2016-03 W11: Forecasts for Week 11 of 2016

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2016-03 W11: Forecasts for Week 11 of 2016

March 8th is the next lunation, and it is a Solar Eclipse (New Moon).  Many states (including Texas) switch to Daylight Savings Time on the Sunday that follows.

March 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 11 (W11)

Sunday March 6th

After last week, you may want a break but Sun square Saturn will not give you one. Duty calls in some form, maybe business or family, and you must attend to it. Much chatter will emerge, and some of it may be continued disputes form the recent Mercury / Mars aspect (and change of signs). Lessons can be learned and skills can be developed. Pay attention. Get things done. And, when you get a chance, give yourself a break and get some rest anyway.

That would be enough, but Jupiter quincunx Uranus perfects today.  You have felt it building for the last few weeks in the form of a sense of false hopes or miscommunications between issues of bookkeeping or accounting, healthcare (especially healthcare professionals) and issues involving a battle between order and chaos on one hand, and issues of energy, the ability to accomplish tasks, possibly anger or violence, and leadership.  It is all very complex, and you will have to identify how it applies in your particular situation.  But, some time this weekend through the upcoming eclipse you will likely see things “come to a head” in some way.  Change is afoot, and “things” will be different after Tuesday.

Monday March 7th

Mercury semisquares Uranus and any angry words we have spoken in the last few days resurface and may be amplified.  For some people, they will be broadcast and re-broadcast.  Be careful what you say.  Vesta (traditions and “doing things the way we have always done them” is void until 6:50 PM CST and this further contributes to “things” going awry and unintended consequences.  You may have some good ideas (Mars quintile Jupiter), but consider writing them down and saving them for another day.  A Solar Eclipse perfects tomrrow and the Moon is very “old.”  That makes this a better time to “clean house” (literally or figuratively) and reflect rather than take action on new projects.

Tuesday March 8th

Today is the day of the Solar Eclipse, a very special type of New Moon.  Sun and Moon join together and each oppose Jupiter (with each individual opposition perfecting at slightly different times on this same day in most time zones).  Saturn (Sagittarius) squares this combination to form a T-Square.  Virgo / Pisces (and Sagittarius) issues are at the forefront as we begin a new cycle in more than one way.  The New Moon governs the 28 day lunar cycle, but the messages of the eclipse apply at least until the other eclipses later this year.  Ceres (prosperity in general and food in particular) BiQuintiles Black Moon Lilith (a point governing taboo issues in general and taboo sexual practices in particular).  This is a difficult aspect to interpret, and we suggest you identify how it applies in your individual situation.  Pallas BiQuintiles the North Node (another point, associated with karma), and we may have some important ideas about how to handle difficult “karmic” situations in our life.

Wednesday March 9th

Whether perfection of the eclipse fell in on yesterday in your time zone or on today, you will still “feel” it.  As we move further past the eclipse, we can start thinking about taking action on some of the ideas that we have noted on previous days.

BUT, the Moon remains v/c (void of course) from yesterday until 1:39 PM CST. That means we have to wait until some time after 1:39 PM CST to make our desired launch today. Keep in mind that the further you can move away from a “sign change boundary” the better (unless you have Venus or Jupiter near the cusp of Aries). That means later in the day as much as possible.

With the North Node semisextile Black Moon Lilith (both points in space, so to some degree this reflects the Earth’s alignment at this time), we have taboo topics (especially taboo sexual topics) bubbling to the surface and may face some “hard karma” in dealing with them. Today is anything but ordinary for many (if not most) people. Venus Novile Pluto says we can learn a lesson here (both can, and do, deal with Love (Venus) and Sex (Pluto)). Venus is also TriSeptile the North Node, and this brings the idea that doing a totally selfless (best if anonymous, also) act to help someone else might relieve at least a little of our “hard karma.”

Thursday March 10th

This is a busy day with a number of higher order aspects perfecting.  We note Sun conjunct Chiron today.  This is an annual aspect that brings health, education, mentoring, and “the Wounded Healer” to the forefront.  Venus quadrinovile Jupiter tells us that we can learn an important lesson or skill that will serve us well in the future.  Keep in mind that this might seem like something trivial because Quadrinoviles often bring us skills that are useful in thefuture (but not yet currently).  Mercury novile Uranus may bring us one or more additional lessons.  Venus quintile Saturn may also bring us a smart, but practical, idea.  Septiles suggest that we help someone less fortunate than ourselves.

Friday March 11th

Today you may feel an urgent need to get things done, but that may not go so well unless you are working writing poetry or song lyrics, doing a photoshoot, or making a video or movie. Scammers and thieves will tend to be more active today, so make certain you do not believe anything a stranger says or buy what they try to sell you. Even family members may be suspect. Stick to the poetry or photography.

Saturday March 12th

Venus enters Pisces today.  This is great for creatives, one of the best possible situations, but not so good for finances.  Similar to yesterday (except that it is with us for a few weeks), this empowers scammers.  Put off major purchases for a few weeks if at all possible.  Certainly avoid speculative endeavors.  As mentioned before, the best use of these few weeks is in developing your abilities with writing poetry or lyrics, photography, or videography.  Other arts may flourish also, but the ones explicitly mentioned work best.

Week 12 Forecasts

2016-03-08 Solar Eclipse (Square Key + Yod + Thor’s Hammer)

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2016-03-08 Solar Eclipse  (Square Key + Yod + Thor’s Hammer)

This eclipse is the first of five this year!  The next Solar Eclipse is September 1, 2016, and we have lunar eclipses March 23, 2016, August 18, 2016, and September 16, 2016.

And, this eclipse has a rather interesting quality (that I had initially missed): it starts on March 9th and ends on March 8th!  Do not believe me?  Read this article.  Again, because it starts in one time zone on one side of the International Date Zone, and it moves “backwards” across the International Date Zone to another time zone, it starts on March 9th and ends on March 8th.  (I do not think we get many of these.)

Solar Eclipse 2016-03-08

First we look at this eclipse from the standpoint of the Square Key:

2016-03-08 New Moon (Square Key + Yod + TH)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Will not repeat in detail the deep dive that other commentators have done regarding Sun/Moon here being close to Chiron (health, education, and the “wounded healer”) on one side and Ceres (“prosperity” in general, and food, diet and nutrition in particular).  But do keep in mind that many of us are facing a blend of these critical issues at this time.  In fact, this is a “5 point Stellium” in Pisces.

What we will note is that, is that a Square Key pattern is present that ties together Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, and the North Node.  Square keys are really interlaced Huber “Learning Triangles,” and this means we are facing important lessons regarding North Node (“Karma,” and in this case dealing with finances or health or both; this is “reaping what you have sown” in these areas.)  How is your health?  Are you doing what it takes to maintain or improve it?  If so, great!  If not, the time is at hand for a change.  Exactly the same is true regarding finances.  Adding Saturn into the mix means that you need to change “or else.”  The “or else” is strong here.

Also in the mix is Pluto in Capricorn (birth, death, rebirth, police, intelligence agencies and taxes all applied primarily to financial areas (or maybe your knees! Or skeletal system).  And Uranus (surprises; unforeseen circumstances along with insights, sometimes genius level insights, and electronics and electricity) is in the mix, too.

As we always say: only you can truly interpret this mix.  (But we hope the previous identifications of issues is helpful.)

Tempers are still fragile from Mercury square Mars over the weekend, and Mercury semisquare both Uranus and Pluto yesterday.  By itself, these would be “enough” to put many if not most people “on edge.”  But, a Thor’s Hammer pattern is present also.  We now present the chart for perfection of the Solar Eclipse, filtered for the Thor’s Hammer:

Solar Eclipse 2016-03-08 (Thor's Hammer)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

What is at stake here?  Vesta, Saturn, and Jupiter are involved.  They tell us the issues that are likely to make someone’s “blood boil” today and lead them to take action.  We note that Jupiter is square Saturn.  Jupiter is in a place of weakness, and things are not so good for Saturn either.  Jupiter (law, legal, courts, higher education, long distance travel, and ambassadors) is addressing Virgo issues (health, healthcare professionals, bookkeeping and accounting, and focusing on “things” being “orderly”).  Frankly, Jupiter is more about looking at the “big picture” and detests focusing on “things” being “orderly.”

Saturn is even worse off.  Saturn (tests, trials, tribulations, sticking to the “basics,” and sometimes the Bear Market side of financial markets but also financial markets in general) is in Sagittarius (all the same issues as Jupiter).  In fact, Jupiter RULES Sagittarius which makes life very bad for Saturn, indeed, at this time.

Sesquiquadrate to BOTH Jupiter and Saturn is Vesta, an asteroid that is all about “doing things the way we have always done them.”  While traditions often serve us, Vesta will continue them far past the point of benefit.  It is in conflict with BOTH Jupiter and Saturn.  Do not be surprised if we have some kind of mass casualty incident at a place that involves some kind of bureaucracy.  (Post workers? School shootings? What is next?)  Some VERY important lawsuits may be filed today.

Again, only you can interpret how this applies to your situation.

A Hele is present, and we will refrain from commentary except to say you should pay attention to who you are talking to today.  The possibility exists that you may identify someone, maybe several someones, who can become an important ally.  Uranus, Pluto, Astraea (law and legal systems), and the North Node combine to form this pattern.  Here is the same chart,  but filtered for the Hele:

Solar Eclipse 2016-03-08 (Hele)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Again, you will have to interpret this pattern to fit your situation.  Finally, we present this chart filtered for a Yod, sometimes called “God’s Finger,” and the pattern that indicates an important decision is at hand:

Solar Eclipse 2016-03-08 (Yod)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Jupiter (we have discussed this earlier) is at the apex of the Yod.  The debilitated Jupiter that must deal with healthcare and minute details instead of large policy issues looks to a decision.  On one hand is Pallas, a source of very bright ideas that have a bit of a warrior quality to them.  On the other hand is Uranus, the source of the Olympic Torch and bringer of light to all.  Uranus is the true innovator, more so than Pallas who is very good.  But Uranian ideas seem very strange to those who cannot yet quite see the future, and supporters of Vesta (“doing things the waywe have always done them”) will likely go beserk today with a Uranian path.  You will have to decide.  Are you willing to battle the traditionalists who will offer a “good” (but “lesser”) idea, or are you willing to take a risk on an unconventional “best” idea?

Other comments on this Solar Eclipse:

Please note that these are “reblogs” that we have done and contain a sample of the forecasts by each of the astrologers.  If you want to read more about a particular post, then you will have to “click through” to the original post.

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Solar Eclipse of March 2015 and Vernal Equinox (Navigation)

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Here are the key pages for the Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 and the Vernal Equinox of 2015 (on the same date, but separate events 12 hours apart).

Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 (New Moon in Late Pisces)

(Includes Interpretations, astrological charts, and U.S. & World Maps)

Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 maps for Canada, UK and Europe, Australia, and India

Solar Eclipse of March 20, 2015 maps for Africa, South America, SE Asia, and Other regions

Vernal Equinox of 2015: The First Day of Spring

(Includes U.S. and World Maps)

Vernal Equinox of 2015: Canada, UK and Europe, Australia, and India and surrounding region

Vernal Equinox of 2015: Africa, South America, SE Asia, and Other regions

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2015-03 Solar Eclipse World Map (Eclipse Lines) 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Solar Eclipse (and New Moon) of March 2015: Africa, South America, SE Asia, and Other Maps

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Solar Eclipse (and New Moon) of March 2015: Maps for Africa, South America, SE Asia, and other regions.

First, we present the map for Africa:

2015-03 Solar Eclipse Africa Map 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the map for South America:

2015-03 Solar Eclipse South America Map 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the map for the West Indies:

2015-03 Solar Eclipse West Indies Map 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the map for SE Asia:

2015-03 Solar Eclipse SE Asia Map 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the map for Japan and Korea:

2015-03 Solar Eclipse Japan and Korea Map 2015-03-20

[Click the Image to Enlarge]

You may find this navigation page to be helpful.

Solar Eclipse (and New Moon) of March 2015: Maps for Canada, UK and Europe, Australia, and India and surrounding region

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Solar Eclipse (and New Moon) of March 2015: Maps for Canada, UK and Europe, Australia, and India and surrounding region.

We start with Canada:

2015-03 Solar Eclipse Canada Map 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the United Kingdom and Europe:

2015-03 Solar Eclipse UK and Europe Map 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is Australia and New Zealand:

2015-03 Solar Eclipse Australia and New Zealand Map 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is India and the surrounding region:

2015-03 Solar Eclipse India Map 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

You may find this navigation page to be helpful.

Navigation: March 2015 Posts

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Recent posts of upcoming events that might interest you:

Other posts visitors have viewed:

We add this page because some of these posts are quite long, and navigation to them can be challenging for some visitors.

Solar Eclipse (and New Moon) of March 2015

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This New Moon (NM) is also a Solar Eclipse (SE).  It contains a complex parable of allegiances, hard and fast, during a period of multiple changing allegiances.  As we tell this tale, keep in mind that it is a metaphor, and the particulars in your individual situation may vary from what we describe.  And since the Vernal Equinox of 2015 follows this eclipse later the same day, we know that there will be more to follow in this story.

That said, on one side we have the angry wife who has been betrayed one time too many and her austere and bony father who has no sense of humor.  On the other side, we have the husband, a lyrical poet and musician who likely abuses alcohol or drugs or both along with his friend the healthcare professional.  Indeed, both of them might work in healthcare.

You should not take this metaphor too literally.  The “angry wife” might be an angry husband, and the “bony father” might be his battleaxe mother.  The “lyrical poet” of a husband might be a wife who works part-time as a prostitute to support her meth habit, and the friend in “healthcare” might be supplying the meth.  And, somewhere in this drama, you have a role even if that role is the role of the audience.

Before you decide that one side is “better” than the other, keep in mind that the “angry wife” might indeed a be a hellion that no one can live with, and the humorless father might just be a bitter old man looking for yet another victim to expend his wrath upon.  Maybe our lyrical poet / alcoholic has just finished treatment and, now clean and sober, he wonders how he ever became involved with these awful people.  (He must have been drunk!)  And, his friend the healthcare professional agrees.

Every story has two sides.

But, in this story, the angry wife and humorless father will tend to be the “winner” for the time being.  That is, “sorta.”  “Sorta” the winner.  But chances are good the divorce attorney(s) who blow things out of proportion will be the real winners.  (More on that later.)

Before we reach the story, we should point out that this is a Solar Eclipse, and such eclipses tend to signify changes that last for months and years.  This is a bit more than an ordinary new moon, and it happens early on the same day as the Vernal Equinox that follows (the “first day of Spring,” which is the astrological New Year and sets the tone for the remainder of the year.  Compare: the Vernal Equinox of 2010 which preceded a series of disasters including the WVA Mine Explosion and the Deepwater Horizon.  And since the final Uranus Square Pluto exact square preceded this eclipse only by a few days, we can say that the times, and people, are “not entirely stable.”  (More about Uranus Square Pluto.)

This NM contains TWO yods:

Solar Eclipse (SF) Double Yod Key 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

At this point we should offer our “reference pages” (previous analyses that might interest you):

See a pattern yet?  (Yods do not happen “all the time,” but it SEEMS that way since August 2014!)

So, if you have visited this site before and read the recent full moon and new moon posts, you know that this means that many of us will face two decisions.  We tend to call these patterns “double yod keys,” (DYK) though SolarFire 8 did not identify this pattern specifically as being a DYK.  A DYK, two or more yods together at the same time, signify AT LEAST TWO decisions in play, and possibly a number more.  This eclipse is a “fork in the road” for many, and we have had many “forks in the road” since August of 2014.

Now to our story.  A Hele identifies our players.  On one side we have Juno (“angry wife”) and Saturn (“humorless father”) in a trine.  On the other side, we have Neptune (“lyrical poet but maybe alcoholic”) and Hygeia (“healthcare professional”) on the other side in a similar alignment.  Neither side really likes the other, and neither side is budging in its position:

Solar Eclipse (SF) Hele 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

March has been a month of polarization and allegiances.  Where you stand on the issues that face you could be a function of where you stood at the time of the recent full moon (FM).

“Things” could become rather dicey in this situation.  Maybe some third parties become involved (police?) and some otherwise innocent and unarmed person gets shot.  (That seems to be a theme lately.)  Maybe someone or something “goes boom.”  We say this because a “Thor’s Hammer” is in play involving Jupiter (who often blows things out of proportion), the eclipse itself, and Pallas (the warrior goddess).  While we do not know exactly who these players are (except maybe Jupiter), we do know that NONE of them are the four disputants (Saturn, Juno, Hygeia, or Neptune, aka father, wife, friend or husband).

Solar Eclipse (SF) Thors Hammer 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Oddly, we might have the “friend in healthcare” as the instigator of any conflict, given the position of Hygeia in a T-Square.  With the Uranus / Pluto square having recently culminated, we see a potential for awful things to happen.  (Hollywood movies might emerge from these stories.)

Solar Eclipse (SF) T-Squares 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

A grand fire trine (GT) is emerging, and as always seems to be true in almost any situation, some people will have an opportunity to profit or benefit from this conflict.   That opportunity will have a window that continues mostly through March 25th  but a few windows will be open as late as March 29th.

Solar Eclipse (SF) GrandTrines 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

 This GT favors the angry wife (Juno) and humorless father (Saturn) and their allies (the Eclipse itself).  (The lyrical poet Neptune and healthcare friend Hygeia are left out of this powerful allegiance.)  But, let’s be clear, the biggest winner in all this conflict will be the one who “blows things out of proportion” (Jupiter, the divorce attorney(s) (who may be even more of a philanderer than our alcoholic husband!)).

And we see that level of power and influence in this version of the chart:


[Click Image to Enlarge]

Notice that everything “points” to Jupiter, the real “winner” in this war.

Here is another alternative view of the same chart:


[Click Image to Enlarge]

Between now and the time of the eclipse we will be adding more to this entry and also more entries that this entry will reference.  Looking for maps of Canada, UK and Europe, Australia, and India and surrounding region?  Click here.  Looking for maps of other regions?  Click here.

Here is the U.S. Map:

2015-03 Solar Eclipse Us Map 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the world map:

2015-03 Solar Eclipse World Map 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

2015-03 Solar Eclipse World Map (Eclipse Lines) 2015-03-20

[Click Image to Enlarge]

You may find this navigation page to be helpful.

More Solar Eclipse links and stories:

New Moon October 2014 (Solar Eclipse)

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The New Moon (and Solar Eclipse) of October 23rd proves to have an interesting chart.  With an eighth house stellium in Scorpio when set here in Plano as well as Mars near Midheaven (MC), we expect the potential for some intense power struggles and intense transformations.

This intense eclipse is not entirely a surprise, given the recent “Grand Yod” of August and September (and effectively continuing to exert influence through November and into 2015), the Kite of October 5th through 12th (earlier this month), and Rosettas, Mystic Rectangle, and Thor’s Hammers that followed the kite.

Astrologically speaking, October 2014 has been a busy month.  And, this Solar Eclipse, producing a New Moon Stellium in Scorpio (in the eighth house in Plano, where the chart was cast), is no exception.

Maybe this year Halloween should fall on the 23rd!

Here is the chart:

2014-10 New Moon (Solar Eclipse)

[Click to Enlarge]

We see traditional planets Venus and Saturn joining the Sun/Moon in Scorpio and (local to Plano) in the eighth house.  Asteroids Ceres (food, food supplies, and issues of prosperity and famine) and Pallas (Justice and legal battles) are also part of this stellium.  NASA has provided a map of the path of the eclipse.  Per TimeAndDate.com, this eclipse will be visible in New York City near sunset.  Wikipedia also has a page dedicated to this eclipse, replete with animations.

From a Solar Maps vantage point, the United States map is particularly interesting.  The corridor of the east coast from NYC to Boston is particularly affected by this eclipse.  Other planetary lines (Pluto / Node / Mercury) affect North Carolina and South Carolina.  A Mars line passes North to South through Shreveport, Louisiana (see, also, this link) and points due north of Shreveport (through Canada).  Des Moines IA is also affected by the same line that affects Shreveport.

A Jupiter line passes through Los Angeles, bringing likely prosperity to that region.  (This might be in the form of rain, literally.)  That same Jupiter line intersects Vesta a few hundred miles east of Boise ID.  (So, this point east of Boise ID would be great to hold some kind of “brainstorming” conference.)

Given that the motion picture industry is centered in Los Angeles, but important productions are now being made in Shreveport, we have to wonder what kind of the collaborations between the two are going to emerge over the course of the next year (or at least until the next eclipse).

Here is the map:

2014-10 Eclipse Map (United States)

[Click to Enlarge]

The Chiron / Neptune crossing south of Albuquerque NM indicates a need to resolve certain issues.  (This might be an important turning point for the CNVC. Happy 80th birthday to Marshall Rosenberg.)

We see an Astraea line passing near the center of Atlanta GA (and that emphasizes, at this time, any linkages Atlanta has to Paris, France).  We also note a Ceres line (Ceres at Midheaven) going through Vancouver and points north of Vancouver.

Below is an alternative U.S. Map:

2014-10 Eclipse Map (United States) 2


[Click to Enlarge]

While the state of Connecticut does not have any crossings, it does have THREE lines passing through this relatively small region (Sun, Moon, and Venus).  We expect the eclipse to be particularly “viewable” here near sunset, and we also expect this region to be strongly affected by the eclipse.

2014-10 Eclipse Map (CT)

[Click to Enlarge]

The West Indies are highly affected by this eclipse.  A number of lines run through Cuba.  Puerto Rico is HIGHLY affected by a concentration of the same lines that affect Connecticut (Sun, Moon, and Venus), but closer together (and, therefore, a bit amplified).  The Bahamas and Jamaica are affected by close alignment of the Mercury / Node lines.  (Interpretation of Mercury / Node: “it is fate that something must be said.”)

2014-10 Eclipse Map (West Indies)


[Click to Enlarge]

In the UK and Europe, we expect Latvia to be most highly affected, but the region including Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Belorus will be affected.  Paris is also affected.

2014-10 Eclipse Map (UK and Europe)


[Click to Enlarge]

Here is the chart for Paris (France, not Texas):

2014-10 Eclipse Chart (Paris)

[Click to Enlarge]

As regular reader Caroline wrote: “I have done the eclipse chart for Bristol and you may be interested to know that Astraea is 01aries 22 9th house side to the eclipse MC of 01aries49.”  We see Astraea at MC for Paris, France.  Note that this activates any linkages to Atlanta GA as being important at this time.  And it also means that questions of Justice will be particularly important for these regions.

We also note that a Uranus (Prometheus) MC (Midheaven) line directly affects Munich, Germany.  Given the rest of this chart, we expect profound events occur here.  We hope that these will be in the high form (powerful insights and scientific breakthroughs) rather than the low form (explosions).  Either or both could occur.  Germany is generally associated with Scorpio, so we expect that Germany is now at a critically important turning point (that may not fully manifest until after the Mercury Direct Station.

2014-10 Eclipse Chart (Munich Germany)

[Click to Enlarge]

Here is the map of Germany and the surrounding area:

2014-10 Eclipse Map (Germany)

SE Asia is highly activated, as shown by this map:

2014-10 Eclipse Chart (SE Asia)


[Click to Enlarge]

First of all, we note that almost all of the “-stans” in the region, from Pakistan to Kazakhstan, have a Chiron on the Descendant line passing through them.  They are feeling pain and wounds (perhaps wounded egos or maybe physical wounds or fiscal wounds or all of these) and will be sensitive at this time.  The part of India that borders Pakistan is picked up by this also.  Otherwise, India is mostly untouched by this eclipse.

Viet Nam, Cambodia, and Malaysia pick up the Node / Mercury lines similar to the Bahamas / Jamaica lines described earlier.  (Essentially these are slightly different variations of the same line.  Interpretation of Mercury / Node: “it is fate that something must be said.”)  As with Atlanta / Paris, communications between this region and the corresponding region in the West Indies may prove to be important.

Particularly powerful are the lines that pass through Northern China (near Japan), Taipei, the northern edge of the Phillipines, and the eastern edge of Indonesia.  These lines correspond to the lines passing through New York, Connecticut, and (other) parts of New England.  These are the Sun / Moon / Venus lines from the eclipse, and they bring powerful changes to these regions.

Taipei is one of the most highly affected places in the world.  Here is the chart of the eclipse, relocated to Taipei:

2014-10 Eclipse (Taipei)

[Click to Enlarge]

 Looking for other commentary on this eclipse?  Try here:


New Moon, November 2012

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Update: When I first cast this chart, I did not realize that it was for an eclipse.  As you may know, all Solar Eclipses are New Moons, but not vice versa.  I have added, here, a map of Australia and New Zealand that shows the total eclipse lines across northern Australia with totality near Darwin and Cairns.  Northern Australia is your best bet if you want to observe, the rest of the path is over ocean in the South Pacific.

If the election is not resolved by this New Moon, then it could go as long as the end of the Mecury Retrograde (end of November).  Here is the New Moon chart, with more commentary to come later:  [Update: oddly, although we know the winner of the election, it is NOT fully resolved (due to Florida, again).]

[Click to Enlarge]

Let’s face it, most of this chart is above ground.  Only Jupiter in the 2nd is below ground (and in Gemini, at that).  Let’s just say that big money issues are in play, but that few other things are secret with this New Moon.

We have included the U.S. map here.  To be certain, the U.S. is *HIGHLY* activated by this New Moon.  Do not be surprised if somehow certain Southern states play a big roll somehow post-election.

One rule of “good web design” (from a certain perspective) is to design your site so that people never have to leave.  I break that rule all the time.  The fact is, sometimes you need a different perspective.  That said, I like Jude Cowell’s writing on this New Moon and the previous Full Moon.

I think that this article at Darkstar provides us with a warning about this Scorpio new moon.  The analysis is detailed, but, to my way of thinking, the fact that it is an eclipse in Scorpio is sufficiently scary all by itself.  (Maybe Halloween is coming a bit later this year?)

If you are a Wiccan, then you might like this post.

While researching other discussions of this upcoming eclipse, I found this http://www.reddit.com/r/astrologyblogs/  It is a potpourri of various astrology blog postings on Reddit.

The Taurus New Moon of 2012

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The “Dark of the Moon” period from Monday April 16th until the New Moon of Saturday 21st (approximately 2am Plano time) will be a particularly powerful period for planning tangible accomplishments for 2012.  How the financial markets will respond this April / May will be interesting to watch.

A number of events loom near.  We will see a Solar Eclipse on May 20th that will touch Albuquerque NM.  June will have a number of interesting events as well.  Notably, these events are almost certainly setting the stage for the events that will follow the entry of Saturn into Scorpio this October.  Among others, another Solar Eclipse will follow on November 13th.  That Solar Eclipse is part of the same cycle as the May 20th eclipse.  See, also:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solar_eclipse_of_May_20,_2012

Here is a chart of this New Moon, set in Plano:

[Click Image to Enlarge)

This is a very good window (up until this New Moon) for producing tangible expressions of art, from photography to sculpture.  Take your camera with you, for the rare and fleeting moments may never present themselves again in this lifetime.  Finish existing projects involving farms, tangible art, and finances prior to this New Moon with the intent of launching a new project either at Cazimi (exact moment of New Moon) or a few days later.

The most outstanding feature of this chart is the Mars / Neptune / Mercury yod.  At this location, Pisces is intercepted and Neptune and Chiron are near each other in early Pisces.  Mars is at the apex of the Yod.  Located in Virgo (health, accounting, and related institutions), Mars simply will not allow us to avoid making a decision at this time.  We are given two choices: (1) an intercepted Neptune in Pisces which is the ultimately symbol of either waiting or ineffectiveness or (2) a highly energized Mercury (communications / transportation) near Uranus (mass communications / revolutions / accidents / brilliant insights).

Personally, I would pick the latter.  This yod says you “can” choose to sit still, but it will probably leave your ability to accomplish anything eviscerated.  The mercury path does have some danger, and mis-steps and accidents are possible.  This Taurus New Moon requires the kind of prudence that Taurus is generally known for.  Exceptions exist: both Saddam Husein and Adolph Hitler were examples of what an afflicted Taurus looks like.

So, don’t act like them!

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolf_Hitler  (Note the dates of birth and death!)

and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saddam_Hussein

So, you must act, and act decisively, but avoid becoming Hitler!  (The balance is delicate, but you can do it.)

A very real danger exists of an event similar to the KrystalNacht:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Krystalnacht

A few of you must choose the Pisces / Neptune option if you are overdue for downtime.  Sometimes that is the only “choice.”

Also worthy of note: most of the planets involved (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, & Neptune) are in EARLY degrees.  These early degrees signify that this period is about beginnings, and later in the year more will be revealed. In some cases, that will mean we will bear the fruit of the consequences of our actions at this time.

And, Chiron is at 8 degrees, signifying that events at this time may be related to the teaching and healing of the Diamond of December 21st of this year.

Jan 24, 25, 26, & 27 (Sat thru Tue), 2009

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A shift in energy happens this weekend, and you will feel it. These days should be clustered together because this is one weekend that will “spill over” into next week.

Saturday the Moon is still in Capricorn, as Friday, and Financial Markets will somehow feel this. Mars Trines Saturn, which brings a sort of “closure” the the Mars Sextile Uranus of Thursday.

Innovative ideas may be squashed in favor of the status quo. We may hear some kind of government pronouncement about the military, but it will favor keeping the status quo rather than “change.” (Saturn (status quo) is the last to whisper in the ear of Mars (military, police, violence, violent criminals).

Meanwhile, Venus has aligned to favor Uranus (women, as a group, may find that they are VERY bored with the status quo), and Mars is “forced” to communicate with Venus. Some military / police officers may find themselves locked out of their homes by their wives or daughters.

The Moon, the other major feminine planet, speaks to everyone this day, but Venus has the the last word. This could indicate a mother / daughter alliance in a family (or other) dispute.

The VERY last word in this drama, though, belongs to the children (and the communicators) who can point at the supposed authority figure and say “he did it.” (Think of the final few scenes of the movie “Witness.”)

The Moon leaves all this behind as it enters a void and then Aquarius about 1am in Dallas (7am in UK). The Moon then conjoins Jupiter followed with a conjunction with the Sun which produces a Solar Eclipse. (You should read the Friday discussion of Jupiter’s influence). This Eclipse will be particularly life-changing for some people because of the intense Jupiter involvement. Higher education, travel (and diplomacy), and the courts will become particularly pronounced for some people, and, in fact, the population of the world will feel it.

Mercury (retrograde, in Capricorn) speaks to Mars Monday (either great Romance or terrible fights). Whatever happens this day, expect to “revisit” it on March 1st (when Mercury and Mars will meet again, but this time in Aquarius with Mercury forward motion).

All of this Mercury / Venus / Mars drama (which can be children, mother, father) is tied into the eclipse. For some, this means father accepts a new job or carreer which carries him far away. (We know this about military and Iraq, but this could be something a bit new or different.)

This, by itself, would be enough, but Tuesday the Moon predictably pulls Chiron (teachers, healers, healthcare, old wounds) into the fray as well as Neptune ( poetry, music, illness, alcohol & drugs, sometime “con-artists”). Illness will clearly be an issue, and we might see a significant “uptick” in the incidence and prevalence of the current strain.

If the Mars / violence issues involved a family alcoholic or drug addict, then Tuesday can be the turning point. I cannot say exactly WHAT KIND of turning point, but a turning point. For some, it will be devastating (possibly suicide). Others will get help and finally become “clean and sober.”

Energies shift again Wednesday, but that is a topic for another post.

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