Full Moon 2016-05-21 (Grand Cross, Kite, Hele, and Thor’s Hammer)

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Full Moon 2016-05-21 (Grand Cross, Kite, Hele, and Thor’s Hammer)

This Full Moon marks an important turning point.  The FM perfects on the 21st, the day before Mercury Direct Station on the 22nd.  And, the FM is in the “too early to tell” parts of Sagittarius and Gemini.  That means that more will be revealed to us, particularly if you are a Sagittarius or Gemini.

Because of the presence of a Grand Cross, with Astraea in Virgo and Pallas in Pisces, that same admonishment applies to Virgo and Pisces as well.  If you are Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces, then you about to receive a major surprise, most likely a beneficial one, but nevertheless a surprise.

Here is the Full Moon (FM), filtered for the Grand Cross:

Full Moon 2016-05-21 (Grand Cross)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We also have a slightly longer term Thor’s Hammer (God’s Fist) present that covers the few days before the FM and the days after as well (meaning the weekend).  As with other Thor’s Hammers, the potential for danger is present, and the energy needs to be channeled into productive outlets to prevent something or someone from going “boom.”

Here is the FM, filtered for the Thor’s Hammer:

Full Moon 2016-05-21 (Thor's Hammer)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Also present is a Hele, a sign of the formation of long-term, or at least longer term, alliances.  What is thorny, here, is that the alliances will tend to be formed in the “too early to tell” period, and that means that you may discover some aspects of your allies, later, that might not be so pleasant.  (Be careful who you pick for your new friends.)

Here is the FM, filtered for the Hele:

Full Moon 2016-05-21 (Hele)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

An opportunity is present here also. We have a kite, a bit of a loose one, and that shows opportunity for those who can see it.  Here is the same FM, filtered for the kite:

Full Moon 2016-05-21 (Kite)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

This opportunity  tends to favor Pisces and Virgo in particular.  For Pisces, this is easy to see and easy to take advantage but does not represent a “growth opportunity.”  (Are you looking for one of those?)  For Virgo, the reverse is true: hard work and personal growth results but it is a major opportunity.

In any case, do keep in mind that Mercury is about to station direct, that this FM is in the “too early to tell” period, and that we are all about to experience a “surprise” of some kind.

And, by the time of the next Full Moon (June 20th, also Sagittarius Moon / Gemini Sun), it will seem that everything that occurred was “fate.”

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You may wish to compare this FM to the other Full Moons in 2016.

Here are the similar (Sagittarius Moon / Gemini Sun) Full Moons from 1950 to 2050:

Solar Fire Gold May 19 2016

Electional Search Results

Criteria: FIND (Sun Opp Mon) AND (Sun in Ge) AND (Mon in Sg)
Search From: Jan 1 1950 0:00 am
Search To: Dec 31 2050 11:59:56 am

Status: Finished – 97 matches

[1] Is Exact May 31 1950 6:43 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 19 1951 6:35:54 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 7 1952 11:06:53 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 28 1953 11:02:58 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 16 1954 6:05:41 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 5 1955 8:08:24 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 24 1956 9:25:52 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 12 1957 4:01:54 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 1 1958 2:55:07 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 20 1959 1:59:46 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 9 1960 7:01:47 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 29 1961 10:37:02 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 17 1962 8:02:12 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 7 1963 2:30:37 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 26 1964 3:28:47 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 13 1965 7:59:20 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 3 1966 1:40:13 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 10 1968 3:13:03 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact May 31 1969 8:18:11 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 19 1970 7:27:25 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 8 1971 7:03:37 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact May 27 1972 11:27:38 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 15 1973 3:34:35 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 4 1974 5:09:39 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 11 1976 11:14:59 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 1 1977 3:30:54 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 20 1978 3:30:31 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 10 1979 6:55:18 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact May 29 1980 4:27:37 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 17 1981 10:04:27 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 6 1982 10:59:22 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact May 26 1983 1:47:41 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 13 1984 9:41:49 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 2 1985 10:50:27 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact May 23 1986 3:44:45 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 11 1987 3:48:49 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact May 31 1988 5:53:30 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 19 1989 1:57:19 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 8 1990 6:01:08 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact May 28 1991 6:36:35 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 14 1992 11:49:46 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 4 1993 8:02:14 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact May 24 1994 10:39:23 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 12 1995 11:03:31 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 1 1996 3:46:56 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 20 1997 2:08:49 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 9 1998 11:18:19 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact May 30 1999 1:39:54 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 16 2000 5:27:03 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 5 2001 8:39:22 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact May 26 2002 6:51:15 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 14 2003 6:15:55 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 2 2004 11:19:36 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 11 2006 1:03:08 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact May 31 2007 8:03:40 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 18 2008 12:30:30 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 7 2009 1:11:46 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact May 27 2010 6:07:20 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 15 2011 3:13:36 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 4 2012 6:11:34 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 12 2014 11:11:28 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 2 2015 11:18:59 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact May 21 2016 4:14:22 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 20 2016 6:02:17 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 9 2017 8:09:31 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact May 29 2018 9:19:28 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 17 2019 3:30:34 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 5 2020 2:12:15 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 14 2022 6:51:35 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 3 2023 10:41:33 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact May 23 2024 8:52:54 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 11 2025 2:43:36 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact May 31 2026 3:44:56 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 18 2027 7:44:03 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 7 2028 1:08:30 am (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact May 27 2029 1:37:09 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 15 2030 1:40:38 pm (CDT +5:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 5 2031 5:58:08 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 12 2033 5:18:47 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 1 2034 9:53:32 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 21 2035 10:25:18 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 20 2035 1:37:01 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 8 2036 3:01:29 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 28 2037 10:23:38 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 16 2038 8:30 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 6 2039 12:47:07 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 26 2040 5:46:29 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 14 2041 4:58:06 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 3 2042 2:47:38 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 23 2043 5:36:18 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 10 2044 9:15:26 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 30 2045 11:51:43 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 18 2046 7:09:18 am (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 7 2047 8:04:08 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact May 27 2048 12:56:28 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 15 2049 1:25:58 pm (CST +6:00)
[1] Is Exact Jun 5 2050 3:50:18 am (CST +6:00)

Tuesday February 2nd 2016 (W06) Groundhog Day

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Tuesday February 2nd 2016 (W06) Groundhog Day

This is an oddly annoying day in which we are not entirely certain what is wrong.  Multiple high order Hygeia aspects tells us we must focus on health and healthcare.  Unlike days with Chiron aspects, this is specifically health and healthcare without educational issues as an alternative.

Actually, Chiron does semi-square Pallas in the early morning hours, so education COULD be involved (but in a minor way if at all).  The semi-square gives us a sense of urgency as we search the house for the glasses that are in our shirt pocker.  If you can, avoid being caught in the fray and stay to the side watching the show.

Noting that this is “Groundhog Day,” we predict a sense of disappointment pervades the air.

We have a day with a void Moon in Scorpio (during the morning hours that the Groundhog will, or will not, see his shadow) that slips into Sagittarius during the morning hours and is influenced by the subtle of higher order aspects described.  We are probably still processing the events of yesterday as we inquire as to whether or not the Groundhog saw his shadow.  Take today off it you can, otherwise stick to routine and followup and what you were working on yesterday until at least some time past noon (U.S.) or 6 PM (UK/EU).

We also encourage you to read yesterday’s forecast (which covers some outer planet aspects that are still in effect today.

2015-09-08 Mars Quincunx Chiron

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2015-09-08 Mars Quincunx Chiron

While this perfects on September 8th, most people in the United States (and the Western Hemisphere) will feel this most strongly on September 7th.  It is an unpleasant aspect that leads to misunderstandings at best and accidents at worst.  We will see some family (and other) squabbles on this Labor Day holiday, and some “feelings” may be deeply hurt, especially near lunch time or early afternoon (Moon opposite Pluto).  Accidents have the potential to be serious, so be careful.  Here is the chart:

2015-09-08 Mars Quincunx Chiron

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Now is NOT the time to “work through” family issues; instead diplomacy and avoidance of “sensitive” topics until a more favorable time (maybe a few days from now) is recommended.  We note that Hygeia (health and healthcare) is also quincunx Ceres (feast/famine), so accidents (or other trauma) could be particularly expensive on this date, likely requiring a trip to the Emergency Department of a Hospital.  (Still calling it an “Emergency Room” when it is bigger than some small clinics?  Time to update your lexicon!  See, also: CDC Statistics on ED Visits.)

Doing something like this could get you nominated for the Darwin Awards.  (And, if you DO see someone doing something like that, then move back a “safe distance.”  Then move back at least that much again.)

We do note a LARGE amount of 5th Harmonic activity, so this might be a very good time to write down your ideas.  Development of poetry, lyrics, melody, and perhaps photography and video could be very powerful on this day.  But, again, practice diplomacy.

Here is the same chart, filtered for 5th Harmonic Activity:

2015-09-08 Mars Quincunx Uranus (5th Harmonic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

You may note the triangular pattern involving Moon + Astraea / Pallas / North Node activity.  This indicates possible insights and innovations on how to heal some old wounds.  But, again, record the ideas (and plans) and pause to execute them at least one day.

In any case, if you are celebrating Labor Day today, please have a safe and healthy holiday!

Grand Cross of 2015-09-05

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Grand Cross of 2015-09-05

In addition to Sun trine Pluto, Saturday, September 5, 2015 contains a Grand Cross.  Sun is applying to an opposition to Chiron which perfects in a few days.  This specifically deals with either (a) health and healing issues (including mental health issues) or (b) teaching and educational settings or possibly both.  These are major themes at this time.

Moon opposes Pallas and perfects during the course of this GC.  With Moon in Gemini and Pallas in Sagittarius, we are seeing issues and innovation dealing with transportation and communication.  Expect, in particular, innovations that are either military in nature or that tend to have military characteristics.

Here is the chart for this Grand Cross:

2015-09-05 Grand Cross

[Click Image to Enlarge]

If you have insights and innovations today, be certain to write them down.  The ideas may be fleeting in nature.  You will likely have much energy, but sometimes Grand Crosses produce much activity but little actual results.  With Sun trine Pluto, you can achieve results today, and you should focus on doing precisely that.

Sun Square Pallas 2015-09-08

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Sun Square Pallas 2015-09-08

We present the chart for Sun Square Pallas, filtered for aspects to Pallas:

2015-09-08 Sun Square Pallas[Click Image to Enlarge]

With a waning Moon, this is likely not the best time to start a new project.  But this aspect may lead to useful ideas that may be launched after the upcoming New Moon.

Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus 2015-08-28 (Thor’s Hammer and more)

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Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus 2015-08-28 (Hard Rectangle and More)

Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus perfects Friday, August 28, 2015.  This is a very GOOD energy for “getting things done” (particularly if you “bit off more than you could chew when you took on that new project Wednesday with Sun Conjunct Jupiter), but it can be very bad if you act impulsively and do something rash and stupid because your temper overcame your better sense.  (Lawyers and boxers might do well under this pattern, but most everyone else tends to suffer.)

We show the chart first filtered for the Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus aspect (and shows upcoming Sun Opposite Neptune):

2015-08-28 Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the same chart, filtered for 5th harmonic aspects:

2015-08-28 Sun Sesquiquadrate Uranus (5th harmonic)[Click Image to Enlarge]

We see a triangular pattern (a quintile trine?) connecting Mercury (communication and transportation), Astraea (law and legal system), and Pallas (innovation, particularly military innovation).  This can be a day to make important breakthroughs in these areas.

A Hard Rectangle occurs this day, also, heightening the intensity of the day.

Square Keys of August 2015

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We present these together even thought the August 31st Square Key occurs after the Full Moon of August 29th (and therefore may represent a different set of “lessons”).  (We say “lessons” because, as we have said before, Square Keys are really interlaced Huber Learning Triangles.)

We present them in reverse order, starting with the Square Key of August 31st:

2015-08-31 Square Key

[Click Image to Enlarge]

This Square Key also requires use of the Node, specifically the South Node.  It involves a lesson that results from “taking the easy way out” or, alternatively “doing things the way we have always done them.”  The crowed that tends to say “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” will feel this lesson extra strongly.  They may even be so foolish as to say, after experiencing the lesson, “it ain’t broke.”  But, it is.

Chances are good that the lessons of August 31st will involve police or intelligence agencies (or death or taxes, Pluto) along with innovations, particularly military innovations (Pallas).  With the school year starting, this could easily involve police, particularly undercover police operations, in educational settings.

Next, we present the Square Key of August 24th:

2015-08-24 Square Key

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Since this Square Key (SK) also involves the South Node, it may be setting the stage for the SK of August 31st  We note that it involves the Sun, Moon, and Saturn as well as the South Node.  The “lights” (Sun and Moon) tell is that this involves basic issues that affect everyone, and Saturn is about “hard work” and focusing on “the basics.”  Saturn can also be academics and testing in particularly.  Some say that Saturn and the South Node are different faces of the same thing (often “doing things the way we have always done them”).  Again, we think that this could be related to issues that specifically address the beginning of the school year.

Finally, we present the Square Key of August 23, the day the Sun touches Regulus:

2015-08-23 Square Key

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Moon, Astraea, Chiron, and Uranus (Prometheus) are involved.  This is likely a different set of issues from the other two SK’s.  The key issues here involve sensitive personal issues (the Moon), law and the legal system (Astraea), health, healing, and teaching (Chiron), and surprises, insights, and innovations (Uranus).  This sets the stage for some people having critically important lessons (and insights) that will empower (Regulus) them to rebel (Uranus) later against those who argue for “doing things the way we have always done them.”

Mars Square Uranus 2015-07-25 with a Focused Yod

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2015-07-25 Mars Square Uranus

This is a particularly DANGEROUS aspect.  Accidents, violence, and explosions tend to be associated with Mars Square Uranus.  Even if these things do not come to pass this weekend, the Mars Trine Chiron aspect that perfects the following day (on Sunday) shows that “hurt feelings” will emerge from angry words.  (And, this could be more than hurt feelings.  Physical injury or even death is a real possibility.)

We emphasize patterns, and the one that leaps out is a Focused Yod: you have a critically important decision to make this weekend.  It will determine whether you have feast or famine in the coming months and possibly even for the next year.  As we frequently say, choose wisely.

Here is the chart of the Mars Square Uranus aspect perfecting, filtered for the Focused Yod:

2015-07-25 Mars Square Uranus (Focused Yod)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Issues with alliances and allegiances continue.  Both a Hele (polarization into long term alliances) and a Rosetta (short term allegiance that may include treachery) are also present.

First the Hele:

2015-07-25 Mars Square Uranus (Hele)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Next, the Rosetta:

2015-07-25 Mars Square Uranus (Rosetta)


[Click Image to Enlarge]

Finally, we see the possibility of some opportunities in Grand Trines that are rather loose (weak):

2015-07-25 Mars Square Uranus (Grand Trines)


[Click Image to Enlarge]

But, a powerful T-Square will motivate you to make a decision and take action:

2015-07-25 Mars Square Uranus (T-Square)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

This T-Square (Juno opposite Neptune, both squared by Pallas) is all about trust and healing issues and obtaining an important insight related to those.

Again, Mars will trine Chiron on Sunday, so be careful not to say or do anything that wounds the one(s) you love most.  Diplomacy!  (And, an educational opportunity may be about to open as well!)

Jade Helm 15 Question

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Over on our current (mid-July 2015) New Moon post, reader and frequent visitor Gia posits this: “Hi Grandtrines, hope you are well! What do the stars say about the Jade Helm 15 situation? I am quite worried about all the hype and paranoia of it all. Can you please look into it?”

First of all, WHAT is this “Jade Helm 15” thing?  Here is the Wikipedia page on Jade Helm 15.

Second, I do not ordinarily do “Horary” charts, and part of this is because they are a “fortune telling” in the purest sense of the phrase.  (I am looking for a study of patterns in astrology that, at least potentially, COULD be scientific in nature.  Horary / fortune telling does not seem to fit that to me.  Maybe I am wrong, but that is my impression.)  But, I am also very much a fan of Anthony Louis, I adore his book, and on rare occasions I make an exception.

Third, I also usually avoid conspiracy theories.  So, this is an exception to that as well.

So, throwing caution to the wind for a moment, here is the Horary chart for when I had completed reading the initial question and formulated my initial response:

2015-07-13 Jade Helm 15 Question (Horary Chart)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Part 1 of an Horary analysis (as I understand it based on my understanding of Anthony Louis’ book) is to ask: is this chart fit to be interpreted?  We have to check several “considerations,” and if we fail any of them, then we STOP the analysis.

1.  Is the ascendant in the first three or last three degrees of a sign? No.  Proceed.

2.  Is Saturn in the Seventh House?  No.  Proceed.

3.  Is the Moon v/c?  YES. STOP!  DO NOT PROCEED.

Well, that’s it.  Sorry to disappoint.  We cannot go any further without the peril of messy answers and flat out wrong results.

But, of course, we cannot resist the temptation to peek.  (Curiosity killed the cat; you would think we would learn that lesson.)


4.  We are not only in a Moon v/c, but in a really LATE waning Moon.  Probably MORE evidence to STOP NOW.

Did that ever stop us before?  Well we will peek a bit further but not go deep.

5.  Neptune in Pisces is in the first house and rules the ascendant.  That tells us that DECEIT is almost certainly at play here, but we do not know the precise source.  Is it from the military?  Is it from the rumor mongers?  Is it self-deceit?  Somewhere else? We do not know.  But it is another sign that this is a messy question.  Juno (trust issues) is on the seventh house cusp, and Pallas (warrior goddess) is near MC.  SOMEthing is going on, but we cannot say what.

So, now, we will stop.  Either “nothing will come of this” (traditional moon v/c interpretation), or we simply cannot answer the question at this time.  Feel free to comment.

2015 Gemini New Moon: Grand Trines, T-Square, Hele, and More

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The 2015 Gemini New Moon has a number of patterns in play, but the key theme is “Healing.”  Chiron is especially important as it forms a T-Square with the New Moon (Sun / Moon Conjunction at 25 Gemini) on one side and Pallas on the other.  Chiron is about healing and teaching, and it figures in other patterns here as well.

Here is the New Moon (NM) chart, filtered for the T-Square:

2015-06-16 New Moon T-Square (NM Chiron Pallas)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

In addition to the T-Square, we see a number of Grand Trines in play.  Most notable is the Uranus / Jupiter / Pallas GT.  Note that Pallas is in both the GT and the T-Square.

2015-06-16 New Moon Grand Trines

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Note that this is an incredibly fortuitous time for fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sadge).  Gemini will obviously fare well also.  Mercury has gone direct, and we might see some glitches from the storm, but mostly this is good news.

Mystic Rectangle of June 7, 2015

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While many of you may have come to visit this site recently to read about the Full Moon of June 2, you need to know that the really powerful event this week is the Mystic Rectangle of June 7th.  It is in force from 7 AM CDT until about 7 PM CDT.  (8 EDT; 5 PDT).  This is an unusual window of opportunity that will allow you to recognize powerful insights and bring them to fruition.  (Use the time wisely!)

2015-06-07 Mystic Rectangle

[Click Image to Enlarge]

This is an unusually benevolent Mystic Rectangle composed of Sun, Moon, Jupiter, and Pallas.  Bright ideas will come, and they can be made to be reality.  With Mercury Retrograde and nearing its station, we offer that this idea may be one that is overdue or needed to be revisited, and full implementation may not be realized until after June 11th or June 16th.

Full Moon November 2014

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Here is the basic chart for the Full Moon of November 2014:

Full Moon November 2014 (Beginners)

[Click to Enlarge]

We see some indication that we may be entering a period of austerity (or a cold winter?) as Venus is between the Sun and Saturn (all in Scorpio) with Mars applying to conjoin Saturn (both in Capricorn).  Saturn and Pluto continue in mutual reception, as has been true since 2012.  Will be interesting to see what the financial markets do.  We note that Mars and Vesta are semi-octile, and that might be the most important aspect during this full moon.  (More discussion on this below after the Modulus Sort Strips.)  We also note a Huber triangle involving Sun / Moon / Chiron (as shown in the next version of the chart).

Full Moon November 2014 (Huber)

[Click to Enlarge]

Similarly important, Astraea (at 29 Pisces) is semi-square the Moon and Sesquisquare the Sun (in a pattern we have not seen named before but similar to a T-Square or arguably the Huber triangle).  (This is all about some injustice that has NOT been resolved!)

Here is an horary version of that same chart data:

Full Moon November 2014 (Horary)

[Click to Enlarge]

One thing that benefits this full moon is that none of the planets are peregrine.  The arabic parts generally look favorable as well.

Here is last year’s November Scorpio / Taurus full moon.

Here are the midpoint trees for those interested in midpoints:

Full Moon November 2014 (Midpoint Trees)

[Click to Enlarge]

We see a very busy group of midpoint trees.  Here is the Modulus Sort strips, another way to identify relationships that may not otherwise be entirely obvious:

Full Moon November 2014 (Modulus Sort Strips)


[Click to Enlarge]

Notice that the last strip, the 22.5 strip, shows Vesta/Mars next to each other.  This means that they are “semi-octile” with is a 16th Harmonic aspect.  But, what does that mean?  Discussions abound, and opinions vary.

My interpretation is that the semi-octile is a kind of “irritation,” a bit like the persistent annoyance of a pebble in the shoe that ultimately must be addressed.

With Vesta/Mars the two bodies joined by semi-octile, we suspect some people may be either quite irritable or outright enraged (possibly by some event near the FM).  We will see some of this after the elections in the U.S., but they not a cause of the problem (the elections reflect other underlying problems).  Any polarization that occurred with the Rosettas of October will more clearly emerge at this time.  Remember, also, that on a much large scale we are choosing (collectively and individually) one of two major forks in the road (i.e. The Grand Yod).

Full Moon November 2014 (Modulus Sort Strips Mars Vesta) 2

[Click to Enlarge]

We have indicated Mars/ Vesta in the 22.5 strip in this last graphic using deep red.  (The 22.5 strip is the last in the series.)  Two strips above it, the fourth in the series, is the 45 degree strip.  Here, at the end, we see Sun / Moon / Astraea as noted using light blue.  As mentioned before, this is about an injustice that is unresolved.  Justice must be had here.  Given the upcoming Thor’s Hammer days circa November 14/15, we shudder to think of what may happen if whatever coverup(s) have been going on are not exposed in a peaceful manner.

We also identify four (4) themes that emerge from four (4) Triseptiles during this period.  (“Triseptiles” are higher order aspects that are difficult to interpret; those who do attempt to interpret them claim that they are “karmic” in nature.)

1.  Jupiter BISeptile Ceres (and Ceres square Neptune): This is a large, higher order set of issues involving education and law (Jupiter), the food supply (Ceres), and healthcare & drugs (Neptune).  Jupiter in Leo indicates that we can expect dramatic changes, Ceres in Sadge strengthens Jupiter’s role, and Neptune introduces a sense of urgency and annoyance as the solutions dissolve into failures (and lessons for better solutions in the future).

The full moon itself (Moon opposes Sun) is part of a Huber triangle involving Chiron (the “wounded healer,” another indicator of education and healthcare issues).  This Sun / Moon / Chiron triangle will almost certainly activate the Jupiter / Ceres / Neptune pattern on a mundane level.  (Maybe part of the key to dealing with the Ebola problem will involve education of healthcare workers?)

2.  Juno BiSeptile Saturn: Issues and trust and betrayal collide with policies that may be too “bare bones” to protect those that should be protected.  Change becomes necessary.

3.  Pallas TriSeptile Uranus: in the low form, surprise attacks.  In the high form, insights that result in breakthroughs, particularly technological breakthroughs.  Given the nature of Pallas, some of these may be military in nature and the information not available to the public.

4.  Vesta BiSeptile Astraea: Similar in many ways to #3.  A push to address injustices boils to the surface.  The Vesta / Mars semi-octile discussed earlier ties into this and is the “pebble in the shoe” that heightens the pressure to obtain justice and redress the wrongs.

Here is the same full moon chart, but displaying specifically the TriSeptiles:

Full Moon November 2014 (TriSeptiles)

[Click to Enlarge]

We note that the U.S. map is unusually busy.  The area where Montana and South Dakota meet is highly activated.  (Will we see a surprise winter storm or other unusual weather there?)

Full Moon November 2014 (US Map)

[Click to Enlarge]

Here is the EU Map:

Full Moon November 2014 (EU Map)

[Click to Enlarge]

And here is the Southeast Asia Map:

Full Moon November 2014 (SE Asia Map)

[Click to Enlarge]

And here is nearby India:

Full Moon November 2014 (India Map)

[Click to Enlarge]

And here is the map of Australia and New Zealand:

Full Moon November 2014 (Australia Map)

[Click to Enlarge]


Full Moon of October 8th (October 2014 Full Moon)

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Here is the astrological chart for the upcoming Full Moon of October 8th, set in Plano TX:

Full Moon October 2014 (Basic)

 [Click to Enlarge]

We see the Moon in Aries opposing the Sun in Libra, which is what we expect at this time of year.  Several things make this FM interesting.  First of all, Pluto in Capricorn squares it, which greatly heightens the tension.  Some of the people born at this time will be quite remarkable, judges, or generals, or maybe serial killers.  If you use asteroids in your interpretations, then we see Hygeia (healthcare and health issues) in Cancer in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.  I would not be surprised to see HMO’s or some similar kind of healthcare issue pop up in the news.  (We already have the Ebola discussion, but this involves something financial, such as why Big Pharma has not funded much (any?) research on developing a vaccine for Ebola.)

[Update: Thomas Eric Duncan dies on this date (less than two hours after culmination of the full moon), spurring much debate about the healthcare system.  NY Times Article. ]

Another condition that makes this FM interesting is that Mercury is retrograde.  Some things really are “coming to a head” or to a “boiling point” with this FM and some people will decide that “something must be done.”  We may see some kind of important breakthrough about six days after the FM as Mercury moves backwards to conjoin Pallas.  Alan Lin describes Pallas as the “Goddess of Applied Intelligence.”  We may not see a good window to fully apply this breakthrough until after the New Moon and possibly until after Mercury turns direct.

All of that SHOULD be enough, but we note, also, that a Grand Fire Trine is in play: Moon and Uranus together in Aries, Jupiter in Leo, and Mars (and Vesta!) in Sagittarius.  This provides the inspiration to “get things done” but does have the danger of “much talk and no action.”  Whether or not action occurs depends on Pluto (finances) in this case.  If you decide to become enthusiastic about something, pick a project (or projects) that have the resources (money) to actually be done.  Otherwise it will all be much ado about nothing.

Like one of those late night television advertisements, here is where we say “but, wait! That’s not all!”  Remember that rare (and USEFUL!) Quintile Kite that we keep talking about!  Well, that happens the NEXT DAY on October 9th.  Use this surplus of energy (FM, Grand Cross, Grand Trine) on a project that is feasible (Pluto in Capricorn) and funnel those energies into creative solutions (Pallas, Vesta, Quntile Kite).  Solving problems involving healthcare issues are especially favored.  And, keep in mind that you may hit some bumps in the road.  You may not see progress until after the New Moon or even after Mercury makes the Direct Station (October 21st).

Apparently some of you do like the maps (I received some feedback about this).  Keep in mind that what I put up, or say, depends on feedback.  1,000 visitors and no one comments about maps means that no one is interested and I take them down.  (And, yes, that kind of thing can easily happen.  This site sees roughly 12,000 to 13,000 visitors per year currently, so 1,000 visitors can easily come through in a month.  A month with no comments leads me to believe that I do not have much interest in what I am doing and I expend my time and energy elsewhere.)

Here is the U.S. map:

FM 2014 October US Map

[Click to enlarge]

This is a very active map, but it only has one noteworthy crossing.  We see lines through Denver, Albuquerque, and Nashville.  Eastern Seaboard is lit up with a complex collection of lines with Boston and Philadelphia particularly affected.  But most interesting of all is the crossing of lines a few hundred miles due east of San Francisco.  If I had to pick an “interesting” place to be (in the U.S.) on this full moon, I would pick San Francisco or more specifically that spot a bit east of there.  Interesting “things” may happen there.  (But, even more interesting, see Trondheim, below.)

Regarding the map of Europe, we first see a Vesta line through the UK, approximately on the border between Scotland and England.  Looks like things there may not be quite settled.  And, since Vesta (THE “warrior goddess”) is involved, and on the Ascendant, we may see the UK become involved (decisively!) in a military action.  What I am saying is that they may decide to strike.  And, if they do become so focused, they will pretty much obliterate the enemy, whoever that is.  (Ouch!)

FM 2014 October Europe Map

[Click to Enlarge]

Something equally troubling is brewing in Poland (I do not read the news there, so I do not know what), and we see this with the Mars line coming so close to Warsaw.  Lithuania is similarly activated, and we see Austria, Italy, and several other countries “picked up” by this Mars line.  Sun and Moon lines are near Berlin and prominently influence the Czech republic as well.  Not sure how Germany will handle this, but I bet that change is “afoot.”  I think that Germany CAN use this time/energy to make their financial position EVEN STRONGER.  (And, to be sure, they are very strong.)

Even more interesting is how the already powerful financial juggernaut of Norway has a Vesta/Venus crossing!  Wow!  If I could move to Norway and start a career there, then I would be tempted to do just that!  This is really the place to be, maybe even more than Germany.  Trondheim is VERY strong.  (Refer to Map.)  All of Scandinavia is treated quite well by this FM, but Norway is particularly strong (with Sweden very close)!

FM 2014 October Scandinavia Map
[Click to Enlarge]

(Too bad Trondheim is not a sister city to Plano!)

The complex of lines through Southeast Asia, including Cambodia and Viet Nam, is really too complex to interpret.  This may be the most highly activated area in the world currently, and the unrest could break out into some kind of war, possibly something similar to a civil war.  The instability is really difficult to describe.  Also worrisome is the triple line crossing at the northernmost edges of India and Pakistan.  Involving Chiron (old wounds), Neptune (deception and misunderstanding), and Mars (violence and war), “things” could become very dicey here as well.

FM 2014 October India Map

[Click to Enlarge]

The Jupiter / Vesta crossing in Eastern Iran indicates some kind of powerful opportunity there for someone who knows how to take advantage of it.  Here is a “zoomed out” map of SE Asia:

FM 2014 October SE Asia Map

[Click to Enlarge]

Australia is far quieter than these other parts of the world.  However, Sydney and Newcastle may be experiencing some odd kinds of problems with their food supplies this spring.  (This is spring in Australia, and that is probably a good excuse to go visit.)  Perth is also activated, but a Pallas Descendant line is likely to be beneficial: certain individuals (and maybe teams) in Perth has an opportunity to innovate solutions that may not be obvious to others.

FM 2014 October Aus-NZ Map

The Rescue in Cleveland

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What kind of monster imprisons three women in his basement for years?  That is what more than a few people would like to know about Cleveland suspect Ariel Castro.  (We note that (a) he is innocent until proven guilty but that (b) the evidence against him is overwhelming.)

Specific birth time and location are not available for him at this time.  (We do not have access to his birth certificate, and specifics are not yet available.)  So, we have created a bi-wheel for his reported date of birth and the date of the rescue.  While the positions of the Moon and the Ascendant for both are in question, the resulting chart is still “interesting.”

Ariel Castro biwheel 5-11-2013 2-39-39 PM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Our method of rectification is simple.  But, first, keep in mind that we are operating with little to work with, and this is just a “best guess.”  That said, we looked at the charts and looked for the position of the moon on the day of rescue in relation to Castro’s birth chart.  We are guessing that the rescue happened in daylight hours though we are unsure whether closer to noon or sunset.  (We are using noon.)

We have adjusted Castro’s birth chart so that the Moon is just above the 7th house cusp (relationships and open enemies) on the day of the rescue.  Our other choices would be to put the Moon at the Midheaven (six hours earlier) or the IC (six hours later).

But, with the Moon on the 7th house cusp we note that Mercury, Mars, the Sun, the South Node, Pallas, and Venus are in an 8th house stellium (the 8th being the house of death as well as torture; we would also consider alternative versions that place these planets in a 12th house stellium of imprisonment and misfortune).

We note that transiting Juno (spousal relationships and especially issues involving treachery to spouses and family members) either recently aspected his Moon or is in the process of doing so.

Below is a “synastry grid” (usually used to identify compatibility between two people, but used here to identify relationships between Castro’s birth chart and the date of the rescue:

Ariel Castro Synastry 5-11-2013 2-55-28 PM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

For now, that is all we have to say.  But, with more data later, we might update this article or write a subsequent article.

Solar Eclipse (May, 2013 aka New Moon May, 2013)

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We have a Solar Eclipse at hand, visible in the South Pacific from Australia and other nearby locations.  Here is the chart, set for Plano:

Solar Eclipse May 2013 5-9-2013 12-12-30 AM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Astrology traditionally views eclipses as being highly malefic (bad).  They are agents of change, and major shifts sometimes occur for some people in the days near (before or after) an eclipse.

This one has a precise (less than one degree) conjunction to Pallas.  This speaks loudly to women who are warriors, whether by choice or by forced situation.  The three women in Cleveland who recently escaped from being held captive come to mind.  We wish them well, and we hope they find justice against their oppressors.

Milica’s Chart

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Reader Milica has requested a chart, writing the following:

I am a female taurus. I have a Pluto, Saturn and Mars in Scorpio. How would this transit affect me? Thanks

Here is her natal chart:

Milica 1-7-2013 1-12-04 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

Milica will experience her Saturn Return this year, and given the events this summer, the experience will be a particularly powerful one for her.  She will deal with a number of emotional issues.  If she is married she may divorce, and if she is single she might marry.  Having a child is also possibility.  These are all things that often happen with the first saturn return, as well as subsequent ones.

Her Sun and Moon are bi-quintile, and that aspect can provide genius.  We are guessing that, given her taurus sun her predilection is music or sculpture but it might be another field, such as finance.  Moon is near Uranus (conjunct if you use loose orbs) and that confirms that she either is very bright or could be.  Unfortunately, the South Node is nearby, and that means that she probably only sticks with things she can do easily rather than a pursuit of magnifying her strengths into what they could be.  The Saturn Return may bring her an awareness of this genius if it is currently dormant.

Saturn has touched her natal Pluto recently, and “things have been difficult.”  She may have experienced a death in the family.  Saturn is active in the eighth house, and she is likely dealing with death, taxes, power struggles, or a mix of all three.  She may have come into an inheritance or may be in line to do so within the next year or two.

Mars opposite Venus leaves her as being rather sexy, likely physically attractive, to potential suitors.  But, if she is available, she must choose wisely.  Venus, Sun, and Chiron, by sign, oppose Mars & Saturn, by sign.  This leaves her with an ongoing series of struggles and can sometimes make decision making very difficult.  Failure to decide, of course, is also a decision.  Any potential suitor must be able to “live with this,” and see her as she is, rather than as merely a sex object.  And, more than a few suitors may be intimidated by her creative intelligence and, effectively, coerce her to hide or dampen the abilities that are her birthright.

She has Pallas in the 12th, and this is double-edged.  Sometimes she can depend too heavily on her intelligence.  If she is indeed very bright, then her trap is easy to see: she becomes dependent upon last minute preparation, and then she fails in goals that require even the brightest students to make serious preparations.  But, if she can overcome this tendency to procrastinate, then she can be a creator of elegant solutions.

Evie’s First Saturn Return

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Reader Evie asks:

HI, I will be going through my 1st Saturn Return in October, but I feel like I’m already starting to feel it now. . Is that normal?

[this is followed by more dialog elsewhere]

Here is the natal chart for Evie:

We see immediately that she is a Solar Aries with a Cancerian Moon.  We suspect that she is a strong person; the leadership of her Aries Sun both augmented and trumphed by her Cancerian Moon.  She is a leader (or has great capacity to be one), but sometimes she seems whimsical to those who surround her and follow her.

Saturn’s entry into Scorpio will produce a conjunction of transiting Saturn to natal Pluto.  No doubt about it, this will bring a shakeup that sets the stage for the conjunction of transiting Saturn with natal Saturn, the Saturn Return.  Saturn will also oppose Venus and inconjunct Pallas at this time, activating a triangle present in the natal chart.

Homework for Evie is to research Huber, “Learning Triangles,” and the nature of these three planets (Saturn, Venus, & Pallas) and the types of lessons wait for her.


Dean’s Daughter

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Dean of Plano writes:

This is a bit off the Scorpio post but since your site is called grand trines I have a chart to look at if u have the time. Your info seems to be very accurate so I will love your input on my daughters chart who seems to be very talented. I am an amateur but I seem to see a 2 grand trines & a T-square.
Dec. 10 2002, 1.04PM in Lake Forest IL.
Thank you!

Dean from Plano.

We will use Astrolog 5.40 for this chart.  Here is the chart:

[Click to Enlarge]

We see trines between the Piscean Moon and Venus & Mars in Scorpio.  A trine also exists between the Piscean Moon and Pallas in Scorpio.   Trine to the planets in Scorpio is the Part of Fortune in Cancer.  The part of Fortune is a calculated point, and calculated points are not ordinarily part of what is counted as a Grand Trine.  So, this chart does not contain a Grand Trine in the traditional sense.  However, the combination of planets is very lucky.  If her Piscean Moon does not lead her to become the debtor (Pisces is associated with debt), then she has the potential to generate (or marry) significant wealth.

We see no other planets as candidates for a Grand Trine.

Chiron and Mercury are near the Midheaven of the chart and both have been (and will continue to be) visited by Pluto.  Pluto in this area is almost certainly the precipitator of the financial / economic shift that began in 2008 (or earlier).  This is another indicator of a financial or economic indicator and another indicator of potential wealth.  With Chiron here, she may emphasize remedies to the system.  The Wounded Healer is also a teacher, and she might become a professor of economics or business with this configuration.

Sun is conjunct Pluto.  In the ordinary sense, this is about power struggles (as are her Venus and Mars in Scorpio).  Chances are good that she will be considered attractive by many.  But, since Pluto rules “other people’s money,” this is another financial indicator.  Both are trine to Jupiter (rule of Sagittarius), and Jupiter is located in Leo (leadership).

We hesitate to mention any of this given that she is currently only ten years old.  Expectations could be too high too early for her.  But, we will conclude by noting that she has remarkable potential.

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