Mercury Retrograde 2013 (February through March)

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Apparently the Solar Fire Electional search feature (in versions 7 & 8) does not have the ability to identify the beginning and end of retrograde periods.  So, we are using the following sources to identify Mercury retrograde periods for 2013:




We note that source #1 shows Mercury Retrograde as starting at 4:41 am EST on February 23rd and source #3 as the exact moment as 3:41 am EST.  (Of course, we adjust to Central Time since we cast the charts for Plano.)  Since the Daily Planetary Guide says 4:41 EST, we will use that as the tie-breaker.

Update: Tech support has given me a workaround for finding Mercury Retrograde periods using Electional Search:

Electional Search
Choose Coordinates

Transiting point =Mercury
Coordinate type = Long.Speed
Comparison type= <

Comparison value = 0

But, for this post, we will stick with the original analysis.

Here is the chart for the beginning of the retrograde cycle:

Mercury Retrograde Station Feb 23rd 2-15-2013 5-13-40 PM[Click Image to Enlarge]

And the Retrograde period ends on March 17th (St. Patricks Day)

Here is the U.S. Map for this chart.  We note a powerful activation that crosses Houston and central Mexico.  It is a combination of Pluto and an asteroid known for bringing about Justice.  We suspect that this will be a particularly bad time for organized crime entities that are connected to this geography.  Surprises are coming for them.

US Map Mercury Retrograde 2-16-2013 3-15-21 AM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We see that both the Netherlands and the UK are particularly active, also:

Mercury Retrograde Europe and UK 2-16-2013 3-24-57 AM[Click Image to Enlarge]

Australia and New Zealand are highly activated:

Mercury Retrograde Aus-NZ 2-16-2013 3-28-34 AM[Click Image to Enlarge]

India is comparatively quiet, except Raipur (and to some degree Delhi):

Merc Retro India 2-16-2013 3-31-51 AM[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is a larger map of Asia at this time:

Mercury Retrograde Asia 2-16-2013 3-42-27 AM[Click Image to Enlarge]


2012 August Mercury Retrograde and More

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Wondering what is coming up in the rest of August, 2012?
August 7/8 (depending on time zone): Mercury Retrograde:  We like the Cafe Astrology treatment of this upcoming Direct Station.  Regardless of your natal sun sign, the few days after the direct station are a good time to launch something.  The two weeks after the direct station (and before the retrograde station) can have some rough spots, but consider launching anyway.  Sometimes (overdue) things come to instead.  Whether this is “good” or “bad” depends on your values and what you have done in the past.

August 17: New Moon: This late Leo new moon perfects in all U.S. time zones, England, and Western European (and some Eastern European) time zones on this date.  As with all New Moons, the week before is a good time to clean out and throw away, especially if you plan to return to school this fall.  You can probably find some great sale items in this period but BE CERTAIN TO CLEAN OUT FIRST.  The ten day period from the Direct Station to the New Moon is probably a good time to do this.  If you can, think about giving something to someone who can use it or someone less fortunate.  Avoid the landfill if you can.

Although I will not delineate the details in this particular blog post, this is an unusually important new moon because of its location (25 Leo).  Both 15 Leo and 25 Leo have long been a source of controversy.  This New Moon squares Algol, among other things.  (Although Algol is now at 26 Taurus, for most people born prior to the year 2000 it was at 25 Taurus.  And, the orb for a New Moon is typically 5 degrees.) We have discussed a Moon / Algol activation elsewhere, and it began a period of time characterized by a coal mine disaster, large loss of life in an airliner crash in Eastern Europe, and that culminated the Deepwater Horizon disaster.  (We are guessing that the chain of events here could also extend a similar period of time.)

This New Moon also precisely opposes the Aquarius Moon (25 Aquarius) of the United States’ “Scorpio Rising” chart.  (This article about that chart and U.S. Presidents is interesting.)  A brief check of the history of August 17, in general, shows a remarkable number of military operations on this date.

The period ranging from August 14th through the end of August looks like a period of instability with potential for a significant disaster of some kind.  The New Moon looks especially risky.  And, again, this period may extend as far as the Autumnal Equinox.

The period before a new moon is often used for fasting for both physical and spiritual reasons.  It can be a very good time for weight loss, so you might successfully start a diet the day after the Mercury Direct station.  Some yoga practitioners conduct a brown rice fast at this time.  And, pray for peace.

August 21/22: Sun Enters Virgo: about 3 to 4 hours prior to the entry of the Sun into Virgo BOTH the Sun and the Moon are void.  Most of us are asleep at this time.  BUT, this is a very good time to “let go” of things.  You will want the precise times for your time zone.  Locally, in Plano, the period begins shortly after 2am and ends just past noon.  (That is not three to four hours, but the Moon leaves its void and enters Scorpio about 4am.  But the Sun does not enter Virgo until just past Noon.  And, THAT is when the period is completely finished.)

Try not to to schedule anything important during this period.  Again, the best use of this period is to “let go” of something, “break a habit,” start weaning a child, or something similar.

PRIOR to this period, for most or all of August 21st, is a period that is probably extremely useful for creative problem solving and/or brainstorming.  This is a good time to develop a plan, or solve any nagging problems, as a prelude to the period of “letting go” described above.

Mars is also void starting about an hour earlier (1am locally) until a bit past 10am on Thursday, August 23rd.  If you could extend your “letting go” period until this time, then that would be even better.  Many of us cannot do that.  So, keep things routine until past the 23rd.  (But, the Mercury sextile Jupiter the evening (Plano) of August 22nd would be a good time to write letters, poetry, novels, etc.  Just do not mail them or act on them until Thursday afternoon or later.

August 24:  Sun (Virgo) opposes Neptune (Pisces).  Great for poetry and insights.  A possibility of illness, especially for Gemini, Virgo, Sadge, and Pisces.  If you are an alcoholic, drug addict, or “just party too much,” then a risky day for you.  Moon in Sadge makes this aspect a T-Square and picks up Chiron in the process.  It is a tough day, though Jim Shawvan finds an Opportunity Period here.

August 25: Mars Trines Neptune either late Saturday (Plano & East Coast) or Sunday (California).  This is a very good time for “smooth talkers” and a bad time for those who tend to be even a little bit gullible.  Essentially the aspect governs the day, and probably the prior Thursday and Friday, and makes this a risky time for many.  Just do not believe ANYthing a politician says at this time.  They, and the talking heads on TV (including financial sector), just cannot be believed.  Sign nothing.  Commit to nothing.  Pay close attention to whomever you meet at this time.

For some, Sunday will be a day of reckoning when the Moon enters Capricorn and then conjoins Pluto.

August 29th: Sun (Virgo) trines Pluto (Capricorn).  Financial services industry becomes “interesting” again.  People coming back to school find this day difficult.  Power struggles emerge, and bullies pick this day to assert themselves.  (Proper planning, but not action, on the 24/25th can shift this.)

Mercury (late Leo) sextile Saturn (late Libra) creates an atmosphere of semi-panic about overdue work consequent to procrastination that must be finished now.  Students experience the first truly difficult homework of the semester.  Other find things left from earlier this summer (Mercury retrograde) that were not done but now must be completed (possibly by the nearby end of August).

August 30th:  Sun (Virgo) opposes Chiron (Pisces) causing old dramas to re-surface.  For some returning to school at this time, this will be a difficult day.  Some of the pain may be consequent to events that occur the day before.  The Sun is also inconjunct Uranus (Aries), and by itself that would make this a difficult day.  If that happened by itself, that would make today difficult, but more happens.  Then, Mercury goes void (that can be a hair raising time) about 1pm (Plano, CDT) and stays that way until about 9:30p Friday.  Watch what you say; words may be difficult to impossible to “take back.”

The waxing full Moon is felt most strongly this evening, and being in Virgo/Pisces secrets will slip out and you WILL tend to say things you regret.  This is a great night (and day) to stay home unless you are one of the slick teflon people mentioned earlier.  This would also be a good evening for the police to “go after” slick teflon people.

August 31st:  Full Moon.  In addition to the above issue with Mercury, the Moon goes full on Friday morning.  This is a Piscean Full Moon opposite a Virgo Sun.  Moon (Pisces) sextiles Pluto (Capricorn) first (a bit more power struggle), immediately joins Chiron (the wounded healer) which leaves certain people contrite and others feeling an (overdue) sense of justice, opposes the Sun (spilling more secrets), and then squares Jupiter (Gemini).  This last one might lead to unnecessary expenses or overeating.  (Or might lead to a need for bail money for some of the teflon guys.)  This is a VERY good time for police to conduct criminal investigations and make arrests.

September 1st: Another Teflon Saturday.  Mercury (Virgo) opposes Neptune (Pisces) and more people spill secrets they should keep to themselves.  This is a very good day for writing poetry and song lyrics.  And, all of this Neptune / Pisces activity (since the previous weekend) is very good for filmmakers and photographers.  Artists will like this time.  But, don’t spill the beans if you can avoid it.

Full Moon of May 27, 2010

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This Full Moon comes as a powerful punctuation mark in a rare series of powerful patterns.  Interpretations of these patterns vary widely.  Probably because the are so rare they are difficult for the astrological community to form a consensus.  Some claim they are disruptive (they have been), and others claim opportunity.  Whichever set of advice that you follow, these patterns will tend to produce clear winners and losers.  And, in some cases, they will produce lose-lose situations where nobody benefits.

To paraphrase what has been described as “an old Chinese curse,” we are living in “interesting times.”  (See, also, this link.)

Here is the basic chart along with a few variations:

For those who like more details

In addition to the required Sun-Moon opposition, a number of other oppositions are occurring.  Jupiter and Uranus are “near” each other (most would say conjunct) and both oppose Saturn.  Uranus enters Aries about an hour and a half later.  Since Uranus has an 84 year orbit, it is clearly on the cusp, and even a slight error in calculation could mean it has entered Aries.  Regardless, this entry heralds (more) explosions, accidents, and revolutions (of all kinds, including but not limited to political).

Both Saturn and Uranus are also making stations.  This means they are almost “standing still” currently.  Saturn turns direct on Sunday, and Uranus turns direct on Monday.  Frankly, for the financial markets, this probably means “you ain’t seen nuttin’ yet.”  That is, an even more profound downturn could happen Monday or sometime early that week.

A large number of Arabic Parts are activated, you may explore these in the next version of the chart:

For those interested in Cosmobiology, here are the Midpoint Trees, followed by Modulus Sort Strips:

Modulus Sort Strips:

2009 Retrograde Calendar

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Just in case you want to know more about when the retrograde periods will be in 2009, I’ve located a handy “Retrograde Calendar” at

Astrology for New Year 2009, Part 1

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The New Year asks us a few things and tells us some.

It asks us:

  1. Do you realize that what you say is what you will grow?  The stories you tell your friends this year will benefit, or haunt, you for years to come.
  2. Do you know what you need to know to improve your health?
  3. Are you in touch with your dreams?
  4. Do you know (a) who can help you make your dreams happen? and (b) who would hold you back and cheat you from achieving your goals?
  5. Do you know who is wasting your time and energy?
  6. Do you know how to best use your time and abilities to give back to the community?

Also, 2009 tells us:

  1. Whether it is Obama or someone else, we need to handle the large banks the way the phone company was handled in the 1980s: they need to be broken into smaller regional banks and made accountable to the people.
  2. Large corporations will engage in massive deception to keep us from seeing the truth: the real power is in the people, small business, and (at the biggest) regional organizations.
  3. The health care system, ESPECIALLY mental health, is overdue for an overhaul.  We continue to ignore the problems at our peril.
  4. Crime will be rampant, especially fraud and crimes based on deceit.
  5. More than any other year in recent times, this will be a year to get in touch with our educational needs, health needs, legal issues, dreams, intuitive abilities, and abilities to heal by teaching others.

Many of the forecasts on this blog focus on identifying potholes in the road ahead. Good news is available; read it here.

Interactions between Mercury, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune will be important in 2009, and they will bring us a chance to heal from the difficulties of 2008. But, we will have to guard against false hopes and deception. Even so, we may be given a glimpse of what we are truly capable of being.

Assuming you just read that analysis, let me expand upon it further. The bad news is that Jupiter will no longer soften the effect of Pluto in Capricorn. The good news is that Jupiter will not amplify the effect of Pluto in Capricorn. Instead, Jupiter moving into Aquarius means that Jupiter will interact with Neptune and Chiron to bring a major shift in how we “do business.” Speaking of “Business,” that field is ruled by both Jupiter and Saturn. If Saturn is the source of power for those who benefit from “bear markets,” then Jupiter is the source for those who favor “bull markets.”

Jupiter is saying what is coming to fore in the political world: growth will no longer come from larger corporations who continue to merge into larger corporations. The monoculture of giant, megalithic corporations will only continue to concentrate wealth for a few, leaving the rest of us to suffer. Jupiter is saying that our collective strength will come from recognizing the power of “the people.”

In the past, Democrats were known as “Trust Busters.” Will it happen now? Instead of bailing out the huge banks who have made bad decisions, will we break them up into smaller entities? Will we awaken to the idea that we need to restore power to regional and community banks? Or will we continue to “bail out” banks so they can have junkets on corporate jets and charge the citizenry 30% interest on credit cards?

To be sure, as mentioned in the other article, Mercury will have important interactions with Jupiter. That will be true for other planets, notably Venus, but that’s a topic for another article.

Jupiter transits into Aquarius on January 5th, during the shadow of the Mercury Retrograde. Mercury is Stationary Retrograde January 11th, which makes accomplishment difficult. Many businesses and institutions do not reopen until January 5th, after the holiday. Broadly speaking, they’ll be “in for a surprise,” as we sometimes say here in Dallas.

More on 2009 in Part 2.

December 12, 2008 Full Moon and Grand Cross

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We saw a slightly reversed version of this energy “about” June 18th, earlier this year.  If you want to understand today, and the few days before and after today (roughly Wednesday through Monday), you need to closely examine whatever you were doing “around” June 18th of that time.  Of course, the key event may have occurred on the 17th or 19th, or 16th or 20th for some people.  You’ll find important answers by looking at that time.

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will find today, and this period, to be “interesting.”  For some, it will be irritating and annoying; for others they will find opportunity.  The opportunity may not be entirely obvious, show you have to keep your eyes open.  (The advice in the previous paragraph should be helpful.)

Mars and Uranus are interacting in such as way as to cause accidents and fights in the “low form” and intensely driven passions in innovation in the “high form.”  How you use that energy is up to you.  But, if you are at all a problem solver, this is your time to make things happen, particularly related to education, the courts, photography, video, poetry, or composing (music).

Mercury joined to Pluto has the potential to produce some very angry words, exacerbating the likelihood of the “low form” of the energy in the previous paragraph.  But, this energy, too, can spur a “turning point.”  Just be aware that your art or poetry made have a bit of an angry or energetic feel to it.  Paintings & prints with dominant reds and oranges are most favored.  Passionate music that speaks out against an injustice is favored for composers.

Sun and Saturn tell us that we must focus on the details.  Today is NOT the day to be sloppy in your efforts.  A mercury retrograde is lurking in January, so I’d wrap up key agreements and negotiations soon.   After this morning, buyers are favored.  A few good deals can be had in this holiday season.

This can be a very good weekend for shopping.

Uranus Retrograde 2008, Mugabe, and Zimbabwe

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Mugabe and Uranus

Initially overlooked, but important on a global scale, would be the ongoing events in Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe. Robert Gabriel Mugabe (born February 21, 1924) is the President of Zimbabwe. Given that the Uranus Retrograde of this year occurs on June 25th of 2008, Mr. Mugabe is a little past eighty-four (84) years of age at the time of the retrograde. I’ll base my analysis on the chart calculated by Marjorie Orr. I recommend reading her article, as well.

Recall my article “Seven Years Bad Luck.” Recall my proposal that the Houses of Uranus are probably a better model for seven year events if they have some element of an “accident” or “surprise” (whetherbad luck or otherwise). I also mentioned that Uranus had roughly an eighty-four year cycle (approximately three Saturn cycles as well).

Mr. Mugabe, then is experiencing a period of life associated with the third Saturn return as well as his recent Uranus return.  Few of us experience this, so the effects aren’t well documented. Conjectures can be made. I’ll offer a few.

First of all, Uranus (last) touched the place of Mr. Mugabe’s birth “about” April 9th or 10th of 2007. The current retrograde will only make it back to 18-44 of Pisces; Mugabe’s birth cart (per this source) shows Uranus at 16-36.

Uranus is important to Mr. Mugabe for many reasons. Uranus is conjunct his natal Sun, and this makes him a source of rebellion and change. His name was associated with “modern Africa” for quite some time. Uranus Square Jupiter (In Sadge, no less!) means that (despite his early hardships) he has been INCREDIBLY lucky. Sadge (like Chiron, both represented by the Centaur) is about Universities, Education, and learning. Mr. Mugabe holds multiple degrees and appears to be well-educated.

Uranus is also square Mars (which is near the “amplifier” of Jupiter). Mars is about vigor and masculinity, in one sense, but it is also the “God of War” being about war and violence in another sense. Notice also, that Uranus returned April 9th to 10th of 2007. Saturn, likewise, returned in Retrograde about April 7th to 8th of this year. Both of these dates are in Aries, the sign associated with Mars and War. (These aren’t the ONLY points of return, but they catch my eye.)

April 9, 2007 was primarily characterized by Sun (Aries) trine Jupiter (Sadge). Jupiter was near its return point, and (greatly) strengthened by the trine of the Sun. Later, on April 10th, Mercury (thoughts, ideas, communication, & transportation) squared Pluto (intelligence agencies, secrets, secret police, assassinations). This return appears to have given Mr. Mugabe “the upper hand” in any conflicts. If anyone even THOUGHT about bringing harm to Mr. Mugabe, his organization knew far ahead of time.

April 8, 2008 was characterized by a Grand Trine in Earth that formed a Kite with Uranus! Kites, too, are considered very “lucky.”

The previous two events had Sun in Aries. The Uranus Retrograde Station of 2008 will have Moon in Aries. Friday will include one of Jim Shawvan’s “opportunity periods” that starts with a Jupiter Square (more luck) and includes a Grand Trine in Fire. (Grand Fire Trines are primarily about powerful leadership, though sometimes they can be associated with violence.)

Regardless of what you think of Mr. Mugabe, he has an incredible amount of luck on his side. To be sure, he “built” some of this luck through his own hard work and education. But, at this point in his life, he has Jupiter (luck), Mars (war), and Uranus (surprises) on his side in any conflict, whether of words or otherwise.

This retrograde period may contain “surprises” for him, but they will tend to favor him. Of course, the biggest “surprise” would be if he passed away, which is entirely possible for someone who is eighty four years of age. But, don’t expect it. Instead, expect him to continue as resilient as ever.

(I know many people will not like what I have just written, but I make my best effort to be NEUTRAL in my forecasts and just read the aspects that I see. YMMV)

2008 June 26 Uranus Retrograde Chart set in DFW

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Uranus Retrograde 2008, Redux

The Uranus Retrograde of June 26, 2008 deserves a bit more of a forecast than previously written here.

The Short Version

For those of you that don’t want to read the detailed analysis, below, here is the short version: expect surprises and especially revelations this Wednesday / Thursday / Friday. Some of you may feel aches and pains (or other problems) in your bones or joints.

Financial markets will probably feel a bit of a shakeup, and some “surprise” may be announced, such as “foreign” (probably foreign to the US) sources providing a “bail out” of some kind financially. This bailout will be inadequate, however, to stem the tide of problems, and the economy will not strengthen.

For many, Thanksgiving Day will be somehow affected by the events of this week. In addition to paying off debt, you need to start a savings account or fund for the Holiday Season this year.

Setting of the Chart

First, the Chart is set for 8:01 PM -6 from UTC and is a Longitude and Latitude Associated with the Northern Edges of the Dallas Side of the “DFW Metroplex.” Just in case you don’t know, driving from a point just a little east of Dallas to a point just a little west of Fort Worth is not quite the distance from the southern tip of New Jersey (i.e. Cape May) to the northern realms (across the Hudson from NYC). (Texas is a BIG state in terms of land mass.)

The Chart:

If you use tabbed browsing, you might want to open that image in a separate tab, now, so we can discuss it. You should also open Cafe Astrology Planetary Phenomena for 2008 in a separate tab. (That site points out a Jupiter-Saturn sesquiquadrate on June 26, 2008.)

If you have chart software (and Astro123 is freeware), you can run the same chart adjusted for your locality.

Choice of Software

I suppose I should say at this point that I am not an advocate of freeware or open source to the exclusion of commercial software. You’ll notice that Astro123 hasn’t been updated since 2006. The motive to update doesn’t exist for freeware, and open source manned by volunteers has spotty support at best. (BUT, if that same “open source” has a team of professional programmers who both maintain it and are paid to do that full time by a non-profit organization, then that’s another story….)

I’ve evaluated the SolarFire (sold by who also provides free online chart calculations) and Kepler (Cosmic Patterns) families of commercial software and recommend them. Maybe at some point I’ll also try the Matrix family and Halloran tools as well. (Actually, once I find my install CD’s for SF and Kepler, I’ll probably switch back to them. Don’t ask; long story.)

This Uranus Retrograde Chart is about FINANCES

SET IN “The Metroplex,” this chart is ALL ABOUT FINANCES. It isn’t about “small scale personal finances” on an individual level. It *IS* about “small scale personal finances” on an aggregate level.

What does that mean, and why?


My interpretation, from my location, is that governmental entities MUST address the “subprime meltdown” during this period. (I will now only speak to the U.S. since UK / Europe should probably be handled by an astrologer, or astrologers, there.)

The meltdown is already underway, and the drastic changes in energy prices, coupled with floods in the Midwest (and consequent rising food prices) will require profound changes. I cannot get a clear lead on who will be President though Obama appears to have a minimal lead at this time. (No clear prediction on this.) Not counting the astrology of the times, “the people” will REQUIRE change. At least part of the catch is that they, themselves, must do most (if not all) of the change.

This is a difficult time for whomever is the leader of the United States.

This chart appears to barely be “radical.” The rule of thumb for an horary chart is that the ascendant cannot be in the first three, or last three, degrees of a sign. Although this isn’t an ‘horary’ chart, I follow the same rule of thumb on this kind of chart. This one appears to be a little past 4 degrees of Capricorn. A Capricorn ascendant tells us, right away, that the “surprises” of Uranus Retrograde will deal with Capricorn issues. And, so early that it almost isn’t radical, confirms that we should “expect the unexpected.”

With Capricorn in play, but so early, that could be anything, from problems with bones for some individuals (particularly Pisceans) to a major financial overhaul.

I will not elaborate on the positions and relationships of Mars, the South Node, Saturn, and Pluto except to say that they indicate that the current war places us (as in the “US”) in great financial jeopardy. (Hint: Mars (war) in the 8th House (taxes) midpoint Saturn (authority, government, and particularly the “Executive”) and the South Node (the Easy, but WRONG thing to do) coupled with a trine between Mars (war) and Pluto (intelligence agencies) in the 12th House (of “self-undoing”). We need an exit strategy. I leave it as an exercise for the reader to work out the details. 🙂

The issues with bones and other things Capricorn appear unclear, but the national, or global, finances cannot be ignored because of the Second House of Finances being within Aquarius (“the people”) and containing a few “interesting” key planets: Chiron and Uranus, with Chiron on top of the North Node.

As you may know, Chiron is about healing and Neptune is about illness. Chiron is retrograde here, so it isn’t in its strongest position. Chiron is nearly on top of the North Node, less than half a degree away. The North Node is about “Karma.” This means it is about doing service at a minimum and sometimes taking “bad medicine” at the worst. This healer apparently recommends “black draught.” (An old Southern remedy that was, in fact, a potent laxative.) The process isn’t over yet, because Chiron has to continue backwards for a “ways.”

And, as crucial as the financial “healing” is, the Jupiter-Saturn Sesquiquadrate tells us that, for the big financial markets, what happens today is NOT a final solution. More work is needed.

Events Now Will Impact the “Holiday Season”

In fact, this entire process will “cook” until two key events happen (1) Chiron turns direct; and (2) Uranus turns direct. A longer term series of events, Chiron and Uranus in a series of sextiles, began in April and continues for a number of years.  See, also: The Big Aspects.  Frankly, this dance is about trans-generational reforms in a number of areas, not just finance.

So, what are the key future dates for this year? Chiron turns direct on October 25th of 2008. Uranus turns direct on November 27th of this year.  And, less than an hour after the direct station of Uranus on Thanksgiving Day, Moon conjoins the Sun (New Moon) at about 5 degrees Sadge.

I don’t know about you, but that combination gets my attention.

Mercury (communication) then will conjoin Mars (anger) in Sadge late the following Friday night. “Oh my, my.”

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving of 2008, Pluto (now direct) will re-enter Capricorn (finances, especially corporate finances). This is a very busy week, to be discussed later. But, be assured, it will set the stage for an “interesting” holiday season this year.

What to do with this?

Moral of this story? If you want to HAVE a Christmas / Hannukkah / Kwaanza / Pagan Winter Celebration (or whatever celebration you follow just after the Winter’s Solstice of 2008), then you better start saving money for that NOW. Decide how much you want, and put away 1/5 of that every month between now and The Season. (If you want a $500 Christmas, then put away $100 a month.)

But, for NOW, don’t be surprised if some profound (I will neither say “good” nor “bad” in this case because it is too difficult to read) revelations emerge on the financial markets scene this Thursday or maybe Friday.

Jupiter in the First House may imply a “bail out” from “foreign” sources. And, it clearly implies that some people haven’t got the message and are still spending more than they should.

As the old saying goes, “you ain’t seen nuttin’, yet.” 🙂

Predictions for Week of June 23rd of 2008

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Week of June 23rd

This week is comparatively quiet, but some people may find it to be a bit explosive when their secrets are revealed to the public.

Monday: Do You Relax
or Waste Your Time & Energy on the Futile? 🙂

The energy of Monday morning, as this is being written, is a relatively calm one for most people.  Well, sort of.  All that is happening is Lunar, so for most of us the conflict between Mars (action) and Neptune (illusions) is relatively temporary.  Some people, of course, will run on long “wild goose chases” this morning pursuing goals that are either unattainable or worthless or both.  Others will have any scam perpetuated on them over the weekend (see previous entries) “wrapped up” or possible taken to the next stage.

Monday June 23rd of 2008: A Good Day to Start a Diet

Some of you will start diet & exercise programs this Monday, and this is a good Monday to do it *IF* you do not set your expectations too high.  Some of you will daydream of looking like some particular celebrity or model.  Nothing wrong with that if it motivates you to do the right thing; just don’t let your feelings hurt if your progress isn’t what you expect.  Remember: seek progress, not perfection.

Monday Evening Piscean HouseCleaning (June 23rd of 2008 )

The Moon enters Pisces on Monday afternoon (evening for UK & Europe), and the evening can be mostly pleasant although some issue with authority or aging CAN arise.  This is a great evening to clean house or otherwise organize and make it a fun activity with your sweetheart or children or best friend.

Newly married (or anyone starting a new household, such as someone who has recently relocated) will find this to be a GREAT evening to get your household in order.  Virgo & Pisces love to create debt, so be extra alert for that danger.  (Moon in Gentle Pisces opposes Stern Saturn in Virgo after a pleasant trine with the Sun.)

Tuesday: Funday Except if Your Secrets Are Exposed

All of Tuesday feels like Monday evening, mostly a feel-good day that is about “wrapping things up.”  Some of you are closing a fiscal year now, and Tuesday or Wednesday could be all about “discovering” some missing transaction or item that shakes up your end of fiscal year calculations. 

You’d normally expect that to happen at this time, anyway, but with Moon in Pisces (revelations of different kinds; exposure of secrets) and Uranus (in Pisces) very slow and about to retrograde, this would be THE time for theft or embezzlement to be discovered.

Wednesday: The Fun Ends All Too Soon

Wednesday is like Tuesday, except that Wednesday evening seems a bit unpleasant.  If you are working late, conflicts could emerge on this day.  If you are in the UK or Europe, the Moon moves into Aries shortly before the 9a to 5p workday starts on Thursday.  In the US, this will happen Wednesday evening.

Thursday: Revelations Go Public

Thursday is a handful of Moon squares and the Uranus retrograde discloser of secrets.  Any misdeeds discovered on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday will be more publicly disclosed on this day.  Conflict and agitation marks this day.  This is also a day when some people will be admitted to, or discharged from, a mental hospital.  For some, this will be the “straw that broke the camel’s back.”  Others will wonder what happened to the pleasant moods of the past few days.  To be sure, telephones will chatter Thursday evening about the disclosures of the day.

Friday June 27th and Saturday June 28th

Friday & Saturday are an entirely different story.  Friday is marked by a Grand Trine of Fire.  If fire benefits you (typically Aries, Leo, or Sadge -OR- Libra, Aquarius, Gemini), then this could be a great day for you.  Otherwise, the first may leave you uncomfortable or angry. 

Oddly, things “flip” on Saturday when the Moon moves into Taurus and THEN creates a Grand Trine of Earth.  The aforementioned signs will feel discomfort, particularly a “let down” sensation over the power and play of Friday.  On the other hand, if you are water or earth, then Saturday / Sunday will feel much better or “stronger” for you. 

(More about the weekend in another post.)

Uranus Retrograde Station, June 2008

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After the series of bursts of excitement, no doubt many of you wonder what adventures next week holds in store.  We’ll cover the details in depth in another post, but the most significant event will be the Uranus Retrograde Station on Thursday, June 26th.

Anticipating what a Uranus Station really means is a bit of a challenge.  Since Uranus rules surprises, this station is all about overdue surprises.  In a way, the surprise isn’t a surprise at all because it is overdue.  Once it hits, you then realize that it was inevitable.

Even trickier, it might not quite hit the DAY of the station.  It is all about surprise, isn’t it?

Autumn Sunrise: Detailed Analysis of June 19, 2008

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Autumn Sunrise gives a detailed analysis of June 19, 2008.  If you want to “drill down” into different perspectives on the energy of this day, this is an excellent source.  Recall that a fundamental premise of the approach to astrological analysis used by this site is “SUMO” (The Strategic Use of Multiple Oracles).

Mercury Direct June 2008 (Detailed Analysis)

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Mercury Direct June 2008

In an ideal world, all of my calculations and predictions are letter perfect. But, I do not have a support staff to proofread my work, and I write about upcoming events with in the next few days or week then post. During an earlier post, I had listed in a sentence or two that the Full Moon came up on Tuesday. The rest of the prediction was correct, and I apologize for any distress caused.

Mistakes Happen

This brings me to an underlying fundamental concept of my work: individual oracles can (and do) make mistakes (contrary to legend), and in this modern age of The Internet, multiple oracles should be consulted. (I call this technique SUMO.)

In honor of the concept of “multiple oracles” and the fact that mistakes DO happen, I offer this link to Jim Shawvan’s site.

Mercury Direct Station, June 2008

What does it mean for you? To answer this accurately, we must know where Mercury stations in your chart.

Astrological Chart of Mercury Direct Station, June 2008

Note that the Moon (in Capricorn) will form an inconjunct with Mars in Leo. Uranus is also inconjunct Mars in Leo, and this forms what Steffie Azaria calls “The Finger of God.” That means a crucial decision must be made, and it has “explosive” potential. The Moon choice looks calmer than the Uranus choice, but then the Moon moves to conjoin Jupiter which always amplifies events. I truly hope nothing goes “boom” at this time.

Where is the Mercury Direct Station in Your Chart?

Although this chart shows the station to be at twelve degrees and fifty nine minutes of Gemini, we will use thirteen (13) degrees for the sake of convenience. In most years, Gemini starts “about” May 21st. This varies a bit not because GEMINI varies but because the CALENDAR has errors. That is why we have “Leap Years,” to remedy any “drift” in the calendar in relation to the sky (which is our “real” calendar).

At May 21st, if we look thirteen (13) days later, we’ll find the date of June 2nd or 3rd (depending on whether or not you include the 21st in your counting). So, this will be our maker of the “Ascendant” (so to speak) for this event: June 2nd.

(Just in case you don’t know, the “Ascendant” is a starting point. Each morning, the Sun rises at the Ascendant to start a new day. New periods of any kind establish some kind of “Ascendant.”)

Use the following table to find your birthday:

DOB House Meaning
6/2 to 7/1 1 Head, Fresh Start, & “Energy”
7/1 to 7/31 2 Neck, Finances, & Sculpture
7/31 to 8/29 3 Arms, Communications, & Letters
8/29 to 9/28 4 Stomach, Home, & Domestic Affairs
9/28 to 10/27 5 Heart, Romance, & Luck
10/27 to 11/26 6 Work & Accounting
11/26 to 12/25 7 Kidneys, Legal, & Relations
12/25 to 1/24 8 Genitals, Secrets, Taxes & Death
1/24 to 2/22 9 Legal, Education, & University
2/22 to 3/24 10 Skeletal System & Career
3/24 to 4/22 11 Legs, Friends, & Gov’t Jobs
4/22 to 5/21 12 Feet, Poetry, & Disclosures

So, first of all, find your birthday. If you are on a “cusp” here (say June 29th to July 2nd), then possibly either (or both) houses may apply. These predictions apply to a window open from June 19th through July 4th (approximately). The time of the New Moon, July 1st through July 3rd, will be a difficult time to launch events. The week prior to the New Moon will be a good time to “clean house” in preparation for a launch on or after July 4th.

First House

This is a period of at least a potential for a “fresh start” for you. The problems and mess of the past few weeks may be cleared away. If you chose to elope at this time, now you must start your marriage and household in earnest.

Some of you are in your Solar 12th House, so you shouldn’t push TOO hard for progress, just enough to get the job done. If you are in THIS group of birthdays, but YOUR birthday falls AFTER June 19th, then you are in your Solar 12th House.

After your birthday you can launch what you want to make to happen, and (again) this window is open until July 4th. A few of you will have a narrow “window,” so make certain to use this period to dream of what you want and make SOLID plans to achieve that.

If you are NOT in your Solar 12th house, then this is a powerful time to launch things you want to accomplish, especially AFTER the New Moon on July 2nd. The 4th and 5th of July will be very strong for you if you are Gemini.

Second House

The author discovered this process when another astrologer predicted that an unexpected check would arrive, probably in the mail. That is EXACTLY what happened; it is the kind of thing that doesn’t tend to be forgotten. The downside is that some of you will have to pay an unforgotten or unexpected debt. If so, then do it now if at all possible, else it WILL come back to visit you again, probably around September 25th or October 15th.

The rest of you are likely to get a check, or some kind of payment, as I did. A few of you will start some kind of new health regimen, and this will tend to work well for you.

Any form of “body sculpture” such as bodybuilding or weight-lifting will work particularly well when launched now. The first week PAST the New Moon of June 18th will be an excellent time to start a new exercise & diet regimen.

Third House

The missing letter somehow arrives. The forgotten phone call is made. A misplaced (and crucial) file is found.

Something lost is found here, and that lost something deals with communications, transportation, or accounting. Some of you will have to perform a necessary car repair, especially if you became aware of the problem in the past few weeks. Others will find the missing payment that caused your checking account to be out of balance. And, still others will find the missing letter.

You’ll be glad to get the missing piece of the puzzle, unless you are the one that intentionally hid it. 🙂

Fourth House

Dosmetic matters require your attention. This may be an important turning point for a child, yours or another close to you. You’ll want to clean up and re-organize now, especially prior to the New Moon. Pay bills and liquidate debt through the New Moon. This may be a good time to mount challenges against creditors. It is also a good time to find “sales” for items for your home. Lawn mowers could get cheap during this period. Expect a “deal” on household goods or services if you do the legwork.

Fifth House

Watch the summer heat to prevent over-driving your heart. If you are an “extreme athlete,” then maybe you don’t need to be so extreme during this period. Each house rules a body part, and that body part becomes “identified” here as one possibly prone to problems. Yours is the heart. Be careful.

That said, you are also the one group most likely to “win the lotto.” Unexpectedly, luck can come your way. Actually, it will tend to NOT involve money (the second house, above, has that) but maybe other things. Still, a few of you could be big winners.

Frankly, a few of you SHOULD play the Lotto.

Others of you can expect a new romance, the salvation of an existing romance, or some kind of breakthrough. Congrats!

Sixth House

You are focused on work, and rightfully so. If your fiscal year ends now, you may find yourself with more work dumped in your lap than others. Just remember that this is one area where you might could “show your stuff.” Document carefully what you did, and be ready to pull that document out at your next performance review. (The Devil is in the Details, and, here, YOU can be the Devil to any adversaries.)

Seventh House

This is about being fair. You’ll need to balance all your affairs. If you have been cheated, be prepared to appeal to a higher source. Time to get out of any game where you aren’t getting a fair shake. Sometimes “bad guys” prosper here (oddly), but it doesn’t have to be that way. You may be tempted to not “stand up for yourself,” but this is one time where you should.  And, if YOU are a “bad guy,” then you make get your “come upance” at this time.

A bit like the Sixth House (above), if you are being mistreated you should “take names and kick….” (At least take the names. Make photographs. Note license plates. Record video. Make a record. Get everything your lawyer might need, in case it really does come to that.)

Eighth House

You did pay your taxes, didn’t you? If so, you are in good shape and may somehow get some unexpected refund. If not, be ready for that audit. Of course, YOU might be the “tax man.” If you are a police officer, however, don’t take bribes. Your secret may come to light now.

Otherwise, either (a) someone important will die or (b) you’ll have a major shakeup that will cause you to have to rebuild. People tapped into this region of the zodiac might even be hit with a disaster such as a tornado or hurricane. If that does come your way, just remember that you will be “reborn” from these events. You can (re-)design “who you are.”

Ninth House

If you aren’t in a lawsuit, you might think about taking a class or going back to school. If you are in a lawsuit, you may make a discovery (pun intended) of some kind: the lost document (refer to Third House) that pops up and changes the course of things. (YOU didn’t hide that document, did you?)

Others of you will meet, or have to deal with, someone foreign who forces you to reconsider your position. College Professors or World Travelers will seem to appear from nowhere and espouse some doctrine that makes you jump out of that box you’ve lived in for so long. Zeus won’t let you sit still.

If you are having an “affair,” then that will probably “come to light.”

And, a few of you will have some important event concerning an animal (likely a pet or livestock) come to pass. “My Friend Flicka” or “Old Yeller” might be up for a remake.

Tenth House

Thinking about changing jobs? You may not be given a choice. Many of you will start the hunt for a new job or new career at this time. Others will find increased responsibilities as co-workers leave or quit. Expect more work, but like the Sixth House you should document everything with an eye toward either your performance review, updating your resume’, or both.

Have you thought about becoming a “career counselor” yourself?  If so, now is the time to make that move.

Eleventh House

A few of you will hear from old friends you haven’t heard from for years. High School or College reunions will be especially important for you. At this time, on the level of local, national, and global media, some event involving bribery may come to light. Others of you may be inspired to pursue a “social cause.” The casual meeting with an old friend could be VERY important, so don’t shuck it without a second thought.  That person may represent a turning point for you.

If you applied for a Government job some time this year, you may receive a notice that you are being considered and might be hired.

Twelfth House

Many of you know what this means. This is a dangerous time of “self-undoing.” The wrong slip of the lip, disclosure of that you don’t won’t disclosed, or excessive use of alcohol or drugs can make life miserable. For sure, it is a hard time.

A few of you are poets, artists, photographers, videographers, or the like; those of you will experience a powerful breakthrough regarding your art. Like the Sixth House, and Tenth House, write it down and document EVERYTHING. If you are an artist, you’ll want to remember this period of your life.  You might write “Thanatopsis” during a warm summer day in this short period.

More about this weekend in another post. But, the key points about the energy of “this period,” through the 4th of July, are found in this post.

A Short Post About Mercury Turning Direct, June, 2008

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Starting “by” the afternoon of Wednesday June 18th, and continuing for a period of time that isn’t fully agreed upon, a bit of turmoil will come into the lives of many people. This is marked by the Direct Station of Mercury on the morning of Thursday, June 19th of 2008. If you had any plans run afoul on Wednesday afternoon or evening, you can chalk that up to the influence of the station following on the heels of the Full Moon (Sun = Gemini / Moon = Sadge).  Here is another description of Mercury turning Direct.

This period “cleaning up from the Retrograde” will continue AT LEAST until Saturday or Sunday. For some (many?) the effects of the Mercury Retrograde Period will be felt until July 4th or 5th. After that holiday, time to move “full steam ahead.” In this period, some interesting surprises are to be expected. Cancerians can expect at least a little relief in the form of a bit of unexpected cash from a possibly forgotten source.

Expect a longer entry about this station, along with some discussion of Sun-Pluto Opposition on Friday and the Mars-Neptune Opposition on Saturday. These conflicts pit the strong, direct personality against the powerful personality of hidden secrets as well as the high energy and possible violent personality against the poetic illusionist. Won’t children born on these dates be “interesting”?

Sun-Pluto will especially affect Gemini-Sadge (and, to a lesser degree, Virgo-Pisces), and Mars-Neptune will affect Leo-Aquarius (and, to a lesser degree, Taurus-Scorpio). We’ll dig a little deeper in the next post.

Please check back by Wednesday Evening or Thursday Morning about suggestions regarding how to navigate the period through Monday, June 23, 2008. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.

Weekend of Friday, June 13th, 2008 through Wednesday June 18th

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Father’s Day Weekend, 2008

Friday is Friday the 13th, and you should celebrate it! Really! A fun time awaits you.

In North America, the workday is absorbed by a void moon in Libra. (UK and Europeans will only experience this in the morning of their 8a to 5p workday. If you are in UK or Europe, please adjust your times.) Officially, by consensus of most astrologers, the moon v/c is a time to “lay low.” Based on my experiences, I agree. (I wish I had recorded these experiences so that I would have at least some form of empirical data to back me up.) Other interpretations say that voids are a great time to clean out and throw away. Still others say it is a spiritual time, a time to center yourself. All of these interpretations can be simultaneously true.

Moon v/c Friday the 13th of June

Many people consider Friday the 13th to be unlucky. For most people, that simply will not be true today. The Moon v/c is considered a tough time, too, as described above. But, I’d be willing to be this void is a little different and this “Friday the 13th” is even more different. The morning will be interesting, be assured of that.

Carrying the theme from most of the week, this is a time time when the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter are “best aligned” to form a Grand Trine. This blog isn’t named “Grand Trines” by accident. This kind of thing tends to be a “fun time,” and (if you can muster the motivation) can be a time of lasting accomplishment. Void are specifically NOT associated with “lasting accomplishment”; the void is historically interpreted as “nothing will come of this.” But, I bet this void is an exception.

This is THE time to persuade people with beautiful words and beautiful images. This may be the best luck you have on any day, including Fridays 13. If you are a writer or artist, you might do some of the best work of YOUR ENTIRE LIFE this day, particularly in the morning. And, once the moon moves into Scorpio, the energy will change into a powerful sexual and romantic evening.

Evening of Friday the 13th of June and Saturday the 14th

THIS *IS* the hot “Date Night” of the summer, and maybe the year. Commitments made this evening may be overly optimistic, but both sides will feel a strong sense of commitment. Don’t go out with anyone you wouldn’t want to marry. As mentioned before, Saturday presents the beginning of a time of revisiting the previous period dating back to “about” 1990. Some spillover from Friday is inevitable, and it will be viewed in terms of this past period. If you are young, and fell for someone Friday night, this could represent a HUGE turning point for you. The rest of us might experience that, too. Others (probably including myself) may take this time to envision how they would LIKE for things to be. This is a good time to decide “who you want to be when you grow up” even if you are in your 80’s or 90’s or beyond.

Sunday Morning: Avoid the Fight

Sunday morning may face resurrection of old issues and anger surfacing. The Moon (Scorpio) activates an opposition between Mars (Leo) and Chiron (Aquarius). This could be a time of the CLASSIC argument between the young Daughter (Moon) and her Father (Mars in Leo) about that new young man. Of course, the genders aren’t set in stone, but that is the image that comes to mind. What is curious is who will be “Chiron” in this situation. Probably NOT Mom unless she is a healer (Nurse or Physician or similar). Could be a sibling, but probably will either be a grandparent or close friend of the family. Some people will drink or use drugs this weekend, and Sunday morning will be the breaking point that puts them in treatment. Sunday evening will lead to a truce of some kind that will be characterized by another void (means it won’t last) and inconjuncts (either false hopes or tough decisions).

Monday: Resolution of the Conflict

Monday brings an odd kind of resolution. Alcoholics or those mentally ill may enter the hospital without incident, if they weren’t taken by force on Sunday. Mars opposition Chiron during the night sets up some tough lessons or issues regarding healing. Some will have had accidents over this weekend, and Monday will be like waking up. A few will have had some severe accidents, and they’ll “wake up” Monday to see that the arm or leg really is gone. Others will have a court day on this day. Those who followed the path of romance will have some kind of interaction with either someone foreign or in education or possibly the court system. The key person will probably be female, and possibly a bit “Matronly.” They’ll have advice, and it’ll be tough, but it better be heeded carefully.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The energy of Monday continues with commentary from Mercury, Chiron, and Mars. A good day to both take action and watch your temper. What you say today makes a big difference.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008, Full Moon

Wednesday brings a culmination of the events of Monday and Tuesday. The Moon is full, and some of the young lovers will elope. If you ARE going to elope, please do so by Tuesday evening. By Wednesday afternoon, the Moon wanes and this will disfavor your new marriage. Others will be compelled to “right action,” and they will try to repair any damage that occurred over the weekend, particularly on Sunday morning. A few will want to “check out of treatment.” Family members who comply, who “enable” them, will make a mistake if they go along with this. The waxing moon will make the situation much worse. Financial sectors may receive some good news to ameliorate the bad news of the weekend and Monday. For others, the Full Moon coupled with Venus opposite Pluto will experience another highly charged, probably highly sexual, encounter this evening. The Labor and Delivery rooms will be full “about” 270 days from this date.

Wednesday after the Full Moon, and Beyond

Wednesday Afternoon: after the full moon circa Noon, the moon conjuncts Pluto and both are opposite Venus as well as the Sun. If you want to patch up things from Friday/Sunday, this is the time to do it. Once the window is past, recovery from the injury is difficult. Don’t procrastinate on this. And, be clear. Being coy or depending on innuendo will NOT be the right thing to do under these circumstances. Lay your cards on the table or walk away from the game.

This is also good day, after the full moon, to either start a diet or make the necessary preparations to get started. Pay bills with an eye to eliminating debt. Some delays in these matters may occur because Thursday June 19th Mercury “Goes Direct” Mercury changes direction on Thursday. It moves forward again, but slowly. So, starting Wednesday, try not to “push anything through.” Even with your launch on Monday or Tuesday, you shouldn’t start “pushing” until (at the very earliest) Saturday. Some time next week is probably better, as long as you aren’t trying to “grow” it. If you MUST make purchases, try to defer them until at least Saturday or the following week. Chances are that you’ll get lower prices.

Predictions by Sign from Friday June 13th through Wednesday June 18th

Key things to note for everyone: an “interesting” void Friday morning; very romantic Friday night for many; a time to either do artistic things at home or go to the movies Saturday (but NOT major purchases); Sunday: avoid the fight; Monday: a bit of difficulty left from Sunday then resolution; Tuesday: Full Moon is a good time to act for some and bad for others; Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday: lay low because MERCURY IS CHANGING DIRECTIONS and Friday is mostly void.


You’re too hot to handle Friday morning. Opposing forces make you more determined, and you SHOULD push through. Don’t sign any contracts, yet. Just know that you can get what you want. Friday night could be a little uncomfortable, despite what was said above. Saturday could prove to be an exceptionally “lucky” day for you. Sunday, try not to be involved in any spats unless you have to. But, if you are a Dad or Head of the Family, you’ll tend to win them if you are in them. Monday also favors you, but will still be a tough day, as described above. Tuesday is one of the more powerful days of the year for you. Your sun will Grand Trine the Moon and Mars. You’ll want to hang out and be lazy, but this is a day where you can really “get things done” and what you do will tend to have a lasting impact. Rest, if possible, starting Wednesday afternoon.


Avoid “deals” that are presented Friday morning. Chances are good that they are scams.

Friday evening will be good to you, and you may be faced with an important decision. The call for romance for Taurus will be very strong now. Even if conflict emerges over the weekend, you’ll be able to get jump started the relationship with your new sweetheart on Wednesday. Try giving that new special someone a call Wednesday morning. *IF* Friday really doesn’t work out, then you may meet someone who DOES turn your head on Wednesday morning. Do make certain you are in touch by Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

Re-evaluate long term goals on Saturday. You really do need to know where you stand.

Sunday: avoid the fights iv possible. If you get drawn into them, they can become truly explosive. Monday is very weird for you. You can get certain things done, but they must involve order and organization. Avoid “fly by night” schemes and anything that smacks of “multi-level marketing.” Tuesday and Wednesday aren’t the best days for you. Avoid extravagant purchses, particularly of intangible things such as software. You’ll almost certainly be disappointed. Creation of debt is a VERY bad idea at this time. Next Thursday & Friday things are a little better for you.


This is your time, all of it, unless you drink or drug. If you DO drink & drug, then you may have an event that FINALLY gets you sober. Try not to be physically injured in the process. Tuesday, you’ll be tempted to leave the hospital if you are in one. Don’t. If you do NOT drink & drug, then this is YOUR time. That is, this is *THE* best days of the year for you. Decide what you want, and take steps to put it in motion. As with other signs, avoid the Sunday morning altercation. Whatever you plan to launch, launch by Tuesday evening. You may not believe this, or see it, but the window to effectively launch your project, or some key piece of it (if it is already underway), will close by Noon (Dallas Time, aka “Central”) of Wednesday. Thursday and Friday will prove disastrous for your Big Launch. Do it by Tuesday, or not at all. Also, if you have NOT had your birthday by Monday, you should wait until next week at the earliest. Some of you, those who have not yet had your birthday, may be tempted by a project you should NOT take on. But, if you’ve had your birthday this year, then DO IT NOW! Also: you need to read Sagittarius, below.


Where do I begin? You are probably in your twelve house. Not many things favor you at this time, so YOU should AVOID action. Planning and visualization should be your strategy. Let others play out their dramas, and don’t intervene unless you must. This is a good time for some of you to get sober. Others will have to help family members, but avoid “enabling” them. If you DO meet the “love of your life” at this time, avoid major commitments until your birthday.

If you are female, DEFINITELY avoid becoming pregnant, or risky sex of any kind, at this time. You WILL be tempted by someone, count on it! If it isn’t risky sex, then avoid other temptations of the “Traveling Salesman.” Also: plesae read Capricorn. Some of that will apply to you as well.

Try to avoid the fight Sunday. I think you can stay out of it unless you are either the Father or the “Head of Household.” If you must join, then KNOW where you stand. You’ll know by doing what the other signs should do as well: think about your hopes and dreams on Saturday and reduce them to written words on paper.

Okay, that all sounds a bit too “gloom and doom.” Venus will move in to support you starting Wednesday. She’s very much “in your corner,” but what does that mean? Maybe you’ll have support from a woman who enters your life, possible a rather beautiful lady. If you are a single guy, this new person may be what has been missing in your life. If you are a lady, this new woman may be the Fairy Godmother who transforms you into a princess. Others will receive financial support; still others will find that either a Taurus or Libra moves into to help (especially a Taurus, but possibly a Libra). Expect help in terms of love or money or both. Could also be in the form of improved health. You might actually find advantage during the difficult period of the Mercury Direct Station.

So, keep you chin up. Things will improve.


This is a good time for you, with the caveats described above. Remember, YOUR solar 12th house will apply some time on or after June 21st until the time of your birthday. So, avoid making commitments NOW that require completion THEN. Taking a course in summer school might be okay, especially if it involves writing, art or poety. Computer programming & web design (especially web design) might work for some of you. As mentioned, avoid the fight Sunday morning if you can. Some of you will not be able to avoid it, and you’ll find yourself getting far more angry than you should. If that happens, you may need to exit and “blow off steam” in some safe place (probably devoid of other people). Don’t do anything rash at this time. As with Gemini, Monday and Tuesday are “power days” for you. Just remember to avoid starting something now that completes between the period delineated by your birthday and a month before your birthday. But, Monday and Tuesday ARE “power days” for you.


You look a LOT like Taurus. (Read Taurus). Friday night is particularly good for you. The Scorpio Moon will favor you, or lead you to appropriately favor or support someone, and the Gemini Sun will stir you to action. This is a good time to help others, if you are so inclined. If you are a paramedic, then you’ll be busy tonight. As described above, Saturday is a time of reflection for you, but useful things can be done, too. As with others, this is a good time for a movie, but not a good time for major purchases. Take WRITTEN notes on any ideas that come to you Friday/Saturday. You’ll need them Monday & Tuesday. Like everyone else, avoid the fight Sunday morning. You’ll be tempted to take the side of the “Leo figure” (maybe an acutal Leo, but for sure the Father, Head of Family) as they are a sort of natural ally to them. The argument of the Scorpio (maybe the daughter or mother, particularly if they are normally a quiet person) will be appealing to you, and you may not be able to avoid contributing to their side of the argument. You’ll have to pick one side, but be careful about alienating the “Leo figure.” The Chironic person (friend of the family, physician) will confuse you, unless you yourself are that Chironic person (and you are a very good candidate for that job. Do you want it?) Monday & Tuesday will tend to stir you to action but be frustrating. Keep in mind what happened Friday & Saturday. Your written notes from those days will guide you.


You’d like to have everybody get along, but you may not be able to avoid the temptation to take advantage of the situations (and dramas) that will come to pass in this period. Be careful Friday morning. You can make BRILLIANT presentations, but you should be careful regarding any changes to the script. DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THE PLAN, whatever it is. Otherwise, you’ll do GREAT Friday morning. A good time for the artists & writers among you. The rest of the time, you are “everyman.” This is one weekend where you can play just about any role you want to; choose wisely. Avoid the Sunday morning fight if possible (read the other predictions). If you *DO* get involved, your strongest choice will be to support, or BE, the “Leo figure” (read Virgo, above). Unlike Virgo, you can do quite a bit of damage to the Scorpio, if that is your intent. You can also do a lot of damage if it is NOT your intent, so be careful. Monday and Tuesday: read Gemini and Leo. This is a power time for you, too. Lay low Wednesday and Thursday.


If you are like many scorpios, you’ve read the other signs to see what they are up to. You are educated now. You know that Friday night will provide you with POWERFUL experiences. They’ll PROBABLY be “positive,” but they DEFINITELY will be powerful. You probably CANNOT avoid the fight Sunday morning, but that is okay for most of you because most of you tend to fight anyway. Just realize that the odds are not with you in this battle, unless it is about you “falling in love” or going on a date Friday night. If so, stand your ground. You might lose this battle and yet win the war. You MUST know if what you want is really worth it. That means you need to have DEEPLY thought about it, and maybe written about it, on Saturday. If you anticipate the battle, you may fare much better. You might even “win” if the others are unprepared. Monday is hard, but it might favor you. Monday and Tuesday aren’t easy days for you, but they COULD bring you financial gain. They can bring loss, too, so avoid spending & credit cards. Avoid any significant action the rest of the week, though you’ll be tempted to action. One exception, you might get a rather good price on something Thursday or Friday Definitely do not buy it if it involves (a) communications (cell phone, radio, television, walkie-talkie) or (b) transportation (automobile, tractor-trailer, boat, or airplane). Definitley NOT a day to buy a yacht or corporate jet. And, remember, Friday is mostly void. (Usually only good for meditation and “centering” yourself.)


You win. This is your time. (See, also: Gemini) If you are in conflict with a Gemini, though, I’m not sure who wins. So, if posiible, make that Gemini your ally, not your opponent. For Friday morning: Read Libra. It is EXACTLY the same for you. You could sell the proverbial rerigerator to the proverbial Eskimo. (If you don’t know that saying, then Google it. Worth your time.) Unlike Libra, and everyone else for that matter, YOU “might” (remember MIGHT) could improvise Friday morning. Others would be wise to NOT permit you to do this. But, if they aren’t paying attention, you can get away with it. (I hope you are NOT scamming someone.) Friday is a hot “Date Night,” but if that someone is a NEW someone, you might fall for someone who is not “very good for you.” Or, they’ll be an artist or poety or inspire your poetry. (Not just the “poetry in your soul,” but literal poetry or videography (YouTube?) or photography or writing or painting or….) Saturday is like everybody else: introspection and journaling and deciding what you want. Seeing a movie with a friend is good Satruday, too. Sunday: Can you guess? Yep, like everyone else: avoid the fight. Perhaps more than everyone else, you’ll find the fight very disappointing. If you are watching the drama from the sidelines, you’ll just tend to “shake your head.” You’ll think “Why do they keep playing that drama?” You won’t be able to do anything about it. Monday might involve some cleanup, literal or figurative or both, from the weekend. For both Monday and Tuesday: read Gemini. This is YOUR time of the year, too. You’ll get other windows, particularly near your birthday, but for now this is it. Also like everyone else: avoid overeating and overspending. Lay low on Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday if possible.


Most of you will want to watch the drama rather than participate. You are bit like Libra and Taurus, but you are unique (unlike Gemini & Sag, who are JUST LIKE EACH OTHER at this time). Watch out for someone trying to “hornswaggle you” (as we say here in Texas) on Friday morning. I suspect this person might be a Libra or Sagittarius. If you are a Farmer’s Daughter, *DO* avoid the “Traveling Salesmen” of this period. Friday night will be a fun date, to be sure, but make no committments or any “risky activities” (sex, especially). *IF* you are the “teenaged daughter” in the Sunday morning drama, then this could be a very hard weekend for you. *DO* journal on Saturday and *DO NOT* buy ANYthing Saturday unless it is artistic in nature (and, maybe not even then). Go to a movie with your friends. Get perspective. Sunday: avoid the fight. *IF* you are the mother or daugher (or caregiver), you may see a side of you emerge that no one, including yourself, has seen before. You’ll look a *LOT* like Scorpio in this case (read Scorpio). *IF* you are the Father or Head of Family, you might drop into the “Leo Figure” role, but you’ll find it uncomfortable. You’ll probably secretly wish you could be the rebellious teenager instead of the dispenser of discipline. BUT, *NO ONE* (not even a Scorpio) can dispense discipline like a Capricorn, (Well, maybe a Virgo, sometimes.) Monday and Tuesday will provide career or business boosts to you, although they’ll feel a bit uncomfortable. You’ll be HIGHLY TEMPTED to wait till Wednesday, which feels and looks more comfortable. But, *IF* you are going to make something GROW, make it happen either Monday or (better yet) Tuesday. If you must make a significant purchase, though, defer it until the last weekend of the month. Some of you will be in a bit of a bind, because the purchase and the business decision will be linked. Just know that you’ll get a better by waiting til the end of the month.


Read Gemini, Libra, and Sag. Read Leo, too. You can be persuasive Friday morning, but probably not to a Capricorn. Not the best time for a “Board Meeting” for you UNLESS you are presenting WITHOUT having the Board Members “take a vote.” This prediction also applies to the “Tech Sector” of Wall Sreet. Information, research, and presentations, but no buy/sell action. Financial markets in London could be a “little weird” at this time. Certainly some of you will find love Friday evening, as with others. Some of you, though, will spend time with friends and have a few annoyances. Given a choice, this is a much better “Date Night” than “Out with the Friends” night. Some of you may feel the Retrograde of Pluto into Sadge more than others. Again, Tech Sector corporations will look HARD at the past twenty years and decide who they want to be for the next twenty. A big shift to Apple is happening (the artistic side of Friday and Saturday), and don’t be surprised if you see an announcement from Apple Friday, Saturday or Monday. In the alternative, some major corporation(s) may announce intiatives to put Macintoshes on the desktops of their employees. If you aren’t a big corporation, refrain from shopping Saturday and list your hopes and dreams on paper. If you’ve read the other predictions, you know a big fight is coming Sunday morning. You’ll tend to be conveniently on the sidelines, and (unless you are a healthcare professional and this is NOT involving your friends or family), that is where you should probably stay. Some of you will not be able to resist. A few may be wounded (even literally!) as “collateral damage.” This applies to police officers answering domestic disputes at this time. (Be careful if you are a Police Officer.) If you CANNOT resist the fight, remember your job there is to HELP and TEACH. Don’t write any prescriptions unless you have the legal authority to do so. Monday and Tuesday are good to you; this is a Window for you similar to Gemini and Sadge (but stronger for them). A smart strategy would be to let a Gemini or Sadge “run point” and you be the SUPPORT SYSTEM. You’ll be stronger in this role, and you’ll be less likely to “take damage” (as the teenage gamers say) later. ESPECIALLY YOU: Lay low Wednesday and Thursday and Friday. More than other signs, you can expect power outages. Clean house. Take pictures. Avoid commitment, but you might get a spectacular price on something. Do you really need it? (NOT if it is “on credit.”)


Sadge and Gemini have you at a disadvantage, so avoid “taking them on” directly, if at all. Of course, if you have a fair amount of Sadge or Gemini in your chart, you might be able to charge ahead. Friday morning isn’t so great for you. You might even THINK that you are scamming someone, but they’ll be getting you. If you are a con-artist, expect a “sting” from the Police. Pisces is, among other things, about illusions. Today, you’ll be on the wrong end of the stick as far as these go, so just give it up. Pisces is also good at hiding, so hide. That’ll be your strong point at this time. Friday night is MUCH better for you, In fact, so it the rest of the weekend. Like Libra, you become “Everyman” and can play ANY role you want. So, I offer the same advice: CHOOSE WISELY. I’d say avoid the fight, but if you cannot then the Scorpio role is best for you. Based on astrology, I’d say that anyone concerned with terrorists should check the sewers at this time. The Pisces in your security group will be especially gifted at finding the problem this morning. Like Capricorn, if you are drawn into the fight, then you’ll find a Tiger within yourself that you did not know was there. If you are the teenaged daughter, or mother, then Dad may be in trouble.You could win, but probably by your typical indirect strategies of undermining his/their authority. If domestic abouse is present, the abuser will likely be sent to jail if you are present. (Don’t be the abuser, of course.) The Full Moon Monday and Tuesday is a lot like Virgo for you. You may be stirred to action Monday, and surprise those who would take away your freedom from you. BUT, if you are in the hospital, don’t leave. More than anyone else, you’ll both be tempted AND have the ability to do so. Do NOT do that. If you do, you’ll lose your REAL freedom, which is coming to you now through the healing. Better buys are to be had on Thursday and Friday. Next predictions will be (probably) posted on or about Wednesday June 18th or Thursday June 19th.

Intense Romance Week of June 9 through Friday, June 13, 2008

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As I write this, Monday is gone. Most of you had a pleasant Monday. Bad days can happen to anyone, individual charts vary, and individual intent varies. I disagree with the astrological notion that any given decision is set in stone. COLLECTIVE decisions, however, are difficult to change. (I believe that it has been done before.)

Alas, much of this week will involve “collective decisions” between a minimum of two people(s).

I’ll summarize the week before I give its details. This will be a week of intense negotiations, possibly conflict, followed by a culmination likely Friday. On a personal level, especially for younger people, this will be personal power struggles, probably at work, followed by some intense romantic or artistic adventure beginning Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. If finances pre-empt romances for you, then the struggles earlier in the week will be intense but give no clear answers (though they may APPEAR to do so). Later in the week, an agreement may be made, but it may need to be changed or fall apart entirely by September 9, 2008.

Political decisions made this week will APPEAR to be good resolutions, but suspect to “falling apart” by “about” September 9th. (If they survive that date, November 26th/27th will be even more “challenging” as the issues are revisited with much greater scrutiny.)

Tuesday looks interesting but not necessarily earth-shaking. Moon trines Jupiter about Noon, Eastern, and that puts them in agreement. Venus trines Chiron later that evening. But, Moon and Jupiter are in earth, and Venus and Chiron are in air. That is, the two GROUPS of planets have “misunderstandings” at best. Who wins?

Earth seems to invariably believe it is right. Air hardly seems to care, preferring the exploration of a dialog rather than a final decision. But, the winners (if there are any) here will be AIR. Why? Because Venus has a longer term orbit than the Moon, and Chiron has a longer term orbit than Jupiter. Earth may seem right at first, maybe evening winning this PARTICULAR day. But, long term events will prove Air to be correct.

What does this mean? If you are a Gemini or Aquarius, or possibly Libra, you might encounter some “challenges” today, but know that you’re probably “right” in your decisions today. Capricorn and Virgo seem to rule this day, perhaps with Taurus, but (if they follow their tendency to be TOO stubborn) they’ll likely be shown to be long term. If you are Earth (Cap, Virg, or Taurus), try to show some flexibility today. If you are Air, don’t give up entirely if things don’t go the way you hope today.

I might add: this could be a day of profound disconnect, or conflict, between the financial sector (earth / water) and either the media (air) or “leadership” (fire) or both.

The rest of us tend to be spectators, but you can bet that the water signs (Cancer, Scorp, & Pisces) will be pulled into the Earth side of the battle in most cases; Fire (Aries, Leo, & Sag) will tend to take the Air side. Realize, also, that this may be an “indirect” battle rather than a face to face confrontation. A void Tuesday evening makes certain that “long term settlements” will either come to nothing or realize an unanticipated result.

Wednesday: This is a day of possible early morning conflicts as the Moon moves into Libra, abandoning any support it made of Virgo. In the financial sector, accounting abandons corporate management in favor of “working out a deal.” In the romance sector, old maids & bachelors need to re-examine the demands they make of human beings fitting their “ideal partner.”

Essentially, a Grand Air trine exists, with Moon in Libra, Sun, Mercury, and Venus in Gemini, and Chiron & Neptune in Aquarius. Earth sign positions become very untenable this day, and water sign positions that overcommitted in their efforts to back Earth will be in trouble, too. Sun inconjuncts Jupiter late in the day leading to false hopes and some very bad business decisions, particularly regarding (over)spending.

Not a good day to buy, but a damned good day to solicit the opinions of others.

Sun-Jupiter-Mars LOOSELY form a yod this day. That means that Earth signs, particularly Cap, will need to decide between acting as a “manager” (Sun) and being a “soldier” in the trenches (Mars). The Gemini Sun also “looks” to Mars in Leo for advice. A decision MUST be made; inaction will be fatal. Just try not to SPEND, if possible.

Thursday: looks a little better but the tendency to overspend is still present. You might want to think about Thursday to help you decide about Wednesday. Thursday brings something unexpected and difficult to plan for. For some, they’ll meet that “right person,” or even BECOME that “right person,” and go on a date Friday evening. The date might possibly be a casual outing with a friend….

You saw something similar happen about six months ago. Unharnessed, or “processed” foolishly, this aspect (Sun Square Uranus) can lead to terrible accidents or explosions. Properly harnessed, this is a GREAT day to use digital media to make music, photography, video, or other forms of communicative art. So, did you have an accident six months ago? Or did you start some great creative work? (If the latter, this is a good day to “wrap it up.”)

Friday: Most of the workday is void with Venus Trine Neptune inside the void. Venus Trine Neptune is a GREAT day to continue to work on that artistic masterpiece. Some people will fall in love, perhaps the most intense romance of their lives. There is no guarantee that the romance will last (it could), but count on being “more in love” than ever before. Some people will see Friday as a relatively pleasant and relaxing day.

Others will be called by the Retrograde motion of Pluto back into Sag. This begins a time, for many, of hard looks at the past fifteen to twenty years. If you are twenty, or younger, look at your life and know that “things” are about to change in a BIG way. If you are forty, or older, know that this is the time to look hard at what you did in the 1990’s, and the last eight years, and decide what it has meant, and where you would like to spend your remaining energies. What do you wish to accomplish?

If you are between twenty and forty, look back to a turning point in your life that happened in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s. You are about to reach another turning point, one that might revisit some aspect of your childhood control issues.

Friday will be VERY “fun” for some, VERY “intense” for others, and a bit of both for many of us. Events started this week, particularly on Thu / Fri / Sat, will reach another important turning point “about” September 9, 2008.

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