Thursday March 3rd 2016 (and a few days prior)

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Thursday March 3rd 2016 (and a few days prior)

Moon moves into Capricorn at 4:01 AM CST, and a remarkably busy day begins.  Those of you at work or in traffic at 6:03 AM CST (within an hour of that time) have a good chance of experiencing a glitch of some kind; this might carry through for the remainder of the day.  But this day contains opportunities to learn and develop an important set of skills, and an opportunity to make amends for past wrongs may exist.  Mercury novile Pluto brings one important set of lessons, and Venus binovile Mars brings another.

We think today could be an important turning point for some people (especially, but not limited to, Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn).

Moon in Capricorn puts on the brakes, and we hope you fully accomplished your objective, or at least made a milestone, yesterday.  Moon in Capricorn in the early morning hours (Western Hemisphere) brings a “two steps forward and one step backward” kind of energy to the day.  Venus (Aquarius) forms a quincunx (false hopes and miscommunications to Jupiter (Virgo).

We tend to mis-step or overlook important points, and we can make a bad decision about finances or taxes today.  Probably NOT the day to consult with a physician or accountant, but, if you do, you might hear something you do not want to hear.  Details are important, so pay attention, and please do realize that your traditions and habits (Vesta) may not serve you as well today as you might hope.  But Vesta does form a BiQuintile with the North Node (a point that means “karma”); you may have an important insight in how to work through old karma.  And, again, this is a chance to learn important lessons and skills.

Previous days this week:

March 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 10 (W10)

Tuesday March 1st

We have a day of lunar squares.  Focus your annoyance into solving problems if you can.  Venus forms a semi-sextile to Pluto, and we find that we either have (mild) power struggles with our romantic partner or we have some insight into matters involing finance, taxes, or police / intelligence agencies.  Ceres (prosperity) forms a Quadrinovile to Astraea (law and legal systems), and we as individuals MIGHT have an opportunity to triumph over the oppresion of a government agency today.

Wednesday March 2nd

This is a busy day in terms of lunar aspects, and they tend to favor fire and air signs.  Everyone will be busy, and for some of you (especially fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) and air (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini)) will be especially busy.

Venus (Aquarius) sextiles Uranus (Aries), and some people engage in kinky sex or at least “unusual” romantic relationships.  (If you have been contemplating such a thing, this is your day to “make it happen.”)  This is tainted a bit as Juno (trust and loyalty) stations retrograde today. <click here to read more>

Venus Conjunct Mars 2015-11-02 (Kite + Rosettas)

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Venus Conjunct Mars 2015-11-02 (Kite + Rosettas)

Yesterday’s Thor’s Hammer (and Mystic Rectangle) disappears, the Moon moves into Leo, and the work week begins.  You did, or did not do, what you intended yesterday.  You accomplished, or did not accomplish, what you intended yesterday.  Today is a new day, the Moving Finger has writ, and you must move forward.  Fortunately, you may see an opportunity that compels you to do just that.  We do recommend that (in the United States) you use Monday morning for housecleaning / organization and wait until afternoon to more fully launch.  If you are signing papers, wait as late as possible in the work day, or better yet wait until the early evening, to do this.

A Kite (the pattern associated with windows of opportunity) is present in the chart of perfection for Venus Conjunct Mars today.  Also present are TWO Rosetta aspects.  We associate Rosetta with short-live allegiances and sometimes treachery.  So, as you see your opportunity, be careful about over-committing yourself.

Here is the chart for the perfection of Venus Conjunct Mars, filtered for the Kite:

2015-11-02 Venus Conjunct Mars (Kite)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We also present the same chart, but filtered for the Rosetta patterns:

2015-11-02 Venus Conjunct Mars (Rosetta)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

To recap: (1) you may see an important opportunity today; (2) wait until just before Venus/Mars perfects to sign papers; (3) allegiances will be short-lived and, though useful at the time, may become treacherous.

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