Thursday, October 15th: Moon v/c + Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune

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Mystic Rectangles

Thursday, October 15th: Moon v/c + Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune

Thursday is messy.  Be careful not to lose your temper, and be careful not to take it too seriously.  It will pass.  Work alone if you can.  Clean house.  Be introspective.  Stick to routine.  It will pass and things will get better, or at least different.

Could be a great day for creatives.  But you may have to tune or adjust your work on another day, Friday or later.  If the gift comes to you, harness your creation to the degree you can rather than let it pass by.  But do not be surprised if it needs some kind of adjustment later.

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Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune 2015-10-15

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Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune 2015-10-15

This is the kind of day where you feel you “must do something about it,” but you are not certain what “it” is or what “must be done.”  Maybe very good for work on writing a song or poetry or working on a painting or video, but disconcerting for many of us, particularly in the area of relationships.

Even worse, the Moon is v/c in Scorpio all day.  That means you feel the pain and need to change (Scorpio), but your attempts to solve the problem either fail (“nothing will come of us”) or are oddly perverse in their results.  This is a tough day, unless you use it for housecleaning and introspection.

Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune 2015-10-15 (5th Harmonic)

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We do note TWO triangular 5th Harmonic patterns, making this an excellent time for “creatives” to work (even if you do not “finish” it).  Bright ideas and brilliant insights can come at this time, so write down whatever comes to you even if it seems a little crazy at the time.

Some 7th Harmonic aspects are in play that tell us that some of us will be dealing with “karma” on this day, and you may feel a need to “set things right” or “make amends.”  Just make certain to obtain feedback from a trusted advisor to be clear that you do not make things worse.  (If in doubt, leave it alone.)

Sun Sesquiquadrate Neptune 2015-10-15 (7th Harmonic)

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