Two days with planetary connections

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Daily Aspects – Oct 16 – Subconscious, Soulful Desires

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5D Astrology

At 10:53pm EST on Friday night, Venus at 7:18 Virgo Opposes Neptune Retrograde at 7:18 Pisces. There is going to be some contrast between what we desire and how we feel about those desires subconsciously.

When Venus and Neptune meet, there is rather great harmony between us and the objects of our desires (Venus) or there is something that pushes them away (Neptune).

An Opposition is tricky, but DOES show us how things are proceeding. Virgo is the Sign that externalizes Neptune/Pisces energies. So Venus will be doing all the work here to ‘serve’ someone (Virgo) or volunteering for work. Neptune is sitting back and seeing how she REALLY feels about her own actions. Neptune/Pisces/12th House is our ‘self-undoing.’ We think we WANT (Venus) a specific thing (work, health, roommate–Virgo–love interest, sensual touch, money, objects of beauty–Venus) but our subconscious remembers our ingrained, our past-life karmic condition here that always…

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Venus Opposite Neptune 2015-10-16

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Venus Opposite Neptune 2015-10-16

Venus opposes Neptune late on Friday evening (early Saturday for UK/EU).  That makes this a “feel good” day that is better than Thursday but not very good for signing contracts or making any long term arrangement that you expect to last.

Here is the chart:

2015-10-16 Venus Opp Neptune

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We expect to see more than a few “short term romances” (aka “one night stands”) during this period (Thursday / Friday / Saturday).  This is a GREAT weekend for romance, but (unless you are already in a committed relationship) do not expect it to last.

This is another great day, really a great several days, for “creatives.”  If you do have that “one night stand” then find a way to take copious notes and photographs.  You might turn it into a novel or a film.  (But do not slander or libel anyone at this time.  Quite risky to do that.)

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