Mercury Quincunx Pluto 2015-07-29 Thor’s Hammer Key

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2015-07-29 Mercury Quincunx Pluto

By itself, Mercury quincunx Pluto is frustrating and tempers can flare due to frustrations and miscommunications.  This one is worse; it has what we call a “Thor’s Hammer Key.”  (Two interlaced Thor’s Hammer patterns).  This is another potentially dangerous day that sets the stage for the upcoming Full Moon (Blue Moon).

Here is the chart, filtered for the Thor’s Hammer (God’s Fist) pattern:

2015-07-29 Mercury Quincunx Pluto (Thors Hammer Key)

[Click to Enlarge]


Double Yod Key 2015-07-10

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Double Yod Key 2015-07-10 starts early on July 10, 2015 in the U.S. (by 8 AM in the UK) and lasts until the end of July 11, 2015.

Like all DYK’s, the message is straightforward: you are facing a minimum of two critically important choices that must be made on Friday or at the latest Saturday.  Note that these precede the Sun/Uranus Square of July 12, and no matter which options you choose you will find yourself dissatisfied (and possibly upset on Sunday / Monday).  (The DYK is made of three “quincunx” patterns, and those are the patterns of misunderstanding, miscommunication, and ultimately dissatisfaction with the choice made.)

Here is the chart of when the window for this pattern begins:

2015-07-10 Double Yod Key

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The South Node is in the mix, and that represents “taking the easy way out.”  Just realize that “taking the easy way out” may not really be so “easy” this time.  Repeating old behaviors does not necessarily benefit you.  The best option is the one that is truest not only to who you are but who you are becoming.

In any case, you must act quickly because your options will likely become closed by Sunday.

Venus Quincunx Saturn 2015-05-10 (Mothers Day)

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We find five (!) quincunx on Mother’s Day besides this notorious one which perfects in the early morning hours.  The ultimate aspect of misunderstanding and miscommunication, it colors the day of this holiday:

Venus Quincunx Saturn 2015-05-10

[Click Image to Enlarge]

So try to avoid taking too seriously anything anyone says today, whether “good” or “bad.”  Chances are good that any misunderstandings will “come to a head” in a few days on May 14th or May 15th.

Groundhog Day 2013: Square Key

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Groundhog Day of 2013 is marked by the appearance of a Square Key:

Square Key of Feb 2, 2013 1-25-2013 10-19-04 PM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

What does this mean?  The combination of squares and inconjuncts will leave people with a feeling that they “need to act.”  The squares will not let people sit still, but the inconjuncts (quincunxes) will leave people with a sense of dissatisfaction regarding whatever they do, or do not, accomplish.

Noteworthy, also, is the Thor’s Hammer (aka “God’s Fist”) that precedes this formation on February 1st.  Moon is at apex of the Thors Hammer while Jupiter and Chiron are on each leg.

Thors Hammer Feb 1 2013 1-26-2013 5-50-59 AM

[Click on Image to Enlarge]

The Thor’s Hammer may produce rash action (if not an explosion).  The Square Key will color the reactions which will likely be ineffective or misguided.

Update: After the fact events:

January 9, 10, & 11: A Rather Wild Weekend

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Looking for a “wild weekend”?  You will probably get your wish fulfilled this weekend.  On Friday, the Moon is void from just after Midnight (Central) to just after Noon.  If you live in the UK or Europe, this means that the Moon is void for the workday.  If you are a new reader, you might ask what does that mean?

The traditional interpretation of a Void Moon is “nothing will come of this.”  In recent years, some practitioners have noted that sometimes something very definitely DOES “come of this,” but often in a weird or unexpected way.

By itself, the Void Moon would be enough.  But Mercury is practically at a standstill, the official date of the Retrograde station being January 11th.  Mercury Retrograde is notorious for problems with thinking, communications, and transportation.  Princess Diana died in an automobile crash when the Moon was void and Mercury was retrograde.  So, be careful.

After the transit of the Moon from Gemini into Cancer, about Noon CST, a major shift in energy occurs.  People you know might just want to go home and hide out.  Or, since the Moon has moved into the sign where it will become full, they may be ready for a wild ride.

In fact, Friday evening is a good night to stay home with your sweetheart.

Saturday proves to be a “better” day, but remains “interesting.”  If you broke your diet the other day, then you can use Saturday to get restarted (Moon Sextiles Ceres.)  This may not prove easy, but if you fall down you can get a great idea (Moon Trine Uranus) from a lesson learned and re-start in earnest.  The Moon is Full by 9:30 Central.  After that, the Moon immediately goes void and is waning. Waning Moons favor diets.

Both Ceres and Mercury go retrograde Sunday.  We have described the problems with Mercury Retrograde a number of times, so we will concentrate on Ceres, the Grain Goddess.

With Ceres retrograde, you will have to carefully scrutinize the areas of feast and famine in your life.  This is not just with food; this can be an excellent time to make a budget or organize a family meeting to make a budget.

The Moon is void on Sunday until almost Noon, so any plans made during that time may be subject to revision.  Make your plans anyway, because Sun Trine Saturn will favor them.  (Most plans need revisions anyway.)

If you are having a family meeting, expect some disputes over these issues. Moon opposes Jupiter and is inconjunct Pluto. (Moon Opp Jupiter = “blows it out of proportion”; Moon Inconj Pluto = “power struggles that resolve into false hopes.”)

Even so, this is the time to “lance the boil.”

Forecast for Friday May 30th

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Completion of Blog EntryThis blog is rather informal, so forecasts every day aren’t possible. (Vacations, illness, etc.) That said….

One other thing, the above chart was generated for the completion of the writings below.  The program used to generate the chart was Astro 123 by Allen EdwallSnagIt was used to capture the “Print Job.”  Irfanview and Paint.Net were used to modify the image slightly.

Friday May 30th

Friday is the kind of day that looks like a “Happy Day” for many people if you look at it at a glance. All the “happy aspects,” though, are in fire and air. That favors people such as myself that are primarily fire & air, but not so good for earth and water signs.

Earth and Water

So, here are my recommendations for earth & water signs.


If you are a Cancerian, you’ve probably entered your Solar 12th house of downfall and hidden enemies. This happens each year a month before your birthday. That’s true for all signs, not just Cancerians.
That said, it isn’t quite true for all. For example, if you are a Cancerian and your birthday is July 19th, then you won’t enter the Solar 12th house until June 19th. That means you have a window to get 11th house things done.
On the favorable side, this would mean activies with friends, certain kinds of governmental interactions (e.g. Gov’t social workers), electronics, computers, and the internet. If your birthday is June 30th, however, the window has passed.

Capricorn & Scorpio

Capricorns encounter one of two situations: either a “misunderstanding” or a fork in the road (a key decision which is personal and, therefore, I cannot predict). Proceed carefully, and since this is Mercury Retrograde you need to double check the facts.
Pluto & Jupiter are bringing about big changes for Cap, so the decision might be bigger than you realize.
Scorpio is the same as Cap, but Pluto and Jupiter aren’t helping as much. And, Pluto might be forcing Scorp’s to revisit finances, something most of them do easily anyway. However, if you are a Scorp with an alcohol or drug problem, life may be getting rather unpleasant for you this year. If you are 27 to 31 years of age, this is a very good time for you to start getting sober.


Pisceans probably had some kind of surprise on Thursday; on Friday they will find it hard to resist some kind of financial “call for action.” This is a very good time to pay bills, pay off debt, and/or “cut up the credit cards.” You know what you have to do. So, “Get r done”!


Taurus is a bit like Pisces, except they have a danger of creating some unnecessary debt. The deal you see is a good one, to be sure, but will you be able to service the debt?
Finally, of all the signs, Virgo is facing the biggest decision(s) of all. Please realize that you cannot “not decide.” Even inaction is a decision here, and in some cases it might be negligence. You must make a choice.


Let me “show my work” a bit, unlike many other astrologers. Virgo is facing a “yod” (the “aspect” (a pattern, really)) of significant decisions. A Cap with a natal planet in Scorp (Moon? Mercury?) will also have a yod, and that’s true for a Scorp with a planet in Cap. Unlike Scorp, Cap has Jupiter (a HUGE “amplifier” of events, both good and bad) in its sign for roughly the next year. Pluto (death, taxes, and “secret agents” such as government investigators) will be with Cap for about the next 15 to 20 years.

Pisceans will continue to have Uranus “make their lives interesting” for the next few years. The moon in their second house activates finances, and square from Venus and the Sun won’t let them ignore the matter.
Taurus has the moon hiding in the 12th house, our place of downfalls. Cancer, I’ve already described, and I’ll emphasize that the month before your birthday is a good time to “take it easy.”

Fire and Air

This is easy. For the most part, Friday will be a happy day for you. So, if you are Aries, Leo, Sag, Libra, Aquarius, or Gemini, then go out and have fun.
Let me note that if you decide to take some particular action, especially regarding sports, strenuous activity, or starting an exercise program, then you’ve picked a good day. Said differently, despite a tendency to play, this is THE day (for a while) for sports, starting exercise programs, etc.

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