Saturday February 6th 2016

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Saturday February 6th (W06)

For most people this will be a good day.  The only square is Venus square Uranus which is notorious for kinky sex and unusual romantic relationships.  Perfection of this aspect follows on the heels of yesterday’s Venus / Pluto conjunction, and this may be a sexually intense weekend for those who choose a “getaway” at this time.  (Venus Square Uranus is associated with “kinky” or untraditional sex.)   But, it could also bring a “surprise” from the standpoint of finances and financial dealings.  In any case, it is a continuation from the Venus / Pluto conjunction yesterday.

Today is at least as complex and active as yesterday if not more so.  Mercury Trine Jupiter enhances the continuation or revision of any work done by creatives yesterday.  This is known as a particularly benevolent aspect which helps in areas involving transportation and communication.  You saw this on January 14th in the retrograde form, and you may want to check your notes from that time.  This also occurred in direct form on Christmas Day of 2015.  You may want to check your notes from that time as well for any connections to what is happening now, particularly regarding communication and transportation and especially as they relate to bookkeeping, finances, employment, and healthcare.

Sun BiQuintiles the North Node, and that means that we just might have a very smart idea about how to handle some hard karma.  With Sun Sextile Uranus and Sun BiQuintile North Node, insights abound for those with eyes to see them and ears to hear them.  Venus is also septile Neptune, and doing something for someone less fortunate than yourself is a good idea.

The only real “downside” is that the Moon is void in Capricorn for most of the day, starting at 9:54 AM CST (10:54 AM EST / 7:54 AM PST).  That votes for sticking to routine, but if you do decide to become experimental in some way just realize that you might have a “re-do” somewhere in your future.

If you are a creative, you would be wise to make a devoted effort, anyway, to explore the dichotomy of the traditional and the taboo in your work as well as the “bones” of the work compared to events that might change that structure.  What you do today may not bear fruit.  And your attempts on Sunday (which you should also do) may not either.  But by some time next week (or possibly as late as the 14th for some of you), you may yet have a powerful breakthrough that propels your work forward in ways you cannot yet imagine or foresee.  As the old saying goes, “don’t give up 15 minutes before the miracle occurs.”

This is the weekend before the New Moon on Monday (and Chinese New Year) and a host of interesting aspects next week.  Vesta (a major asteroid) will oppose Black Moon Lilith (a point in space, similar to the nodes), and (along with a host of aspects to both next week) that portends a period both in this past week and next week where we will have no choice but to examine our traditions, taboos, and whether or not our beliefs about them need to change.  (Julie Demboski wrote an excellent piece on this, which we excerpted here.)


Sun Conjunct North Node 2015-09-23

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Sun Conjunct North Node 2015-09-23

This annual event is particularly powerful this year as it perfects a powerful Kite pattern.  An amazing opportunity is available, but it will require some work due to an involvement of “karma.”

Here is the chart, filtered for the kite:

2015-09-23 Sun Conjunct North Node (Kite)[Click Image to Enlarge]

This remarkable pattern occurs on the same day as a rare Mystic Rectangle.

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