Mercury Direct Station February 20, 2021

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Mercury Direct Station February 20, 2021

Most interesting about this chart are (1) Moon conjunct North Node and (2) Moon biseptile Sun, both at the time of the Mercury Direction Station.

After the weather disaster in Texas, and also other parts of the nation, this chart tells us “it ain’t over yet.”  Care on this date, and the next few days is imperative.  Caution will pay dividends.  Impulsive behavior courts disaster.

“Poets, priests, and politicians,” who “have words to thank for their positions” will find that finding words is tough on any Mercury Station, but this one might have the curious contradiction of certain deep insights (Moon/Node biseptile Sun).  Breakthroughs can be had.  Write down the ideas, you may not have all of the pieces yet.  Persist; they will come later.

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A Thor’s Hammer is also present.  Again, anger and impulsive behavior can be particularly dangerous at this time! (Avoid dangerous “people, places, and things.”  And, if one of those includes you, go somewhere and take a nap or take a time to meditate and practice deep breathing.  Whatever “it” is, “it” is not worth it!)

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A few exceptional individuals will harness today’s energy to produce BRILLIANT works of music or poetry or visual arts or photography or videography.  If you are a creative, this COULD be your moment (IF you can avoid anger and impulsivity)!

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Monday January 25th 2016

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Monday January 25th 2016

Monday, Mercury moves Direct.  This dominates the day.  Moon remains v/c from yesterday until 9:46 PM CST.  This is a difficult day to get things done for most people.  Glitches and re-do’s predominated.  If you can take the day off and rest and relax that is a great idea.  If not, proceed carefully and double check everything.

Outside of Mercury Rx and Moon v/c (which nearly consumes us entirely), the day has a number of subtle aspects that are difficult to interpret.  If you are a student of astrology this is THE day for you to study the “Undecile” aspect because it occurs in FOUR variations today.  Two of those involve the North Node (aka “Karma”; the Vedic astrologers call this “Rahu” and accord it a strong degree of “respect” for its ability to “clear away” what is no longer needed), and Sun / Saturn  in a Septile also emphasizes Karma.  Sun Quintile Uranus can bring us smart, maybe brilliant, ideas, but almost certainly this is not the day to put them into action.  Save that for at least a few days, better yet after the next New Moon.

We find particularly interesting that the first two episodes of the X-Files reboot straddle the Mercury Direct Station.  Chris Carter has gone on record claiming that they took a “13 year commercial break.”  That seems both true and appropriate.

Critics inevitably dislike changes to successful formulas, but we agree the that “updates” to match current times are nothing less than essential.  We find it particularly interesting that important elements of the reboot parallel the Internet world and our collective distrust of “mainstream liberal media.”  We hope the miniseries fares well, at least well enough that we see another set of episodes next year.

Aliens or not, Mulder and Sculley provide a metaphorical voice to our collective distrust of the government in a medium that is dominated by the likes of “NCIS” (ugh!) and “Blue Bloods” (ugh!).  Except possibly for “The Good Wife,” Mulder and Sculley provide the only such voice.

Sunday January 24th 2016

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Sunday January 24th 2016

Sunday, if not earlier, we feel the effects of the Mercury Direct Station.  Frankly, these can be as “bad” or “worse” than the retrograde station.  We are facing the time to move forward.  People, places, or things that we have ignored or neglected have asserted themselves, and we may still have not fully addressed them.  Other items may show themselves as decisions.  Ignore them at your peril.  By this weekend, you will be feeling the coming Mercury Direct Station on Monday.

Otherwise, this is a mostly post-full moon lunar day.  A (very) loose Yod exists in the sky, with the Moon (Leo) at the apex, Chiron / Neptune (Pisces) on one leg, and Mercury (R) / Pluto on the other leg (Capricorn).  Only you can say what this decision, or decisions (like a set of complex ones) can really mean, but the Moon in Leo is all about authority and taking charge on center stage, the Pisces leg faces health / healing / education issues, and the Capricorn leg is also about authority as well as financial issues and the corporate world.  For some of you, this is the decision of whether to take time off to rest and relax versus plunging back into whatever kind of work you do full tilt.  Do keep in mind the Mercury is retrograde and stationing direct.

Mercury Direct Station 2015-10-09

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Mercury Direct Station 2015-10-09

The Mercury Retrograde period that began Thursday, September 17, 2015 will end October 9, 2015.  It is marked by two notable patterns (1) a Yod involving Neptune, Juno, and Astraea and (2) a higher order 7th Harmonic triangular pattern (arguably a 7th Harmonic “Learning Triangle”) involving Pluto, Astraea, and the North Node.  We show the first version of the chart, filtered for the Yod:

2015-10-09 Mercury Direct Station

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the same chart, filtered for the 7th Harmonic “Learning Triangle”:

2015-10-09 Mercury Direct Station (7th Harmonic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note that both of these patterns have Astraea (law, legal, and justice) involved in both of them.  While a number of interpretations are possisble (and often appropriate to individual situations), we believe that we might see an important divorce initiated at this time.  Astraea represents the various members of the legal system, Juno an aggrieved wife (or possibly other family member), and Neptune a husband who has a problem with drugs / alcohol or other addictive behaviors.  The North Node tells us that much work will be needed.  This will note be an easy process for those involved.

Here is the U.S. Map.  We note that most activations are in the eastern half of the United States (the most densely populated portion) and particularly along the region commonly identified as the “East Coast.”

2015-10-09 Mercury Direct Station (US Map)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is the world map:

2015-10-09 Mercury Direct Station (World Map)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Other recent aspects:

Upcoming events:

Other interpretations of Mercury Direct station on this date:

Stay tuned for more developments!

Mercury Direct Station June 11, 2015 Thor’s Hammer and Multiple Kites

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We start with the chart of the Mercury Direct Station of June 11, 2015 as determined by SolarFire 8 using the Electional Search option with Longitudinal speed set to “> 0.00.”  We have initially filtered it to highlight a particularly strong Thor’s Hammer pattern that is in play at the time of the Direct Station:

2015-06-11 Mercury Direct Thors Hammer

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Venus, Chiron, and Pallas are in play.  Rash behavior at this time could lead to learning lessons by getting wounded.  Ouch.

What is truly amazing is the number of kites in play at this time: three.  But, first, let us see the also remarkable grand trines from which those kites are built:

2015-06-11 Mercury Direct Grand Trines

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Moon / Pallas / Jupiter & Juno stand out as a grand fire trine.  North Node / Ceres / and Mercury & Astraea form a grand air trine.  Saturn / Venus / Vesta form another grand fire trine.  The tendency to act rashly is strong here, and it will have long term consequences.

These grand trines, however, do form the basis for a remarkable number of kites:

2015-06-11 Mercury Direct Kites[Click Image to Enlarge]

So, let’s be clear, the strongest of these is the one with Pallas Opposite Mars (and Sun).  This does favor someone.  However, it does not tend to favor touchy-feely tree huggers (many of us reading this tend to be that way).  It does favor people with combat boots and automatic weapons.  Or outlaw bikers that have a history of carrying automatic weapons.  I think it is a dangerous time.  (See, also: Mars sextile Uranus, recently.)

If my analysis is correct, this could represent some kind of followup to the Algol New Moon.  A few may experience this as a follow up to Christmas of 2014.  Both things could be true.  And, Mercury continues square to Neptune.  All of these indicate that (for most of us) this is a good time to stay home and work on something safe.  Lock your doors.

But, to be sure, someone will accrue great advantage at this time.

One last thing: a T-Square (beside the Uranus / Pluto / Node thing) is in play:

2015-06-11 Mercury Direct T-Square

[Click Image to Enlarge]

If you are in rush hour traffic some time near this time, keep your cool.  We recommend you wait until at least after the New Moon to make any major leaps forward.  (Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) might wait until the Summer Solstice arrives.

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Mercury Direct Station February 11, 2015

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No doubt some of you are wondering about the details of the Mercury Direct Station of February 11, 2015.  We have much to say about it because a number of patterns are in play, and the maps are interesting.  We start with twin yods that tell us that each of us, both collectively and individually, have TWO distinctly different decisions facing us as Mercury turns direct.  Here is that chart:

2015-02-Mercury-Direct-Yods (Basic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

In astrology, “two” sometimes means “two or more.”  So, you may have a series of important decisions.  One of these focuses on trust issues, and may focus on your spouse, partner, or another important significant other (Juno at apex).  The other decision involves health and healthcare (Hygeia at apex).  While these two COULD be linked, for the majority of people we are talking about independent decisions.  The Juno (trust) decision is between Venus (usually prosperity but sometimes becoming a bit stuck) and Ceres (more risky and possibly austerity).  The Hygeia decision is between Mercury (communication and transportation, but STANDING STILL) and Saturn (hard lessons but strength when those lessons are finished).

A Hele, Rosetta, and a Square Key are in play.  (Not entirely surprising given the patterns of the past few days.  However, THIS Hele and THIS Square Key are different from the previous ones.  New variants of old dramas?)

The Hele represents a polarizing influence, and people can distinctly take sides; they will tend to be intractable (as we expect from a Hele), but the Rosetta shows a (different) conflict in which the issues are not so clear cut or organized.  In that case, some people may defect and move “to the other side.”  The Square Key oddly ties these conflicts together when they might otherwise be unrelated.  Here is each chart, beginning with the Hele, then the Rosetta, and then the Square Key:

2015-02-Mercury-Direct-Hele (Basic)


[Click Image to Enlarge]

2015-02-Mercury-Direct-Rosetta (Basic)


[Click Image to Enlarge]

2015-02-Mercury-Direct-SquareKey (Basic)

[Square Key]

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Important to note is that the MOON is contained in ALL of these three patterns.  This is another signal that some of the forward motion on certain issues may not really begin until the New Moon of February 18th, about a week away.  (Nine days after that, on February 27th, we perfect the Jupiter Quincunx Pluto again.  This will heighten any sense of agitation that we must “do something”‘ yet we cannot quite obtain the solution we seek.  We suspect that a more radical transformation (Pluto) may be necessary.  This particularly applies issues involving politics (Jupiter in Leo) and Economics (Pluto in Capricorn).)

Next, we show a chart of Mercury and all its aspects with other planets.  We note that Venus, Pluto, Ceres, and Astraea are excluded.  The remainder are in some kind of aspect (some higher order).

2015-02-Mercury-Direct-MercuryAspects (Basic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

For those interested in seeing all of the aspects in play, this chart may be most useful:


[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here are the maps:  We start with the United States, Canada, and Mexico:


[Click Image to Enlarge]

This is an unusually complex map (for the U.S.).  The Jupiter / Saturn crossing at San Francisco activates that city AGAIN.  While we cannot say precisely what this means, it almost certainly relates to finances and probably has some kind of impact on Wall Street in NYC.  We see a Sun line cross Idaho, Nevada, and the portion of California roughly midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  (Sun lines are usually benevolent.)  Neptune and Chiron lines cross at the “Four Corners,” and they tell us this region needs some kind of “healing.”

Venus and Mars ascendant lines light up the midwest, from North Dakota to Texas.  What do these two mean together?  In more literal translations they mean “sex” (Mars) and “love” (Venus) or arguably the male (Mars) and female (Venus) principles.  In more practical day to day terms, we think people in this region will be ready to move forward on some key issue even more than others at this time of doing precisely that (moving forward).

Chicago is located midway between a Uranus and North Node line (that travels from Wisconsin to the “panhandle” of Eastern Florida.  Expect surprises if you live in this region, and be aware that you can obtain some brilliant insights at this time.  As an aside, I would not be surprised to learn that the Powerball winners for the big jackpot at this time (half a billion USD) live somewhere near these lines.

Pluto, Ceres, and Astraea lines light up the eastern portion of the U.S., especially Pittsburg/Youngstown OH, West Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia.  Turmoil and conflict leading to major changes may arise in these regions.

We do not duplicate these explanations for Canada or Mexico since they are easily extended to those maps:


[Click Image to Enlarge]

Well, maybe we will note four: (1) the Jupiter line (usually benevolent but always an amplifier) touches Calgary, (2) Vancouver is affected by the Saturn line (the same one that touches San Francisco), (3) the Mars Ascendant line comes quite close to Winnipeg, and (4) the Pluto and Ceres lines affect the region due west of Toronto.


[Click Image to Enlarge]

Monterrey has the Mars line nearby (possibly indicating more unrest); Guadalajara (Venus line) is a better pick if you are taking a short vacation to Mexico at this time.

Here is the map of the UK:


[Click Image to Enlarge]

The Pallas line (warrior intelligence, a line of focused insight) touches the center of Ireland, from Derry to Cork.  This line picks up a far edge of Scotland also.  Aberdeen is touched by a Mercury line (and given that Mercury is stationary in this chart we assume this could mean communication or transportation problems possibly followed by insightful solutions).  Much of the UK appears unaffected, but we suspect that if we drew a “midpoint line” involving Pallas and Mercury that the UK would light up.  (What does that mean?  Some initial problems in transportation or communication or both followed possibly by some ingenious insights.)

We zoom out to the Europe map:


[Click Image to Enlarge]

The Mercury line that touches Aberdeen affects much of Western Europe, as does a corresponding Vesta line.  We see Uranus crossing near the French / Swiss border and would not be surprised to hear of either (1) a breakthrough at the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) or (2) some kind of accident or even (3) both.  An Astraea Midheaven line comes near Munich (Munchen) and signifies that issues of bringing criminals to justice may come into the spotlight.  The Vesta line that touches Aberdeen also touches Frankfurt.  The Jupiter Ascendant line brings prospectives of a newfound prosperity to Warsaw and strength to Poland as well as Bucharest and Romania.

Here is the map for Scandinavia:


[Click Image to Enlarge]

The Node line (karma) touches Stavanger in Norway bringing the idea of “reaping what you sow.”  Metaphorically, the “good little boys and girls” should do well while the bad ones will receive “ashes and switches.”  A Uranus line touches Norway as well, bringing surprises in the form of accidents, insights, or both.  (“Watson, come here.”)  Sweden is touched by Jupiter (same as Poland) and Sun lines, Stockholm is midway between them, and this tends to signal prosperity for this region.  (Spring may start early?)

Here is the map for Australia and New Zealand:


[Click Image to Enlarge]

We see a crossing of Saturn and Jupiter lines (similar to San Francisco) at the southern cost.  Not TOO far from Perth we see an IC Mercury line, and this could indicate communications or transportations difficulties in this reason.  Being an IC line (“the grave”), this could result in significant loss of life.  The Jupiter line touches Alice Springs, but most of the rest of the region is quiet.  (Except for the Mars line touching southern New Zealand.)

At this point, we present maps for India, Japan, and SE Asia without comment.  (Until we can add a further update.)


[Click Image to Enlarge]

India and the surrounding region is a bit complex.  The Mars descendant line pierces the middle of the country, running North to South and coming near a number of the most populous regions.  People may feel the need to “get things done,” athletes may have breakthroughs, and some conflicts (including physical ones) may emerge.  Pallas and Venus affect Surat, Ahmadabad, and Bombay, bringing the prospect of the successful implementation of breakthrough ideas that bring prosperity to these areas.  Kabul in Afghanistan has the Chiron Descendant line nearby, signaling the possibility of a desperately needed healing of relationships.


[Click Image to Enlarge]

The Jupiter Midheaven (MC) line brings prosperity to southern Japan (particularly the region between Hiroshima and Kyoto/Osaka).  A Sun / Moon crossing near Tokyo signals the same thing, though not as strong as southern Japan.  Japan is about to move into better, and stronger, times.


[Click Image to Enlarge]

We end with a map of the region of Southeast Asia and note, as we typically do, that this is a complex map.  Consequently, we will leave the interpretation open.  (Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore have FIVE lines running through them! These are “interesting” times.)  Here is a map of Malaysia and the surrounding region:


[Click Image to Enlarge]

A relocated chart to Kuala Lumpur looks like this:


[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note Pluto on the IC (bottom of the chart, “the grave”) and Astraea on the descendant.

Other sources of information:

For those who are interested in Midpoint Trees (Cosmobiology), we offer that here:


[Click Image to Enlarge]

October 2014 Rosetta, Mystic Rectangle and Thor’s Hammer

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These aspects (the Rosetta, Mystic Rectangle, and Thor’s Hammer) repeat several times in October 2014.  We have seen a similar pattern before: the Tokyo Earthquake of 2011.  If we will see some kind of earthquake or meltdown remains to be seen, but lately the NYSE seems to have been a bit shakey.

We omit the Rosettas of Oct 2nd and Oct 10th as being similar to that of Oct 24th and note that they are similar and that in some important way these dates are tied together.  (Hindsight will likely elucidate how.)  Instead, we begin with the Mystic Rectangle of October 12th (which began as the Kite described in a previous post broke formation).

Mystic Rectangle of 2014-10-12

[Click to Enlarge]

We note that Moon trines Venus and Mars trines Uranus.  Mars and the Sun are sextile as are the Moon and Uranus.  This is a powerful day for purposes of creativity for anyone who seized it.  For others, the day seemed a bit irritable and maybe even odd.  Some atypical romances may have started on this date that will turn out to have “staying power” much to the surprise of many.

Next, we look at the Thor’s Hammer of October 15th (one of several this month):

Thors Hammer of 2014-10-15

[Click to Enlarge]

We worry about “things going boom” on this date (October 15th) and on the next (October 18th):

Thors Hammer of 2014-10-18

[Click to Enlarge]

We believe that these two days (and possibly the period between them) are particularly dangerous in terms of explosive things and explosive people.

Finally, we present the Rosetta of October 24th.  It “bookends” this series of patterns in October, AND it precedes the Mercury Direct Station (meaning that some things have been boiling and will pop after the direct station):

Rosetta of 2014-10-24

[Click to Enlarge]

We note that the Rosetta occurs after the New Moon in Scorpio and (again) just before the Mercury Direct Station: a number of “things” will “take off” (in some big way) after October 25th.  For some, I might add, this will be an excellent period to launch creative projects.

Recall that we are also working through the Grand Yod of 2014.  Whatever new path you have been testing, now is the time to blend in your most creative ideas and focus your efforts to more fully launch your journey along that path.

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