Heliocentric version of PAT

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Heliocentric version of PAT

The author of PAT (Planetary Aspects and Patterns) has notified me that a Heliocentric version of the software is available.  (We have not evaluated the Heliocentric version yet, but we do recommend the original version.)

The author sent the following email:

Hello GT,

I wish to inform you that I recently released a heliocentric version of my ‘Planetary Aspects and Transits’ program, which you can read about at http://www.planetary-aspects.com/hpat/hpat.htm

A unique feature of this program is the ability to search for a particular type of aspect pattern involving up to three specified planets.  This is described at http://www.planetary-aspects.com/hpat/find_heliocentric_planetary_configs.htm

I’d be grateful if you’d forward this message to anyone who may be interested (e.g., astro traders, who, I’ve heard rely more on heliocentric astrology than on geocentric) or to mention it on your blog or website.

Peter Meyer

PAT Forecasts available

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The developer of PAT sent this email:

Hello GT,

After much work I’ve put a personal planetary transits forecast up on my website.

Would you kindly mention this on your site?

Free 20-day personal planetary transits forecast

A personal planetary transits forecast at ​http://www.planetary-aspects.com/opt2/ma​in.php  enables you to obtain a list of the start dates and end dates of all personal planetary transits (for aspects conjunction, opposition, square, trine and sextile) during the next 20 days for a given birth date and time.

[Would love to hear feedback from visitors!]

No Exact Aspects 2012-08-14

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The Daily Planetary Guide shows “No Exact Aspects” for today, August 14th.  Over the years, I have noticed that some of these days with “No Exact Aspects” were of profound significance, but I could not determine why.  Eventually, I discovered what I believe to the solution.

Higher order aspects, such as quintiles, bi-quintiles, septiles, bi-septiles, tri-septiles, and so forth are ignored by many if not most astrologers and often considered “minor aspects.”  They occur frequently, and their effect does not seem to last long.  But, particularly regarding quintiles and bi-quintiles, they often bring with them a very powerful kind of “problem solving” window or energy.  (Most astrologers speak of “energy” but I tend to think of “windows” of opportunity.)

On a day when the Ptolemaic aspects are absent, these aspects seem to gain more power as they “shine through.”  That is, without any strong Ptolemaic aspects to eclipse them, and hide their influence, they are more clearly seen.  In a sense, they “announce themselves.”  These days are often remarkably powerful windows of opportunity for creative problem solving.  (Maybe Llewelyn should consider identifying these days and the higher order harmonics present, starting with any exact outer planet higher order harmonics and working inward.)

Using one of my favorite tools, PAT, we obtain this chart:

[click to enlarge]

Some of these aspects have already perfected, and several important ones will perfect on August 15th.  In many ways, August 14th is a day to prepare for the events that will culminate in the period between August 15th and the New Moon on the 17th.

I have also used Solar Fire to produce a similar aspect grid, set in Plano and a little after 3am.  Except for the lunar aspects, these will change little in the next 24 hours, and only the Solar aspects will change significantly by the end of the week.  Some of the aspects will fall out of orb and disappear.  Others are “applying” and will perfect, starting on August 15th.  But, mostly, they are in effect until the New Moon on the 17th.

[click to enlarge]

A few of you may be asking what is the different between PAT and Solar Fire.  Well, obviously SF is far more powerful.  But, what other difference?  The answer is that PAT costs about $10 and is an easy way to get started.  If you do that and find that you are truly interested in Astrology, then you might consider spending the $300 or so that Solar Fire costs.  (If you do that, consider the companion tools Solar Maps and Jigsaw.  They are worth it.)

A few will criticize this post claiming that higher order aspects are always in play.  But, we admitted that at the beginning.  What we are saying is this: (1) no day really exists where you have “No Exact Aspects,” (2) on days of supposedly “No Exact Aspects” these higher order aspects become more significant, and (3) often these days of “No Exact Aspects” are actually powerful windows of opportunity for creative problem solving.  (But, implementing the solution should probably come on a later date, in this case August 15th, during the “Cazimi” period of the New Moon on the 17th, or a day or two after the New Moon.  Could be even a day or two after the New Moon.  The 18th looks very “interesting” this year.)

[click to enlarge]

The next few days will be of pivotal importance to certain people.  August 14th will be a day of preparation for most.  The 15th and 16th will be days of action.  Since all of these days fall BEFORE a New Moon, the best use is clearing out the old.  This is a good time to get the junk out of the garage and donated to someone who can use it.  Some of us, of course, will receive the old junk.  Be careful not to throw a Rembrandt or Da Vinci in the trash.  And, this is a very good time for smart shoppers to get great bargains.

I strongly suspect that we will see an announcement of great importance nationally or even globally in the next few days.

XCD Natal Chart Analysis 2012-07-26

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Reader XCD posted the following comment in Saturn in Scorpio (The Power of Mutual Reception):

Submitted on 2012/07/26 at 6:13 am

I am born on July 18th 1984 with Libra rising and Pluto at 29 degrees, But also Saturn 9degrees and Mars(16 degree) in First house.

My Venus is squared by Saturn and Pluto 

For no fault of my own (At least I am assuming) I am unconsciously carrying lot of past relationship, Will it be supportive when Saturn moves into Scorpio? to be able to fully throw my past? Can you please tell me what it it that i need to work on?
I never had a relationship until Saturn Entered Libra and broke up in 2010.

We will refer to XCD as the “querent” (seeker) at later times in this analysis.

We begin with charts produced by Allen Edwall’s AstroWin and “Astrolog 5.4.”

[click to enlarge]

This first chart is produced by Astrolog and is offered for the convenience of any who wish to examine Transneptunians and other detail.

Here is the same data charted by AstroWin:


[click to enlarge]

We are setting the chart in Plano with a time chosen close to noon.  This particular chart has Moon at 29 Pisces and the individual in question may have an Aries moon.  [Edit: We have since learned that querent XCD has an earlier Pisces moon.]  However, absent that information we use this Moon which is in aspect with the natal Pluto.  Additionally, we will avoid discussing the natal moon.

[XCD has since offered this improved, more accurate, and more legible version.]

XCD (the querent) complains of not having had a relationship (we presume this means a long term romance) until recently, and that one has now dissolved.  Further, XCD wants to know what to do differently.

Although we will not cast a horary chart, we note that the question arrived as moon void of course was beginning and this analysis is being conducted during a void.  Therefore, chances are good that the answers will be “wrong” and clarification from XCD (particularly with regard to birth time to more clearly locate the Moon) may be necessary.

The first house is highly activated and populated by Pluto, Saturn, and Mars.  Pluto is at 29 degrees Libra; the last three degrees of any sign are often called “fated” degrees (or similar names).  In a sense, this individual has powerful “karma” to work through to move the planet in question to the next sign.  And, in this case, the planet is Pluto.

Combined with the other planets in the first house, we see indicators that this individual is often involved in powerful power struggles.  If the Moon is indeed Piscean in the last degree of that sign, then it The Piscean Moon is in trine with Pluto and another planet in a “fated” degree.  We see a grand water trine in this chart.  The individual in question is capable of generating wealth, and may be able to generate great wealth, depending on their willingness to work and “do what it takes.”  (But, grand trines can also be lazy.)

This individual may have involvement in death and dying.  If not criminal, then we might expect involvement in a funeral home, hospice care, or some type of institution such as a nursing home.  Alternatively, the involvement may be with liquids, ranging from the oil industry to liquor sales.  Addiction could be a problem.

We also note that Neptune is also located in the final degree of Sagittarius.  Neptune can be related to deception, and the final degree of Sagittarius is also related to deception.  We expect powerful  challenges for this individual.  But, what about when Saturn moves into Scorpio?

[click to enlarge]

Mercury and Saturn conjoin the Natal Pluto.  Mercury combined with Saturn creates a high degree of focus.  If XCD makes the mistake of engaging in criminal or other deceitful activities, then they may be discovered at this time, particularly with Neptune in trine and Mars semi-sextile.  On the other hand, if XCD is being victimized, then a chance for justice exists at this time.  This would be the time to co-operate with the police.

The querent asked about romance, but we are seeing an entirely different set of questions and answers for this querent.  Venus is trine Jupiter, and that bodes well for relationships.  But, bigger issues are playing out.  How they play out depends on XCD’s past choices.  As stated elsewhere on this blog, the coming series of aspects are challenging, and the justice that results will depend upon the choices we make.

We would like feedback from XCD.  Given that this analysis is being done in a v/c Scorpio Moon, it is subject to revision.  [And we have done some of the subsequent revision in the originally thread of comments located at Saturn in Scorpio (The Power of Mutual Reception).]

The March 28th Double Yod

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Using a new tool, PAT, the following pattern showed in a search (with that tool):

Click Image to Enlarge Viewable Area

This looks like another “exciting” period.  Below, I include a table generated by that same software for the planets / aspects associated with that chart.

Click Image (Table) to Enlarge Viewable Area

This way of seeing the data is a bit different from before, as it delineates short term from long term aspects.  This is another day with quite a bit of potential.  If it is not potential for things that go boom, it is at least potential for DECISIONS that go boom (and have long term repercussions).

The following chart is only local to Plano, but it illustrates just how “interesting” this period is.  In the chart, a grand quintile briefly appears (the ascendant and midheaven are part of the pattern here, so it is ephemeral and probably not applicable to other parts of the planet).  7th order harmonics are also present.  Similar charts probably emerge in other geographies, +/- 24 hours.  (This is a GREAT time for creative problem solving, but the 7th order harmonics hint that some karma may need to be processed.  This is particularly true for the Jupiter/Node BiSeptile.)

Click Image to Enlarge Viewable Area

For those of you who like plain English, you may be wondering what all / any of this means.  In simple terms, this Spring has flavorings (so to speak) similar to the mining accidents, BP Oil Spill, and Nuclear Tsunami of the recent past springs.

Regardless of where you live, during the period of these few days, 4p and 10:36p will have a large amount of energy (Thor’s Hammer aspects).  Actually, a number of Thor’s Hammers appear during this period, but those two (22 Leo & 15 Virgo) stand out.

Maybe we will get lucky, and this will simply be a rather intellectually stimulating period.  But, in any case, put your seat belts on and hold tight!

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