Full Moon 2015-11-25 (Kite + Thor’s Hammer)

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Full Moon 2015-11-25 (Kite + Thor’s Hammer)

The upcoming Full Moon has a Kite and a Thor’s Hammer (God’s Fist).  This lunation presents and opportunity and a danger.  Here is the chart for the FM, filtered for the Kite:

2015-11-25 Full Moon Gemini-Sadge

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We present the same chart, but filtered for the Thor’s Hammer:

2015-11-25 Full Moon Gemini-Sadge (TH)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

If you can “keep your cool” as well as avoid dangerous people, then you can have the gift this lunation brings.  It particularly favors Sagittarius and Gemini, but Fire (Leo, Aries) and Air (Aquarius, Libra) will generally benefit.  Most Sagittarians (birthday after November 25th) will benefit most by doing a selfless act of compassion.  Do it without expecting anything in return, and chances are good that you might received an unexpected and unanticipated gift.

2015-06-02 Full Moon

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Here is the chart for the Full Moon of June 2, 2015:

2015-06-02 Full Moon

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The one pattern that leaps out for this FM is a T-Square involving Sun, Moon, and Neptune (and arguably Mercury):

2015-06-02 Full Moon T-Square

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Let’s be clear: we will see conflict, but it will tend to be “passive aggressive.”  Sabotage is possible.  Healthcare issues may surface.  A complex set of “learning triangles” confirms the rise of healthcare issues at this time as well as possible breakthroughs in the area of healthcare:

2015-06-02 Full Moon Learning Triangles

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Finally, for a few, a small window of opportunity may be present as an “almost Kite” forms (but not like the windows earlier this year on May 22 or especially the powerful kites of the Full Moon of May 3rd):

2015-06-02 Full Moon Kite (Almost)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We acknowledge that this final window of opportunity might be a sort of “cleanup” from the chances you had on May 3rd.  One last bite at the apple before it is gone altogether.

In all, we expect this to be a prelude to the Solstice that begs the question: what do you want to get done?

We might add that, if this is not the right window of opportunity for you, you might want to consider launching your effort at the time of the Mystic Rectangle of June 7th.

New Moon November 2014

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Here is the New Moon chart for November 2014.  At 0 degrees Sagittarius, this NM makes a statement (and it precedes the even stronger statement by the Capricorn NM at the Winter’s Solstice this year).  Here is the basic chart:

New Moon 2014-11-22 (Beginner)

[Click to Enlarge]

We will leave the discussion of the significance of the NM at 0 degrees Sadge to others and focus on the patterns of aspects instead.

First, if one includes the asteroid Hygeia (health, healing, and healthcare) and the North Node (not a planet but an indicator of “karma” or “work to be done”), the continuing Uranus/Pluto square forms a grand cross (as discussed in an earlier post).  We will not duplicate that post here but instead note that a great deal of “tension” to “get things done” will be felt at this time by many.  Key issues will include unexpected events (Uranus) or hopefully insights regarding healing (Hygeia) and drugs or medications (Pluto, sometimes) and possibly some work that needs to be done involving the relationships between certain people.  (Who?  Only you, dear reader, can answer that based on your situation!)

Here is the same chart, but reduced to emphasize the grand cross in play:

New Moon 2014-11-22 (Beginner, Grand Cross)

[Click to Enlarge]

Also mentioned previously are the grand trines in play (again, using asteroids), though now they are greatly reduced from when the Moon was in Cancer.  Opportunities are still available, but the window is not as strong as earlier.

New Moon 2014-11-22 (Beginner, Trines)

[Click to Enlarge]

Tying these two sets of patterns together, we have two “almost” kites:

New Moon 2014-11-22 (Kite, Almost, 1)

[Click to Enlarge]New Moon 2014-11-22 (Kite, Almost, 2)

[Click to Enlarge]

For someone “willing to do the work,” the payoff can be significant!

We also see the Thor’s Hammer (God’s Fist) pattern.  Actually, we see TWO of them, which we call a “Thor’s Hammer Key.”  (We note that all of these use asteroids.  Neither is composed entirely of major planets.)

Some will feel urgency to take action, and this may be rash action that might include violence.  Some things might go “boom.”

New Moon 2014-11-22 (Double Thors Hammer)

[to be continued]

Looking for a “more intuitive” and “less technical” approach?  Try this video:

Once you have watched that video, re-read our analysis and see if it makes more sense!

If nothing else makes sense, then try this: TEST the “News Year’s Resolutions” you have planned for 2015 to see WHAT WORKS starting with this New Moon.  Avoid that same old cycle of unrealistic high hopes on January 1st followed by quitting on the third Monday in January (aka “Blue Monday”).  This is your chance to do something different this year!

And if you are wanting to QUIT something (e.g. smoking), you will want to start “quitting” during the preceding period when the Moon is in Scorpio, especially on the evening of November 21st.  (Dark of the Moon.)

If you are quitting smoking (or anything similar), go park yourself somewhere SAFE and AWAY from your usual environment for (a minimum of) three days (until the Moon is in Capricorn or beyond).  (Instructions only applicable to NM of November 22nd; other NM’s will have different approaches.  If you are trying to stop drugs or alcohol then you may need a medical detox.  Don’t do anything dangerous!)

Other sites discussing this NM:

You may find the Moon “void of course (v/c or voc) dates for November 2014 useful also.  (Please adjust for your time zone.)

Wednesday, November 27, 2008 Pluto Leaves Sadge and Won’t Be Back for 250 Years

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Some people quibble and say 248. They can check back with me then to confirm that they were right. Until then, they should go back to counting BBs.

Of course, the title should have read something like “Astrological Prediction for Wednesday, November 26th of 2008: Pluto Leaves Sadge and Won’t Be Back for 250 Years.” The energy is a nasty one, and I for one am glad it is gone (almost gone) and not coming back any time soon.

Over the years, observation has shown me that late Sadge is a “complex” part of the Zodiac. I personally don’t like it, and I understand that at least some of the ancients didn’t like it either. Stories very. Some say that people were terrified on the longest night of the year and that others celebrated. I bet most didn’t care because their car note was due.

I’m absolutely WORN OUT on all the goofy stories about how 29 Sadge is a time of year to celebrate. Meh.

29 Sadge is the point some people like to celebrate as the Solstice.  That stinks.  No celebration for the longest night.  But, for the day that follows….

(For some of you: Pluto is at the point in the Zodiac equivalent to Winters Solstice.  NOT a good place for the most malefic of planets.)

My experience is that liars and tricksters are terrifically over-represented here. Imagine seeing a very large number of bank queues (teller lines here in the US). Instead of 2 or 3, you see 365. Most of the queues have maybe 2 or 3 people standing in line. But, the “29 degrees Sadge” queue has about a thousand…. The people in line, of course, are the born liars and cheats and thieves of the world.

I won’t belabor the point much further. (At least not in this post.) And, I’ll offer the counter-point that Stephen Spielberg’s birthday is located here. I suppose that we’ve paid him very good money to “lie” to us very well with his brilliant movies. Every cloud has its silver lining.

What does it really mean?

If you can, defer your decisions until Saturday afternoon. All between now and then looks a bit unpleasant. Jim shows an Opportunity Period on Friday night, but warns us to “work late by yourself” and to “drive defensively.”

I suppose, at this point, I should point out that “laying low” doesn’t mean you can’t be productive. It just might mean you need to do work that is solitary in nature and often put “on hold.” (I usually give “cleaning out the garage” as an example. BUT don’t use THIS Friday night to clean out the garage, that could be a dangerous choice that night. More in a future post.)

Today is the best day to end things you REALLY want to end. Envision EXORCISING some entity from your life. I don’t know the specifics, but I bet that you do.

If you are afraid you’ll be sweet-talked or intimidated over the phone (abusive spouses or “account executives”) then send out your final letter return receipt collected. Half-measures will make things worse; end it now!

If you do NOT want them to show for Thanksgiving, make CERTAIN you have taken all necessary actions by the end of the work day. Waffling on this (“well, maybe one more time”) will get you bad results.

THIS Thanksgiving can be made MUCH better by the things or people you do NOT carry with you into it.

If you need a lawyer, I hope you HIRED them before now. Today is an excellent day for them to DO the job for you, but an AWFUL day to hire them.

Generally, this time before the new moon helps you END things today, and it is a great day to demolish clutter. Pretend that you are Lot’s Wife and LEARNED YOUR LESSON and put that crate of old magazines down the rubbish chute without EVEN LOOKING INTO THE BOX.

Also, this is one of the key “turning points” in the financial markets that I have written about several times earlier this year. My hopes are that you did not create ANY new more debt. A few “surprises” are in store for you, and you’ll need whatever financial reserves you’ve accumulated since May or before.

Thanksgiving will be interesting.

A Short Post About Mercury Turning Direct, June, 2008

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Starting “by” the afternoon of Wednesday June 18th, and continuing for a period of time that isn’t fully agreed upon, a bit of turmoil will come into the lives of many people. This is marked by the Direct Station of Mercury on the morning of Thursday, June 19th of 2008. If you had any plans run afoul on Wednesday afternoon or evening, you can chalk that up to the influence of the station following on the heels of the Full Moon (Sun = Gemini / Moon = Sadge).  Here is another description of Mercury turning Direct.

This period “cleaning up from the Retrograde” will continue AT LEAST until Saturday or Sunday. For some (many?) the effects of the Mercury Retrograde Period will be felt until July 4th or 5th. After that holiday, time to move “full steam ahead.” In this period, some interesting surprises are to be expected. Cancerians can expect at least a little relief in the form of a bit of unexpected cash from a possibly forgotten source.

Expect a longer entry about this station, along with some discussion of Sun-Pluto Opposition on Friday and the Mars-Neptune Opposition on Saturday. These conflicts pit the strong, direct personality against the powerful personality of hidden secrets as well as the high energy and possible violent personality against the poetic illusionist. Won’t children born on these dates be “interesting”?

Sun-Pluto will especially affect Gemini-Sadge (and, to a lesser degree, Virgo-Pisces), and Mars-Neptune will affect Leo-Aquarius (and, to a lesser degree, Taurus-Scorpio). We’ll dig a little deeper in the next post.

Please check back by Wednesday Evening or Thursday Morning about suggestions regarding how to navigate the period through Monday, June 23, 2008. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.

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