Full Moon 2015-08-29

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Full Moon 2015-08-29

As far as FM’s go, this is one of the quieter ones.  The past few months have been FULL of patterns, particularly Thor’s Hammer, Hele, and Rosetta patterns.  To some degree, one might start to believe that they are ALWAYS with us, but that is not so.  Again, this is one of the quieter FM’s, but we could easily see some action in certain areas.  In particular, Jupiter / Neptune influences this FM, and some people may go “overboard.”  Resist the temptation to speak hyperbole and the temptation to tilt at windmills.  But, if you are a “creative,” then this can be a very, very good time for you to create music, poetry, photography, and videography (and similar arts).

This FM has a T-Square (and, yes, THOSE are common), Grand Trines (multiple overlapping, almost functioning as a single GT), and a simple uncomplicated Hele.

We present first the chart filtered for oppositions first (that is what an FM is, namely Moon opposite Sun) that shows the other oppositions in play (notably Mercury opposite South Node, meaning a tendency to “take the easy way out” instead of doing necessary hard work):

Full Moon 2015-08-29 (Oppositions)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We also see Astaea (law and justice) opposing the mid-point (combination) of Pluto (power politics and sometimes police & intelligence agencies) and Ceres (feast and famine issues, likely agents of economic control here).  We would not at all be surprised to see lawsuits along these lines at this time.  (i.e. Shareholder’s derivative lawsuits and similar).

Here is the FM chart filtered for the Hele, showing certain clear cut alliances at this time:

Full Moon 2015-08-29 (Hele)

[Click to Enlarge]

We note a square between Ceres and Uranus here.  This could be a fight inside Tech companies between the visionaries and engineers and creatives, on one side, and the bureaucrats and management and similar on the other side.  Maybe something a bit like this scene:

Betrayal is likely to be part of the mix.  Compare, also, this scene:

We also see a T-Square, giving us the energy to accomplish very specific tasks:

Full Moon 2015-08-29 (T-Square)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

And, those specific tasks are directly tied to the Hele: legal department, finance/management, and creative geniuses at war.  As an aside, I am betting on the creative geniuses.  (But, I am a bit biased and tend to favor them anyway.)

Finally, this chart also contains Grand Trines (opportunities):

Full Moon 2015-08-29 (Grand Trines)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

These  GT’s are similar to the various ones that have been with us all month (or similar), and they indicate leadership opportunities.

We also like the analysis by Clarissa.  Other thoughts on this FM:

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