Sun Opposite Neptune 2016-09-02 (Kite + Yod + TH)

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Sun Opposite Neptune 2016-09-02 (Kite + Yod + TH)

If you kept your notes from Sun Conjunct Neptune on February 28th, then review them now.  This is another day that is best for poets and photographers.  We have a Yod in play, so you may need to make a decision at a time when your decision making is not at its best.  A Thor’s Hammer is in play, so you need to watch your temper and watch for others that might be dangerous.  But a Kite is also in play, and an opportunity is present.  Keep your eyes open lest it pass you by unnoticed.

Here is the chart for perfection of the aspect, filtered for the kite:

2016-09-02 Sun Opposite Neptune (Kite + Yod + TH)

[Click to Enlarge]

Sun Opposite Neptune 2015-08-31

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Sun Opposite Neptune 2015-08-31

This is an annual event, and it would be best spent as a day off.  In this case, it follows on the heels on a Full Moon.  (If you have not read the analysis of that FM, please do so now.  It is relevant to what is going on with this particular Sun/Neptune aspect.)

The Moon is waning now, and if your project from last week was mis-spent time and energy, today is the day to cut your losses, sell the spare parts at a garage sale, and move on to regroup and plan to do something different.  (But, if you are a creative, the possibility exists that you MIGHT get your best ideas today.  Again, work from home if possible.)

Here is the chart:

2015-08-31 Sun Opposite Neptune[Click to Enlarge]

This is a good time to clean house.  Writing poetry or songs could be a useful activity on this date, as could be photography or video.

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