Preliminary Possible Charts for Al Aliwi Alissa, Boulder CO Shooter at Supermarket

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Preliminary Possible Charts for Al Aliwi Alissa, Boulder CO Shooter at Supermarket

Preliminary Charts Based on Publicized Birth Date

We present these preliminary charts based on publicized birth date of April 17, 1999 in Syria (we use Damascus) of Al Aliwi Alissa, the Boulder CO shooter / spree killer who (allegedly) murdered ten people on the afternoon of March 22, 2021.

Most “no birth time” attempts at rectification start with Sun at MC (Midheaven Chart, the “top” of the sky) or Ascendant (the “rising” point).  However, given that we are proposing a chart for a mass murderer, we are starting with variants of the 8th House (Death House, associated with the sign Scorpio and co-rulers of Mars (traditional) and Pluto (modern)).

Sun Enters 8th House Chart

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

Sun Leaving 8th House Chart
(One of the Best Two Fits)

This chart produces an 8th House Stellium with Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Pallas in the 8th!

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

Natal Moon (Taurus)
conjunct Transiting Uranus
(8 Taurus 32)

(We believe this is the other “best fit” chart.)

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

Note that this chart places (1) natal moon conjunct transiting Uranus (near MC in the chart at the time of the shooting); (2) Pluto near MC in natal chart; and (3) Mars (traditional ruler of Scorpio) in Scorpio and in 8th house.

Furthermore, (1) Neptune and Uranus are in the 12th, (2) the 2nd House Stellium of Jupiter, Sun, Pallas, Saturn and Moon are ruled by Mars (in the 8th), and (3) the Ascendant here is both “too early to tell” and almost exactly 180 degrees rotated from the “announcement chart” of 4:33 PM MDT in Boudler, CO on March 22, 2021.

This chart may be the best candidate.

Twelfth House Stellium Chart

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

This is our “3rd Place” pick.  This chart is heavily influenced by the 12th house of “self undoing” and delusions.

Thor’s Hammer (God’s Fist)

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

Sandy Hook School Shooter Adam Lanza also had a Thor’s Hammer in his natal chart.

Grand Cross

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In Memory of Cainer

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Some time over a decade ago, and before I started this blog, I discovered the work of Jonathon Cainer.  He was a standard “Sun sign” style newspaper astrologer in the UK, but he was also much more than that.  His daily entries had a remarkable quality to them that I describe as “philosophical.”  While others, myself included, would focus in on the details of what, say, a Sagittarius Moon / Gemini Sun type full moon had to say, Cainer would zoom out and speak in lyrical words of poetry about the bigger picture of such a turn of events.

He was, in a word, inspiring.

So, I was disappointed to discover this morning, May 19th, that he had passed away on May 2nd of this year, 2016.  No chance now of him reading that email that I kept thinking about sending him for years but then not sending because I wanted to remain anonymous.  No chance of somehow showing up in England and having a chance encounter where I might speak to him for a moment.  The windows are closed, and the best I can do is an analysis of his birth and death charts (based on available data) in his memory.

His birth chart is remarkable, having both a Stretched Pentagram and a Diamond in it.  These tend to be rather rare, and he had both of them.  We show the birth chart for the Stretched Pentagram first:

Cainer (Birth, Stretched Pentagram)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

It is the kind of chart, from the perspective of patterns, that is nothing short of amazing.  Here is the birth chart, again, with the Diamond highlighted:

Cainer (Birth, Diamond, Beginner)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Much of the Diamond and Stretched Pentagram overlap.  The evening of Winter’s Solstice 2012 (aka “The End of the World as We Know It”) had a Diamond in it, and while 2012 came and went without the end of the world, we can say that this period of years, marked by the Uranus / Pluto squares (or, as Cainer called it: “the bell tolls seven times”) has been remarkable in changes and upheaval (“Arab Spring,” “Black Lives Matter,” the dominance of “smart phones” in our collective lives, the candidacy of Donald Trump for President, etc.)

Cainer had other patterns also.  He had a “Square Key” which is really two interlocked “Huber Learning Triangles.”  These tell us what his biography said: he worked through some rather intense “karma” to reach the point he did in life.  Life was not particularly easy for him in the beginning, and arguably it was probably fairly tough even after he had acquired fortune and fame.

Here is the chart filtered for the Square Key:

Cainer (Birth, Square Key)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Just in case that was not enough, he also had a “Double Yod Key” (DYK).  This tells us he was face with many tough decisions, the kind where you always look back and wonder “what if I had taken the other path”?  Filtered for DYK:

Cainer (Birth, Double Yod Key)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The DYK is hard to see because it is built into his other patterns.  But, if we filter for yods, we find three of them, and they are a bit more obvious:

Cainer (Birth, Double Yods)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

This is NOT an “easy” life.  It is spent worrying about “what if” I had done something else.  But Cainer was also born with the ability to accomplish much, and he did.

Cainer (Birth, Rosetta, Beginner)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Finally, we see a Rosetta in the birth chart.  We interpret this as “unstable alliances,” and from what we know this was true as well.  He moved back and forth between newspapers as shifting alliances pushed him to do just that.

If we filter for a Grand Cross we do not find one, but if we filter for T-Squares, then a slightly “loose” Grand Cross is obviously present (and a source of tremendous energy and the ability to “get things done”):

Cainer (Birth, T-Squares)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

A 5th Harmonic filter shows a triangular pattern (two quintiles and a biquintile) involving Mars, Pallas, and Venus:

Cainer (Birth, 5th Harmonic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We might add here that his highly activated Neptune near Midheaven is an indicator of psychic abilities.  It can also indicate alcohol or drug problems or some kind of involvement (he did manage a bar at one point).  We suspect that he felt many people “pulling” on him.  (Neptune can be the savior / martyr complex as well.)

Seventh harmonic in the birth chart also contains a triangular pattern and is sufficiently activated to indicate, again, these “karmic” issues to work through:

Cainer (Birth, 7th Harmonic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Vesta/Hygeia, Neptune, and Sun compose the triangular pattern and indicate, again, both psychic abilities and physical illness as well.  (We suspect that long term / chronic illness may have plagued him but that he did not disclose it publicly.)

Now to the death chart.  A single pattern dominates: a hard rectangle!

Cainer (Death, Hard Rectangle)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

One other pattern is present in the death chart: a Kite (if you are willing to use North / South lunar nodes):

Cainer (Death, Kite)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note that the remainder of the kite is formed by Mercury and Pluto, both retrograde.  It is almost as if the cosmic said “OK we will give you a little more time to accomplish something, and then it is time to go.”  We may never know what that “something” was because it likely dealt with family and financial matters.  But he had received a reprieve of some kind from what was likely a “close call” of some kind earlier.  (Again, we will likely never be able to confirm or deny this.)  This kite also says that someone, somehow, greatly benefited from his death!  (What could that mean?)

Seventh Harmonic is also interesting:

Cainer (Death, 7th Harmonic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Mars, Astraea, and Sun are involved in a triangular 7th harmonic pattern (made of a TriSeptile and two BiSeptiles).  We wonder if some kind of legal issues were about to emerge at the time of his death.  (Again, we would bet that this is something private despite 2 out of 3 planets being above ground.)

Finally, we present the bi-wheel without patterns or much analysis except to note that his second Saturn return was upon him (and the one for the author of this blog is not too far away either).  Saturn returns often “take us home,” and that is what happened for him.

Cainer BiWheel

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We have little more to add to this analysis, especially since we prefer our readers dig into it for themselves.  But, he was a giant in the field, and he will be missed.  And, as an aside, my own coming Saturn return leaves me rather “nervous.”

David Bowie

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Chart Analysis for MM born 1954-04-03

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I have not done an individual chart online for several years, and this will be the first.  (I still have several others “in the queue” yet to be done.)

Reader MM wrote the following:

“Just saw this. Suffering PTSD from beng target of years of governmnet corruption and having antire city hate me in Philadelphia. Birthday April 3, 1954 3:04 am Oakland CA, I think Chiron is stationing direct on my Mercury as I write this. The struggle with so many injuries and terror is intense. Thanks MM.”

I have anonymized the original entry.

To be fair, I did take the name you offered and ran an internet search.  Needless to say, I cannot verify any information beyond that.  That said….

You are doing what you need to be doing, and I think you already know that.  If you are who you say you are, then you already know that you are a warrior and mystic both, and you take on challenges that others cannot or will not.  Although I can understand this from what I have read on the internet (you are moderately famous in certain circles), your chart (which I ran first) confirms this.  But, where to begin?

You have a number of patterns in your chart, and patterns are my specialty.  Other astrologers can speak to individual aspects or houses or progressions or whatever, but my strength is patterns and what they have been built from.  That is what we will focus upon.

Your patterns include: (1) T-Squares; (2) Grand Trines; (3) a Yod (a single Yod, a fundamental decision that you periodically re-evaluate in your life); (4) a Mystic Rectangle (probably both the source of your strength and the reason you just will not walk away from conflicts); and (5) probably the highest number of Kites I have ever seen in a natal chart.

We will begin with the T-Squares.   Natal Sun in Aries tends to be associated with both leadership and open conflict, but with your numerous T-Squares conflict is a way of life.  It has always been with you, and it will always be with you even if you do sometimes tire of it.  Here is your natal chart, filtered for the T-Squares:

MM done 2015-11-28 SAT (T-Squares)

[Click on Image to Enlarge]

Based on discovery of one of your blogs, I know that you already know how to read this.  Perhaps you are another astrologer who is “testing” me.  But, if your birth chart is accurate, then that is exactly what you would do.  With this many squares, you run TOWARDS conflict rather than away.  (But, again, you already know this.)

You also have a number of Grand Trines.  You have so many that, if you did not have the numerous T-Squares, you might never get out of your chair.  (Grand Trines are gifts, but they tend to make people very, very lazy.)  Since these are fire trines, you can be inspirational, and you often motivate others to do your work for you.  You have no trouble whatsoever delegating and sending others out on a mission.

Here is your chart, filtered for the Grand Trines:

MM done 2015-11-28 SAT (Grand Trines)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Mars is very important to Aries, and yours is at 26 Sadge.  Sadge can be many things, including Universities and foreign travel.  It is certainly religion (along with Pisces).  Sadge is the sign of the Pope (metaphorically, not literally), and we would expect you to “get things done” by being a church leader.  Mars is also the single planet in Sadge that completes ALL of your Grand Trines, making this relationship pivotally important.

Your life is dominated by a series of fundamental decisions, and an argument can be made that you make the same fundamental decision repeatedly although it make wear slightly different clothes at different times.  This decision is illustrated by the Yod in your chart:

MM done 2015-11-28 SAT (Yod)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The issue you have to decide between includes (a) North Node at the apex (hard work and “karma” that you work through repeatedly); (b) Jupiter on one leg (religion, universities, law and legal environments, and foreign travel / foreigners); and (c) Pallas on the other leg (innovations and smart ideas, particularly regarding going to war with someone).  Note that, at any given time, you can have (b) OR (c) but NOT BOTH.  You may be able to harness people via religion to “get things done” but chances are good you will ultimately alienate them.  So, you can go to war (quite effectively) or you can have the gifts of Jupiter (religion, education, law and legal issues, and travel) but not both.  (Law and legal environments might be a sort of exception.  But chances are good you can sustain that, and you will likely tire of any one issue.)

You have MANY kites, which means you “came in” with many gifts / opportunities.  Chances are good that you know this, and you have likely seized the ones you can.  The numerous kites in your chart tell us this.  (I have never seen another NATAL chart with this many kites except, maybe, Hillary Clinton’s.  And, yours are more focused than hers.)  Here is the chart, filtered for kites:

MM done 2015-11-28 SAT (Kites)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Finally, you have a Mystic Rectangle.  These are rare to begin with, and I have only seen them in two natal charts that I have worked with.  (The other chart is Hillary Clinton‘s.)  It gives you powerful gifts, but they are so powerful that you cannot resist the challenges even when you should.  Here is your chart, filtered for the Mystic Rectangles:

MM done 2015-11-28 SAT (Mystic Rectangle)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

In an odd way, you remind me of the fictitious character Marty McFly:

 Sometimes it might behoove you to “just walk away.”  Except, of course, that you cannot do that.  Like Marty, that might ultimately be your downfall.

Astrological Patterns for Hillary Rodham Clinton

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Astrological Patterns for Hillary Rodham Clinton: A Natal Chart Analysis

First, let me state my position: I am neither particularly a HRC fan or detractor.  I agree with her on some issues (diplomacy) and (vehemently) disagree with her on other issues (gun control).  So, as much as possible, I will make this a neutral analysis and try to be fair.  (AND I think I am capable of doing that.)

This is a complex chart with many patterns, something this is not true of all birth charts.  We list the patterns in groups:

1.  Hele patterns (multiple): Hillary tends to polarize people into strong allegiances that last over time

2. Rosetta patterns (multiple): Hillary also forms many temporary allegiances that can be characterized as treacherous at times (both for and against her)

3. Mystic Rectangle: Perhaps her defining pattern.  It highlights (1) just how much Bill’s betrayal (the Lewinsky scandal) bothered her and (2) her ongoing interest in healthcare issues.  The Mystic Rectangle tends to be a rather rare pattern.

4.  Kites and Grand Trines (multiple): she has more “luck” than anyone can imagine.  Maybe she should just play the lotto and retire.  Then again, maybe American politics IS the lotto.

5.  Grand Cross: it gives her the energy to do an AMAZING amount of work, but it also leads to significant conflict with others.  Like the Mystic Rectangle, the Grand Cross is a relatively rare pattern.

We will show her natal chart repeatedly, but each time it will be filtered for different patterns:

First, we show the Hele patterns (when two or more are interlaced, we call this a “Hele Key”):

Hillary Rodham Clinton (Hele Key)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

These patterns emphasize her ability to (1) form long term allegiances at the price of (2) polarizing people.  If you are truly her friend, she will stick by you through thick and thin.  But, it can be difficult to know whether or not your are truly her friend (only she really knows), and if you betray her there will be HELL TO PAY.

Here is her natal chart filtered for the Rosetta pattern (MANY of these; arguably a “Rosetta Key”):

Hillary Rodham Clinton (Rosetta)

[Click to Enlarge]

The are short term allegiances that frequently sour and can turn to treachery.  It does not mean that SHE is treacherous, but it does mean that someone takes advantage of someone eventually.  She likely becomes skilled at becoming the winner in these conflicts over the course of her lifetime, especially given her other patterns (notably the Kites).  I count at least FOUR of these in play.  (That is, by itself, unusual.)  If you interact with her, then the big question becomes this one: is this a temporary allegiance (Rosetta) or a true long term alliance (Hele)?

Mystic Rectangle: we think that of all the patterns present, this one defines her (but the Grand Cross is a close second):

Hillary Rodham Clinton (Mystic Rectangle)

[Click to Enlarge]

We note the four planets involved: (1) Sun in Scorpio (12th House); (2) Ceres in Taurus (6th House); (3) Juno in Sagittarius (2nd House); and (4) Hygeia in Cancer (8th House).  Interpretations: (1) Sun in Scorpio in 12th: she is very powerful at working behind the scenes.  Can she be a President and still do this? (2) Ceres in Taurus in 6th: economic woes (feast and famine); will this translate to the same pattern for the nation (BIG ups and downs!); (3) Juno in Sadge in 2nd: the Betrayed Wife of the Philandering Husband (yep, that really is who Juno is!); she was wounded by Bill far more than she will ever publicly admit; it was a BIG deal to her!  (4) Hygeia in 8th: She wants healthcare as an issue, but the 8th is tricky.  Maybe as a Scorpio she can pull it off.  But she better be careful about trying to cut the pay of nurses again.  In all fairness, I think she recognized her error and has made amends for it.

Juno in Sadge might be the most important planet for her as a person rather than a politician.  She is far more of a devoted wife and mother than she will ever let the public know.  This is because, as a Scorpio, she is afraid it might be seen as weakness.  But that Piscean Moon cares DEEPLY for her husband and daughter.  Truth be told, we will never know quite what she has gone through for them.

Hillary might can make the changes in healthcare that Obama has been trying to do if she is elected.  No doubt about it, except for the diplomacy issues (Middle East et al), healthcare *IS* her priority.

Kites and Grand Trines: again, I wish I had so many of these.  So do you.  That’s because ALMOST NO ONE has a chart that looks like this.  Kites tend to be “opportunity” and “luck.”  They are amplified Grand Trines.  She is almost drowning in them.

Hillary Rodham Clinton (Kites)

[Click to Enlarge]

I see at least three, but arguably four are present.  FOUR kites in a natal chart?  To speak in the vernacular: “ya gotta be kidding.”  Again, she could probably just play the lotto (repeatedly) and retire.  First house Jupiter confirms this.  But, the way she is configured, she would never do that.  That is particularly true with the Grand Cross.

Here are the Grand Trines:

Hillary Rodham Clinton (GrandTrines)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

I count five (5) GT’s, and that means that FIVE Kites COULD be present.  Wow!  What else to say?  But GT’s can make a person lazy.  That would be true unless you have a T-Square or (even more powerful) a Grand Cross in the chart.  She DOES have a Grand Cross (and, like the Mystic Rectangle, these are comparatively RARE):

Hillary Rodham Clinton (GrandCross)

[Click to Enlarge]

The Grand Cross is her other “defining pattern,” second only to the Mystic Cross.  The Sun/Ceres opposition shows again, emphasizing the feast/famine issue in her life.  But, perhaps more interesting is the Astraea / Vesta opposition.  Justice opposite Tradition?  That is what she has, and it shows that Social Justice is, and always has been, a core issue in her life.  (I would say THE core issue, but we know from earlier that healthcare is at least as important as this one, and her family is most important of all.)

T-Squares: these are really almost superfluous after the Grand Cross, but we present them anyway to point out that she has an amazing amount of “energy”:

Hillary Rodham Clinton (T-Squares)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Personally, I think she should recruit Al Gore to re-enter politics.

Finally, we present the chart in “Beginner” format with aspects with tightest orbs emphasized.  We note the Mercury square Saturn is particularly important with her (that says she has a remarkable attention to detail and will not tolerate anyone near her being “sloppy”), Mars / Pluto conjunction near Midheaven (she could either be warlike or somehow provoke war), and finally, the Mercury / Saturn / Moon Huber Learning Triangle (an HLT3) which shows, again, that she is willing to work to “earn” her “luck.”

Hillary Rodham Clinton (Beginner)

[Click to Enlarge]

Hillary Rodham Clinton (HLT3)

[Click to Enlarge]


This is meant to be a neutral review.  So, let’s be clear: if you are her enemy, chances are good she will destroy you.  She can be quite merciless.  And, frequently, people do not know where they stand with her.  She can be confusing (Scorpio/Pisces).  But, overall, she is benevolent and has good intent.  More than most others, she can effect real change in the healthcare system and with regard to social justice.  (Just leave our guns alone!)

It is possible she may be associated with a (big) war.

On that issue, let me say this: she is not a person to provoke a war by herself.  However, the people she chooses to surround herself with, and the allegiances that she forms, may lead to a situation in which no other meaningful choice exists.

This is a very good chart, and it would be a particularly powerful chart for a politician (as she is) or a top trial attorney or <smile> maybe even a lotto player.


Natal Chart for KT of Philadelphia

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KT, Thanks for your inquiry.  Here is our analysis.  –GT

First, you are contacting me when you are (from a broad perspective) because you have started a series of oppositions that everyone goes through if they live long enough.  About age 42, give or take a year, we all have (1) transiting Saturn opposite natal Saturn, the biggest shakeup since our Saturn return circa age 28; (2) a Jupiter opposition; and (maybe the biggest) (3) transiting Uranus opposite natal Uranus.  Uranus tends to shake things up even more than Saturn, and we only go through one such event in our life unless we live to be about 126 years old.

For many, this series of shakeups begins as early as age 39 and can continue as long as age 49.  But the biggest ones are “about” the age you are now, give or take a year or two.  We might add, also, (4) transiting Neptune squares natal Neptune some time during this period, further forcing the release of certain people, places, and things.

A few gifts can come from this.  First of all, recall that we refer to Uranus as more properly called Prometheus.  The one who gave fire to the humans is the one who can give insights to you at age 42.  Coupled with what Saturn is doing, you are being forced to let go of some ideas and goals you had when you were younger.  You did them or not, but now is the time to move past.  Having done that, you can take the insights that remain and build something until you are about age 56 to 58 (when you will receive your second Saturn return).  When you receive this second Saturn return, the last one of your life unless you live past age 84 (when you would have a Uranus return AND a Saturn return; often the end of life for most), you will pare down even further to the most basic things you want in whatever legacy you leave behind.

So, let’s explore your natal chart.  To begin with, you have a kite.  These are fairly rare, and in your case it means that you had a pretty good idea of what you wanted to do with your life and how to do it.  You knew better than most of your friends.  All you had to do was apply yourself to achieve your desire.  Chances are good that you did, and you achieved something worthwhile.  You may have even achieved some degree of fame.  In any case, you are likely happier with the earlier portion of your life than most people you know.

KT Natal Kite Basic

[Click Image to Enlarge]

You have Mars at Midheaven and in the tenth, so I would not be at all surprised to learn that you are an athlete.  (You might even be a famous athlete in disguise.  If not, then you are almost certainly fairly popular in your “circle.”)  If you do not express this energy athletically, then you may tend to be rather combative at times.  (Do you have a temper?)  AND, sometimes you can be accident prone.  You really do have to be careful about “over-doing it.”

We could analyze a series of trines in your chart, but the Kite eclipses them in importance (and includes some of them).  (So, we will omit that.)

You have the ability to influence others, and you have to be rather careful how you use this.  Overall, though, you probably show good judgment most of the time.  However, you do have to be careful not to “go off half-cocked” and launch something prematurely.  That is probably your single largest weakness.  (Leaping into action when maybe you should pause and reflect.  Snap judgments can be very dangerous for you.)

You also have great potential as a writer or voice of some kind (sportscaster?).  Sometimes your ideas, and words, are nothing short of brilliant (as long as you heed the warning to be careful not to spout off too quickly).  This shows in a “T-Square” in your chart:

KT Natal T-Square Basic

[Click Image to Enlarge]

You also have a Rosetta in your chart, and you can seriously polarize people, with some loving you and others detesting you.  (This is particularly true if/when you speak without thinking through what you are saying.)

This Rosetta also has a bit of a darker side.  With Ceres (Food), Pallas (thinking), and Pluto (control dramas) involved, you are at risk for developing an eating disorder.  This is something you would tend to be rather secretive (Pluto) about, and few would guess the problem.  But, if you do have one and it is not addressed, it could be your undoing.  You will have trouble progressing much beyond 42 without dealing with that.  (I am not saying you will “die” in the ordinary, mundane sense.  But, I am saying that you will be very “stuck” until you address these issues contained in the Rosetta.)

(If the issue is not food, then it could be some kind of financial feast/famine cycle.)

You have a number of 5th harmonic aspects, and that means you are likely rather bright.  You may even write poetry or be musically inclined.

Your 7th harmonic aspects tell me that you are wrestling with tradition.  For example, if you were a yoga teacher, you would have developed a number of ideas about how to do things BETTER than what you have been taught.  If that is true, then you genuinely struggle with the question of whether you should continue to teach in the tradition you have been taught, or to develop and emerge something new and better.  (Astrology does not always give clear cut answers.  But, in your case, it does to this question.  You MUST develop the “something new and better” or you will feel a relentless pang of regret.)

KT Natal 7th Harmonic Basic

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Hope that answers whatever questions you may have.  And, happy birthday!

One last tidbit, Mercury makes a Retrograde Station on or near your solar return (birthday) this year.  Other than mentioning that this year may find you focusing on finishing (or resurrecting) unfinished projects, I will refrain from interpreting that.  BUT, you might find this article to be interesting!

Kumar’s Chart

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Reader Kumar has requested a chart.  Here it is:

Kumar (Final) 1-11-2013 12-14-39 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

In our analysis, we see that Kumar has Venus near midheaven with Vesta and Mars nearby.  This is generally a favorable configuration, and it also suggests that Kumar would benefit greatly from study in the univeristy, travel, or both.  Kumar may also proper in settings involving legal issues.  But, with Mars in the 29th degree of Pisces, he has to be careful to avoid engaging in dishonest or criminal activities.  He will face temptations.

With Moon in Cancer in the first house, women are particularly important to Kumar as are all things “water.”  He is a solar pisces and has a water grand trine in his chart.  He is capable of rising from humble beginnings to significant wealth if he is willing to work.  His Saturn is in Scorpio (the other piece of the grand trine, besides Moon & Sun), and he is still likely feeling the aftershocks associated with the Saturn return process.  We suspect that he recently had a major life change: a marriage, divorce, birth of child, or possibly a death of close relative.  He may have made a major career shift.

Given that he has a natal grand water trine, the grand water trine of this summer is of particular importance to him.  The decisions and actions he makes this year will affect his life for many years to come.  If he can avoid dishonesty / criminality, then he can become very prosperous.  He also needs to pick his friends and associates with great discretion.  (The temptation to “fall in with the wrong crowd” is a great danger to him.)

Ramona (Romania)

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Ramona has requested a chart:

i am a female scorpio.  i passed throught a very rough time over the last 4 yers . i feel like the sun will never shine again in my life . the last ”lesson of life” was an abrupt break up last june ,still i can’t recover from that painful situation ,i was so attached to him .  up to now i don’t know what went so wrong between us that it couldn’t be fixed. i read more than 200 answers on your blog . you are impressive . maybe you can help me at least to anticipate the next black events in my life so i can be prepared .

Here is the natal chart:

Ramona (final) 1-11-2013 3-31-43 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

For the time being, we will focus on Ramona’s chart in our analysis.

Ramona has Saturn in the 7th house of relationships and marriage, and that is a difficult placement.  It means that she has to work at relationships, and they may not have the glamor that other relationships have.  However, what she builds can endure.  In this case, Jupiter has been approaching her Saturn.  Indeed, we think that what looks “interesting” for Ramona are the transits of Jupiter and Saturn to her natal chart in the coming year.

We do not believe that she will be alone, and we suspect that she might find someone else.  But, the key issue is likely to become something other than a boyfriends.  We suspect that 8th house events will become important to her: death or taxes or both.  This could be the loss of a loved one.  Or, if it does involve a boyfriend (and not death or taxes), then she may find herself in a relationship with a man that she finds to be “sexy” but possibly abusive.  She likely needs to do some important work on her belief in her own self-worth, and if she does not do that she could become involved with “the wrong sort of fellow.”

Alternatively, she may experience the death of someone important to her.  This could be an aging parent or sibling.  If this occurs, then this will “trump” any issues with a boyfriend.  (We expect this kind of thing to show itself in July, when Jupiter moves from the 7th to 8th house in her chart.)  A VERY wise use of her time between now and July would be to spend time with any family members that she has been tending to neglect.  While that certainly includes any older relatives, she should also take time to mend relations with siblings and children as well.  She must heal these relations and heal her own sense of self-worth first, before addressing any issues with boyfriends.

In closing, here is the list of recent and upcoming Jupiter and Saturn transits.  We note Saturn semi-square to her natal moon, a very “irritating” kind of aspect on a very personal level.  (This tends to cause one to believe that one must take action regarding some matter.)

We note that Jupiter squares Midheaven of her chart on July 19th.  We have mentioned elsewhere that we believe that is an important period for all of us.


Dynamic Chart (2):
Ramona (Romania) – Female Chart
Koch Houses,  Mean Node

Selection: Transits Only – Main Aspects (1 Year)

P1 (H)    Asp    P2 (H)    EXL    Type    Date    Time    Zone    Age    Pos1    Pos2

Jup (7)    Tri    Ven (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 2 2012    08:32:38 am    CST    40.065    11°Ge21′ R    11°Li21′ D
Jup (6)    Opp    Asc (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 6 2012    03:58:28 pm    CST    40.076    10°Ge46′ R    10°Sg46′ D
Sat (11)    SSq    Mon (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 6 2012    07:49:31 pm    CST    40.077    07°Sc15′ D    22°Sg15′ D
Jup (6)    Sqq    Mar (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 7 2012    05:02:20 pm    CST    40.079    10°Ge38′ R    25°Li38′ D
Jup (6)    Opp    Mer (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 14 2012    12:58:14 pm    CST    40.098    09°Ge43′ R    09°Sg43′ D

Jup (6)    Qnx    Jup (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jan 21 2013    10:09:52 am    CST    40.202    06°Ge27′ R    06°Cp27′ D

Jup (6)    Qnx    Jup (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Feb 8 2013    01:18:26 am    CST    40.250    06°Ge27′ D    06°Cp27′ D

Jup (6)    Opp    Mer (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Mar 17 2013    07:01:08 pm    CDT    40.353    09°Ge43′ D    09°Sg43′ D
Jup (6)    Sqq    Mar (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Mar 24 2013    02:10:22 am    CDT    40.370    10°Ge38′ D    25°Li38′ D
Jup (7)    Opp    Asc (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Mar 25 2013    00:36:51 am    CDT    40.373    10°Ge46′ D    10°Sg46′ D
Jup (7)    Tri    Ven (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Mar 28 2013    06:59:13 pm    CDT    40.383    11°Ge21′ D    11°Li21′ D

Jup (7)    Sxt    Chi (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 11 2013    01:35:13 pm    CDT    40.421    13°Ge43′ D    13°Ar43′ R
Jup (7)    Qnx    Sun (11)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 28 2013    10:21:09 am    CDT    40.467    17°Ge00′ D    17°Sc00′ D

Jup (7)    Cnj    Sat (7)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 9 2013    03:16:53 pm    CDT    40.498    19°Ge21′ D    19°Ge21′ R
Sat (11)    SSq    Mon (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 10 2013    07:51:53 pm    CDT    40.501    07°Sc15′ R    22°Sg15′ D
Jup (7)    Qnx    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 12 2013    07:55:16 pm    CDT    40.507    20°Ge02′ D    20°Cp02′ R
Jup (7)    Tri    Ura (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 14 2013    04:39:01 pm    CDT    40.512    20°Ge26′ D    20°Li26′ D
Sat (11)    Sxt    Jup (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 22 2013    10:37:18 am    CDT    40.533    06°Sc27′ R    06°Cp27′ D
Jup (7)    Opp    Mon (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 22 2013    09:49:35 pm    CDT    40.534    22°Ge15′ D    22°Sg15′ D

Jup (7)    Tri    Mar (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jun 6 2013    07:34:03 pm    CDT    40.575    25°Ge38′ D    25°Li38′ D

Jup (7)    Sqq    Sun (11)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 4 2013    03:26:56 pm    CDT    40.651    02°Cn00′ D    17°Sc00′ D
Jup (7)    Sqr    Plu (9)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 11 2013    06:58:15 am    CDT    40.669    03°Cn30′ D    03°Li30′ D
Jup (7)    Qnx    Nep (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 14 2013    10:29:24 pm    CDT    40.679    04°Cn19′ D    04°Sg19′ D
Jup (7)    Sqr    MC (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 19 2013    11:01:59 pm    CDT    40.693    05°Cn25′ D    05°Li25′ D
Jup (8)    Opp    Jup (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 24 2013    04:12:11 pm    CDT    40.706    06°Cn27′ D    06°Cp27′ D

Jup (8)    Qnx    Mer (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Aug 9 2013    05:13:25 am    CDT    40.749    09°Cn43′ D    09°Sg43′ D
Jup (8)    Qnx    Asc (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Aug 14 2013    10:37:01 am    CDT    40.763    10°Cn46′ D    10°Sg46′ D
Jup (8)    Sqr    Ven (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Aug 17 2013    10:40:29 am    CDT    40.771    11°Cn21′ D    11°Li21′ D
Sat (11)    Sxt    Jup (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Aug 22 2013    02:03:43 pm    CDT    40.785    06°Sc27′ D    06°Cp27′ D
Jup (8)    Sqr    Chi (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Aug 30 2013    05:29:54 am    CDT    40.806    13°Cn43′ D    13°Ar43′ R

Sat (11)    SSq    Mon (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 2 2013    04:44:39 am    CDT    40.814    07°Sc15′ D    22°Sg15′ D
Jup (8)    Tri    Sun (11)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 20 2013    01:50:36 am    CDT    40.863    17°Cn00′ D    17°Sc00′ D

Jup (8)    Sqq    Nep (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Oct 10 2013    06:31:08 pm    CDT    40.920    19°Cn19′ D    04°Sg19′ D
Jup (8)    Opp    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Oct 21 2013    02:31:19 am    CDT    40.948    20°Cn02′ D    20°Cp02′ R
Jup (8)    Sqr    Ura (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Oct 31 2013    08:36:14 pm    CDT    40.978    20°Cn26′ D    20°Li26′ D

Sat (11)    Qnx    Chi (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Nov 2 2013    00:43:48 am    CDT    40.981    13°Sc43′ D    13°Ar43′ R
Jup (8)    Sqr    Ura (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Nov 13 2013    02:03:23 am    CST    41.011    20°Cn26′ R    20°Li26′ D
Jup (8)    Opp    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Nov 23 2013    06:36:41 pm    CST    41.040    20°Cn02′ R    20°Cp02′ R
Sat (11)    Cnj    Sun (11)    (X)    Tr-Na    Nov 29 2013    02:48:32 pm    CST    41.056    17°Sc00′ D    17°Sc00′ D

*** END REPORT ***

Pravasini’s Chart

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Reader Pravasini has requested a chart:

Liked your site very much.  I was born in India but presently staying at USA.  Trying for a child for long.will the saturn return affect according to birth place or to the current residence

Here is the chart:

Pravasini 2 1-8-2013 1-25-18 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

Pravasini asks about having a child (and pregnancy).  This kind of question is outside the scope of what we ordinarily address, but perhaps we can find an answer in our more broad analysis.

Furthermore, we are using Western astrology which is a different system from that which Pravasini has encountered before.  If she prefers a Vedic analysis, we recommend that she consult with a competent astrologer trained in that methodology.

A preponderance of planets in Leo, Virgo, or both has the reputation of precluding fertility.  We do not see that difficulty in this chart.  Her moon is in Libra, and in the Via Combusta, so she does meet some life challenges.  Located in the 11th house, she tends to have a fair number of friends and generally has good relationships.  Her largest difficulty is “drawing the line” with people who would “take advantage” of her good nature.

We see Pluto and Saturn in the 12th, and the asteroid Hygeia (health) is beseiged by these two malefics in the house of self-undoing.  This could indicate some significant health difficulties, particularly if she works too hard and does not do what is needed to take care of her health.  Additionally, Saturn has touched both in the last year, and she has been through her Saturn return.  Saturn returns tend to drive certain kinds of events, and the desire for a child is one of them.

Other than taking care of her health, and limiting the demands of friends, we do not see any particular obstacle to her having a child.

As a side issue, she has Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in the first.  That indicates that her life has been frequently puncutated by surprises.  Let us hope her wish is granted in a pleasant way.

Rista’s Chart

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Reader Rista has requested a chart analysis:

hi,  I know that I am currently going through a saturn return and I’m just wondering what I can expect from saturn’s transit into scorpio?  I have been involved in the arts more recently as well as education what do you see in those fields?

Rista 2 1-6-2013 12-27-25 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

[We note that we are doing this analysis during Moon v/c with Mars Square Saturn, so we expect some changes and updates as a possibility.]

Rista has Sun in late Taurus at 29 degrees.  (Similar to, and square, the late Moon in Aquarius of Kalina.)  In Rista’s case, a pursuit of education, career, or both in art is not only advised but is “fated.”  (She will be VERY dissatisfied, long term, if she does not pursue this.)  That is the message of the last three degrees, the last one the most “fated” of all.  However, Rista does need to know that this work in art is preparing her for something else: “things Gemini.”  While she might find great satisfaction in working in sculpture, she needs to recognize that the day will come when she will wish to communicate her ideas in other ways, spoken or written communication.

Both the Sun and Chiron are late in Taurus, and each of them form a yod with Pluto / South Node.  This strengthens the importance of her interest in art and introduces a decision: should she take “the easy way out” (South Node) or “take the plunge into the abyss” (Pluto).  Yods emphasize decisions where, later, we look back and ask “what if”?  (We are never quite satisfied with our decision, later, when we face a yod choice.)  I suspect that she will be better off “taking the plunge,” but in no case will it be “easy.”

If we use asteroids, we can also argue that Rista has a grand trine in earth by sign (Moon & Astraea in Virgo, Pallas in Capricorn, and Sun, Chiron, & Mercury in Taurus).  These also confirm art (and particularly sculpture or other three dimensional art in preference to painting or drawing).  If she has not yet explored sculpture, then she needs to do so.  (And, if she has and discarded the idea, then she needs to revisit.)  We do include jewelry making and all forms of metal and woodworking in the category of “sculpture.”

She can certainly teach, and Mars in Gemini will keep that interesting.  When she has a little more experience, she might use her experiences in teaching and art to write a book.  Indeed, she should keep extensive notes specifically for this purpose.

Kalina’s Chart

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Reader Kalina writes the following:

All I read above is so very interesting for me. Been through difficult times lately and my Saturn crisis is to follow. Just wondering in which way I’ll be tested this time. Got Mercury,Sun, Lilith, Venus and Neptune in Scorpio, all in 4-th house and going through Chiron return. What shoult I pay attention to?
Thanks in advance for your kind help, grandtrines.

Here is her natal chart:

kalina 1-6-2013 12-34-32 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

Kalina, with a late Aquarian Moon, cares deeply about justice and other people.  For someone who has so many below ground planets, and a Scorpio at that, she cannot resist the temptation to help others.  She probably prefers to do so anonymously, having been burned by scammers and cheats along the way.  She has recently experienced her Chiron return, typically a once in a lifetime event, and the combination of transiting Chiron and transiting Neptune near her birth Chiron have left her very sensitive.  Indeed, she might even be a bit psychic currently.  We would recommend that she pay close attention to her dreams and dreamworld.  They likely have useful messages for her.

I am seeing a fair number of people with Chiron returns visiting this site.  (That happens at roughly 50 years of age.)  I have a broad message for all of you: TEACH!  Chiron is the story of the wounded healer whose healing required teaching of the lessons that have been learned.  And, this is the message of the Chiron return: if you have anything useful to teach to anyone who wishes to listen, TEACH!

In your case, Kalina, you have the added bonus of Neptune empowering your teaching.  Neptune brings you the power of dreams, poetry, music, photography, and videography.  And, Neptune brings lessons learned in dealing with addictions and other illnesses.  You can draw on these.

She has a number of planets and asteroids in Scorpio and in the 4th house.  Her nature is to be private, and this can conflict with her desire to help others.  She cares deeply about her family.  As a Scorpio with so many scorpio planets, she can inflict great pain if she so desires, but she greatly prefers not to do so.  Instead, she would prefer to help heal relationships whenver possible (if she is operating in the “high form”).

If she has not worked in the healthcare field, then she should consider doing this if she is contemplating a career change.  As she is already aware, great changes have been happening in her life and are likely to continue to happen as Saturn conjoins her Scorpio planets in the next two years.  She will be an individual who can greatly benefit from this summer’s grand trine / grand sextile patterns, and this would be a good time to launch the changes into the area she chooses to focus for the next few years.

Zane Natal Chart

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Reader Zane writes the following:

Wow, this is all very fascinating and confusing to me at the same time. I am new to all of this since reading a weekly horoscope as a Libra recently and then hearing about the whole Saturn-in-my-sign thing. Was relieved to hear it is leaving soon, but then thought maybe I shouldn;t be too relieved yet. Can you help me understand a little about what to be wary of based on where things are on this chart, or perhaps direct me to where I could learn more about it? I appreciate any info.

Here is the natal chart:

Zanet 1-2-2013 1-26-49 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

We note that Zane has a Gemini ascendant at 28 degrees.  He is likely generally perceived as sociable and friendly.  He may have been born into a family that encouraged this, and sometimes it seems to be his fate to play this role.  But, with most of his planets below ground, Zane carries secrets, and he carries quite a few of them.

With Venus in Virgo conjunct the IC and the Moon in Capricorn in the 7th house, we can see that women are particularly important in Zane’s life.  He has, and probably will continue to, needed to foster the growth of his daughter(s), sister(s), and mother.  If married, his wife is quite important to him.  Given these planets in earth signs, finances are likely an issue in these relationships.  He may also have some difficulty expressing his emotions in these relationships.  What comes out may be anger.

Saturn has touched his Sun and opposed its natal place (demi-return).  The demi-return signals adolescence at 14 years of age (roughly) and middle age at 42 years of age (roughly).  He is at a point where he is re-evaluating his values particularly if he has teenagers or children leaving home.

This year, transiting Saturn will touch natal Mercury and natal Neptune the following year, both in the 5th house.  Although many have seen him as “lucky” over the course of his life, he may feel as if “his luck has run out.”  But, this is just Saturn’s way of letting him know that he needs to re-evaluate his values and priorities.

If he is not doing so already, he could consider a teaching position in his career field.

Natal Chart for Richa

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Reader Richa requested a natal chart analysis earlier this year. She asked the following:

I need to now in detail how this transit will affect me. An vedic astrologer told me that I am having saturn in my sign for another 4+ years and time will be tough. I would like to know from a western (sun sign) prespective. Can I do some real estate ventures, need to know little bit how this transit will affect my career, growth, finances, health. I was affected negatively on this areas since Saturn has been in my sign and wonder what the coming years hold in those areas? Your insight in this matter would be greatly appreciate.

Here is the chart:


[Click to Enlarge]

You are clear of most Saturn transits except for the transit to your moon.  You will wrestle with emotionally sensitive issues during the coming year and may need to release people, places, and things that no longer work for you.  If you are in any kind of abusive relationship, now is the time to get out.

That said, transiting Saturn is still below ground in your chart but is in an upswing.  After your Saturn return, you started building or at least developed aspirations of some kind.  Now is the time to lay the foundation for what you want, whether it be a career in real estate or otherwise.  The next 2.5 years (approximately, while Saturn is in Scorpio) will not be without other challenges.  Saturn touching Venus will also lead you to let go or release certain relationships and could represent a financial loss.  If it is not a loss, if you use the energy wisely, then you will become very prudent and frugal with your money.  (You are already capable of doing this.)

However, when Saturn touches your Uranus, you will have some kind of surprise.  In the low form, this could be an accident to you or someone close to you.  In a higher form, it could be that you develop an acute awareness of what to keep and what to let go.  Indeed, you may pursue an entirely new direction with your life and your career.  But, do be careful during this period.

After that, likely some time in 2015 or 2016, you’ll likely have a quiet time until Saturn conjoins Neptune.  This will be one more housecleaning period in which you will make final decisions on how to focus your energies and what to focus upon.  After that, when Saturn reaches the 7th house cusp, you will begin building your life for the next 14 years in earnest.

As to whether or not you can prosper in real estate, I am hesitant to say.  Real estate is typically associated with earth signs, but you sound as if you are interested in real estate sales.  Scorpio is an excellent negotiator, and so can be Libra.  Together they can be very powerful, and you have much of both.  However, since you have mostly below ground planets you will need someone to handle any advertising and public relations for you.  And, avoid any dishonest dealings that could damage or destroy your public image.

Natal Chart for lrc

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Reader LRC asks the following:

I’m a woman born in New York. My rising sign is Aries and my sun sign is scorpio. I think I am just coming out of my saturn return and it has been a doozy with drastic and painful changes – moving, divorce, unemployment, physical attack and significant spiritual and psychological development. Things are starting to look up but knowing that Saturn is moving into scorpio, a very significant influence for me, has me more than terrified that I am headed into another 2.5 year chapter of doom and gloom. Is the worst behind me (for now), or can I begin to let myself hope for better things?

Natal Chart for lrc


[Click to Enlarge]

Many of the visitors to this blog have clusterings of planets in Scorpio and Libra.  This is true for your chart as well.   You have a 7th house stellium which means that you are highly focused on relationships.  You certainly have conflicts with others, and you may have been involved in some lawsuits.  You have Chiron in Taurus in the 2nd house, so finances can be quite a struggle for you.

Saturn is not finished with you, but you are now in a place where old things have been (mostly) cleared away.  You can now build anew, and you should.  You have a few years to establish yourself, and about seven more to reap the benefits of the foundation that you need to build now.  After that, you will be experiencing a new set of changes and challenges.

Faye’s Chart

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Earlier this year, Faye wrote:

Hi There, my bday is 10/10/78 my mom says I was born just before 8am CPT South Africa, so I figure I’m scorpio rising ( have traits and all) also have scorpio in mars, venus and uranus and libra in pluto! Saturn and libra has been beyondd challenging…. [edit] My Q is how much worst is saturn in scorpio gonna be for me! Exhausted, petrified and saddened by it all!!!

Here is here natal chart:

Faye 12-26-2012 4-32-07 PM[Click to Enlarge]

You do have an interesting chart, given your 12th house stellium (cluster of four or more planets, at least two of which are NOT personal planets) and Sun conjunct Pluto (exact) in the 11th house of friends, surprises, (and sometimes bribes).  With Jupiter in the 10th and near Midheaven (universities, legal system, and sometimes churches), you should consider a career at a university or in the courts.  Depending on your background and abilities, you might should consider being a teacher or an attorney.  The asteroid Astraea is also present in the 10th, and that points in the direction of the legal system.

The 12th house stellium indicates that you will tend to be involved with institutions, but you can (at least potentially) choose which ones.  Univeristies or courts might be preferable to jails or mental health facilities for you.  You do have to be careful regarding addictions, whether your own or people who are close to you.

I suspect that the energy of the legal system has come to you rather than you coming to it.  If that is true, you should at least consider a shift in career that allows you to harness that energy to benefit you.

Gina’s Chart

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Gina requested a natal chart analysis earlier this year.  Here is the chart, done in SolarFire 7.1:


[Click to Enlarge]

With Neptune in the first and the Moon in the 12th, we observe that Gina is an intuitive and sensitive person.  She has to be careful to avoid alcohol and drugs and anyone who might induce or mislead her into engaging in criminal behavior.  If she avoids the traps, or recovers from them, she is capaable of producing a high quality of music, poetry, photography or videography.  She is sensitive and can be easily wounded despite being a solar Aries.  With Venus in early Taurus, her ability to produce art is enhanced further, and she could be a performer, an actress or musician.  If she does not participate in art, then she might work in the fields of accounting or finance, but her higher callings are the ones mentioned earlier.

She has Saturn in the 7th which brings difficulty to relationships.  The Moon in the 12th, also, brings a problem with hidden enemies.  People are likely often jealous of her or may target her for other reasons.  She has “interesting” friends with Uranus in the 11th, and they often surprise her (sometimes good, sometimes bad).

We expect the following dates to be of importance to Gina over the course of 2013:

Chi (3)    Sqr    Asc (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jan 9 2013    03:37:31 pm    CST    39.729    06°Pi26′ D    06°Sg26′ D
Jup (7)    Opp    Nep (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jan 10 2013    03:14:16 am    CST    39.730    07°Ge00′ R    07°Sg00′ R
Nep (3)    Sxt    Ven (5)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jan 12 2013    01:22:41 am    CST    39.736    01°Pi23′ D    01°Ta23′ D
Chi (3)    Sqr    Nep (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jan 20 2013    09:25:56 am    CST    39.758    07°Pi00′ D    07°Sg00′ R
Jup (6)    Opp    Asc (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jan 21 2013    05:48:34 pm    CST    39.762    06°Ge26′ R    06°Sg26′ D

Jup (7)    Opp    Asc (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Feb 7 2013    05:37:25 pm    CST    39.809    06°Ge26′ D    06°Sg26′ D
Nep (3)    Qnx    Plu (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Feb 9 2013    08:29:33 am    CST    39.813    02°Pi22′ D    02°Li22′ R
Nep (3)    SSq    Chi (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Feb 13 2013    02:29:48 am    CST    39.823    02°Pi31′ D    17°Ar31′ D
Sat (11)    Sxt    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Feb 16 2013    09:40:52 pm    CST    39.834    11°Sc31′ R    11°Cp31′ R
Ura (4)    Tri    Asc (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Feb 19 2013    07:33:00 am    CST    39.840    06°Ar26′ D    06°Sg26′ D
Jup (7)    Opp    Nep (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Feb 19 2013    10:49:55 am    CST    39.841    07°Ge00′ D    07°Sg00′ R
Sat (11)    Sxt    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Feb 20 2013    00:24:39 am    CST    39.842    11°Sc31′ R    11°Cp31′ R

Ura (4)    Tri    Nep (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Mar 2 2013    07:12:03 am    CST    39.870    07°Ar00′ D    07°Sg00′ R
Jup (7)    Tri    Jup (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Mar 16 2013    01:32:08 am    CDT    39.908    09°Ge29′ D    09°Aq29′ D
Plu (2)    Cnj    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Mar 28 2013    02:41:31 am    CDT    39.941    11°Cp31′ D    11°Cp31′ R
Jup (7)    Qnx    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Mar 29 2013    07:18:51 pm    CDT    39.946    11°Ge31′ D    11°Cp31′ R

Chi (3)    Sxt    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 3 2013    12:49:47 pm    CDT    39.959    11°Pi31′ D    11°Cp31′ R
Sat (11)    Sqr    Jup (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 10 2013    07:19:41 pm    CDT    39.979    09°Sc29′ R    09°Aq29′ D
Jup (7)    SSq    Sun (5)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 12 2013    09:38:24 pm    CDT    39.984    13°Ge58′ D    28°Ar58′ D
Sat (11)    SSq    MC (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 14 2013    07:28:42 pm    CDT    39.989    09°Sc12′ R    24°Vi12′ D
Ura (4)    Sxt    Jup (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 15 2013    03:33:57 pm    CDT    39.992    09°Ar29′ D    09°Aq29′ D
Nod (12)    Sqq    Mer (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 17 2013    09:22:55 am    CDT    39.997    17°Sc57′ R    02°Ar57′ D
Jup (7)    SSq    Ven (5)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 25 2013    10:49:23 am    CDT    40.019    16°Ge23′ D    01°Ta23′ D
Nod (12)    Qnx    Chi (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 25 2013    11:17:28 am    CDT    40.019    17°Sc31′ R    17°Ar31′ D
Jup (7)    Tri    Mar (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 26 2013    04:13:24 am    CDT    40.021    16°Ge32′ D    16°Aq32′ D
Nod (12)    SSq    Plu (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 28 2013    03:09:27 am    CDT    40.026    17°Sc22′ R    02°Li22′ R
Plu (2)    Cnj    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 28 2013    07:44:20 am    CDT    40.026    11°Cp31′ R    11°Cp31′ R
Jup (7)    Qnx    Mon (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 28 2013    04:24:22 pm    CDT    40.027    17°Ge03′ D    17°Sc03′ D
Jup (7)    Cnj    Sat (7)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 29 2013    11:16:08 am    CDT    40.030    17°Ge12′ D    17°Ge12′ D
Jup (7)    Sxt    Chi (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 30 2013    11:11:25 pm    CDT    40.034    17°Ge31′ D    17°Ar31′ D

Nod (12)    Qnx    Sat (7)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 1 2013    07:10:16 am    CDT    40.035    17°Sc12′ R    17°Ge12′ D
Nod (12)    Cnj    Mon (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 4 2013    08:10:11 am    CDT    40.043    17°Sc03′ R    17°Sc03′ D
Nod (12)    Sqr    Mar (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 13 2013    11:06:35 pm    CDT    40.069    16°Sc32′ R    16°Aq32′ D
Jup (7)    Tri    Ura (11)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 15 2013    06:43:17 pm    CDT    40.074    20°Ge41′ D    20°Li41′ R
Ura (4)    Sqr    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 27 2013    10:42:14 pm    CDT    40.108    11°Ar31′ D    11°Cp31′ R
Jup (7)    Sqr    MC (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 31 2013    01:31:32 pm    CDT    40.117    24°Ge12′ D    24°Vi12′ D

Jup (7)    Sqq    Jup (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jun 1 2013    07:44:22 pm    CDT    40.121    24°Ge29′ D    09°Aq29′ D
Jup (7)    Sxt    Sun (5)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jun 21 2013    09:02:53 am    CDT    40.174    28°Ge58′ D    28°Ar58′ D

Jup (7)    Sxt    Ven (5)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 1 2013    11:41:02 pm    CDT    40.204    01°Cn23′ D    01°Ta23′ D
Jup (7)    Sqq    Mar (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 2 2013    03:04:55 pm    CDT    40.205    01°Cn32′ D    16°Aq32′ D
Jup (7)    Sqq    Mon (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 4 2013    08:54:07 pm    CDT    40.211    02°Cn03′ D    17°Sc03′ D
Jup (7)    Sqr    Plu (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 6 2013    07:42:24 am    CDT    40.215    02°Cn22′ D    02°Li22′ R
Jup (8)    Sqr    Mer (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 8 2013    08:07:33 pm    CDT    40.222    02°Cn57′ D    02°Ar57′ D
Jup (8)    Qnx    Asc (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 24 2013    03:09:50 pm    CDT    40.266    06°Cn26′ D    06°Sg26′ D
Jup (8)    Qnx    Nep (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 27 2013    05:34:40 am    CDT    40.273    07°Cn00′ D    07°Sg00′ R

Jup (8)    Qnx    Jup (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Aug 8 2013    01:46:06 am    CDT    40.305    09°Cn29′ D    09°Aq29′ D
Nod (11)    Sxt    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Aug 16 2013    06:44:45 pm    CDT    40.329    11°Sc31′ R    11°Cp31′ R
Jup (8)    Opp    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Aug 18 2013    06:53:26 am    CDT    40.333    11°Cn31′ D    11°Cp31′ R

Chi (3)    Sxt    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 1 2013    08:30:50 pm    CDT    40.373    11°Pi31′ R    11°Cp31′ R
Ura (4)    Sqr    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 7 2013    02:07:20 pm    CDT    40.389    11°Ar31′ R    11°Cp31′ R
Jup (8)    Qnx    Mar (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 16 2013    07:21:21 pm    CDT    40.414    16°Cn32′ D    16°Aq32′ D
Jup (8)    Tri    Mon (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 20 2013    10:55:56 am    CDT    40.424    17°Cn03′ D    17°Sc03′ D
Sat (11)    SSq    MC (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 23 2013    04:54:31 am    CDT    40.431    09°Sc12′ D    24°Vi12′ D
Jup (8)    Sqr    Chi (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 24 2013    00:25:40 am    CDT    40.434    17°Cn31′ D    17°Ar31′ D
Nod (11)    Sqr    Jup (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 24 2013    01:50:03 am    CDT    40.434    09°Sc29′ R    09°Aq29′ D
Sat (11)    Sqr    Jup (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 25 2013    11:17:19 pm    CDT    40.439    09°Sc29′ D    09°Aq29′ D
Nod (11)    SSq    MC (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 29 2013    11:18:14 am    CDT    40.449    09°Sc12′ R    24°Vi12′ D

Sat (11)    Sxt    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Oct 14 2013    08:50:28 am    CDT    40.489    11°Sc31′ D    11°Cp31′ R
Ura (4)    Sxt    Jup (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Oct 30 2013    08:45:10 am    CDT    40.533    09°Ar29′ R    09°Aq29′ D

Sat (12)    Sqr    Mar (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Nov 25 2013    03:49:12 pm    CST    40.605    16°Sc32′ D    16°Aq32′ D
Sat (12)    Cnj    Mon (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Nov 30 2013    01:35:15 am    CST    40.617    17°Sc03′ D    17°Sc03′ D

Sat (12)    Qnx    Sat (7)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 1 2013    11:22:56 am    CST    40.621    17°Sc12′ D    17°Ge12′ D
Sat (12)    SSq    Plu (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 2 2013    10:45:31 pm    CST    40.625    17°Sc22′ D    02°Li22′ R
Sat (12)    Qnx    Chi (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 4 2013    04:40:13 am    CST    40.629    17°Sc31′ D    17°Ar31′ D
Sat (12)    Sqq    Mer (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 8 2013    00:42:49 am    CST    40.639    17°Sc57′ D    02°Ar57′ D
Jup (8)    Sqr    Chi (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 20 2013    09:23:14 pm    CST    40.674    17°Cn31′ R    17°Ar31′ D
Jup (8)    Tri    Mon (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 24 2013    03:05:30 pm    CST    40.685    17°Cn03′ R    17°Sc03′ D
Jup (8)    Qnx    Mar (3)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 28 2013    12:59:16 pm    CST    40.695    16°Cn32′ R    16°Aq32′ D

Adam Lanza Natal Chart (No Birth Time)

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(For more details, please also read the preliminary analysis.)

Here is the birth chart for Adam Lanza.

Adam has a Thor’s Hammer (aka “God’s Fist”) in his natal chart. (We will discuss this in more detail in the commentary below.)

Since birth time is unknown, we have cast his chart as Sun Conjunct Ascendant (Sun CONJ ASC).  Here is the chart:

Natal Chart, Birth time unknown.  Used Sun Conjnunct Ascendant

Natal Chart, Birth time unknown. Used Sun Conjnunct Ascendant

Natal Chart, Birth time unknown. Used Sun Conjunct Ascendant

[Click to Enlarge]

We note that the Ascendant and Midheaven must be ignored in this chart, and the exact position of the Moon is unknown (just “early Capricorn”).  This chart has a LARGE number of squares and sesquiquadrates.  Indeed Venus (in Aries) has two squares and a sesquiquadrate!

(Update 12/15 @ 1445 CST, continued from above:)  We discussed the Thor’s Hammer earlier here and here.  Also known as the “Quadriform,” this pattern is also described here.)  Often associated with earthquakes and explosions, the Thor’s Hammer can be a very dangerous aspect.  In Adam’s case, Jupiter is the Apex Planet and has Venus on one side and BOTH Neptune and Uranus on the other side.  (Our name for four or more planets in a Thor’s Hammer pattern is “Thor’s Hammer Key.”  It is an amplified form of the already dangerous Thor’s Hammer.)

Jupiter is a great amplifier of things, and we suspect that any conflict Adam had with his mother or the school was hugely amplified by this Jupiter in a position to cause an “explosion” (gunshots, in this case).  We note that his Venus was highly afflicted in a number of ways, and come to an even stronger version of the conclusion that some kind of “atypical romance” may have been an important piece of the puzzle.

Uranus is associated with explosions, Jupiter in aspect with Uranus is associated with big explosions (or lotto winners), and this particular pattern is the most explosive of all.  (We have noted earlier that a major explosion happened on the date of Adam’s birth.)  Adam was, indeed, wired like a bomb waiting to explode.  (We are a bit surprised that he used guns instead of explosives.  Maybe it was because guns were easier to use than explosives.)

That said, we do not quite believe in “fate” but in “propensities.”  We bet that a large number of people were born on this date.  We suspect that a large number of them had one or two “bad days” this week. What could lead someone like Adam to choose to commit a massacre?

We still wonder what triggered Adam’s explosion.  Was he treated unfairly or falsely accused of something?  (We are asking a question, not making a statement.) SOMETHING triggered this disproportionate response.  What was it?

Whatever it was, it was disproportionate.  In researching this article, I came across this blog entry.  It strikes to the core of the issue.  And, here, the core of the issue is not guns.  The core of the issue is mental health.

I urge you to read it

That said, back to the astrological analysis.

As mentioned in the preliminary analysis, Adam had a Grand Earth Trine (ordinarily a marker of someone of great financial wealth) that was activated by the recent entry of Saturn into Scorpio.

  1. Saturn’s entry into Scorpio (October 6th and beyond) creates a kind of instability in his grand earth trine.
  2. Saturn semi-squared his Uranus / Neptune (and activated the Thor’s Hammer some time after October 6th).
  3. The “straw that broke the camel’s back” happened with the new moon of the 12th / 13th that squared his natal Mars.
  4. He acted at the time of his (nearby) personal new moon.

We stick with the idea that we wrote about 12 hours ago (about 2am locally) that we think something happened on the 12th or 13th (before the New Moon) that set in motion the events of this tragedy.

We have located two points that we think worthy of mention here:

  1. Jude Cowell points out that Mars (in Capricorn) recently transited Adam’s natal Uranus and Neptune.  This was almost certainly a major contributor as well.
  2. Over at AstroDispatch, the author points out that Pluto (in Capricorn) is conjunct (we think) Adam’s natal Moon.  This is a long-term high stress aspect.

We do not have a birth time to build an ascendant, but we are going to risk doing an analysis with a rectified chart (something we avoid).  We were going to set the birth time at 4:20 pm because that aligns the moon in the natal chart with the moon in the December 14th 9:18 am Double Yod Key (DYK) chart.

However, by moving the time to 2:50 pm, we move the ruler of the 10th into the 8th house.  (Gemini on the 10th, and Mercury on the 8th.)  This is a well-known marker of those who become famous in death, and it is not possible in all configurations but it is on this particular date of birth.  (JFK’s natal chart is a textbook example of this; he had Leo on the 10th and Sun in the 8th.  Of course, he was victim rather than perpetrator.  But, the point is that he became particularly famous in death, consequent to his assassination.)

This chart has Jupiter rising and in the 12th (the house of Self-Undoing) and Sun, Venus, and Mercury in the 8th house (house of Death).  Pluto (planet of death) is in the 3rd house (of children), and Mars (planet of violence and war) is in the 7th house (of relationships with others).  We think this chart is a very good candidate chart:

Adam Lanza (Ruler of 10th in 8th) 12-15-2012 4-03-48 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

Our second choice (mentioned earlier) is the chart that aligns the Moon with the Moon in the Double Yod Key chart:

Adam Lanza (DYK Align, Thor) 12-15-2012 3-42-10 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

We note that the ascendant in this chart (24 Virgo) is trine Algol (26 Taurus), and that the Sun is in the 8th (death) house.  We have illustrated the Thor’s Hammer relationship in the chart.

We do note that we are reluctant to attempt rectification at all.  But, these are our best guesses.

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