Fort Hood Shootings Comparison Charts of 2009 and 2014 Events

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Without much interpretation, here are the event charts for the two Fort Hood shootings.  Time for both is based on news reports and may be of limited accuracy.  First, the 2009 shooting chart:

Fort Hood 1 (2009) 2014-04-03_4-01-10Next, the 2014 event chart:

Fort Hood 2 (2014) 2014-04-03_4-02-47Here is a Biwheel using Fort Hood #1 (2009) as the basis (inner chart):

Fort Hood BiWheel 1 2014-04-03_4-04-30And here is the reciprocal wheel (2014 as inner chart):

Fort Hood BiWheel 2 2014-04-03_4-05-30And here is the synastry grid.  We note that, oddly, trines (at 22 degrees) seem to dominate:

Fort Hood Synastry Grid 2014-04-03_4-07-28

We also note that the first major variant of the 2014 Grand Cross is only a few weeks away.  This seems to be a dangerous period.

Also worthy of note: Fort Hood #2 had Algol at Midheaven.

Evie and Evie’s Friend

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Evie (refer to this post, much earlier this year) has requested an analysis of her chart with her friend’s chart.  We note that, for reasons that baffle us, the Ascendant produced by Astrolog 5.4 is rather different from that produced by SolarFire 7.1.  We have decided to use the SolarFire results as the “right” ones.

(We don’t rely as heavily on the houses as many other astrologers, so the effect on interpretation has been negligible.  In fact, in the August analysis earlier this year, we did not depend upon the houses at all.)

Here is Evie’s chart, re-done in SF 7.1:

Evie (SF 71) 12-21-2012 2-14-05 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

We note that Evie has a large number of squares.  This gives here plenty of energy and the ability to “get things done.”  On the negative side, she can frequently find herself in a bit of conflict with others.

Here is Evie’s friend’s chart, done in SF 7.1:

Evie's Friend (re-do) 12-21-2012 2-51-01 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

Evie’s friend has a few squares, also.  But, what really stands out is Chiron opposite Pluto.

Here is the Synastry grid for them together:

Evie Synastry 2 12-21-2012 2-54-47 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

In terms of Karmic links, we see his Moon conjunct her Pluto.  He is able to trigger significant issues regarding power and control for her.  Her Sun, Moon, and Mercury trine his Sun, benefiting him greatly.  His Mars squares her Sun and Mercury, bringing conflict.  But, his Mars also trines her Venus.  The relationship might have an “on again, off again” quality.  Here is a bi-wheel showing his relationship to her:

Evie Biwheel 12-21-2012 3-01-09 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

Given his Jupiter conjunct her node, we see that money tends to flow in one direction, probably from him to her.  Evie: Is this guy a “Sugar Daddy”?

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