Jupiter Square Saturn 2016-05-26

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Jupiter Square Saturn 2016-05-26

First, you might want to peek at our analysis of this aspect on March 23, 2016 and August 3, 2015.  The perfection of today’s square is the third in a three party sequence, and we will not see a similar pattern repeat until 2024 / 2025.

Before we address the regular patterns, we should note some remarkable fifth harmonic activity.  Two triangular patterns composed of fifth harmonic activity are present.  One is formed by Juno (in Scorpio; trust v. betrayal, wives, sisters, daughters) at the apex and Sun in Gemini on one leg and Chiron in Pisces on the other.  This Jupiter / Saturn square has this particularly powerful pattern in play.  Jupiter/Saturn aspects are associated with changes in the financial markets, and we note that issues of trust (Juno) have become important (if you do not know this, then you need to watch “The Big Short” and “Money Monster“).

The other triangular pattern has Uranus at the apex, Mars on one leg, and the North Node on the other leg.  As with the first triangular pattern, each leg is a BiQuintile aspect (144 degrees) with Mars / Node separated by a quintile.  We can expect surprises.

All of this fifth harmonic activity signals the potential for  creative breakthroughs and genius level solutions, possibly to problems in the financial markets.

Here is the chart for perfection of Jupiter square Saturn, filtered for fifth harmonic aspects:

2016-05-26 Jupiter Square Saturn (5th Harmonic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Seventh harmonic aspects are also active (not quite as active as fifth harmonic), and we present the same chart filtered for those:

2016-05-26 Jupiter Square Saturn (7th Harmonic)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Sun, Ceres, and North Node in a triangular seventh harmonic aspect tell us that some “karma” may need to be considered at this time, and that karma especially deals with feast and famine (literally, in terms of food, and metaphorically, in terms of finances).

The more ordinary patterns (if you can at all consider them that) are a Kite (opportunity), Hele (stable long term alliances), Rosetta (unstable long term alliances), and a Thor’s Hammer (aka God’s Fist, and an indicator of possible danger or violence).

The kite, combined with the fifth harmonic patterns previously described, tells us that an amazing opportunity is available at this time:

2016-05-26 Jupiter Square Saturn (Kite)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

One variant of the kite has Jupiter / Neptune, Mercury, and Pluto in the formation (and includes the current and ongoing Grand Earth Trine in it).  Let’s be clear the opportunity for someone to make quite a bit of money exists here.

The other variant tells us that the Nodes are present (instead of Jupiter / Neptune), and hard work will be necessary and the lure of “easy money” will be strong.  We offer this advice: be careful.  Financial markets are typically “zero sum games” (at least in the short term), and for someone to “win” someone else must “lose.”

The Hele represents both the opportunity (and need) for long term alliances, especially to take advantage of the opportunity:

2016-05-26 Jupiter Square Saturn (Hele)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

The Rosetta is a bit more thorny: it represents short-term allegiances (and the potential for betrayal from a long term perspective).  Hele and Rosetta TOGETHER always send this message: “pick your friends carefully!”

2016-05-26 Jupiter Square Saturn (Rosetta)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Finally, we have the Thor’s Hammer (God’s Fist).  Extreme behavior (including the potential for violence and/or explosions) may be present the week of the perfection of this aspect:

2016-05-26 Jupiter Square Saturn (Thor's Hammer)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We will not present the “long term analysis” information in this post since that would duplicate the work already done here.


Black Water Snake Editorial

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Lately, I have been posting charts with little commentary.  This is true for several reasons:

  • My words may be misconstrued, but charts and maps speak for themselves
  • Lately, I have not had the time to provide the type of in-depth analysis that I prefer to perform

Tonight, as I write this, I am doing something different.  I am posting commentary with little support from any charts.  I offer only the chart for this commentary, started in the Cazimi period of a very old and almost new moon at the end of The Year of the Water Dragon (the Dragon’s Last Breath):

Black Water Snake Editorial 2-10-2013 1-05-22 AM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

At the end of a long nap today, quite a few thoughts came to me about this combination of the Chinese New Year for the Year of the Black Water Snake and the upcoming Grand Water Trine.

Typically, I focus on pattern analysis and making at least some attempt at empirical validation of astrology.  In a few private emails, some criticism has been directed at what has been called “fortune telling.”  The criticism is legitimate, given the primary intent of the blog.  Generally, I mix in the interpretation of personal charts because my audience requests them, and they seem to like them.  The same is true for methods such as Arabic Parts which may not have the same grounding that an analysis of patterns (only) would have.

Tonight, I break all the rules.  No empirical grounding or validation of that nature is available for what I have to say.  Indeed, much of it came from intuitions that came to me as I emerged from a nap.  Here are my intuitions (as they came to me this evening):

Regarding Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio:

  • This combination FAVORS power structures.  Some aspects of them may change, but overall this combination will make them STRONGER rather than bring the change that so many desire.  What this configuration brings is precisely what is happening: “marginal” businesses run by once adventurous entrepreneurs are being crushed with the result of those willing to take risk being left unemployed or headed for a job in a “cube” somewhere.  The result in the marketplace is that consumer choice is reduced and wealth is concentrated.If you want your small shops to survive, now is the time to support them.  More than any other astrological combination conceivable, this is the ultimate “rich get richer and poor get poorer” configuration.  This “Robin Hood” steals from the poor (particularly people who cannot pay their mortgages) and gives to the rich (or at least the investment bankers who have received HUGE bonuses the past few years).
  • With an estimated 240 year orbit to cover 12 signs, when Pluto entered Capricorn for 2008, it did not do so for a year or two.  Many astrologers look to exotic variations of tertiary progressions or some such to explain events.  But, this is simple: Pluto (death) entered Capricorn (financial institutions) and a COLLAPSE happened.  No exotic analysis is needed; this is obvious for anyone with eyes to see.All we hear from the media (mainstream, conglomerates) and government (Big Government) is some variation of “now, the recession is over.”NO IT IS NOT!  And, Pluto is going to be in Capricorn until March of 2023.  That’s right, folks, this “recession” will be with us in some form until 2023!
  • Pluto and Saturn in mutual reception makes the recession (and power of a limited few in the government and a limited few in large corporations) with us until December of 2014.  (They will continue long after that, but they are unusually powerful during that period.)  We will continue to experience a few more “tolls of the bell” (paraphrasing Jonathon Cainer regarding Uranus Square Pluto) in 2015 then “things” will seem easier.What this really means is that we will come to have fully accepted our difficulties (to the degree that such difficulties can be accepted).  A new generation that has, either mostly or entirely, only known austerity will emerge.  In personality, they will be similar to the “Depression Babies” of the 20th century.
  • When Pluto finally enters Aquarius in 2023, we will have a new set of problems.  My best guess is a war, a really HOT war, like a World War II style war.  World War II, like it or not, was the “cure” to the Great Depression.  Chances are good, sadly, that history will repeat itself.
  • By 2050, I will likely no longer be here.  (I might not be here in 2023.  Indeed, sometimes I wonder if I even have tomorrow.)  But, to be sure, the world will be very different.  China and India will have risen to power in ways that we only have inklings of at this time.The Big Three will become China, India, and the former Soviet Union.  Much of Western Europe will have functionally become like third world countries, much as they were after World War II.  And, the future of the U.S. is uncertain (at best).  But, a strong risk exists that the United States will become indistinguishable itself from a third world country.  (Given that I consider myself a patriot, I consider this notion offensive.  But, from my vantage point, “things” do not look so good.)

I know that none of this is very cheery, and I know that many of my visitors like to be cheered up.  So, in the future, I will attempt to avoid this type of commentary.  However, I am not yet done for this entry.

The Chinese Year of the Black Water Snake

Arguably, snakes may or may not be “bad” in Chinese legends.  They certainly have a fair amount of wisdom, and they are directly descended (literally) from the Dragon Who Fell to Earth.  (Not to be confused with The Man Who Fell to Earth.)  Also: I refer here to a Chinese legend, rather than this Christian reference.

But, make no mistake about it, black is an unfavorable color in the Chinese mythos, and water is equated with “danger.”  In the swamps of the Southern United States, the “black water snake” is the water moccasin, a poisonous viper known for vicious and unprovoked attacks.  (The referenced article disputes the reputation of aggressiveness; being familiar with the native in question, we disagree.)

To me, engaging in a moment of “fortune telling,” this is a bad omen.  (But not one that is entirely devoid of benefits.)  Together with the knowledge of the upcoming Grand Water Trine, I will hazard the following speculations as POSSIBLE events as “predictions” for The Year of the Black Water Snake (mostly 2013):

  • Favorable: The petrochemical industry will have breakthroughs, some unforeseen.  This could include the location of a previously unknown oil field (possibly larger than any previously located), a better way to get oil out of the ground than the current “fracking” approach, other breakthroughs, or all of these.
  • Unfavorable: An oil disaster, likely offshore and in the Ocean, that eclipses the disaster of the Deepwater Horizon in 2010.
  • Favorable: A breakthrough involving the de-salinization of ocean water into fresh water.
  • Unfavorable: Continued problems in the Mississippi River Valley.
  • Unfavorable: a crime wave and possibly the emergence of a new kind of criminal (just as phishing and identify theft emerged a few years ago).  We will seem to be losing the war against cyber-criminals and cyber-terrorists.  However, this new type of criminal may not use technology at all.  Whatever they may be, they will be unusually nasty (like a pit viper).
  • Unfavorable: data mining, also known as knowledge discovery, will continue to eradicate our privacy, concentrating the power available into the hands of a few.  Sadly, apparently most of us are foolish enough to release this data: we choose to give away our personal habits to save a few pennies with a discount card or some similar data capture device.  Some tragedies may emerge from this (stalkers getting access to sensitive information, etc.).
  • Unfavorable: possibly as a necessary reaction to cyber-criminals and cyber-terrorists, the government will continue to expand its monitoring of our online activites.  Unwittingly, well-meaning individuals may be creating a monster that will devour all of us.  I am specifically referring to this:  Bluffdale.
  • Unfavorable: Will a data center like Bluffdale lead to the emergence of some form of artificial intelligence like that on “Person of Interest“?  Who knows?  But, something new is emerging.  And, our text, email, social media, and other digital artifacts (such as this blog) are feeding it.  Maybe we are nearing the Singularity.  Find a longer version here.
  • Unfavorable: An unforseen and unpredictable event involving toxic waste (Pluto = poison) that affects a large number (millions?) of people, causing massive amounts of death / injury.
  • Finally: the emergence of a leader like the kind Jeanne Dixon believed was born in 1962.

I hesitate to publish the following.  To some people, it will sound very, very crazy.  I will probably lose a few readers over this.  But, I am going to go far out on a high limb, possibly sawing it off behind myself.

(But, you can find a fair amount of this on “The History Channel” and from some of the sources they use for the various Nostradamus shows they produce.  To some degree, I am adding to what is already there.)

Jeanne Dixon believed that the Antichrist was born in 1962.  So far, this prediction has not born fruit.  The prediction is based on several assumptions:

  • The “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” are really code for the four fixed signs of the zodiac: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.  In particular, the Quarter Days may be of some significance.  An interesting discussion of the topic can be found here.
  • At least some (if not most) of those who claim to follow Nostradamus claim (1) we will see three Anti-Christs; (2) they will come from the Four Horsemen (representing in each element in the four fixed signs); (3) that Scorpio (fixed water) cannot produce an Anti-Christ because it is “too sensitive”; and (4) that two have already come and gone (Napoleon (Leo, fixed fire) and Hitler (Taurus, fixed earth)).
  • What is left is the third Anti-Christ: an Aquarius (the fixed air sign).  Dixon’s 1962 chart is a perfect fit.

If Dixon’s Aquarian Anti-Christ is going to emerge, he’d better do it soon.  His second Saturn return is coming due, and Hitler’s second Saturn return effectively killed him (from an astrological point of view).  Saturn returns have a way of sweeping away leaders, good and bad.  In fact, most of those predictions (Jeanne Dixon’s) appear to simply be wrong.

(The good, it seems, die young.  Usually at the time of the first Saturn return.)

Let me predict that either one of two things will happen this year: (1) such a leader will emerge (not necessarily born in 1962) or (2) will be born this year.  Frankly,  I lean toward the latter prediction given how the current world events are unfolding.  (We appear to be replicating certain aspects of the early 20th Century, and The Great Depression laid the foundation for the emergence of Hitler, much as the Pluto in Capricorn financial crisis is currently doing for someone similar.)

Is any of this true?  I do not know.  But, for the sake of argument, let us pretend it is.  At this point, I question the assumption that this unknown leader cannot be a Scorpio.  Indeed, the idea that he (or she) will be born as a Solar (or Lunar or both) Scorpio in a year known by the Chinese as the Year of the Black Water Snake when a Grand Water Trine of outer planets is dominant, well, let’s just say that seems as plausible as anything else.

But, then again, this is merely the speculation of Fortune Telling.  And, we have been told not to concern ourselves because he will come like “a thief in the night.”

Maybe this is just as much a miss as Jeanne Dixon’s analysis.

We now resume your regularly semi-scheduled blog.

One last note: I find the Earthquakes in the South Pacific to be a bit worrisome.

Splay Pattern of May 23 continues a week of intense activity

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The much anticipated and discussed Grand Cross sequence began on “Algol Day” this year.  That was a Sunday, and we did not see the impact on the stock market begin until Monday.  Consider, for example, the behavior of the Singapore market on that day.  (Popup alert.)  The drop was palpable as “[i]t is likely that Singapore market will continue to be volatile and choppy in the coming days over the Euro debt crisis.”

Of course this is a key date for the NYSE as “[t]he origin of the NYSE can be traced to May 17, 1792, when the Buttonwood Agreement was signed by 24 stock brokers outside of 68 Wall Street in New York under a buttonwood tree on Wall Street.”  Solar return fans might want to explore the Solar Return Chart for the NYSE.

Here is the “Stars Over Washington” analysis of the 2006 Solar Return of the NYSE.  And, here is the Maya del Mar analysis of the 2006 Solar Return of the NYSE.

(As an aside, here is the solar return chart for Obama’s Inaguration.)

That said, here is the 0630 CDT chart (which is not the optimal Splay pattern found by Solar Fire but is a little more interesting because of the highly activated Arabic Parts).  I’ll add in charts for patterns through May 27th.  This will be a very “interesting” period.

Graphic of Astrological Chartwheel.  In addition to grand cross, highly activated Arabic Parts

Thor’s Hammer of May 23rd

May 23rd also has a Thor’s Hammer:
Astrological Chart for Dangerous Thor's Hammer Period on May 23, 2010

Diamond Pattern of May 25th

Monday March 30, 2009 Chatty Cathy Monday

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Don’t hope to hold secrets today, no hope of that exists with so much chatter in the air.  Following on the tail of Sunday’s squares, the Moon moves into Gemini and squares Ceres (which continues to be active). By itself, the Gemini Moon is chatty, but  Mercury conjoins the Sun later tonight as well.

Secrets are out.

The following chart, set in Dallas, shows the basic details.

Moon Enters Gemini (Dallas) on March 30th of 2009

Moon Enters Gemini (Dallas) on March 30th of 2009

Mars at Midheaven

Note that Mars is at Midheaven in this chart. The main hope for today is to avoid the almost inevitable fights and conflicts that may emerge from revealing so much so fast.

For athletes this is a good day. You may switch to a new team or manager and find that it benefits you well. Police officers and intelligence operatives may fare well also (as long as they are not wrongdoers themselves). A bad place to be, though, would be as an “agent provacateur.” If you are running a “sting” operation today you may get stung yourself by a television camera crew who sends it directly to a satellite feed.

Financial Markets

The financial markets are in trouble today not in the sense that anything economic is distressing them but that more of the truth will emerge about the misconduct of the past few years. Secretive Pluto in Capricorn (corporations and often finances (along with Taurus)) will lose to the chatty Moon today because of the help she receives from the Sun and Mercury.

Of course, not all secrets will be revealed, but today could represent a major “unraveling” for some. Do not be surprised if we discover that Madoff and Stanford are the tip of a larger iceberg.

Secrets Might Come Out During a Lawsuit

The 9th House is strongly colored by the current cluster of Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune. Just in case Pluto thought he could keep secrets, he had better think again with these three in this place. Not only will it come out, but it will probably come out in “open court” in some circumstances.

For You and I Personally

For you, personally, be social, but avoid controversy (unless you are the kind of person that benefits from fights; if so, this is your day).

For the rest of us, today tends to be uncomfortable. (Sorry, I wish I could give a more cheerful forecast.)


You are very strong now. Generally, this day favors you. You can defeat most enemies, if that is your goal.


You are not as strong as you were Saturday. A friend of yours may have a very bad day. You would like to help, but you may just have to distance yourself from them for now. They may become angry if you do this. Use your judgment.


You are the center of controversy. This works well for some of you, but you could be very tired at the end of this day. You will realize (correctly) that tomorrow is a new day and something new is starting in your life.


Today is tough for you, too. Use today for downtown. You do not have to be the center of attention.


A very weird and “sideways” day for you. Your secrets could be “outed” as well, but you might just be an “innocent bystander.” Proceed carefully.


Today is just unpleasant for you. Normally you never worry much about diet, but you are for some reason now. Like Gemini, you will get a new start tomorrow.


The best position for you is to be the judge or mediator. Your job is to make peace today; just realize that peace will not be had today. Still, you are actually in a very good position.


It looks good for you. You seem centered and in control. But, more than any other sign, you could be easily blindsided today. As with Leo, proceed carefully.


Gemini Moon will not leave you alone. If your boss is a Capricorn, then they might be in a bad mood. They will be in a very bad mood if you inadvertently disclose their secret. Even so, avoid the temptation to lie. Talk about the weather or something else generally considered “neutral.” Stay away from controversey today.


What an awful day! But, if you avoid deceit and just work hard, doing routine tasks that must be done anyway, you might actually make some money today. Avoid risks.


Many people are looking to you for leadership. If this is your day in court then you can win. You might be the strongest sign today. As with others, avoid lying.


Aquarius may be the strongest sign today, but you are the star. You do not mean for it to be this way, but you may ultimately be in control. Capricorn and Scorpio, whether they realize it or not, will have to come by you to get things done. Just don’t flaunt it. With a gentle, VERY gentle nudge, they can deduce the reality of the situation.

Scorpio 2008 and Aquarius 2009

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Without naming any aspects, I’d like to point out that what happens from “about” October 22nd to November 21st of 2008 will be revisited from a different vantage point in late January through mid Februrary of 2009.  The time now is tough.  The Fall “Quarter Day” of Samhain, or Hallow’e’en (Hallowed Evening) approaches, and it is associated with death and the end of the prosperity of the summer.

This same quarter day also plants the seeds that will blossom next spring with the advent of Aries.  But, before that, Aquarius will visit.  And, in 2009 that means issues of Chiron (attempting to heal the wound through teaching and learning) and Neptune (illness and delusion, but also beauty and relief) will be visited.

By Februrary, we will recognize that changes are needed, and those with eyes to see and ears to hear will have to know that some offerings in February are NOT the right path.  The stricture of the coming winter may lead to a sense of desperation that is unnecessary and perhaps dangerous.  The key will be to ferret out the problem, learn from it, begin the healing process, and move forward.  But, any sense of truly moving forward is unlikely until the vernal equinox (first day of spring) when the Sun will sqaure Pluto and inspire important new changes.

Predictions for July 7th to July 13th

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July 7th to July 13th of 2008

My short vacation was good. I hope yours was, too.

Predictions by Sign


You are the missing piece of the puzzle on Wednesday. Whether others realize it or not, you are the “goto” person. Your leadership makes a big difference. Things get tough Thursday, but you are still strong. Take time Friday to rethink your position. (You don’t have to quit, but you might want to adjust your strategy). Saturday can be a fun day for you. Take easy on Sunday.


Big money can be made Wednesday, but watch the spending. Thursday is tough for most people but could favor you, especially if you are the voice of prudence. Friday and Saturday are about planning the next two weeks. Divide these in half: up to July 18th (grow things) and the week past July 18th (shrink things).


Weren’t you already busy enough in June? You are back to your usual job of communications (and transportation) central. Tuesday is unpleasant for you, but Wednesday is better. I don’t know what “it” is, but don’t even THINK about “it” on Thursday. The Virgos well beat you. Friday and Saturday make you think, but don’t pin your hopes on those ideas. Sunday evening and the following Monday will be better, or at least you can straighten things out if necessary.


Have you had your birthday yet? If so, you’ll probably survive this week well. Thursday is tough for everyone, but you can handle it better than most as long as you didn’t overdo things on Wednesday. Friday and Saturday will serve you well, but wrap things up before Sunday morning. Sunday AM things change, and probably not in your favor.

Haven’t had your birthday yet? Still time to lay low. You need a day off anyway. Go on vacation.


Less than 30 days to your birthday? Read the part of Cancer that says “Still time to lay low.” Clean up & wrap up but please don’t try to launch. If you MUST start negotiations, then do so; just know that things WILL change.

More than 30 days to your birthday: Wednesday favors you heavily. But you MUST COMPLETE what you start on Wednesday. If it spills over into Thursday, all bets are off. So, keep the projects small and focused on Wednesday. Avoid whatever is offered on Thursday. The Scorpios win on Friday and Saturday, so don’t challenge them. Anyway, despite your natural conflict, SOMEtimes they are your best friends. After all, you are both the most royal of signs. You might even find romance with one. (Note: this is dangerous for you.)


Nothing matters but Thursday. To be sure, you might have SOME advantage on Wednesday, but Thursday is the key. Whatever happens on Thursday will “set the stage” for you for as long as the next two years, maybe longer. So, if you know what is coming, please do prepared. (You are very good at preparing, so that shouldn’t be TOO difficult.)

One other thing: if this is “long term,” then you need to have the first phase, or launch, wrapped up before solar Leo starts (about July 22nd).


Take this week off. No, really! No kidding. You can have fun on Wednesday, and you can lay low on Thursday (what an awful day for you). Friday and Saturday are better days for you, as long as you didn’t screw up on Thursday. Sunday will go well, too. You’ll be ready to go again next Monday.


Nobody else likes this kind of Mars-Saturn stuff. You thrive on it, unless your moon is in Libra or some similar situation. Let’s face it, when the going gets tough, you get going. Most people will find their opportunity this week on Wednesday, but yours might start on Thursday, with potent follow through on Friday and Saturday. “Despite your better judgment,” rescue a Leo; you’ll feel better about it later.


Some of you are really going to feel like hurting someone. Tuesday has nuisances, followed by feel-good Wednesday. Then all hell breaks loose on Thursday. You probably couldn’t hold your tongue even if I begged you. Just remember that the ramifications might be very long term. Take the weekend off; you need the R&R. Stay home.


Much like Scorpio, you’ll have massive opportunities this week. That is, once you get over being as angry as Sadge. Do NOT let this energy express as anger; turn it into “right action” instead and it will pay superb dividends. SOME of you will find Thursday to be a turning point that you NEEDED, even if it is unpleasant for most people, including you. Once you are jump-started, anything is possible. (Jupiter favors you this year.)


Read Leo, except for the birthday part. This just isn’t the best week for you. Thursday is awful, and even though you THINK that you UNDERSTAND what is going on / what went on, you don’t. Nobody is trying to deceive you (any more than any other day), but you just can’t really dial into this Virgo / Cancer weirdness. (Weird to you, anyway.) Regardless, you may be faced with a tough decision, and, alas, I can’t tell you which one to pick. (Chances are that it will be between work & family, though.)


Read Virgo. Also, know that, unlike Virgo, your playful nature might give you the greatest advantage this week, even over Cap, Taurus, and Virgo. You can read between the lines where others can’t.

Other sources of predictions:

Astrology Mundo


Inspired Astrology

Lavendar Moon

Vicki Anderson

Predictions by Day of Week

The *BIG* event this week is Mars (Virgo) conjunct Saturn (Virgo). This marks a new Mars/Saturn cycle, and that stirs up the financial markets (as if they needed any more). The shakeup probably will not be as big as a Jupiter / Saturn transit, but SOMEthing will happen, probably Thursday.


Venus Inconjunct Neptune. Watch out for deceipt. Purchases may not be what you expect them to be. Once spent, money is not easily retrieved.


This day is characterized by lunar squares that annoy most of us. If you were born “about” the 27th or 28th of most months, you might receive (or have to send) an irritating or annoying communication. A flat tire may hit a few of you during rush hour. Those of you born near the “cusp” of a sign (the “Am I Leo or Am I Virgo?” guys), will feel a tug at your ongoing power struggles. A big picture viewpoint says Tuesday might have a surprise in store for us on the political scene. (One of a series.)

I don’t want to crow too loudly, but note that some of my earlier predictions re: the financial markets have tended to be on target. (Refer to Uranus Retrograde Redux) suggested a surprise followed by continued aftershocks in the Financial Sector. (A few comments: AP: “It’s unusual to see a drop-off like that” and Forbes “established a new closing low for 2008.”)

A bit of some kind of annoyance may be felt here, on Tuesday. I don’t know if this will be an “activator” (of a larger move) or just a “minor correction.” I’ll guess 60% in favor of the latter.


Sun Opposes Jupiter, and Moon Squares both of them! Spend, spend, spend.

The market might rally on this day. (Nothing like a little good news.) Bulls rejoice.

Okay, I don’t know how to say it, but this is a “feel good” day. So, take the time to “feel good.” Just don’t overdo it. (Thursday cometh.)

But, for those who do not spend, spend, spend, others some will eat, eat, eat. You are on a diet, and your office goes for delivered Pizza this day.

The alcohlics and addicts will be tempted to overindulge this day.

The “missing” point in this T-Square is in Aries. This “missing point” lossely corresponds to “about” April 7th. That period of April / Aries appears to be important to the U.S., so expect some kind of political news. With Jupiter involved, and The Lights, it will sound BIG at the time, but it is part of a much larger pattern that will culminate in October/November/December of this year. (So, it could be election related.)

If your birthday is between the 7th and 9th of the month you were born, this could be a BIG day for you. Just make certain it is money COMING IN rather than money GOING OUT. And, don’t overindulge in anything.

Also, (especially if your birthday is between the 7th and the 9th) this is a good night to go to church / temple / mosque (or your choice of service) if you haven’t been in a while. (If you are some kind of Fundamentalist, you won’t be able to tell the preacher that you read this blog, however! 🙂 ) This could be a very spiritual day for some. If you are not a member of an organized faith, please do take some time to practice whatever brings you the greatest sense of peace and enlightenment.

Note that in an earlier article, we mentioned that “April 9th” kinds of dates tend to interact with Mugabe. Don’t be surprised if some kind of event involving him happens on Wednesday (the activating T-Square) or Thursday (Mars Conjunct Saturn). This date is also associated with events involving the U.S. (Fort Sumter and Appamatox; the beginning and end of the Civil War). I don’t THINK the U.S. will go into Zimbabwe, but stranger things have happened.


This is such an EXTREMELY COMPLICATED day that I hesitate to even attempt to describe it.

Mars makes its “routine” conjunction with Saturn (usually “about” every two years). This is a tough aspect; be careful what you say or start today. Projects or jobs started today will tend to require IMMENSE amounts of work and may not be lasting. Those that do last will tend to be characterized with “difficulty.”

Okay, maybe I’m totally wrong. Maybe “International Happiness Day” will be a success.

Historically, though, events with this kind of energy don’t wear well. They will LOOK lasting, but they usually are NOT lasting. “Grant Lewi (Astrology for the Millions) viewed the squares and the opposition in this cycle as periods when we’re likely to come a cropper if we push our luck too far. ” Thursday is a conjunction, not a square or opposition, but the theme is the same: tread carefully.

People born around the 27th to 29th of each month will be most greatly affected by this energy. Some dates related to this transit: March 14, 2008; May 10th through 14th of 2008; September 7th to 9th of 2008; October 30th to November 1st of 2008; and December 15th to 17th of 2008.

Please look at the March and May dates to see what, if anything happened to you during this period. See if a related event occurs this Wednesday to Saturday (July 9th to 12th). If so, you might want to note the upcoming future dates on your calendar. I encourage you to track this and give me feedback.

Note also, today will have Mercury Opposite Pluto then transit into Cancer. This is anotther “Terms of Mars” placement and favors violent people, liars, and cheats. (I think I’m staying home today, if at all possible.)


A “Finger of God” appears, with the Sun & Venus together. The Sun (visible personality) is inconjunct Chiron (healing), and Venus (Values) is Inconjunct Pluto (power struggles; Terms of Mars). This “Finger of God” energy is very clear in its message: get honest (Sun / Chiron) or continue to suffer (Venus / Pluto). The choice is yours, and plenty will choose to suffer rather than give up some sliver of power held by deceit.

Hiding is very difficult Thursday, but it is more possible on this day, so you might use this as a day to “regroup” and maybe “make a decision” about what you will do next.


The Moon is in Scorpio and Venus is in Leo. This is a good day to spend with people you love. It could be a very Hot Romance day.

A Grand Water Trine exists, and this is another Kite with Wednesday’s Jupiter Opposition to the Sun still effective. SOME people will make a GREAT DEAL OF MONEY on this day. This is definitely a “play the lotto” day for someone. Everyone can have fun if you avoid sensitive subjects, wounded people, and professional victims. Stay away from the whiners and you’ll have a good time.


Sunday morning is a void, so just lay low and let the messages come to you. The moon CAN “performeth” in Scorpio, but unless that part of the Zodiac favors you, you should just use this time to center yourself. Sunday afternoon has the potential to be especially pleasant, but by the evening the energies become irritable again.


The “Big Story” for July, 2008 is the Inner Planet Activators. Rather than perform a detail discussion of what these are, please read the page “Inner Planet Activators.”

Sun, Mercury, and Venus are very active this month. Some people may experience routine events, others slightly more profound shakeups (maybe a job change), and still others still more profound shakeups (birth or death or something equally earth-shaking). All of this depends on whether, for example, the Venus-Neptune inconjunct of July 7th is “just an event for you,” or whether it activates one or more planets in your natal chart.

Venus / Neptune Activations

For example, consider that each of these planets is at 23 degrees, you might feel this aspect if you were born on a Full or New Moon on any of these birthdates: January 14th, February 13th, March 14th, April 13th, May 14th, June 14th, July 16th, August 16th, September 16th, October 17th, November 16th or December 15th. Born on a Full or New Moon on these days, or with other planets at 23 degrees (maybe Mercury or Venus?), and you’ll likely have a “big shakeup” on or about Monday July 7th.

If you read my piece on “Inner Planet Activators,” then you’ll know that the bad day might be Sunday or Tuesday. And, you might be affected if, say, your birthday is July 15th. Some variability exists due to different factors (leap years affecting the calendar, for example).

Mars-Saturn Conjunction of July 10th 2008

First of all, the chart (set in DFW, of course).

Astrological Chart of Mars Saturn Conjunction July 10, 2008

Astrological Chart of Mars Saturn Conjunction July 10, 2008

First: credit where credit is due: chart was produced with Astro123.

I don’t usually get involved with local politics, and I’m not going to start now. But this chart says SOMETHING big is happening (politically) in the DFW Metroplex. The Moon is on the Ascendant, and both are pretty much on top of Spica (a benevolent fixed star). The Mars-Saturn conjunction is in the 11th house of friends & politics (and sometimes bribery). So, SOMEthing big is happening in the Metroplex.

That said….

July of 2008, in general, has quite a bit of Inner Planet Activation stirring things up. The Mars-Saturn conjunction of July 10th will revisit us several times this year. As noted earlier, people, places, and things associated with dates “about” the 27th to 29th of the month will be affected by this conjunction. Specifically, this is at Five (5) degrees of Virgo. This event will be a bit painful for Libra natives (particularly those born after September 28th) since it will be a 12th Solar House event. If you are born on this date, do NOT commit to anything new on or about July 10th.

Virgo, Sadge, Pisces, and Gemini will all feel this. A quick synopsis:

September 28th to October 28th

This event corresponds to a birthdate of September 28th. If you are born on that date, your outcome is unclear. (You are on a cusp) for this event. Otherwise, for those later in this grouping, this is a 12th house event which is unpleasant for most Libras and a few Scorpios. Of course, Scorp often thrives on Mars/Saturn events, so this might not be bad for you at all. This is particularly true if you are one of those rare Scorps who works in front of the camera in the entertainment industry (Larry King). Actually, if you are a Scorp and you work in ANY aspect of the entertainment industry, or photography, this date might work for you. Just know that this is all about what most people consider REALLY DIFFICULT ENERGY. Good time for autopsy photos, etc. Bad time for pictures of bunnies & flowers.

Warning: if you are a “Goth” and think this will work “for” you; think twice. This isn’t an aspect to play with.

October 28th to November 28th

Friendships end on this date for you, and new alliances of a harsh nature are forged. This isn’t the kind of friend that you’ll likely invite to Christmas, but it is one you would want to count on in battle. Sagittarians born during this time will be tempted to mouth some rather harsh words.

November 28th to December 28th

Do you really want to quit this job? The new one will work you harder than you’ve ever imagined. Cost / benefit will say that the new one will pay far less in terms of the effort neeed to sustain that pay. In fact, they might not offer you much to begin with. Or, did they offer you the moon on Wednesday only to swindle you on Thursday or Friday? If so, is this someone you really want to be involved with?

A few Capricorns will actually come out on top in these battles.

December 28th to January 27th

Back to school, eh? Or, is it a lawsuit? Both? Did the settlement from the lawsuit pay for you to go back to school? If so, consider waiting until Spring Semester before you start. More will be revealed this fall.

If you are BEING sued, then don’t get your hopes too high on Wednesday. Thursday will crash down upon you. Don’t go cheap on the lawyer; you’ll need the best on this one. If this makes it into “the media,” then you are in deep trouble. Watch out for the “60 Minutes News Team” on your doorstep.

January 27th to February 27th

Ouch, ouch, and ouch for you. Could be a death in the family or it could be taxes, but it’ll almost certainly be death or taxes for you. Maybe this is a good time to let go of some duty you’ve carried too long. (I know that the new person terrifies you; take comfort in the idea that they probably won’t make it until the end of this year.)

If you file taxes on August 15th, you’d better make certain you have everything in order. Trouble is brewing.

February 27th to March 30th

Not the best time to get married for you. Re-schedule. You can ALWAYS re-schedule. The party is only for a day. The partner is for a life. If you are Aries, wait a few weeks until you are (1) in Solar Leo and (2) after the new moon. If you are Pisces, wait until early November. (I know, it’s cold then. But, that’s a better date for you.)

Not getting married? Your enemies may show their hand today. Don’t show yours. Don’t show it on Wednesday, either. (And, you’ll be tempted.) You might can win this one *IF* you “cross every ‘T’ and dot every ‘i’.”

March 30th to April 29th

Work, work, work. Will they ever stop piling it on? Avoid new projects no matter HOW tempting they sound. They may try to snag you on Wednesday or even Tuesday, so NOTHING new for you this week. Pass over that “Plum” that is being offered to you; it has a barb in it.

April 29th to May 30th

Lucky you. Or, so it seems. If you do win (Lotto, or whatever), just don’t spend it all in one place. Frankly, the smart thing for you to do is to use it to clear as much debt as possible. Didn’t win the Lotto? Watch out for that new Romance; it is more trouble than it is worth.

May 30th to June 29th

Trouble at home? It will be tough, but you can be, too. Hang in there. Watch out for that plumber or handyman who comes on a little bit to strong with their sales pitch about how “urgent” this problem is. Yes, it is urgent. But, I bet you can find a better (and cheaper) solution than the one they offer. You know how the old song goes: “you’d better shop around.”

June 29th to July 30th

That is one letter or phone call or email that you really didn’t want. If you are lucky, then it is a case of what you send or speak. If so, be silent this week. If at all possible, SHUT UP. Hide if necessary.

Things are changing. Wait for the news the Full Moon brings on July 18th.

July 30th to August 29th

Okay, is it all about aches and pains in the neck or lower, in the pocket book? Don’t overspend on Wednesday, because you’ll feel the pain on Thursday. If you have joint pain, just know that the heat of a summer day can sometimes be helpful.

August 29th to September 28th

This is a defining moment for you. Difficult to predict, you have to make a decision, and no matter what you pick, this is almost certainly a major turning point for you. This decision could easily “follow you around” for about two years.

Like the other predictions, remember to take the most conservative path possible on this one.

That’s all for now. The next BIG events will be the Full Moon on July 18th and the Mars Trine Jupiter on July 26th (with Sun in Leo).

2008 June 26 Uranus Retrograde Chart set in DFW

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Uranus Retrograde 2008, Redux

The Uranus Retrograde of June 26, 2008 deserves a bit more of a forecast than previously written here.

The Short Version

For those of you that don’t want to read the detailed analysis, below, here is the short version: expect surprises and especially revelations this Wednesday / Thursday / Friday. Some of you may feel aches and pains (or other problems) in your bones or joints.

Financial markets will probably feel a bit of a shakeup, and some “surprise” may be announced, such as “foreign” (probably foreign to the US) sources providing a “bail out” of some kind financially. This bailout will be inadequate, however, to stem the tide of problems, and the economy will not strengthen.

For many, Thanksgiving Day will be somehow affected by the events of this week. In addition to paying off debt, you need to start a savings account or fund for the Holiday Season this year.

Setting of the Chart

First, the Chart is set for 8:01 PM -6 from UTC and is a Longitude and Latitude Associated with the Northern Edges of the Dallas Side of the “DFW Metroplex.” Just in case you don’t know, driving from a point just a little east of Dallas to a point just a little west of Fort Worth is not quite the distance from the southern tip of New Jersey (i.e. Cape May) to the northern realms (across the Hudson from NYC). (Texas is a BIG state in terms of land mass.)

The Chart:

If you use tabbed browsing, you might want to open that image in a separate tab, now, so we can discuss it. You should also open Cafe Astrology Planetary Phenomena for 2008 in a separate tab. (That site points out a Jupiter-Saturn sesquiquadrate on June 26, 2008.)

If you have chart software (and Astro123 is freeware), you can run the same chart adjusted for your locality.

Choice of Software

I suppose I should say at this point that I am not an advocate of freeware or open source to the exclusion of commercial software. You’ll notice that Astro123 hasn’t been updated since 2006. The motive to update doesn’t exist for freeware, and open source manned by volunteers has spotty support at best. (BUT, if that same “open source” has a team of professional programmers who both maintain it and are paid to do that full time by a non-profit organization, then that’s another story….)

I’ve evaluated the SolarFire (sold by Alabe.com who also provides free online chart calculations) and Kepler (Cosmic Patterns) families of commercial software and recommend them. Maybe at some point I’ll also try the Matrix family and Halloran tools as well. (Actually, once I find my install CD’s for SF and Kepler, I’ll probably switch back to them. Don’t ask; long story.)

This Uranus Retrograde Chart is about FINANCES

SET IN “The Metroplex,” this chart is ALL ABOUT FINANCES. It isn’t about “small scale personal finances” on an individual level. It *IS* about “small scale personal finances” on an aggregate level.

What does that mean, and why?


My interpretation, from my location, is that governmental entities MUST address the “subprime meltdown” during this period. (I will now only speak to the U.S. since UK / Europe should probably be handled by an astrologer, or astrologers, there.)

The meltdown is already underway, and the drastic changes in energy prices, coupled with floods in the Midwest (and consequent rising food prices) will require profound changes. I cannot get a clear lead on who will be President though Obama appears to have a minimal lead at this time. (No clear prediction on this.) Not counting the astrology of the times, “the people” will REQUIRE change. At least part of the catch is that they, themselves, must do most (if not all) of the change.

This is a difficult time for whomever is the leader of the United States.

This chart appears to barely be “radical.” The rule of thumb for an horary chart is that the ascendant cannot be in the first three, or last three, degrees of a sign. Although this isn’t an ‘horary’ chart, I follow the same rule of thumb on this kind of chart. This one appears to be a little past 4 degrees of Capricorn. A Capricorn ascendant tells us, right away, that the “surprises” of Uranus Retrograde will deal with Capricorn issues. And, so early that it almost isn’t radical, confirms that we should “expect the unexpected.”

With Capricorn in play, but so early, that could be anything, from problems with bones for some individuals (particularly Pisceans) to a major financial overhaul.

I will not elaborate on the positions and relationships of Mars, the South Node, Saturn, and Pluto except to say that they indicate that the current war places us (as in the “US”) in great financial jeopardy. (Hint: Mars (war) in the 8th House (taxes) midpoint Saturn (authority, government, and particularly the “Executive”) and the South Node (the Easy, but WRONG thing to do) coupled with a trine between Mars (war) and Pluto (intelligence agencies) in the 12th House (of “self-undoing”). We need an exit strategy. I leave it as an exercise for the reader to work out the details. 🙂

The issues with bones and other things Capricorn appear unclear, but the national, or global, finances cannot be ignored because of the Second House of Finances being within Aquarius (“the people”) and containing a few “interesting” key planets: Chiron and Uranus, with Chiron on top of the North Node.

As you may know, Chiron is about healing and Neptune is about illness. Chiron is retrograde here, so it isn’t in its strongest position. Chiron is nearly on top of the North Node, less than half a degree away. The North Node is about “Karma.” This means it is about doing service at a minimum and sometimes taking “bad medicine” at the worst. This healer apparently recommends “black draught.” (An old Southern remedy that was, in fact, a potent laxative.) The process isn’t over yet, because Chiron has to continue backwards for a “ways.”

And, as crucial as the financial “healing” is, the Jupiter-Saturn Sesquiquadrate tells us that, for the big financial markets, what happens today is NOT a final solution. More work is needed.

Events Now Will Impact the “Holiday Season”

In fact, this entire process will “cook” until two key events happen (1) Chiron turns direct; and (2) Uranus turns direct. A longer term series of events, Chiron and Uranus in a series of sextiles, began in April and continues for a number of years.  See, also: The Big Aspects.  Frankly, this dance is about trans-generational reforms in a number of areas, not just finance.

So, what are the key future dates for this year? Chiron turns direct on October 25th of 2008. Uranus turns direct on November 27th of this year.  And, less than an hour after the direct station of Uranus on Thanksgiving Day, Moon conjoins the Sun (New Moon) at about 5 degrees Sadge.

I don’t know about you, but that combination gets my attention.

Mercury (communication) then will conjoin Mars (anger) in Sadge late the following Friday night. “Oh my, my.”

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving of 2008, Pluto (now direct) will re-enter Capricorn (finances, especially corporate finances). This is a very busy week, to be discussed later. But, be assured, it will set the stage for an “interesting” holiday season this year.

What to do with this?

Moral of this story? If you want to HAVE a Christmas / Hannukkah / Kwaanza / Pagan Winter Celebration (or whatever celebration you follow just after the Winter’s Solstice of 2008), then you better start saving money for that NOW. Decide how much you want, and put away 1/5 of that every month between now and The Season. (If you want a $500 Christmas, then put away $100 a month.)

But, for NOW, don’t be surprised if some profound (I will neither say “good” nor “bad” in this case because it is too difficult to read) revelations emerge on the financial markets scene this Thursday or maybe Friday.

Jupiter in the First House may imply a “bail out” from “foreign” sources. And, it clearly implies that some people haven’t got the message and are still spending more than they should.

As the old saying goes, “you ain’t seen nuttin’, yet.” 🙂

Summer Solstice 2008

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Summer Solstice 2008

If you celebrate the Solstice, chances are that you’ve already done so by the time you read this. For many in the U.S., that celebration was Thursday evening. That is probably true in the UK and Europe as well. Some of you, though, may choose to celebrate this weekend because the gathering of friends, most convenient on a weekend, is more important than gathering slightly BEFORE the event occurs. Frankly, I like that idea in this case. Why?

The reason why is that we’ve all done intense energy work all weekend long. As much as possible, this weekend should be about rest & relaxation. The Aquarian Moon will tend to help with that, and most people will find this to be a pleasant weekend. A few possible “potholes” exist; this forecast will serve to illumine them.

I know some of you want only the “high points” without detailed analysis, so we’ll do those first.

High Points of the Summer Solstice of 2008

1. Have fun this weekend. That is very possible.

2. Watch out for lying and deception this weekend.

3. Watch out for a squabble particularly about money or taxes or fines, particularly on Friday night.

4. Do NOT “loan money” this weekend. Especially watch out for cheats & cons.

5. *DO* have fun with your friends. This is another GREAT “movie weekend.” Consider a sleepover with a ‘movie marathon.’

6. This is a GREAT weekend to spend on the water, possibly at a lake. BUT, this is a very BAD weekend to mix alcohol and boating. (No good weekend for that, but this one is even worse.)

7. Homebodies can get a great deal of cleaning this weekend, and might find old photos from “the good old days” that bring a strong sense of nostalgia. Pay debt.

Now, for the rest of you, on to the “nitty gritty details.”

Analysis by Sign

Aries: You can be very strong this weekend. Watch out for overspending on that nice new toy, and definitely do not create any new debt. Like ALL other signs, don’t loan money. Otherwise, this will be a great weekend for you. Try, though, to be an observer, if you can. You’ll LEARN a bit about others if you do so.

Taurus: Read Aries. You’ll be tempted to buy items for your home, and you’ll get some great buys if (1) you already wanted them and they are NOT something you were “talked into” by the salesperson and (2) you don’t create any new debt. You might not be as thrilled by the movie as some others, but you’ll have fun anyway.

Gemini: You need a break. This was a really busy week. Just relax, and resist ANY temptation to deceive someone. You CAN deceive effectively now, but you don’t want that karma. Watch the movie with your friends.

Cancer: Hold tight to your birthday. Like Aries, you should “watch the show” that others put on for you this weekend. Do *NOT* (did I emphasize that enough?) lend money or create debt. Like Taurus, you might get a nice item for your home.

Leo: Why are you so angry? You need a good workout this weekend. Finances tend to worry you this weekend. Focus instead on the most vigorous exercise you can safely participate in; a punching bag could bring you both physical and emotional relief. Friends are okay, but watch for trickery, possibly from an entire GROUP, maybe a conspiracy of family members against you!

Some of you are starting to enter your “Solar 12th house” and are in danger of “self-undoing.”  This is particularly true if your birthday is in July.

Virgo: You find yourself in the job of disciplinarian, especially if you are a parent. You’ll have the job of being the “voice of reason.” You can do this well, but secretly you want to play this weekend with the other boys & girls. Take time to recharge your batteries this weekend. You CAN take a break. Maybe you need a treat.

Libra: Read Aries. Keep in mind that your insights may be especially important to others this weekend. But, don’t offer advice unless asked. Keep your comments short & to the point. Use humor. Have fun.

Scorpio: Read Taurus & Leo. You can get some great buys; use your usual sense of prudence. Don’t beat up on people, though you’ll be tempted. If you are a police officer, then you’ll be busy this weekend. That means you’ll need to stay sober yourself.

Sagittarius: You are ordinarily a nice person, but you really need to watch your temper this weekend. Don’t go off the deep end. Instead, take some time for yourself. This does NOT mean you have to hide and be alone, but it does mean you’d better have some fun. Unlike most others, you’ll probably have a good eye for cheats. No reason you can’t turn the tables on them and have the “last laugh.” In fact, they deserve it for even thinking about taking you on. Go for it, just don’t get mad about it. Laugh instead.

Capricorn: Okay, it is a tough weekend in some ways for you. People seem frivolous and a bit unpredictable. You can still have fun, though, and you might even make a little money if that is your desire. Just make certain it is money coming in rather than money going out. (You’ll be tempted to spend.)

Aquarius: This is *YOUR* weekend. Okay, you’ll have other weekends, too. But this will be an outstanding weekend for some, make that MANY, of you. Please do play. Take nothing seriously. Refuse to believe anything anyone says, probably even including me! 🙂 Your sense of art and proportion are good this weekend, so if you are an artist of some kind then (as Captain Picard would say) “Make it so.” (But don’t incur debt for that purpose.)

Pisces: Yes, you can get your way this weekend. BUT, is it really what you want? If you succumb under pressure to some strong personality, or especially a group of them, and then cheat or deceive someone who could be your best ally, then what will you gain? Think about it. Your ally might be tired of that kind of behavior.

If you are a poker player, you might “clean up” this weekend. (No “markers,” though.)

If you channel that “creativity” of yours in the right direction, then you might have some fun without anyone getting their feelings hurt. Maybe you are the one who needs to organize “sleepover movie night,” but without any grandiose expenditures.

If you do host a party, you’ll be at the center. Do you want to be? (It is okay if you really do.)

The Planetary Players of the Weekend of the Summer Solstice of 2008

Besides the solstice, and the previous planetary events of this week (especially the Full Moon and Mercury Direct Station), three events will color this weekend: (1) Sun Opposite Pluto (which is an “after statement” to the Full Moon Energy); (2) Mars Opposite Neptune; and (3) Venus Sextile Saturn (which requires a LONG discussion). We’ll cover the first one and dispose of that, and then we’ll dive in greater depth into #2 and #3 (together). So, we have Part #1 (Sun Opposite Pluto & the Full Moon Wrapup) and we have Part #2 (Mars Opposite Neptune and the Finger of God).

Sun Opposite Pluto & the Full Moon Wrapup

The first few days of the week, tied to the Full Moon of Wednesday June 18th, will be “wrapped up” by Sun Opposite Pluto on Friday June 20th. Of course, Astrology studies cycles, and one story blends into another. But, this punctuation mark (and that is what this kind of aspect is) comes with the Solstice. Other variants will occur in a new season and be more tightly tied to newer stories to be told. So, what does it mean?

Pluto has returned to the end of Sadge, and that is the key issue here. The final degrees of any sign are said to be “fated degrees,” and these particular degrees are especially associated with deception and theft. All the negative aspects of Sadge will tend to be highlighted at this time: religious extremists, possibly terrorists, murder in the name of God, court rulings that are either wrong or unjust or both, and a sense of “playfulness” applied in very wrong ways. (Do you remember in the original “Highlander” movie where we learned that the Kurgan, and “his tribe, the Kurgans, were infamous for their cruelty, and were known to ‘toss children into pits full of starved dogs, and watch them fight [for the] meat’ for amusement.” THAT is the kind of “playfulness” associated with the END of Sadge. Not pretty.)

Now, that said, the type of PLANET in that space makes a BIG difference. In this case, the planet is PLUTO, ruler of death in general, death by assassination in particular, death by poisoning even more so, and secrets, torture, and a number of other horrible things.

Frankly, myself, I don’t like this combination of planet and place.

One big issue here will be “human rights abuses.” On a smaller scale, it will be injustice. The “mean girls” will tend to win. But, Sun OPPOSING Pltuo may mean that, in some cases, authority figures of some kind may “step in” to halt some of these problems. The Sun can’t really win against Pluto on a long term basis, so the key will be for Pluto to move direct (in a few months) and return to Capricorn. The downside to this will be a profound “belt tightening” in our economy. We’ll already had a taste of this, but it will get stronger. Your mantra should be “no debt.”

If you can’t achieve that, then it should be “no new debt.” If you are in the business of lending money, you shouldn’t take on ANY new risky loans; you can count on them deceiving you now (Pluto Rx in Sadge) and defaulting later (when Pluto returns to Capricorn).

I know some of my readers might be thieves. Yes, this is your weekend. Sigh.

Practically, as an individual, this could lead to power struggles this weekend, particularly over money. Taxes (also Pluto) may be the biggest issues of all. Count on them (taxes) showing up in political dialogs. Like new debt, new taxes should be avoided. They might seem very attractive NOW, but Pluto in Capricorn can make them very ugly later.

One other thing, this particular drama indicates that the solution to human rights abuse in other countries CAN be found in the decisions made by Corporate America (and UK and Europe). The key, of course, will be to give Corporate America “tax incentives” to do things that “encourage” foreign countries to protect human rights. (Maybe that is the approach Amnesty International should use: lobby Congress to give tax incentives to Big Corp. to protect human rights in foreign countries.)

On a small scale for certain readers (you know who you are): you know that Aunt or Uncle who saved money all of their lives and lived very conservatively? The one you never liked but now is in a GREAT position financially while you are worried about FORECLOSURE? You should NOT ask them for a bailout (and deceiving them will cause you painful karma you don’t want to have). But, you SHOULD get their insights and advice and “take your medicine” to clear out the debt & financial problems. If you don’t listen to the Dave Ramsey show, then you should consider doing so.

Like Father’s Day, if you can “avoid the fight,” you’ll probably have a pretty good weekend. But, again, some people will have terrific struggles over money and spending this weekend.

Mars Opposite Neptune and the Finger of God

At this point, I’d like to tell you some great story about Mars Opposite Neptune and how powerful that aspect is. I’d like to discuss how some commentators noted Mars/Neptune activity in the birth chart of Bill Clinton, and how they claimed that this is the REAL reason that he was “Teflon Bill.” (Monica Lewinsky proved that name wrong, though.) That’s what I’d like to tell you.

Instead, I must say that this is an extraordinarily complicated “big planet” configuration that, frankly, might be a little beyond my ability. In addition to Mars Opp Neptune, we have Venus Sextile Saturn. Venus & Saturn are another story entirely. The problem is, Venus & Saturn are NOT playing separately from Mars and Neptune. If they were, analysis would be much easier. In fact, the configuration looks like a huge “peace sign” in the sky, with Neptune “by itself” (not true, but pretend so for the moment) and Mars opposite of it as the “center leg”, with Venus and Saturn forming the right and left legs of the “peace sign.”

Now, I am NOT saying that this configuration will “bring peace.” Sun Opposite Pluto (described above) won’t let it. Actually, Neptune has both the Moon and Chiron as neighbors. All three are in Aquarius, and this metaphorically speaks to the needs and desires of “the people” for healing and dreams of hope. Last weekend we had illusions. This weekend, we HAVE to believe in a “better way,” despite the Evil of Sun Opp Pluto. Primarily Neptune (but also the other planets) form the “Finger of God” that I’ve described before (credit: Stephanie Azaria). The choice seems to be between Venus (in Cancer, the home of the Moon) and Saturn (in Virgo, the home of Mercury and sign of the Earth Mother).

I try to avoid politics, but this weekend seems to speak of how profoundly tired “the people” are of war. Sun Opp Pluto tells us we can make some terrible mistakes with wrong decisions based on poorly thought-out approaches. Regardless, we are tired of war, we are tired of being cheated, and we are tired of the no longer “playful” aspects of Gemini & Sadge. The time has come for a return to the source of our sustenance.

So, you’ll have a choice to make this weekend, and it will almost certainly affect many people around you. Given that you “handle” the power struggle “correctly,” (and this doesn’t mean that you “win” in the ordinary sense of the word), you will have to choose between being a source of sustenance and being a provider of discipline. Neither position is necessarily right or wrong. You’ll have to apply your own sense of discernment, keeping in mind that deception is afoot.

I suppose I should say that, as the weekend progresses, I might “tune” this forecast. Making it stronger will lay a foundation for the forecast for next week, probably to be published on Sunday.

Good and Evil?

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A popular notion in the metaphysics community is that the “truth comes from within.” We usually go to seminars to learn this, and at some point the paradox becomes at least a little obvious to some of us. My experience is that others trigger me to think, and at some point certain ideas emerge in a form sufficient for an article (or other creative work). Said differently, the truth often comes from without. Often, the truth comes from discussions and debates.

Good and Evil?

That said, the concept of “Evil” came up in a discussion tonight. Traditional astrologers used the concept all the time, along with “the King,” “the Castle,” and “seige.” (Planets can actually be “beseiged” in traditional astrology.) Concepts of “the King” and “the Castle” don’t work so well in modern times, so they were thrown out with “Evil” with the development of Modern Astrology.

Evil” became replaced with “learning experiences” and “growth opportunities.” Sounds good (surely a poor choice of words for some readers), and we all know that Good and Evil probably doesn’t “exist” at the largest viewpoints. Traditionalist Christians, for example, believe that God “wins” in the end. No need to really worry about Satan, since we know he’ll be defeated. “Good and Evil” don’t exist in Heaven because everything is good. (“It’s all good.”) Ditto for “Hell,” but in reverse.

Touchy feely New Age pundits have similar thoughts: “good” and “evil” aren’t real for them, either.

But, we aren’t “God,” we aren’t in Heaven, and we live in a day to day world in which people, places, and things are easily characterized as “Good” and “Evil.” The argument that such notions are “subjective” just doesn’t hold water for me for practical day-to-day purposes.

Pluto and Saturn?

Despite the modernist views of duality, Pluto and Saturn are basically evil for most people and most purposes. Some hold dear a chipper notion that both of them “clean out the old and make way for the new, “but sometimes that means they are “cleaning out” you and I. I don’t wanna be “cleaned out.” Do you?

What if you are “cleaned out” of your home due to the sub-prime mortgage meltdown? Your spouse, or children, or both no longer have a home. You are crammed in some tiny space, you are again becoming familiar with body odors you had forgotten about, and everyone in your home fights far more than before.

That isn’t evil?

[special commentary for certain people; they know who they are; skip over this if you are a normal person]

Okay, suppose you claim it isn’t “evil.” Are you a Buddhist or have a similar viewpoint? Do you believe that the source of all pain is “attachment”? The way of all life is “Change,” right? That is the point of the “I Ching,” the book of changes. Be sure not to fall into thinking that this is strictly an “Eastern” concept, and that you need to own at least one Brass Buddha to understand it. Heraclitus is reputed to have said “There is nothing permanent except change.” Same point.

Still in all your infinite wisdom, are you not sufficiently human that you cry out “but I didn’t want to lose that“?

Okay, you’ve never screamed out in agony even once in your life. Not even when you were an infant and your diaper needed to be changed. (Yeah, right.)

If you claim this, have you ever read “Candide” by Voltaire? Your name isn’t “Dr. Pangloss,” is it?

[/special commentary; back to regular programming]

Saturn in Capricorn and Pluto in Virgo, and their long stays in both signs, are together a sign that the sub-prime meltdown is the beginning of a much longer process. I’ll take a risk and go out on a limb to make this statement: for many (most people, this is Evil.

And, Jupiter is no hero here, either. His expansiveness led us into this trap. Pluto in Sadge and Jupiter’s return there setup everyone for these problems. They hung out in the sign of Expansion (Jupiter’s home) and were scheduled for a meeting, but it didn’t happen until they entered the sign of Contraction (Capricorn). And don’t be fooled for even a MOMENT when we get a brief snippet of relief during the time when Pluto re-enters Sadge. The minor economic upturn that is almost certain will lead some into an even deeper economic morass, probably this summer. Don’t be one of the ones led into the Tar Pit.

Severe contraction isn’t possible without over-expansion. THAT is why the ancients considered Jupiter to be a “malefic,” too. (Sometimes he is characterized as a benefic. At best, he is a “neutral” amplifier of other planets and aspects.)

Astrology and the Sub-Prime Meltdown

Okay, sorry to end on such a “cheery note.” I suppose I needed to make it clear that (a) I believe in “Good and Evil” (b) Saturn and Pluto both qualify as “Evil,” (c) I think the “meltdown” may be with us for “a while,” regardless of who we elect as President and (d) the truth sometimes comes from without.

I suppose I am just saying in a different way what is said in this blog entry from “the Church of the Churchless.”

And, I suppose that a better name for this article might have been “Astrology and the Sub-Prime Meltdown.”

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