2015-12-02 Moon Square Saturn T-Squares (mutable and others)

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2015-12-02 Moon Square Saturn T-Squares (mutable and others)

Moon Square Saturn happens about once a month and, although it tends to be an unpleasant aspect, it is a fairly ordinary (very nearly boring) aspect.  This month, however, the Moon interacts with Saturn square Neptune (still in full force since the first perfection on November 26th), and a T-Square forms.  Other T-Squares are active (including Mars / Pluto / Uranus), and, so, this time the aspect is quite a bit more unpleasant than usual.  As is always true, the potential to harness this unpleasant energy to “get something done” exists if you are elevated enough / smart enough to use it that way.  Here is the chart, filtered for T-Squares:

2015-12-02 Mutable T-Square (and other T-Squares)[Click Image to Enlarge]

This is late night stuff for most people, so unless something nasty happens like a hot water heater problem or an auto accident, most of us should be mostly safe as long as we do not “go looking for trouble.”

That said, California might see some nastiness at this time (significant traffic events?), particularly those in Los Angeles.  (Could be an unusually unpleasant rush hour event.)

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