January 3, 4, 5 of 2009: A New Romance May Show Itself; Other Peoples Money

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Venus enters Pisces, and we suddenly have a chance at love, new or renewed.

Our New Year’s dreams seem truly possible, and they are if we work at them.

Sun Trines Ceres (Saturday, 3rd) and says that a diet just might work this time. If you are like me, and think that NY Resolutions to lose weight are hopelessly flawed, you could reconsider. A little optimism is warranted this time.  You’ll need to focus, and you should expect to be “tested” more than once.

Please don’t spend on anything until Monday. Ditto for career changes, and those aren’t really very good until after the Mercury Retrograde is over (February 1st).  In fact, almost anything done this month will be “revisited” somehow later.

Plan accordingly.  Don’t “burn bridges” with anyone this month.

Sunday may bring out your kinky side, if you have one. If not, then issues about money & taxes or money & inheritances. In some way, if Sunday is not about Sex & Romance then it is about “other people’s money.”  Sunday is also a good day to ask “what if?”

Monday tends to be a day to “lay low” in the UK & Europe (Jupiter is void) but okay in the US after about 11am EST.

Monday (Jan 5, 2009) is a “cross-ways” day: it is good for some and bad for others. No pronounced aspects on Monday, so this is a housekeeping day for many. Much of this day is about the official change from 2008 to 2009. (That’s not hard to predict, is it.)  But, again, do plan for having to “do it over.”

November 18, 2008 A Fork in the Road

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Today is all about a “fork in the road.” A Yod, or “finger of God,” exists with the Moon in Leo and the forks shown by Uranus in Pisces and Jupiter & Venus in Capricorn. Leo is about leadership. This day affects leaders more than others, but it also brings out the natural leadership in all of us.

The fork between Pisces and Capricorn will force us to choose between the idalistic and the practical. Uranus (aka Prometheus) is in Pisces and brings us innovations in areas of art, music, poetry, and similar areas. Capricorn is about practicality. Venus is about love & beauty, but Venus is also about finances and building the practical. Venus can be especially about farms. Jupiter is about growth and expansion, in this case in things Capricorn such as large corporations and corporate leadership.

The choice will be between idealistic innovation and practical focused growth. No matter which choice we make we can benefit, but either choice will, at some point, leave us wondering what might have happened had we considered the other path. Inconjuncts, from which yods are built, are characterized by dissatisfaction.

Water Signs: Pisces, Cancer & Scorpio will tend to choose the innovative today.  Some Cancerians, particularly those who have birthdays currently opposed by Jupiter or Venus might choose the practical route.

Earth Signs: Capricorn, Taurus, & Virgo will tend to opt for the practical path.  Some Virgos might choose the innovative path, particularly if their birthday is currently opposed by Uranus.

Air Signs: Neither Gemini nor Libra will like the choices presented, but Gemini will be most productive with the innovative and Libra with the practical.  Aquarius will face both decisions the same as Leo: essentially split 50/50.

Fire Signs: Aries, like leader, would be wise to pick the practical.  Leo, like Aquarius, will have a dead center 50/50 choice.  “Things” are complicated for Sadge.  Except for the handful of Sadge natives born on December 17th or later, I’d recommend the practical.  I’d be willing to bet that Steven Spielberg is working on some particularly interesting project at this time.

Choose as you may; tomorrow is a new day.

2008 November 14 Mercury Square Chiron

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Friday’s energy is difficult to read.  Much happens, but we all get mixed signals.  Is it good or was it bad?

Mercury, in Scorpio, sqaures Chiron, in Aquarius.  Chiron continues to speak to injuries to the public and healing that must occur, usually through teaching the lesson to be learned.  Mercury, however, is in Scorpio; Scorpio is a rather unfavorable placement for Mercury.

Scorpio is associated with silence and secrets; Mercury is about communicating (and transporting).  I’d say that certain communications failures, or secrets, will present as an obstacle to healing that must occur.  Long term, Mercury will lose and the secrets will be revealed.  (At least some of them.)

What should you do?  Watch for chatter and saying things that you don’t mean or shouldn’t tell.  But, don’t make secrets or try to deceive others.  This is a time when diplomacy is essential.

Your secret might leak Friday evening, anyway, when Moon squares Uranus (revelations and accidents) in the sign of Pisces (the sign of disclosure of secrets).  This secret would leak through an inadvertent disclosure.  Since “Uranus” is really Prometheus, the Gods might find that the secret of Fire has been given to the humans.  If you are in a management position, you may not be able to withhold some of your secrets from the underlings any longer.

For the general public, look for startling revelations some time Friday night.

New Moon in Scorpio October 2008

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For most of us, both US & UK, the New Moon in Scorpio occurs Tuesday, October 28th. You took care of that key matter yesterday, didn’t you? The irritating problem that you’d rather put off–you know the one–you closed that out, didn’t you?

Me either. But, I plan to follow my advice today. You should, too, knowing that today is trickier with Mercury in Libra Inconjunct Uranus in PIsces. False hopes and miscommunications may throw up roadblocks making the job we must do more difficult to complete. Push on through; you can do it.

After sunset, whereever you may be, take time to sit still and envision your next key actions. The best time is circa 1914 EDT per Llewellyn’s Daily Planetary Guide. You’ll have “about” a 30 minute window, from 15 minutes before until 15 minutes afterward. This is a Scorpio New Moon, and it is a powerful time to receive revelations in general but especially if that regard keeping your secrets, revealing the secrets of others, sex, procreation, birthing a person or a project, oil, mining, chemicals, toxins, poisons, healing by purging, or covert operations. Remember, “first, do no harm.”

Scorpio Cometh (2008)

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(October 19th 2008)

Monday is the kind of day that looks fairly ordinary. Unless exotic transits such as septiles and noviles are in play (I don’t calculative those but probably should), Monday just seems like, well, Monday.

People will be born on Monday, and people will die, and it will be an important day for many people. Some will be hired and some will be fired. But this day does not appear to be a “cosmic punctuation mark.” And, as far as outer planets go, the Moon touches them. But, this only serves as activators for certain people with charts that are specifically activated. So, I will go far onto a limb and say that this day does not stand out.

An exception exists: this is a grand water trine day. The GT is loose, and it affects things water. By loose, I mean that the first part occurs just after midnight with the following part just before the following midnight.

My first inclination is to think that finance = earth, but a number of others have indicated to me in the past that the big “money maker” is a grand water trine. And, that has proved correct before. So, this day may be an “activator” regarding financial issues. In a sense, an activator day lances the boil that is waiting to pop.

Water particularly affects the following: emotions, birth & death & inheritances, taxes, anything dealing with the ocean & shipping, pipes of any kind, petroleum, almost any underground resource, drugs, and poisons.

The Cancer side of the trine focuses on families, mothers, oceans and other bodies of water. The Piscean side rules the music and film industries, poetry, concerts (along with Aquarius), illness, drugs, alcohol, psychic intuitions, and pipes.

Scorpio rules birth and death, inheritances, taxes, police, intelligence agencies, poisons, drugs (benevolent and malevolent), particularly laxatives, things hidden, things underground, and nuclear energy. Petroleum and petroleum based companies and products are generally ruled by Scorpio. Ice and snow are government by the “fixed water sign” Scorpio.

Scorpio especially rules trash cans, and anything “lost” by falling into the trash can.

Some are shared. Pipes are Piscean, but some astrologers think that they are Scorpionic because they “are underground,” (incorrect, they are often underground but not always) and they are “fixed.” The problem is that it isn’t the PIPE that is the key; the key is the “flow” of whatever is flowing through the pipe. This kind of movement is Piscean. One could argue that the pipe ITSELF is Scorpionic. Maybe. But the SYSTEM of pipes & flow are Piscean.

As a general rule, Scorpio makes secrets (hides things, loses things) and Pisces reveals (or finds things). Today, both sides are at play. You may find one thing (particularly since Mercury just went direct), but might lose some other thing.

So, don’t be surprised if any of these areas or industries are activated Monday. Technically, scale is irrelevant (that’s the point of “As above, so below”), but this is a day where influence will GENERALLY be more “grass roots” than “top down.”

Recognize that this grand trine precedes the transit of the Sun into Scorpio. In a sense, things that happen today may fully “take root” on or after October 22nd.

Predictions for Week of June 23rd of 2008

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Week of June 23rd

This week is comparatively quiet, but some people may find it to be a bit explosive when their secrets are revealed to the public.

Monday: Do You Relax
or Waste Your Time & Energy on the Futile? 🙂

The energy of Monday morning, as this is being written, is a relatively calm one for most people.  Well, sort of.  All that is happening is Lunar, so for most of us the conflict between Mars (action) and Neptune (illusions) is relatively temporary.  Some people, of course, will run on long “wild goose chases” this morning pursuing goals that are either unattainable or worthless or both.  Others will have any scam perpetuated on them over the weekend (see previous entries) “wrapped up” or possible taken to the next stage.

Monday June 23rd of 2008: A Good Day to Start a Diet

Some of you will start diet & exercise programs this Monday, and this is a good Monday to do it *IF* you do not set your expectations too high.  Some of you will daydream of looking like some particular celebrity or model.  Nothing wrong with that if it motivates you to do the right thing; just don’t let your feelings hurt if your progress isn’t what you expect.  Remember: seek progress, not perfection.

Monday Evening Piscean HouseCleaning (June 23rd of 2008 )

The Moon enters Pisces on Monday afternoon (evening for UK & Europe), and the evening can be mostly pleasant although some issue with authority or aging CAN arise.  This is a great evening to clean house or otherwise organize and make it a fun activity with your sweetheart or children or best friend.

Newly married (or anyone starting a new household, such as someone who has recently relocated) will find this to be a GREAT evening to get your household in order.  Virgo & Pisces love to create debt, so be extra alert for that danger.  (Moon in Gentle Pisces opposes Stern Saturn in Virgo after a pleasant trine with the Sun.)

Tuesday: Funday Except if Your Secrets Are Exposed

All of Tuesday feels like Monday evening, mostly a feel-good day that is about “wrapping things up.”  Some of you are closing a fiscal year now, and Tuesday or Wednesday could be all about “discovering” some missing transaction or item that shakes up your end of fiscal year calculations. 

You’d normally expect that to happen at this time, anyway, but with Moon in Pisces (revelations of different kinds; exposure of secrets) and Uranus (in Pisces) very slow and about to retrograde, this would be THE time for theft or embezzlement to be discovered.

Wednesday: The Fun Ends All Too Soon

Wednesday is like Tuesday, except that Wednesday evening seems a bit unpleasant.  If you are working late, conflicts could emerge on this day.  If you are in the UK or Europe, the Moon moves into Aries shortly before the 9a to 5p workday starts on Thursday.  In the US, this will happen Wednesday evening.

Thursday: Revelations Go Public

Thursday is a handful of Moon squares and the Uranus retrograde discloser of secrets.  Any misdeeds discovered on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday will be more publicly disclosed on this day.  Conflict and agitation marks this day.  This is also a day when some people will be admitted to, or discharged from, a mental hospital.  For some, this will be the “straw that broke the camel’s back.”  Others will wonder what happened to the pleasant moods of the past few days.  To be sure, telephones will chatter Thursday evening about the disclosures of the day.

Friday June 27th and Saturday June 28th

Friday & Saturday are an entirely different story.  Friday is marked by a Grand Trine of Fire.  If fire benefits you (typically Aries, Leo, or Sadge -OR- Libra, Aquarius, Gemini), then this could be a great day for you.  Otherwise, the first may leave you uncomfortable or angry. 

Oddly, things “flip” on Saturday when the Moon moves into Taurus and THEN creates a Grand Trine of Earth.  The aforementioned signs will feel discomfort, particularly a “let down” sensation over the power and play of Friday.  On the other hand, if you are water or earth, then Saturday / Sunday will feel much better or “stronger” for you. 

(More about the weekend in another post.)

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