Algol New Moon: Waco Biker Shootout

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No charts, but an event local to Texas that is what we would expect with an Algol New Moon:

This is bad enough.  Let’s hope that we do not have similar events over the course of the Mercury Retrograde / storm.

Yod of December 3/4 2014

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Another interesting Yod happens December 3/4 of 2014.  Think of this one as “Part 2” of the November 29th Yod.  The same Rosetta and Hele patterns that applied on Saturday are still applicable here, and we will not duplicate that analysis here.

Based on the decision you made Saturday afternoon / evening, you can switch.  If you chose to stay in the same place, you can continue to do so or have another opportunity to switch to a different path.  And if you switched to a different path, you may consider returning to the old path (NOT recommended for most people).

Here is the basic chart:


[Click to Enlarge]

While the Yod actually starts about 3 PM CST, we have selected the 11 PM CST (Midnight EST) chart to show a complex configuration that occurs signifying some intense moments this evening.  We see the Node enter into the pattern bringing in the question of “fate.”  (Will you choose a safe or risky option?  Choose wisely.)

In fact, shortly after the Node enters (fate, destiny), Hygeia leaves and a totally different yod replaces the earlier one!

From Midnight to about 4 AM CST some of the configuration becomes particularly strong.  We note this is “closing time” for some establishments that sell alcoholic beverages and may be associated with some rather nasty disagreements that are alcohol fueled.

Here is an animation of the pattern:

Moon in Cancer in November of 2014: T-Squares and Grand Trines

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The Moon in Cancer in November of 2014 creates a series of interesting (and contradictory!) patterns.  On one hand, Moon will join with Uranus and Pluto (in the well known and often discussed Uranus/Pluto square pattern) to form a T-Square.  On the other hand, the Moon will join with Mars and Neptune to form a Grand Trine (Grand Water Trine).  The first causes conflict and energizes people to “take action” while the second tends to be gentler and more relaxed (and sometimes an opportunity to make a quite a bit of money).

We we examine the T-Square:

November 10th T-Squares


[Click to Enlarge]

Moments of greatest tension occur when (1) Moon opposes Pluto, (2) Moon squares Uranus, and (3) Moon conjoins Hygeia (an asteroid governing health and health issues).  If one counts the node (a point and not an actual body), then one might argue this is an (ongoing) grand cross.

Ordinarily, we would describe this period as being either “energetic” or “challenging” depending on how you use (or flow through) the energy.  But a grand trine (a grand water trine) is in play as well!  This pattern actually begins on November 9th (as we are writing the second part of this entry) and concludes later on the 10th.

Grand Water Trine 2014-10-09

[Click to Enlarge]

Someone, maybe several someones, will see an incredibly opportunity during this period and convert it into some serious money.  We note, also, that if one chooses to include Vesta, that a Grand Fire Trine is ALSO operative with Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Leo, and Vesta in Sagittarius.  (Wow!)  This video shows how STRONG these relationships are:

If you have been looking for a window to “get things done,” then this window of time is it!  While most signs benefit during this period, Scorpios benefit most.

Double Thor’s Hammer Period of 2014 November 14

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As we have mentioned elsewhere, some events in astrology simply are not well described as a “point.”  Here we have a Double Thor’s Hammer (we call it a “Double Thor’s Hammer Key”) on the evening (in Plano) of November 14th:

As an aside, here is a chart of the moment that we uploaded that video (the first such upload on this blog).  (We note that Moon is conjunct Algol, and Mars/Pluto are on the Ascendant!  NOT done intentionally, and a bit scary!)

Thors Hammer Video Upload Chart 2014-11-07

[Click to Enlarge]


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