, this may be a particularly fortuitous year for you.  Earth and water signs will particularly benefit this day.  Fire and air may still feel more of the aftershocks of Wednesday, but they will get SOME relief as well.

Friday brings back the pressure and intensity, particularly with the Capricorn void that begins the Fourth Lunar Quarter.  Buyers are favored, but probably not during the void.  My experience with voids is that you often get what you ASK for, but not what you WANT.  I have in mind an audio device bought many years ago to play voice.  It did that; but any attempt to play music uncovered the fact that the device was useless for that purpose.  Avoid purchases before about 1:30pm CDT (Dallas time).

Much of the rest of Friday is pressure back on.  Venus makes a Direct Station, and this signals a shift either in money, physical health, or romance.  Finances will shift, though the direction is difficult to determine.  The same is true for health, except more will have a favorable shift than not.  Romance generally will be ending of a short-lived relationship, or possibly the beginning of a longer-term one.

Mercury trines Saturn Friday evening (in Dallas), indicating that this is a very good day for detail work.  If you did NOT get your taxes in on the 15th, then you definitely want to get them out on Friday.

The Moon’s square to the Sun on Friday marks the beginning of a double void.  For the Moon, that period ends Friday afternoon.  But, the Sun continues to be void until Sunday evening when the Sun enters Taurus.  The first three degrees of any sign has been called “too early to tell” by some Horary Astrologers.  Generally, this tends to be a “wait and see” period.  Routinely “launches” should be fine, depending on the project.  But, avoid anything “too experimental” until a bit later.

No promises on when I will be able to write more predictions.

January 14 & 15, 2009: A good time to start an exercise program

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Depending on where you live, Mars Trines Ceres (the Grain Goddess) either late Tuesday or early Wednesday.  The Moon is waning, and that tends to make things shrink.

If you did not do so already, then this is a good time to start an exercise program.  If you did, but have “fallen off the wagon” already, this is your chance to re-start and make it work this time.  Starting new programs of change can be like learning to walk: sometimes the question is not whether or not will you fall down but, instead, how quickly will you get back up.

Wednesday still has a few rough edges, but it is MUCH better than Monday or Tuesday.  Thursday has Moon Trine Sun which immediately goes into a void.  Voids are notorious for their description: “nothing will come of this.”

However, a VERY similar void, a Sun Trine Moon, led me to two things: (1) a version of a watch that was broken when I bought it (but a replacement that lasted for years; I still buy one of those periodically) and (2) a brief relationship that did not last but who led to my sweetheart.  So, yes, this is a void, but I think it is possible for things in this period to LEAD to good things.

For those in the continental U.S., this void consumes the workday.  In the UK and Europe, it is over by Noon.  In either case, the Moon moves into Libra, and the intensity of the past few days softens.

Monday, January 12 & 13, 2009: Tuesday is a Monday, too

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This is a difficult day where almost nobody “wins.”  All of the aspects are either inconjuncts (false hopes) or oppositions (if not disputes then “grinding to a halt”).

The Moon is in Leo, which is usually excellent for “getting things done.”  But, the inconjuncts mean that we will not be satisfied with the results we get.  You will do things today, but you will find yourself wanting to do some of them over, later.

Tuesday is a “Monday,” also.  The signs are not much better.  A lunar void lasts until half past Noon, making the morning useless.  In the UK the void kills the work day.  Tuesday has a lone trine (Moon to Pluto) sandwiched between three inconjuncts (false hopes) and an opposition (grinding to a halt).  The best use for this day (and Monday) is for discussions and planning.  Armed with the knowledge of this forecast, YOU know that the plans will have to be re-done later.

Californians can jump-start (or re-start) an exercise program this evening.  They should look at a new angle on an old program.

Wednesday November 19, 2008

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At approximately 10AM in the UK, the Moon in Leo will Oppose Neptune in Aquarius. For those of us in the US, we’ll be sleeping and this will help us to dream, perhaps with revelations in our dreams. But for those in London and Paris, this will cause a bit of havoc.

Not to fear, this isn’t a major event but a once a month event. Even so, either confusion will reign or unrealistic notions will take charge. If you chose the “idealistic” path yesterday, instead of the practical, you might get in a little bit to deep at this time. Those who opted to be practical may be irritated by emails bouncing or unclear language on contracts or similar problems.

The rest of the day tends to have a “get things done” quality brought on by Squares. Disagreement will tend to result, but they will lead to action. Please note that by 4:30 EST the Sun will go void for a few days (when Moon enters 4th quarter) followed by the Moon going void for half an hour on each side of 8PM EST.

This particular double void (with a 4th quarter moon!) is a good time to wrapup “things Scorpio,” particular if the “wrapup” is in the form of meditation and visualization. I suppose you could take action, but it should be the “letting go” type of action. If you having been mourning the loss of a loved one, then maybe this is the time to permit yourself to have a reprieve. Think of something new and different you can do that might bring you (okay, I hate to use this term, but….) a quantum of solace.

At least one of my readers is wrestling (metaphorically) with her teenaged daughter.  This paragraph is specifically for you.  This double void period might be a time where you can finally have that heart to heart you’ve been wanting to have.  The important thing is to value the “connectedness” and not depend on what she has to say.  She may not yet be able to quite voice her innermost hopes and fears.  But, you might be able to reach a point where you acknowledge her “coming of age” in a healing way.
Except for California (PST) and MST, the Moon in Virgo Square Mars in Sadge is a topic for Thursday’s note. You might have a little trouble sleeping, or even a late night quarrel. Defer all til Sunday if you can. The period from now til then is about organizing and researching.

Monday November 17, 2008 Opportunity Abounds?

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At UAC 1998, I saw the same lecture as Jim Shawvan. Jim has turned it into quite a treat while I simply “filed it away” mentally. The single thing I remember most about that lecture was how the moon could “performeth,” sometimes very well, during a void. Lee Lehman gave an example of a furniture store that she recommended open during a void. Contrary to what I would expect, or most of the audience for that matter, the store “performeth” rather well and had a large sale the afternoon it opened. ($40,000 in furniture to a single customer, if I recall.)

Lee, herself, gave credit to William Lily (a famous astrologer in the 1600’s who was arrested for predicting the Great Fire of London). Lilly famously said, that the Moon “performeth somewhat” at these times.

That said, although I love the story, I still don’t quite drink the Kool-Aid. I’m rather skittish about voids. I won’t belabor the point. But, what you think about Monday depends on who you believe. Moon is in Cancer, and void from about 8am EST to about 4pm EST (when it enters Leo).

Jim says the Opportunity Period continues (from Sunday) until about 3:30 EST. Personally, I don’t like voids and I would say to lay low and clean house (especially) on Monday. You, dear reader, get to pick.

But, before you do, consider these two things: (1) does WATER favor you personally? For the furniture store to make $40K, someone had to give it up. Was it a fair trade? I don’t know. If you find your strengths in Fire and Air, then this probably doesn’t favor you. (2) Void Cancer Moons are famous for causing bitter lasting resentments that lead to blood feuds. And, often these resentments are due to misunderstandings or miscommunications. Do you want to take the risk?

If you are in the UK or Europe, this doesn’t affect you until late afternoon or early evening. For you, this day could be especially productive, especially Moon Trine Sun. Moon Trine Sun is a very good time to lock down agreements, make relevant purchases, and so forth. But again, ask if water favors you. For Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, this time will favor you. For Aries, Leo, Sadge, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, it may not. Especially, Aquarius.

Against all of this is Mercury Square Neptune. Both Scorpio and Aquarius may feel a bit rough this day. That leads me to add that this might tie into the Scorpio / Aquarius aspect that will re-ignite in February, as discussed in an earlier post.

(Okay, I know I contradicted myself about Scorpio.  Maybe we don’t really KNOW what happens with Scorpio today.  I think it is a good day, especially for them, to relax and take it easy.  This assumes, of course, that a Scorpio actually CAN take it easy.)

Those who overindulge in alcohol and drugs would be at risk with this Mercury Square Neptune aspect, as would those easily guiled by the scammers of the world. So, be careful if the deal is a bit TOO good to be true.

And, of course, Mercury / Neptune great favors the inspiration of poets, photographers, and movie makers.

Presidential Election Analysis November 2008 (Part 1)

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Others have written excellent analysis of what is coming to pass.  Can I add any more to the astrologers and non-astrologers alike.  I doubt it.  So, let me pause for a moment before I bang my head against the wall stating the obvious.

As I write this, the American election for the Presidency of the United States is happening.  Obama has a strong lead against McCain.  Without taking sides, I will state that Obama will almost certainly “win.”  My estimate is he wins by 7 to 9 points.

But, it won’t be clean, and it won’t play out at all as others anticipate.  The “long term” will be radically different from the delusions held by some, perhaps many, of us.

That’s one of the big messages today.  As in 2000, the moon is v/c for almost the entire election.  That means we don’t get a “real” answer to our question despite the fact that a once every fourteen years opposition between Saturn and Uranus perfects.  Venus almost perfectly square both (having perfected those aspects yesterday, Monday, November 3rd), and the combination form a huge, and important T-Square.  We’ll discuss that in more detail in other posts.

The message of the day is simple: we are at a turning point.  Okay, EVERYone else has said that.  But, what kind of turning point?  Easy: Saturn is old values and structures and Prometheus, er, Uranus, is the light-bringer of new ideas that sometimes tear down old structures.  Venus (values) is caught in the middle.  Might be astrology, might be “fate,” but the stars are saying “free will” here.

Just in case we are unclear, that’s another side to the void.  We ARE free to choose; the stars will not speak except to say that debt and work (both Virgo and Pluto are about both issues) will (continue) to be key issues.

This election is about one thing only: the conflict between what okd, longly held, dreams we are truly willing to work and save for, and what worthless delusions we are willing to pursue with ever increasing debt.

Nothing is certain except Death and Taxes.  Expect more of the latter.

Thursday October 30, 2008 A Moon Void Day

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Some time after midnight in Eastern and Central time zones, and about 8AM in the UK, the Moon in Scorpio (police, death) squares Neptune (confusion) in Aquarius (accidents).  Most of us in the United States will be asleep, but the effect could be rather unfortunate on UK and European rush-hour traffic.

This void sets the tone for the remainder of the day.  This is another great day for arists, poets, and dreamers, as long as none of them are driving or in potentially dangerous situations.  Drunk drivers will tend to get into trouble on this day, and the damage could be significant.

Mercury trines Neptune in the void.  This could be a very good time for copywriters and marketing specialist to do their work.  Maybe not the best time to sell, but you’d need to have an independent astrologer verify this for your chart and situation.  Note that Mercury is emerging from the “shadow” of the retrograde, so things could really take off some time in the next few days.

The Mars-Saturn interaction that starts the evening is rather somber.  This is a good evening for most to stay home.  Except for evening and night workers, those in the UK may be asleep by the time this aspect perfects.  Since the aspect involves outer planets, it has the opportunity to affect several days, through Saturday, as discussed elsewhere.

For finances and investment banking, don’t get your hopes too high.  Those pretty pictures and words developed by the copywriters (mentioned above) may not quite represent reality.  To be sure, sign no contracts on this day or make major purchases.

Late October 2008 (Fingers of God and Void Suns)

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The adept reader can easily read Tuesday for him or herself. Wednesday, October 22nd proves far more interesting from my vantage point.

Tuesday evening, or early Wednesday morning in the UK, the Sun will become void of course after Sun Sextile Pluto in Sadge. We’ve spoken of Pluto many times and spoken of how the last degree of Sadge is often associated with deception. Sextiles are generally considered benevolent, but this sextile, with Pluto, in this location, is not.

The Sun remains void on Wednesday as the Moon in Leo first inconjuncts Jupiter in Capricorn and then Uranus in Pisces. These two inconjuncts form a Yod or “finger of God.”

As mentioned before, this aspect is all about making a decision. The decision may be transient, as the Moon moves quickly, but it will be heartfelt. This decision will be about being stable, if boring, or being risky, but having potential. Despite my choice of words, neither path is particularly better or worse. They are both about your own personal “karma.” This is probably the one area of astrology that has the most “free will.” Think about it; which path would you prefer?

In the middle of the Yod, the Moon will oppose Chiron in Aquarius. This is another “Peace Sign in the Sky.” We saw one of those earlier this year; the energy is revisited on this day. This time we have Moon Opposite Chiron rather than Mars Opposite Neptune. Different players with different attitudes in the same configuration.

But, these events perfect inside a Solar Void, and that tells us that once again we will miss the mark. Sorry to disappoint you. We also encounter the first three degrees of Scorpio which are “too early to tell.” That location is also (as we say here in Texas) “smack dab in the middle” of the “Via Combusta.” We discussed that before, too. The Via Combusta is the toughest territory between Leo and Aquarius. (Some might ask, “which side?” The answer is “either.”)

The Solar Void is over by late Wednesday in the U.S. or early Thursday in the U.K.

Starting Thursday, we might could recover to make some significant progress somehow, but then the waning Moon followed by the aspects of Halloween (discussed elsewhere) kick in. We’ll get results (Mercury moves out of the region of the shadow of the most recent retrograde), but Mars interacting with Saturn and Uranus guarantees that a fun time will NOT be had by all, if any. I still opt for “cleaning house,” whether it is the garage or the budget.

The time of the shrinking moon from the time of the Solar Void to the New Moon of the 28th is a good time to clean house and throw out the trash. (And, again, maybe find lost objects.) That is a bonus of housecleaning in Scorpio (and especially Pisces): lost objects surface. You know the battle cry of engaging in this activity full tilt: “oh, THAT is where I put that.”

Don’t underestimate the power of this; what you find may be VERY important.

All these aspects provide more evidence that the best time to “get things done” (besides housecleaning, investigations, and finding lost objects) will probably be November 8th.

Weekend of Friday, June 13th, 2008 through Wednesday June 18th

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Father’s Day Weekend, 2008

Friday is Friday the 13th, and you should celebrate it! Really! A fun time awaits you.

In North America, the workday is absorbed by a void moon in Libra. (UK and Europeans will only experience this in the morning of their 8a to 5p workday. If you are in UK or Europe, please adjust your times.) Officially, by consensus of most astrologers, the moon v/c is a time to “lay low.” Based on my experiences, I agree. (I wish I had recorded these experiences so that I would have at least some form of empirical data to back me up.) Other interpretations say that voids are a great time to clean out and throw away. Still others say it is a spiritual time, a time to center yourself. All of these interpretations can be simultaneously true.

Moon v/c Friday the 13th of June

Many people consider Friday the 13th to be unlucky. For most people, that simply will not be true today. The Moon v/c is considered a tough time, too, as described above. But, I’d be willing to be this void is a little different and this “Friday the 13th” is even more different. The morning will be interesting, be assured of that.

Carrying the theme from most of the week, this is a time time when the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter are “best aligned” to form a Grand Trine. This blog isn’t named “Grand Trines” by accident. This kind of thing tends to be a “fun time,” and (if you can muster the motivation) can be a time of lasting accomplishment. Void are specifically NOT associated with “lasting accomplishment”; the void is historically interpreted as “nothing will come of this.” But, I bet this void is an exception.

This is THE time to persuade people with beautiful words and beautiful images. This may be the best luck you have on any day, including Fridays 13. If you are a writer or artist, you might do some of the best work of YOUR ENTIRE LIFE this day, particularly in the morning. And, once the moon moves into Scorpio, the energy will change into a powerful sexual and romantic evening.

Evening of Friday the 13th of June and Saturday the 14th

THIS *IS* the hot “Date Night” of the summer, and maybe the year. Commitments made this evening may be overly optimistic, but both sides will feel a strong sense of commitment. Don’t go out with anyone you wouldn’t want to marry. As mentioned before, Saturday presents the beginning of a time of revisiting the previous period dating back to “about” 1990. Some spillover from Friday is inevitable, and it will be viewed in terms of this past period. If you are young, and fell for someone Friday night, this could represent a HUGE turning point for you. The rest of us might experience that, too. Others (probably including myself) may take this time to envision how they would LIKE for things to be. This is a good time to decide “who you want to be when you grow up” even if you are in your 80’s or 90’s or beyond.

Sunday Morning: Avoid the Fight

Sunday morning may face resurrection of old issues and anger surfacing. The Moon (Scorpio) activates an opposition between Mars (Leo) and Chiron (Aquarius). This could be a time of the CLASSIC argument between the young Daughter (Moon) and her Father (Mars in Leo) about that new young man. Of course, the genders aren’t set in stone, but that is the image that comes to mind. What is curious is who will be “Chiron” in this situation. Probably NOT Mom unless she is a healer (Nurse or Physician or similar). Could be a sibling, but probably will either be a grandparent or close friend of the family. Some people will drink or use drugs this weekend, and Sunday morning will be the breaking point that puts them in treatment. Sunday evening will lead to a truce of some kind that will be characterized by another void (means it won’t last) and inconjuncts (either false hopes or tough decisions).

Monday: Resolution of the Conflict

Monday brings an odd kind of resolution. Alcoholics or those mentally ill may enter the hospital without incident, if they weren’t taken by force on Sunday. Mars opposition Chiron during the night sets up some tough lessons or issues regarding healing. Some will have had accidents over this weekend, and Monday will be like waking up. A few will have had some severe accidents, and they’ll “wake up” Monday to see that the arm or leg really is gone. Others will have a court day on this day. Those who followed the path of romance will have some kind of interaction with either someone foreign or in education or possibly the court system. The key person will probably be female, and possibly a bit “Matronly.” They’ll have advice, and it’ll be tough, but it better be heeded carefully.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The energy of Monday continues with commentary from Mercury, Chiron, and Mars. A good day to both take action and watch your temper. What you say today makes a big difference.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008, Full Moon

Wednesday brings a culmination of the events of Monday and Tuesday. The Moon is full, and some of the young lovers will elope. If you ARE going to elope, please do so by Tuesday evening. By Wednesday afternoon, the Moon wanes and this will disfavor your new marriage. Others will be compelled to “right action,” and they will try to repair any damage that occurred over the weekend, particularly on Sunday morning. A few will want to “check out of treatment.” Family members who comply, who “enable” them, will make a mistake if they go along with this. The waxing moon will make the situation much worse. Financial sectors may receive some good news to ameliorate the bad news of the weekend and Monday. For others, the Full Moon coupled with Venus opposite Pluto will experience another highly charged, probably highly sexual, encounter this evening. The Labor and Delivery rooms will be full “about” 270 days from this date.

Wednesday after the Full Moon, and Beyond

Wednesday Afternoon: after the full moon circa Noon, the moon conjuncts Pluto and both are opposite Venus as well as the Sun. If you want to patch up things from Friday/Sunday, this is the time to do it. Once the window is past, recovery from the injury is difficult. Don’t procrastinate on this. And, be clear. Being coy or depending on innuendo will NOT be the right thing to do under these circumstances. Lay your cards on the table or walk away from the game.

This is also good day, after the full moon, to either start a diet or make the necessary preparations to get started. Pay bills with an eye to eliminating debt. Some delays in these matters may occur because Thursday June 19th Mercury “Goes Direct” Mercury changes direction on Thursday. It moves forward again, but slowly. So, starting Wednesday, try not to “push anything through.” Even with your launch on Monday or Tuesday, you shouldn’t start “pushing” until (at the very earliest) Saturday. Some time next week is probably better, as long as you aren’t trying to “grow” it. If you MUST make purchases, try to defer them until at least Saturday or the following week. Chances are that you’ll get lower prices.

Predictions by Sign from Friday June 13th through Wednesday June 18th

Key things to note for everyone: an “interesting” void Friday morning; very romantic Friday night for many; a time to either do artistic things at home or go to the movies Saturday (but NOT major purchases); Sunday: avoid the fight; Monday: a bit of difficulty left from Sunday then resolution; Tuesday: Full Moon is a good time to act for some and bad for others; Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday: lay low because MERCURY IS CHANGING DIRECTIONS and Friday is mostly void.


You’re too hot to handle Friday morning. Opposing forces make you more determined, and you SHOULD push through. Don’t sign any contracts, yet. Just know that you can get what you want. Friday night could be a little uncomfortable, despite what was said above. Saturday could prove to be an exceptionally “lucky” day for you. Sunday, try not to be involved in any spats unless you have to. But, if you are a Dad or Head of the Family, you’ll tend to win them if you are in them. Monday also favors you, but will still be a tough day, as described above. Tuesday is one of the more powerful days of the year for you. Your sun will Grand Trine the Moon and Mars. You’ll want to hang out and be lazy, but this is a day where you can really “get things done” and what you do will tend to have a lasting impact. Rest, if possible, starting Wednesday afternoon.


Avoid “deals” that are presented Friday morning. Chances are good that they are scams.

Friday evening will be good to you, and you may be faced with an important decision. The call for romance for Taurus will be very strong now. Even if conflict emerges over the weekend, you’ll be able to get jump started the relationship with your new sweetheart on Wednesday. Try giving that new special someone a call Wednesday morning. *IF* Friday really doesn’t work out, then you may meet someone who DOES turn your head on Wednesday morning. Do make certain you are in touch by Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

Re-evaluate long term goals on Saturday. You really do need to know where you stand.

Sunday: avoid the fights iv possible. If you get drawn into them, they can become truly explosive. Monday is very weird for you. You can get certain things done, but they must involve order and organization. Avoid “fly by night” schemes and anything that smacks of “multi-level marketing.” Tuesday and Wednesday aren’t the best days for you. Avoid extravagant purchses, particularly of intangible things such as software. You’ll almost certainly be disappointed. Creation of debt is a VERY bad idea at this time. Next Thursday & Friday things are a little better for you.


This is your time, all of it, unless you drink or drug. If you DO drink & drug, then you may have an event that FINALLY gets you sober. Try not to be physically injured in the process. Tuesday, you’ll be tempted to leave the hospital if you are in one. Don’t. If you do NOT drink & drug, then this is YOUR time. That is, this is *THE* best days of the year for you. Decide what you want, and take steps to put it in motion. As with other signs, avoid the Sunday morning altercation. Whatever you plan to launch, launch by Tuesday evening. You may not believe this, or see it, but the window to effectively launch your project, or some key piece of it (if it is already underway), will close by Noon (Dallas Time, aka “Central”) of Wednesday. Thursday and Friday will prove disastrous for your Big Launch. Do it by Tuesday, or not at all. Also, if you have NOT had your birthday by Monday, you should wait until next week at the earliest. Some of you, those who have not yet had your birthday, may be tempted by a project you should NOT take on. But, if you’ve had your birthday this year, then DO IT NOW! Also: you need to read Sagittarius, below.


Where do I begin? You are probably in your twelve house. Not many things favor you at this time, so YOU should AVOID action. Planning and visualization should be your strategy. Let others play out their dramas, and don’t intervene unless you must. This is a good time for some of you to get sober. Others will have to help family members, but avoid “enabling” them. If you DO meet the “love of your life” at this time, avoid major commitments until your birthday.

If you are female, DEFINITELY avoid becoming pregnant, or risky sex of any kind, at this time. You WILL be tempted by someone, count on it! If it isn’t risky sex, then avoid other temptations of the “Traveling Salesman.” Also: plesae read Capricorn. Some of that will apply to you as well.

Try to avoid the fight Sunday. I think you can stay out of it unless you are either the Father or the “Head of Household.” If you must join, then KNOW where you stand. You’ll know by doing what the other signs should do as well: think about your hopes and dreams on Saturday and reduce them to written words on paper.

Okay, that all sounds a bit too “gloom and doom.” Venus will move in to support you starting Wednesday. She’s very much “in your corner,” but what does that mean? Maybe you’ll have support from a woman who enters your life, possible a rather beautiful lady. If you are a single guy, this new person may be what has been missing in your life. If you are a lady, this new woman may be the Fairy Godmother who transforms you into a princess. Others will receive financial support; still others will find that either a Taurus or Libra moves into to help (especially a Taurus, but possibly a Libra). Expect help in terms of love or money or both. Could also be in the form of improved health. You might actually find advantage during the difficult period of the Mercury Direct Station.

So, keep you chin up. Things will improve.


This is a good time for you, with the caveats described above. Remember, YOUR solar 12th house will apply some time on or after June 21st until the time of your birthday. So, avoid making commitments NOW that require completion THEN. Taking a course in summer school might be okay, especially if it involves writing, art or poety. Computer programming & web design (especially web design) might work for some of you. As mentioned, avoid the fight Sunday morning if you can. Some of you will not be able to avoid it, and you’ll find yourself getting far more angry than you should. If that happens, you may need to exit and “blow off steam” in some safe place (probably devoid of other people). Don’t do anything rash at this time. As with Gemini, Monday and Tuesday are “power days” for you. Just remember to avoid starting something now that completes between the period delineated by your birthday and a month before your birthday. But, Monday and Tuesday ARE “power days” for you.


You look a LOT like Taurus. (Read Taurus). Friday night is particularly good for you. The Scorpio Moon will favor you, or lead you to appropriately favor or support someone, and the Gemini Sun will stir you to action. This is a good time to help others, if you are so inclined. If you are a paramedic, then you’ll be busy tonight. As described above, Saturday is a time of reflection for you, but useful things can be done, too. As with others, this is a good time for a movie, but not a good time for major purchases. Take WRITTEN notes on any ideas that come to you Friday/Saturday. You’ll need them Monday & Tuesday. Like everyone else, avoid the fight Sunday morning. You’ll be tempted to take the side of the “Leo figure” (maybe an acutal Leo, but for sure the Father, Head of Family) as they are a sort of natural ally to them. The argument of the Scorpio (maybe the daughter or mother, particularly if they are normally a quiet person) will be appealing to you, and you may not be able to avoid contributing to their side of the argument. You’ll have to pick one side, but be careful about alienating the “Leo figure.” The Chironic person (friend of the family, physician) will confuse you, unless you yourself are that Chironic person (and you are a very good candidate for that job. Do you want it?) Monday & Tuesday will tend to stir you to action but be frustrating. Keep in mind what happened Friday & Saturday. Your written notes from those days will guide you.


You’d like to have everybody get along, but you may not be able to avoid the temptation to take advantage of the situations (and dramas) that will come to pass in this period. Be careful Friday morning. You can make BRILLIANT presentations, but you should be careful regarding any changes to the script. DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THE PLAN, whatever it is. Otherwise, you’ll do GREAT Friday morning. A good time for the artists & writers among you. The rest of the time, you are “everyman.” This is one weekend where you can play just about any role you want to; choose wisely. Avoid the Sunday morning fight if possible (read the other predictions). If you *DO* get involved, your strongest choice will be to support, or BE, the “Leo figure” (read Virgo, above). Unlike Virgo, you can do quite a bit of damage to the Scorpio, if that is your intent. You can also do a lot of damage if it is NOT your intent, so be careful. Monday and Tuesday: read Gemini and Leo. This is a power time for you, too. Lay low Wednesday and Thursday.


If you are like many scorpios, you’ve read the other signs to see what they are up to. You are educated now. You know that Friday night will provide you with POWERFUL experiences. They’ll PROBABLY be “positive,” but they DEFINITELY will be powerful. You probably CANNOT avoid the fight Sunday morning, but that is okay for most of you because most of you tend to fight anyway. Just realize that the odds are not with you in this battle, unless it is about you “falling in love” or going on a date Friday night. If so, stand your ground. You might lose this battle and yet win the war. You MUST know if what you want is really worth it. That means you need to have DEEPLY thought about it, and maybe written about it, on Saturday. If you anticipate the battle, you may fare much better. You might even “win” if the others are unprepared. Monday is hard, but it might favor you. Monday and Tuesday aren’t easy days for you, but they COULD bring you financial gain. They can bring loss, too, so avoid spending & credit cards. Avoid any significant action the rest of the week, though you’ll be tempted to action. One exception, you might get a rather good price on something Thursday or Friday Definitely do not buy it if it involves (a) communications (cell phone, radio, television, walkie-talkie) or (b) transportation (automobile, tractor-trailer, boat, or airplane). Definitley NOT a day to buy a yacht or corporate jet. And, remember, Friday is mostly void. (Usually only good for meditation and “centering” yourself.)


You win. This is your time. (See, also: Gemini) If you are in conflict with a Gemini, though, I’m not sure who wins. So, if posiible, make that Gemini your ally, not your opponent. For Friday morning: Read Libra. It is EXACTLY the same for you. You could sell the proverbial rerigerator to the proverbial Eskimo. (If you don’t know that saying, then Google it. Worth your time.) Unlike Libra, and everyone else for that matter, YOU “might” (remember MIGHT) could improvise Friday morning. Others would be wise to NOT permit you to do this. But, if they aren’t paying attention, you can get away with it. (I hope you are NOT scamming someone.) Friday is a hot “Date Night,” but if that someone is a NEW someone, you might fall for someone who is not “very good for you.” Or, they’ll be an artist or poety or inspire your poetry. (Not just the “poetry in your soul,” but literal poetry or videography (YouTube?) or photography or writing or painting or….) Saturday is like everybody else: introspection and journaling and deciding what you want. Seeing a movie with a friend is good Satruday, too. Sunday: Can you guess? Yep, like everyone else: avoid the fight. Perhaps more than everyone else, you’ll find the fight very disappointing. If you are watching the drama from the sidelines, you’ll just tend to “shake your head.” You’ll think “Why do they keep playing that drama?” You won’t be able to do anything about it. Monday might involve some cleanup, literal or figurative or both, from the weekend. For both Monday and Tuesday: read Gemini. This is YOUR time of the year, too. You’ll get other windows, particularly near your birthday, but for now this is it. Also like everyone else: avoid overeating and overspending. Lay low on Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday if possible.


Most of you will want to watch the drama rather than participate. You are bit like Libra and Taurus, but you are unique (unlike Gemini & Sag, who are JUST LIKE EACH OTHER at this time). Watch out for someone trying to “hornswaggle you” (as we say here in Texas) on Friday morning. I suspect this person might be a Libra or Sagittarius. If you are a Farmer’s Daughter, *DO* avoid the “Traveling Salesmen” of this period. Friday night will be a fun date, to be sure, but make no committments or any “risky activities” (sex, especially). *IF* you are the “teenaged daughter” in the Sunday morning drama, then this could be a very hard weekend for you. *DO* journal on Saturday and *DO NOT* buy ANYthing Saturday unless it is artistic in nature (and, maybe not even then). Go to a movie with your friends. Get perspective. Sunday: avoid the fight. *IF* you are the mother or daugher (or caregiver), you may see a side of you emerge that no one, including yourself, has seen before. You’ll look a *LOT* like Scorpio in this case (read Scorpio). *IF* you are the Father or Head of Family, you might drop into the “Leo Figure” role, but you’ll find it uncomfortable. You’ll probably secretly wish you could be the rebellious teenager instead of the dispenser of discipline. BUT, *NO ONE* (not even a Scorpio) can dispense discipline like a Capricorn, (Well, maybe a Virgo, sometimes.) Monday and Tuesday will provide career or business boosts to you, although they’ll feel a bit uncomfortable. You’ll be HIGHLY TEMPTED to wait till Wednesday, which feels and looks more comfortable. But, *IF* you are going to make something GROW, make it happen either Monday or (better yet) Tuesday. If you must make a significant purchase, though, defer it until the last weekend of the month. Some of you will be in a bit of a bind, because the purchase and the business decision will be linked. Just know that you’ll get a better by waiting til the end of the month.


Read Gemini, Libra, and Sag. Read Leo, too. You can be persuasive Friday morning, but probably not to a Capricorn. Not the best time for a “Board Meeting” for you UNLESS you are presenting WITHOUT having the Board Members “take a vote.” This prediction also applies to the “Tech Sector” of Wall Sreet. Information, research, and presentations, but no buy/sell action. Financial markets in London could be a “little weird” at this time. Certainly some of you will find love Friday evening, as with others. Some of you, though, will spend time with friends and have a few annoyances. Given a choice, this is a much better “Date Night” than “Out with the Friends” night. Some of you may feel the Retrograde of Pluto into Sadge more than others. Again, Tech Sector corporations will look HARD at the past twenty years and decide who they want to be for the next twenty. A big shift to Apple is happening (the artistic side of Friday and Saturday), and don’t be surprised if you see an announcement from Apple Friday, Saturday or Monday. In the alternative, some major corporation(s) may announce intiatives to put Macintoshes on the desktops of their employees. If you aren’t a big corporation, refrain from shopping Saturday and list your hopes and dreams on paper. If you’ve read the other predictions, you know a big fight is coming Sunday morning. You’ll tend to be conveniently on the sidelines, and (unless you are a healthcare professional and this is NOT involving your friends or family), that is where you should probably stay. Some of you will not be able to resist. A few may be wounded (even literally!) as “collateral damage.” This applies to police officers answering domestic disputes at this time. (Be careful if you are a Police Officer.) If you CANNOT resist the fight, remember your job there is to HELP and TEACH. Don’t write any prescriptions unless you have the legal authority to do so. Monday and Tuesday are good to you; this is a Window for you similar to Gemini and Sadge (but stronger for them). A smart strategy would be to let a Gemini or Sadge “run point” and you be the SUPPORT SYSTEM. You’ll be stronger in this role, and you’ll be less likely to “take damage” (as the teenage gamers say) later. ESPECIALLY YOU: Lay low Wednesday and Thursday and Friday. More than other signs, you can expect power outages. Clean house. Take pictures. Avoid commitment, but you might get a spectacular price on something. Do you really need it? (NOT if it is “on credit.”)


Sadge and Gemini have you at a disadvantage, so avoid “taking them on” directly, if at all. Of course, if you have a fair amount of Sadge or Gemini in your chart, you might be able to charge ahead. Friday morning isn’t so great for you. You might even THINK that you are scamming someone, but they’ll be getting you. If you are a con-artist, expect a “sting” from the Police. Pisces is, among other things, about illusions. Today, you’ll be on the wrong end of the stick as far as these go, so just give it up. Pisces is also good at hiding, so hide. That’ll be your strong point at this time. Friday night is MUCH better for you, In fact, so it the rest of the weekend. Like Libra, you become “Everyman” and can play ANY role you want. So, I offer the same advice: CHOOSE WISELY. I’d say avoid the fight, but if you cannot then the Scorpio role is best for you. Based on astrology, I’d say that anyone concerned with terrorists should check the sewers at this time. The Pisces in your security group will be especially gifted at finding the problem this morning. Like Capricorn, if you are drawn into the fight, then you’ll find a Tiger within yourself that you did not know was there. If you are the teenaged daughter, or mother, then Dad may be in trouble.You could win, but probably by your typical indirect strategies of undermining his/their authority. If domestic abouse is present, the abuser will likely be sent to jail if you are present. (Don’t be the abuser, of course.) The Full Moon Monday and Tuesday is a lot like Virgo for you. You may be stirred to action Monday, and surprise those who would take away your freedom from you. BUT, if you are in the hospital, don’t leave. More than anyone else, you’ll both be tempted AND have the ability to do so. Do NOT do that. If you do, you’ll lose your REAL freedom, which is coming to you now through the healing. Better buys are to be had on Thursday and Friday. Next predictions will be (probably) posted on or about Wednesday June 18th or Thursday June 19th.

6/6 void followed by an “August” Moon Weekend

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Some of you wonder what I mean by this title. I mean that the workday of Friday, June 6th 2008 will be spent in a void for most people in North America. Probably applies to South America, too, but I haven’t double checked the calculations.

I’ve noticed that, in my blog stats, that some of my readers “parlez vous francais.” Welcome! I’ll start working on adjusting my English so that it will translate better. Time zones are trickier, but I can tell readers in France and England that the void described above will happen in the evening for you. And, the Leo Moon described below will be a “late night” event. Saturday’s charming Venus-Mercury rendezvous will be Saturday evening. Please remember to adjust for time zones.

Cancerian voids are known for several things. One ancient horary astrologer, probably William Lilly, stated that “the moon performeth, somewhat.” “Things” can be done in the Cancerian void, but they better deal with water, liquids, oceans, mothers, home, oceans, or even the Moon herself. Mostly a good time, a very good time, to be still and center. This is a great day for Moms. Some spills and upsets are bound to occur, but that is part of motherhood. A few family photos taken today might be some of the more memorable ones made.

If you are in Paris or London, maybe this is a good time to visit the “English Channel.”

Cancerian voids have a danger, too. Profound resentments, sometimes lifelong anger, can arise from minor incidents and minor misunderstandings. Please do be on your best behavior. And, if someone is a jerk, ask yourself if it is “really worth it” before you retailiate. A “cooling off period” is a very good idea today. Don’t do something you’ll regret.

In the “I Ching,” water is considered the element of danger. So, if you do play in the water, remember to be safe!

So, have fun, do things Cancerian (safely), and realize that the evening brings a Leo Moon. My understanding is that a Leo Moon is sometimes called an August Moon. (If I am wrong, please someone give me the “correct” definition of this term.) Friday is graced with such a Leo moon.

The early Leo occurs Friday during the afternoon or evening “rush hour” for many people. With Mercury retrograde, and the moon in early Leo, please do be VERY careful in your commute home.

Also, don’t render any opinions based on incomplete facts. People can behave rashly, and this is NOT the time to sign a contract or lease. Consider deferring major purchases until Saturday afternoon. You probably won’t get a lower price, but you might get better colors or features. (Mercury and Venus conjoin, bringing beauty and thought in alignment.)

Later Friday evening, just have fun. This is a good evening to play, and it may be a very romantic night for some people. Take party pics! If you are looking to make a romantic connection, this weekend could be perfect for meeting that new “someone.”

This is 6/6, and while not as “interesting” as 6/6/6 (June 6th of 2006), it is nevertheless an interesting pair of numbers.

I might add, if you must make a purchase during this Mercury Retrograde period, consider making it Saturday afternoon. Some outstanding deals, in terms of quality, may appear this weekend. The merchant has an edge here, so don’t expect bargains. Do realize that some kind of followup with this purchase may be necessary after Mercury goes direct. Make certain batteries are included.

Sunday isn’t quite as benevolent as Saturday afternoon, but isn’t particularly malevolent, either. Mercury and Mars communicate, and that CAN lead to harsh words. But, in this case, with just a small bit of wisdom the energy of this pairing can lead to some kind of essential action. Some people may find this is an especially good day for exercise of some kind.

Also on Sunday, something overdue may be launched or revisited. Right action is very possible here if clear thinking is applied. This might be a good time to work out the details for Father’s Day, next weekend. The moon is void during this period, so try to PLAN the action rather than launching. After sunset on Sunday may be the best time to launch your plan, especially if it involves organizing or cleaning. (Maybe time to get the house ready for holiday plans?)
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Thursday, May 29th of 2008

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I strongly suspect that some people will obtain incredible buys on certain kinds of products, particularly digital photography, the morning of Thursday, May 29th.

Jim Shawvan * Gas Prices

I follow the work of several astrologers fairly closely. Some I have met; others I have not. One I met was Jim Shawvan at UAC 1998. We actually were in a bit of conflict at the event, but have since become buddies. I’ll dialog with him once or twice a year, so I’m not highly visible on his radar.

I like his work. He’s nailed several events. Wrote a rather famous “Mountain Astrologer” article a few months before 9/11 that essentially predicted it. On his mailing list, circa 2002 he predicted the kinds of oil prices that we are seeing today. And, according to those predictions, it isn’t over. We’ll see prices approaching or exceeding $10 / gallon according to a website he cited. So far, that site has been fairly accurate, except it predicted approximately $6 a gallon by this year. In a sense, though we are following the path it predicted, we are doing so slowly. I suppose that’s “a good thing.”

Opportunity Periods and Shopping

That said, I’d like to say something about Thursday, tomorrow. I’m necessarily going to “steal” from Jim but give him a plug and a free advertisement. His work, for the last several years, is published in Llewellyn’s “Daily Planetary Guide” for the last few years. (If you don’t have one, and you call yourself an astrologer of any skill level, then you need one.) Jim has integrated a system he saw (and I saw) presented by Lee Lehman at UAC ’98. He calculates a special kind of variant of “moon void of course” called an “opportunity period.”

Thursday morning has one of those periods, and it begins with a conjunction to Uranus. Personally, I think this might be a “Lotto Ticket” aspect for some people. Now, understand what I am saying. Buying a lotto ticket is a good idea, but don’t pin your hopes on whinning (oops, I meant “winning” 😉 ). Instead, be on the lookout for others kinds of opportunities that might be quite remarkable. They’ll be “surprises” (Uranus).

Know, of course, that late Pisces is an area where “opportunists” (con-artists, flim-flam men, matchstick men) operate. Be careful, then, but be aware of the possibility of a special opportunity.

Waning Moons Typically Favor Shoppers

With the heavily waning moon, I know this is a time that favors the shopper. Certain prices are dropping. Uranus is technology, and I have an 11th house stellium. Pisces is illusions (including video & photography), so I might look at digital cameras tomorrow. (It would be a good time to get a steal on a “demo” model, for example.)

Remember, too, that Retrograde Mercury (re)visits Retrograde Chiron Thursday evening. Maybe a time to try for healing with family pictures made on your new digital camera?

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