Predictions for July 7th to July 13th

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July 7th to July 13th of 2008

My short vacation was good. I hope yours was, too.

Predictions by Sign


You are the missing piece of the puzzle on Wednesday. Whether others realize it or not, you are the “goto” person. Your leadership makes a big difference. Things get tough Thursday, but you are still strong. Take time Friday to rethink your position. (You don’t have to quit, but you might want to adjust your strategy). Saturday can be a fun day for you. Take easy on Sunday.


Big money can be made Wednesday, but watch the spending. Thursday is tough for most people but could favor you, especially if you are the voice of prudence. Friday and Saturday are about planning the next two weeks. Divide these in half: up to July 18th (grow things) and the week past July 18th (shrink things).


Weren’t you already busy enough in June? You are back to your usual job of communications (and transportation) central. Tuesday is unpleasant for you, but Wednesday is better. I don’t know what “it” is, but don’t even THINK about “it” on Thursday. The Virgos well beat you. Friday and Saturday make you think, but don’t pin your hopes on those ideas. Sunday evening and the following Monday will be better, or at least you can straighten things out if necessary.


Have you had your birthday yet? If so, you’ll probably survive this week well. Thursday is tough for everyone, but you can handle it better than most as long as you didn’t overdo things on Wednesday. Friday and Saturday will serve you well, but wrap things up before Sunday morning. Sunday AM things change, and probably not in your favor.

Haven’t had your birthday yet? Still time to lay low. You need a day off anyway. Go on vacation.


Less than 30 days to your birthday? Read the part of Cancer that says “Still time to lay low.” Clean up & wrap up but please don’t try to launch. If you MUST start negotiations, then do so; just know that things WILL change.

More than 30 days to your birthday: Wednesday favors you heavily. But you MUST COMPLETE what you start on Wednesday. If it spills over into Thursday, all bets are off. So, keep the projects small and focused on Wednesday. Avoid whatever is offered on Thursday. The Scorpios win on Friday and Saturday, so don’t challenge them. Anyway, despite your natural conflict, SOMEtimes they are your best friends. After all, you are both the most royal of signs. You might even find romance with one. (Note: this is dangerous for you.)


Nothing matters but Thursday. To be sure, you might have SOME advantage on Wednesday, but Thursday is the key. Whatever happens on Thursday will “set the stage” for you for as long as the next two years, maybe longer. So, if you know what is coming, please do prepared. (You are very good at preparing, so that shouldn’t be TOO difficult.)

One other thing: if this is “long term,” then you need to have the first phase, or launch, wrapped up before solar Leo starts (about July 22nd).


Take this week off. No, really! No kidding. You can have fun on Wednesday, and you can lay low on Thursday (what an awful day for you). Friday and Saturday are better days for you, as long as you didn’t screw up on Thursday. Sunday will go well, too. You’ll be ready to go again next Monday.


Nobody else likes this kind of Mars-Saturn stuff. You thrive on it, unless your moon is in Libra or some similar situation. Let’s face it, when the going gets tough, you get going. Most people will find their opportunity this week on Wednesday, but yours might start on Thursday, with potent follow through on Friday and Saturday. “Despite your better judgment,” rescue a Leo; you’ll feel better about it later.


Some of you are really going to feel like hurting someone. Tuesday has nuisances, followed by feel-good Wednesday. Then all hell breaks loose on Thursday. You probably couldn’t hold your tongue even if I begged you. Just remember that the ramifications might be very long term. Take the weekend off; you need the R&R. Stay home.


Much like Scorpio, you’ll have massive opportunities this week. That is, once you get over being as angry as Sadge. Do NOT let this energy express as anger; turn it into “right action” instead and it will pay superb dividends. SOME of you will find Thursday to be a turning point that you NEEDED, even if it is unpleasant for most people, including you. Once you are jump-started, anything is possible. (Jupiter favors you this year.)


Read Leo, except for the birthday part. This just isn’t the best week for you. Thursday is awful, and even though you THINK that you UNDERSTAND what is going on / what went on, you don’t. Nobody is trying to deceive you (any more than any other day), but you just can’t really dial into this Virgo / Cancer weirdness. (Weird to you, anyway.) Regardless, you may be faced with a tough decision, and, alas, I can’t tell you which one to pick. (Chances are that it will be between work & family, though.)


Read Virgo. Also, know that, unlike Virgo, your playful nature might give you the greatest advantage this week, even over Cap, Taurus, and Virgo. You can read between the lines where others can’t.

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Predictions by Day of Week

The *BIG* event this week is Mars (Virgo) conjunct Saturn (Virgo). This marks a new Mars/Saturn cycle, and that stirs up the financial markets (as if they needed any more). The shakeup probably will not be as big as a Jupiter / Saturn transit, but SOMEthing will happen, probably Thursday.


Venus Inconjunct Neptune. Watch out for deceipt. Purchases may not be what you expect them to be. Once spent, money is not easily retrieved.


This day is characterized by lunar squares that annoy most of us. If you were born “about” the 27th or 28th of most months, you might receive (or have to send) an irritating or annoying communication. A flat tire may hit a few of you during rush hour. Those of you born near the “cusp” of a sign (the “Am I Leo or Am I Virgo?” guys), will feel a tug at your ongoing power struggles. A big picture viewpoint says Tuesday might have a surprise in store for us on the political scene. (One of a series.)

I don’t want to crow too loudly, but note that some of my earlier predictions re: the financial markets have tended to be on target. (Refer to Uranus Retrograde Redux) suggested a surprise followed by continued aftershocks in the Financial Sector. (A few comments: AP: “It’s unusual to see a drop-off like that” and Forbes “established a new closing low for 2008.”)

A bit of some kind of annoyance may be felt here, on Tuesday. I don’t know if this will be an “activator” (of a larger move) or just a “minor correction.” I’ll guess 60% in favor of the latter.


Sun Opposes Jupiter, and Moon Squares both of them! Spend, spend, spend.

The market might rally on this day. (Nothing like a little good news.) Bulls rejoice.

Okay, I don’t know how to say it, but this is a “feel good” day. So, take the time to “feel good.” Just don’t overdo it. (Thursday cometh.)

But, for those who do not spend, spend, spend, others some will eat, eat, eat. You are on a diet, and your office goes for delivered Pizza this day.

The alcohlics and addicts will be tempted to overindulge this day.

The “missing” point in this T-Square is in Aries. This “missing point” lossely corresponds to “about” April 7th. That period of April / Aries appears to be important to the U.S., so expect some kind of political news. With Jupiter involved, and The Lights, it will sound BIG at the time, but it is part of a much larger pattern that will culminate in October/November/December of this year. (So, it could be election related.)

If your birthday is between the 7th and 9th of the month you were born, this could be a BIG day for you. Just make certain it is money COMING IN rather than money GOING OUT. And, don’t overindulge in anything.

Also, (especially if your birthday is between the 7th and the 9th) this is a good night to go to church / temple / mosque (or your choice of service) if you haven’t been in a while. (If you are some kind of Fundamentalist, you won’t be able to tell the preacher that you read this blog, however! 🙂 ) This could be a very spiritual day for some. If you are not a member of an organized faith, please do take some time to practice whatever brings you the greatest sense of peace and enlightenment.

Note that in an earlier article, we mentioned that “April 9th” kinds of dates tend to interact with Mugabe. Don’t be surprised if some kind of event involving him happens on Wednesday (the activating T-Square) or Thursday (Mars Conjunct Saturn). This date is also associated with events involving the U.S. (Fort Sumter and Appamatox; the beginning and end of the Civil War). I don’t THINK the U.S. will go into Zimbabwe, but stranger things have happened.


This is such an EXTREMELY COMPLICATED day that I hesitate to even attempt to describe it.

Mars makes its “routine” conjunction with Saturn (usually “about” every two years). This is a tough aspect; be careful what you say or start today. Projects or jobs started today will tend to require IMMENSE amounts of work and may not be lasting. Those that do last will tend to be characterized with “difficulty.”

Okay, maybe I’m totally wrong. Maybe “International Happiness Day” will be a success.

Historically, though, events with this kind of energy don’t wear well. They will LOOK lasting, but they usually are NOT lasting. “Grant Lewi (Astrology for the Millions) viewed the squares and the opposition in this cycle as periods when we’re likely to come a cropper if we push our luck too far. ” Thursday is a conjunction, not a square or opposition, but the theme is the same: tread carefully.

People born around the 27th to 29th of each month will be most greatly affected by this energy. Some dates related to this transit: March 14, 2008; May 10th through 14th of 2008; September 7th to 9th of 2008; October 30th to November 1st of 2008; and December 15th to 17th of 2008.

Please look at the March and May dates to see what, if anything happened to you during this period. See if a related event occurs this Wednesday to Saturday (July 9th to 12th). If so, you might want to note the upcoming future dates on your calendar. I encourage you to track this and give me feedback.

Note also, today will have Mercury Opposite Pluto then transit into Cancer. This is anotther “Terms of Mars” placement and favors violent people, liars, and cheats. (I think I’m staying home today, if at all possible.)


A “Finger of God” appears, with the Sun & Venus together. The Sun (visible personality) is inconjunct Chiron (healing), and Venus (Values) is Inconjunct Pluto (power struggles; Terms of Mars). This “Finger of God” energy is very clear in its message: get honest (Sun / Chiron) or continue to suffer (Venus / Pluto). The choice is yours, and plenty will choose to suffer rather than give up some sliver of power held by deceit.

Hiding is very difficult Thursday, but it is more possible on this day, so you might use this as a day to “regroup” and maybe “make a decision” about what you will do next.


The Moon is in Scorpio and Venus is in Leo. This is a good day to spend with people you love. It could be a very Hot Romance day.

A Grand Water Trine exists, and this is another Kite with Wednesday’s Jupiter Opposition to the Sun still effective. SOME people will make a GREAT DEAL OF MONEY on this day. This is definitely a “play the lotto” day for someone. Everyone can have fun if you avoid sensitive subjects, wounded people, and professional victims. Stay away from the whiners and you’ll have a good time.


Sunday morning is a void, so just lay low and let the messages come to you. The moon CAN “performeth” in Scorpio, but unless that part of the Zodiac favors you, you should just use this time to center yourself. Sunday afternoon has the potential to be especially pleasant, but by the evening the energies become irritable again.


The “Big Story” for July, 2008 is the Inner Planet Activators. Rather than perform a detail discussion of what these are, please read the page “Inner Planet Activators.”

Sun, Mercury, and Venus are very active this month. Some people may experience routine events, others slightly more profound shakeups (maybe a job change), and still others still more profound shakeups (birth or death or something equally earth-shaking). All of this depends on whether, for example, the Venus-Neptune inconjunct of July 7th is “just an event for you,” or whether it activates one or more planets in your natal chart.

Venus / Neptune Activations

For example, consider that each of these planets is at 23 degrees, you might feel this aspect if you were born on a Full or New Moon on any of these birthdates: January 14th, February 13th, March 14th, April 13th, May 14th, June 14th, July 16th, August 16th, September 16th, October 17th, November 16th or December 15th. Born on a Full or New Moon on these days, or with other planets at 23 degrees (maybe Mercury or Venus?), and you’ll likely have a “big shakeup” on or about Monday July 7th.

If you read my piece on “Inner Planet Activators,” then you’ll know that the bad day might be Sunday or Tuesday. And, you might be affected if, say, your birthday is July 15th. Some variability exists due to different factors (leap years affecting the calendar, for example).

Mars-Saturn Conjunction of July 10th 2008

First of all, the chart (set in DFW, of course).

Astrological Chart of Mars Saturn Conjunction July 10, 2008

Astrological Chart of Mars Saturn Conjunction July 10, 2008

First: credit where credit is due: chart was produced with Astro123.

I don’t usually get involved with local politics, and I’m not going to start now. But this chart says SOMETHING big is happening (politically) in the DFW Metroplex. The Moon is on the Ascendant, and both are pretty much on top of Spica (a benevolent fixed star). The Mars-Saturn conjunction is in the 11th house of friends & politics (and sometimes bribery). So, SOMEthing big is happening in the Metroplex.

That said….

July of 2008, in general, has quite a bit of Inner Planet Activation stirring things up. The Mars-Saturn conjunction of July 10th will revisit us several times this year. As noted earlier, people, places, and things associated with dates “about” the 27th to 29th of the month will be affected by this conjunction. Specifically, this is at Five (5) degrees of Virgo. This event will be a bit painful for Libra natives (particularly those born after September 28th) since it will be a 12th Solar House event. If you are born on this date, do NOT commit to anything new on or about July 10th.

Virgo, Sadge, Pisces, and Gemini will all feel this. A quick synopsis:

September 28th to October 28th

This event corresponds to a birthdate of September 28th. If you are born on that date, your outcome is unclear. (You are on a cusp) for this event. Otherwise, for those later in this grouping, this is a 12th house event which is unpleasant for most Libras and a few Scorpios. Of course, Scorp often thrives on Mars/Saturn events, so this might not be bad for you at all. This is particularly true if you are one of those rare Scorps who works in front of the camera in the entertainment industry (Larry King). Actually, if you are a Scorp and you work in ANY aspect of the entertainment industry, or photography, this date might work for you. Just know that this is all about what most people consider REALLY DIFFICULT ENERGY. Good time for autopsy photos, etc. Bad time for pictures of bunnies & flowers.

Warning: if you are a “Goth” and think this will work “for” you; think twice. This isn’t an aspect to play with.

October 28th to November 28th

Friendships end on this date for you, and new alliances of a harsh nature are forged. This isn’t the kind of friend that you’ll likely invite to Christmas, but it is one you would want to count on in battle. Sagittarians born during this time will be tempted to mouth some rather harsh words.

November 28th to December 28th

Do you really want to quit this job? The new one will work you harder than you’ve ever imagined. Cost / benefit will say that the new one will pay far less in terms of the effort neeed to sustain that pay. In fact, they might not offer you much to begin with. Or, did they offer you the moon on Wednesday only to swindle you on Thursday or Friday? If so, is this someone you really want to be involved with?

A few Capricorns will actually come out on top in these battles.

December 28th to January 27th

Back to school, eh? Or, is it a lawsuit? Both? Did the settlement from the lawsuit pay for you to go back to school? If so, consider waiting until Spring Semester before you start. More will be revealed this fall.

If you are BEING sued, then don’t get your hopes too high on Wednesday. Thursday will crash down upon you. Don’t go cheap on the lawyer; you’ll need the best on this one. If this makes it into “the media,” then you are in deep trouble. Watch out for the “60 Minutes News Team” on your doorstep.

January 27th to February 27th

Ouch, ouch, and ouch for you. Could be a death in the family or it could be taxes, but it’ll almost certainly be death or taxes for you. Maybe this is a good time to let go of some duty you’ve carried too long. (I know that the new person terrifies you; take comfort in the idea that they probably won’t make it until the end of this year.)

If you file taxes on August 15th, you’d better make certain you have everything in order. Trouble is brewing.

February 27th to March 30th

Not the best time to get married for you. Re-schedule. You can ALWAYS re-schedule. The party is only for a day. The partner is for a life. If you are Aries, wait a few weeks until you are (1) in Solar Leo and (2) after the new moon. If you are Pisces, wait until early November. (I know, it’s cold then. But, that’s a better date for you.)

Not getting married? Your enemies may show their hand today. Don’t show yours. Don’t show it on Wednesday, either. (And, you’ll be tempted.) You might can win this one *IF* you “cross every ‘T’ and dot every ‘i’.”

March 30th to April 29th

Work, work, work. Will they ever stop piling it on? Avoid new projects no matter HOW tempting they sound. They may try to snag you on Wednesday or even Tuesday, so NOTHING new for you this week. Pass over that “Plum” that is being offered to you; it has a barb in it.

April 29th to May 30th

Lucky you. Or, so it seems. If you do win (Lotto, or whatever), just don’t spend it all in one place. Frankly, the smart thing for you to do is to use it to clear as much debt as possible. Didn’t win the Lotto? Watch out for that new Romance; it is more trouble than it is worth.

May 30th to June 29th

Trouble at home? It will be tough, but you can be, too. Hang in there. Watch out for that plumber or handyman who comes on a little bit to strong with their sales pitch about how “urgent” this problem is. Yes, it is urgent. But, I bet you can find a better (and cheaper) solution than the one they offer. You know how the old song goes: “you’d better shop around.”

June 29th to July 30th

That is one letter or phone call or email that you really didn’t want. If you are lucky, then it is a case of what you send or speak. If so, be silent this week. If at all possible, SHUT UP. Hide if necessary.

Things are changing. Wait for the news the Full Moon brings on July 18th.

July 30th to August 29th

Okay, is it all about aches and pains in the neck or lower, in the pocket book? Don’t overspend on Wednesday, because you’ll feel the pain on Thursday. If you have joint pain, just know that the heat of a summer day can sometimes be helpful.

August 29th to September 28th

This is a defining moment for you. Difficult to predict, you have to make a decision, and no matter what you pick, this is almost certainly a major turning point for you. This decision could easily “follow you around” for about two years.

Like the other predictions, remember to take the most conservative path possible on this one.

That’s all for now. The next BIG events will be the Full Moon on July 18th and the Mars Trine Jupiter on July 26th (with Sun in Leo).

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