Heliocentric version of PAT

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Heliocentric version of PAT

The author of PAT (Planetary Aspects and Patterns) has notified me that a Heliocentric version of the software is available.  (We have not evaluated the Heliocentric version yet, but we do recommend the original version.)

The author sent the following email:

Hello GT,

I wish to inform you that I recently released a heliocentric version of my ‘Planetary Aspects and Transits’ program, which you can read about at http://www.planetary-aspects.com/hpat/hpat.htm

A unique feature of this program is the ability to search for a particular type of aspect pattern involving up to three specified planets.  This is described at http://www.planetary-aspects.com/hpat/find_heliocentric_planetary_configs.htm

I’d be grateful if you’d forward this message to anyone who may be interested (e.g., astro traders, who, I’ve heard rely more on heliocentric astrology than on geocentric) or to mention it on your blog or website.

Peter Meyer

PAT Forecasts available

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The developer of PAT sent this email:

Hello GT,

After much work I’ve put a personal planetary transits forecast up on my website.

Would you kindly mention this on your site?

Free 20-day personal planetary transits forecast

A personal planetary transits forecast at ​http://www.planetary-aspects.com/opt2/ma​in.php  enables you to obtain a list of the start dates and end dates of all personal planetary transits (for aspects conjunction, opposition, square, trine and sextile) during the next 20 days for a given birth date and time.

[Would love to hear feedback from visitors!]

Free Software from Soul Healing

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Some webmasters deserve public recognition.  Hank Friedman of “Soul Healing” is one of them.  He is in the business of selling astrology software.  As a service to the community, he provides a page of links to free astrology tools.   One of them “bit” me.  No virus or anything like that, but it changed the font used in MS-Outlook for plaintext email and left those messages unreadable.  I contact him, and he made a few suggestions.  One of them worked, and this is my public way of thanking him.  So, if you have an interest in astrology software, you might want to check out Hank’s site: http://www.soulhealing.com/

[And, if you are one of several people who have left data for me to analyze, I will be back for a more depth analysis later this week, probably on Friday or Saturday.]


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