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Working on restarting this blog. More to come this week.

Restart of GrandTrines Blog (NYC Based and EDT)

Restart of GrandTrines Blog (NYC Based and EDT)

Various problems, including technical problems, have kept this blog on hold. A restart is possible, but the waning 4th quarter moon indicates that the “restart” may be short-lived. Another “restart” may be needed after the New Moon of March 26th, only a few days away.

That “restart,” too, is likely to be short-lived. The blog itself is anticipating its “birthday” in late May, and the Solar 12th House is notoriously impermanent. That means that the predictions will be good (12th house is house of psychic power) but probably not regularly. Most likely, late May will be a time of improved productivity for regular posting here.

I write the above for my regular readers; I do have a few. Now, for the rest of us. This blog works at least partially on Ketarke, the concept that each moment has an energy.  Actually, this blog is based on the idea the groups, or “clusters,” of moments have a particular energy.

The energy of this cluster of moments is to write here, on this blog, for this author.  For you personally, you should weigh the factors in your life to see whether or not you wish to begin a new project.  The most auspicious time for most people will be the week following this Thursday, March 26th, depending on your dominant elements.

If fire or air dominate for you, Friday afternoon around 3:30 in New York, or 2:30 here in Dallas, is best.

For earth or water, try Saturday evening about 10:30pm. Obviously, some in the entertainment industry may have an excellent launch this Saturday evening.

Sunday is full of square, which will give you energy to get things done but this should be used for activities following the launch rather than for the launch itself.

Monday, the Moon moves into Gemini, but the Sun conjoins Mercury.  For a few this will give perfect communications, but most will experience this as misunderstandings.

January 3, 4, 5 of 2009: A New Romance May Show Itself; Other Peoples Money

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Venus enters Pisces, and we suddenly have a chance at love, new or renewed.

Our New Year’s dreams seem truly possible, and they are if we work at them.

Sun Trines Ceres (Saturday, 3rd) and says that a diet just might work this time. If you are like me, and think that NY Resolutions to lose weight are hopelessly flawed, you could reconsider. A little optimism is warranted this time.  You’ll need to focus, and you should expect to be “tested” more than once.

Please don’t spend on anything until Monday. Ditto for career changes, and those aren’t really very good until after the Mercury Retrograde is over (February 1st).  In fact, almost anything done this month will be “revisited” somehow later.

Plan accordingly.  Don’t “burn bridges” with anyone this month.

Sunday may bring out your kinky side, if you have one. If not, then issues about money & taxes or money & inheritances. In some way, if Sunday is not about Sex & Romance then it is about “other people’s money.”  Sunday is also a good day to ask “what if?”

Monday tends to be a day to “lay low” in the UK & Europe (Jupiter is void) but okay in the US after about 11am EST.

Monday (Jan 5, 2009) is a “cross-ways” day: it is good for some and bad for others. No pronounced aspects on Monday, so this is a housekeeping day for many. Much of this day is about the official change from 2008 to 2009. (That’s not hard to predict, is it.)  But, again, do plan for having to “do it over.”

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