2016-03 W14: Forecasts for Week 14 of 2016

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Some of you are still feeling the Saturn Retrograde station (Friday, March 25th) from last week.  This tends to be true if you are heavily invested in a corporate setting or are involved with the financial services industry.

March 2016 (Mars Out)

2016-03 W14: Forecasts for Week 14 of 2016

Week 14 (W14)

Archive of Week 13 (W13)

Sunday March 27th

Moon turns void, and yesterday’s windows close.  If you did not achieve completion, then you must put it on hold or stick to routine activities only (possibly at risk even with those).  Today is not a “bad” day, but you will find it difficult to achieve lasting results today.  Use this as a “day of rest” from yesterday and stick to cleaning up and planning for forward action on another day.

Monday March 28th

Moon enters Sagittarius at 1:47 AM CDT.  Venus perfects a semisextile aspect to Uranus a few hours later, giving the day an “unusual” cast but likely not to strange or disruptive.  Do expect a few minor disruptions but nothing you cannot move past if you focus yourself.

The Square Key in effect since March 16th clears out tomorrow, and you will have learned the lessons you needed to learn in this period or not.  In any case, you will begin to move ahead to a new project (or projects) after the next New Moon (about a week away in April).  You are currently entering a “clearing out” and preparation period, and today is an important part of that.

A series of Rosetta patterns began yesterday, continues today, and will continue until late July.  In fact, Rosettas cover most of the remainder of the year, through December 15th. You  will form alliances now, but they can be temporary and allies can later betray and oppose you.  Choose your friends carefully at this time and disclose as little as you can.

Ceres opposite Hygeia brings issues of food (or prosperity) and health to the forefront.  Some people may revisit their “New Years Resolutions” and (wisely) restart a better version of their plans or improve them into something better.  Others may encounter financial problems over healthcare bills.

Tuesday March 29th

From a lunar point of view, this is a very busy day with Moon conjunct retrograde Saturn (both in Sagittarius) and square Jupiter (Virgo). Mercury (Aries) quincunx Jupiter (Virgo) brings about miscommunication and miscommunication and this feels a bit like Mercury Retrograde.  Mercury Station Retrograde is April 28th, and we will encounter the entering “shadow” beginning April 15th.  This is the first of three Mercury aspects over a three day period.

Juno quadrinovile Ceres means we receive an important lesson, insight or skill involving who we trust and issues of food or prosperity.  Pay attention, this might be an important turning point.

Moon turns void at 8:56 AM CDT.

Wednesday March 30th

Moon remains void until 12:45 PM CDT when it enters Capricorn and slows down certain activities, sometimes requiring a second or third check to make certain things are “right.”

Venus conjoins Chiron in the early hours, and if you have not dealt with issues involving finances, personal values, healthcare, and possibly education, then you will today.  Whatever it is, you cannot ignore it any longer.  Mercury conjoins Uranus today, the second of three in a row, and that combinations FORCES certain issues to the surface.

Use the morning to clear out and plan, and then “bite the bullet” do what must be done during the afternoon and evening.  Take care of it today, finish it today, if you can, because something even larger is coming.

Thursday March 31st

Moon (Capricorn) squares Sun (Aries) and fourth quarter begins.  The next week of cleaning out begins in earnest although some acquisitions can be had since sellers will tend to have an advantage over buyers.  Try to stick with practical purchases and the Moon will favor you.

Mercury conjoins Uranus and brings surprises and possibly powerful insights.  This is a great day for writers and communicators and similar creatives that work with words and messages.  However, transportation “surprises” (problems) can occur also.

Moon trines Jupiter (Virgo) and joins Pluto (Capricorn) in the latter part of the day (which tends to mostly feel benevolent if sometimes a bit too serious).

April 2016 (Mars Out)

Friday April 1st

The early hours are tough for most people who are up at that time, but they can also bring inspirations to writers and other communicators.  Harness the window if you can; it is fleeting.  Moon turns void at 11:39 AM CDT and remains void for most of the reset of the day (until Moon enters 8:37 PM CDT).

Today is “April Fools Day” for those who celebrate such thing, so watch out for Uranian / Plutonian “holiday” surprises.

We note five (5!) Mercury aspects, and noting that Mercury rules tricksters, jesters, thieves, and liars, do be extra careful regarding these kinds of surprises.  But, again, writers and communicators will likely thrive today.  Today is an unusually strong window for writers and communicators (maybe the strongest this year).

Mars Novile Pluto brings important lessons (especially for police and intelligent agents and any similar Martians), and Mercury Novile Neptune brings the same “poets, priests, and politicians” (who, as Sting pointed out, “have words to thank for their positions“).

Saturn BiQuintile Vesta insists that we take a look at our traditions and “why we do them.”  Some things need to stay and others need to go.  By today you should have some idea what those are and should act on them accordingly.

Saturday April 2nd

Days this benevolent are rare and hard to find.  Today is a good day to “take off” not because you need to hide or clean house but just because it is likely to be “fun” for most people.  We need those kinds of days every so often.

If you must work, you will tend to “get things done” and may have some insights.

A late evening glitch (Moon Quincunx Jupiter) may put a pamper on partygoing, but most people can move beyond it and find some kind of alternative fun.

One warning: Chiron opposes Hygeia, and this puncuates that you MUST take care of certain health issues.  Do it.

Week 15 (W15)

Sunday April 3rd

The advantages of Friday and Saturday continue today until the Moon moves void (v/c) at 6:16 PM CDT.  Get done what you can today, and then rest this evening.

Here is a list of New Moons for 2016, and here is a list of Full Moons for 2016.

Saturday February 20th 2016

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Saturday February 20th 2016 Week 08 (W08)

Saturday February 20th

This is an energetic Saturday, and you can “get things done.”  And, you will feel an urge to do just that.  Issues involving health, education, finances, and taxes come to the forefront.  For some people these will be issues with the police or intelligence agencies.  Take advantage of your sense of urgency and complete what you can.

Moon (Leo) opposes Mercury, Venus (Aquarius) followed by a quincunx to Neptune (Pisces) and a trine to Saturn (Sagittarius).  Of all the days this week, this might be the best one for “getting things done,” and oddly it favors fire and air signs (though the Sun is in Pisces and applying, ultimately, to Neptune and Chiron).  If we zoom out and look at Saturday and Sunday together, we could argue that a (very loose) Fire Grand Trine is present.

Venus (Aquarius) is semi-square Chiron (Pisces), and Sun (Pisces) is semi-square Pluto (Capricorn).  This creates quite a push to “get things done,” and issues of healthcare (or education) and finances (Capricorn) are part of the mix.  Mercury (Aquarius) semi-sextiles Neptune (Pisces).  Fire and air signs may be favored, but Pisces and Capricorn clearly have a voice today.  And Mercury / Neptune tells us that (some) people will tend to wax poetic (if not grandiose).  No “Mars Out” higher order aspects are in play, so look to the earlier aspects this week as well as the Vesta Quadrinovile Juno aspect tomorrow (a skill involving exploring “how we have always done it” and trust & fidelity issues).

Tomorrow remains very similar, and these two days should be considered together for some important project.  (Possibly a home improvement project, but certainly an important one.)

Wednesday January 13th 2016

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Wednesday January 13th 2016

Wednesday is complex.  The good news is that the Sun trines Jupiter, an annual aspect that almost always confers benefit (unless you “overdo” it).  (Traditionally, Jupiter is a “malefic” (bad) though many modern astrologers (including myself) count it as a “benefic” (good).  Why the dispute?  It is an AMPLIFIER.  Jupiter makes “things” “big,” such as Powerball winnings.  It makes the bad worse and the good better.  Like big Powerball winnings, the result you get depends on where you point it and how you use it.)  However, we do note that the best use of this particular aspect on this date is “getting things done.”

The bad news is the Venus Squares Chiron.  Issues involving either (a) finances + education or (b) the physical body and the pain of recovery will rise to the surface.  (As always with Chiron, health, or education, or both, will likely become the focus of the day.)

A potpourri of lunar aspects color the day, squares and trines alike, but most of the day in the western hemisphere (and the later part of the day into the early morning hours of Thursday in UK / EU) is colored by a bracketing of the window by Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune at the beginning 7:17 AM CST and near the end by Moon in Pisces conjunct Chiron 12:22 AM CST on Thursday.  BOTH of these emphasize the “healthcare” aspect of the day, and the first throws into the mix a need to help those less fortunate than ourselves along with a risk from scammers.  (Best to donate anonymously to well known causes that you thoroughly understand.  Please do not throw money to criminals.)  For some people, particularly students about to begin a new semester, this day is a turning point.

And just in case you might somehow miss the “message” of the previous paragraph, Sun also Semisquares Neptune, producing a significant sense of urgency to address these issues immediately, whatever they may be.

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