Full Moon of November 13, 2008

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If you live in the UK, then the Full Moon happens Thursday November 13th; that is also true for those on the east coast as well as those in Central Time zone in the U.S. Being in DFW, I view events from a Central Time viewpoint. This same event occurs on Wednesday the 12th for those in Pacific Time and points west.

A full moon with the Sun in Scorpio and Moon in Taurus happens once a year, but varies in precise location (in terms of degrees) from year to year.

This year the event occurs at 21 degrees, so if your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant is there then this is an important event for you. (Example: those with Aug 14th birthdays would be affected.)  Unsure if you have a 21 degree planet?  Try the free chart page at AstroLabe.

For President Obama, this most affects his Mars in Virgo at 22 degrees. I’ll offer that this Full Moon is about getting things done. Obama is a Solar Leo, and things Virgo tend to be things financial for Solar Leos. Bottom line: The President Elect needs to get as many things in place regarding the financial sector as soon as possible. After the Full Moon, “things” will change.

For the rest of us, the answers are found in three additional events: (1) Sun Sextile Saturn on Tuesday; (2) Venus conjuncts Pluto then enters Capricorn; and (3) Jupiter Sextiles Uranus. I suppose I could add (4) Sun Squares Neptune.

(1) Sun Sextile Saturn on Tuesday. This day is about getting things done. You’ll feel like working, and you should. Avoid the frivilous like the plague. Not the best day for you if your work involves anything “goofy.” Clowns should stay home. Artists and Writers should use this day to catch up on finances and paperwork; all of us should.

(2) Venus Conjuncts Pluto then enters Cap. Pluto, which is ordinarily malefic without any additional influence, continues to be atop of malefic part of Sagittarius. In a sense, this extra-malefic Pluto “poisons” dear Venus. This aspect perfects about 1am Eastern, midnight Central, 5am UK.

The earlier part of the day was a good thing to get things done, but this evening is a good time to hide unless you are a criminal or a cheat. Criminals and cheats will fare quite well this evening. If you are NOT a criminal, cheat, scammer, or liar, then secure your possessions and do NOT engage in any form of business this evening. Any “offers” that come your way this evening are almost certainly scams. Straight to the trash for them.

When is it safe to act again? I’d say Saturday afternoon through “about” 10pm Central on Sunday. This weekend will be a source of some AMAZING financial deals done on the golf course, family dinner, and other close & personal private gatherings.

(3) Jupiter Sextiles Uranus. This is a BIG and long term aspect that has been in the process of perfecting for a month or three depending on your point of view. It will exert similar influence for another month or three. More than a few Taureans, Virgos, and (ESPECIALLY) Capricorns are benefiting from this; water signs also to a lesser degree.

If you bought Big Oil (Scorpio) then you placed yourself in a position to make quite a bit of money. Prices were artifically high; now, they are almost certainly artificially low.

This is a major “lotto winner” aspect, but for many the Lotto won’t be a ticket bought at a convenience store. This may be the time to get into a educational program that you thought you couldn’t enter. Or, it may be a time to enter certain kinds of business (obviously the kind that benefits from a recession). If you don’t get the job done Monday or Tuesday (or maybe Wednesday), then shoot for the Saturday / Sunday period described above.

(4) Sun Squares Neptune. All good things come to an end. Sun Squares Neptune is death to many activities and events. Neptune is associated with illness, and I’ve seen myself get a bug around this kind of aspect. This happens Thursday morning after the Full Moon (afternoon for UK), and it brings to an end everything described in 1, 2, & 3, above. Of course, #3 is very long term, so other opportunities will open. But for THIS Full Moon, the Sun Square Neptune aspect kills the ability to get things done for most of us.

Exceptions exist, of course. Some scientific researchers, if their research isn’t contaminated or spoiled under this aspect, may make breakthroughs. Actually, the BIGGEST breakthroughs maybe if the research *IS* contaminated. After all, that is how Fleming discovered Penicillin. (Penicillin mold contaminated his petri dish and killed his bacterial cultures.) Ditto for the Stickie Note. So, pay attention. That Thursday disaster may have a brilliant solution to a larger problem hidden within it.

One footnote: look for the events of this Full Moon to resurface circa July 21st of 2010.

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