Saturn in Scorpio (The Power of Mutual Reception)

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For a very long time, about 50% of the traffic for this blog has come from people with questions about Saturn entering Scorpio. That does not happen this year in 2011, but perhaps the time has arrived to begin to address that.  Saturn enters Scorpio October 5, 2012.

[Update September, 2012: For Charts and Maps, click here.]

In many spheres,  the key to finding the correct answer is knowing which question(s) to ask.  In the case of the upcoming transit of Saturn into Scorpio, “What happens when Saturn moves into Scorpio?” is NOT the correct question.  The question looks good, but the answers it gives are messy.

After all, if your interest is 2012 and the anticipated end of the Mayan calendar, you should recall that Saturn has moved into Scorpio approximately every 28 years for many cycles.  The real question is “What makes Saturn’s entry into Scorpio different THIS time?”

The answer is found in the relationship that Saturn enters when it enters Scorpio: it will enter mutual reception with Pluto (in Capricorn).  Think of it this way, “if” the planets can get along, and all “can” to some greater or lesser degree, then each planet in the other planet’s home STRENGTHENS both planets.  Pluto is already in Saturn’s “home,” namely Capricorn.  And, when Saturn enters Scorpio, it will IMMEDIATELY be in mutual reception and this will continue for “about” 2.5 years.  AND, Pluto and Saturn are very “friendly” with each other to begin with.

Pluto’s entry into Capricorn was closely related to the economic crash of 2008.  Nobody wanted to talk about that, probably because Pluto stays in a sign for 20 years.  That implied that we will, or “better,” have a period of unparalleled financial conservatism, or we will disintegrate.  By “financial conservatism,” I do not mean that Wall Street continues to behave as they have.  Both they and the government(s) must change.  So must we.  Frankly, the time to ditch the credit cards has arrived.

Pluto is associated with both poisons and medicines, and how you view the elimination of credit cards will be one of the two.  Pluto also represents addictive drugs (along with Neptune).  If you want to heal, then it is not going to be about the latest “cool” herb at the health food store.  It is going to be about eliminating your debt (completely) and building up savings.  To some degree, healing will be about returning to certain old traditional values of small supportive communities and local banks.

Just in case we did not get the message in 2008 (and many of us did not), the entrance of Saturn into Scorpio in 2012 will be another powerful exclamation point.  Expect to see issues with finances to slam us again.  And, since Neptune entered its home recently (something it does only every 160 years), expect many people to go through a powerful withdrawal.  (Along with Pluto, Neptune is about ADDICTION, remember?  In fact, Neptune is MORE about addiction than Pluto.  Being home, that “dark side” of Neptune is very powerful now.)

As mentioned elsewhere on this blog, on the Winters Solstice of 2012, Saturn will be at 8 degrees Scorpio and Pluto will be at 8 degrees Capricorn.  The planets will be precisely Sextile, and the mutual reception will be “on steroids.”  They will be part of the Focused Yod that includes both Venus and Jupiter.  Venus and Jupiter represent our saviors.

A healthy Venus is about healthy finance.  My mental image of Venus in this sense is *NOT* “Wall Street.”  Instead, it is a radiant sunny spring day picture of a large family farm in which all is neat and orderly.  No debt is needed, and interdependency with external sources is minimized.  (But it is not saving your retirement money so you can have a vineyard.)

Of course, the farmers must be good neighbors “or else.”  In real life, not everyone in a rural area is a good neighbor, but in my mental image they are and must be.  The image is not one of health for an individual, but for families and communities.  Venus, especially amplified by Jupiter in the teacher role shared with Chiron, is the “earth mother” who nourishes us all back to health.  This is a key metaphor from the focused yod of the Solstice.

As the beautiful lady and the centaur present themselves to save us, we could argue that this event will be the “Lady Godiva” event.

Full Moon of May 27, 2010

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This Full Moon comes as a powerful punctuation mark in a rare series of powerful patterns.  Interpretations of these patterns vary widely.  Probably because the are so rare they are difficult for the astrological community to form a consensus.  Some claim they are disruptive (they have been), and others claim opportunity.  Whichever set of advice that you follow, these patterns will tend to produce clear winners and losers.  And, in some cases, they will produce lose-lose situations where nobody benefits.

To paraphrase what has been described as “an old Chinese curse,” we are living in “interesting times.”  (See, also, this link.)

Here is the basic chart along with a few variations:

For those who like more details

In addition to the required Sun-Moon opposition, a number of other oppositions are occurring.  Jupiter and Uranus are “near” each other (most would say conjunct) and both oppose Saturn.  Uranus enters Aries about an hour and a half later.  Since Uranus has an 84 year orbit, it is clearly on the cusp, and even a slight error in calculation could mean it has entered Aries.  Regardless, this entry heralds (more) explosions, accidents, and revolutions (of all kinds, including but not limited to political).

Both Saturn and Uranus are also making stations.  This means they are almost “standing still” currently.  Saturn turns direct on Sunday, and Uranus turns direct on Monday.  Frankly, for the financial markets, this probably means “you ain’t seen nuttin’ yet.”  That is, an even more profound downturn could happen Monday or sometime early that week.

A large number of Arabic Parts are activated, you may explore these in the next version of the chart:

For those interested in Cosmobiology, here are the Midpoint Trees, followed by Modulus Sort Strips:

Modulus Sort Strips:

Impact of Late May 2010 Patterns

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Just what will shake out of this pattern rich period remains to be seen.  But, here is an example from the financial website Seeking Alpha on May 26, 2010:

Consider those predictions as the predictions of this blog.  Pluto will be in Capricorn for about 20 years.  As mentioned in 2008 on this blog, the financial markets will have many challenges during this 20 year period.  These patterns are primary activators of chains of events.

But, expect more than just instability in financial markets.  More events like mine explosions, air liner crashes, oil well disasters, and so forth.

Splay Pattern of May 23 continues a week of intense activity

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The much anticipated and discussed Grand Cross sequence began on “Algol Day” this year.  That was a Sunday, and we did not see the impact on the stock market begin until Monday.  Consider, for example, the behavior of the Singapore market on that day.  (Popup alert.)  The drop was palpable as “[i]t is likely that Singapore market will continue to be volatile and choppy in the coming days over the Euro debt crisis.”

Of course this is a key date for the NYSE as “[t]he origin of the NYSE can be traced to May 17, 1792, when the Buttonwood Agreement was signed by 24 stock brokers outside of 68 Wall Street in New York under a buttonwood tree on Wall Street.”  Solar return fans might want to explore the Solar Return Chart for the NYSE.

Here is the “Stars Over Washington” analysis of the 2006 Solar Return of the NYSE.  And, here is the Maya del Mar analysis of the 2006 Solar Return of the NYSE.

(As an aside, here is the solar return chart for Obama’s Inaguration.)

That said, here is the 0630 CDT chart (which is not the optimal Splay pattern found by Solar Fire but is a little more interesting because of the highly activated Arabic Parts).  I’ll add in charts for patterns through May 27th.  This will be a very “interesting” period.

Graphic of Astrological Chartwheel.  In addition to grand cross, highly activated Arabic Parts

Thor’s Hammer of May 23rd

May 23rd also has a Thor’s Hammer:
Astrological Chart for Dangerous Thor's Hammer Period on May 23, 2010

Diamond Pattern of May 25th

Financial Markets and Saturn and Chiron and Pluto 2008

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After a bit of thought, I’ve decided that I’m glad that not so many people read this blog.  If you read “2008 June 26 Uranus Retrograde Chart set in DFW” then you know that I predicted a shakeup in September.  If you are dialed into this at all, I’d hope you would re-read the above article in great detail.  What I said, and continue to predict, is that this shakeup simply isn’t over.  The activity in September / early October is just a punctuation mark on the way to the rest of the story.  Saturn Inconjuncts Chiron on October 8th.  Since Saturn has a 28 year orbit and Chiron a 56 year orbit, this doesn’t happen much.  It happens even less than the Jupiter / Saturn dances that classically characterize financial “changes.”

Of course an activating aspect is needed.  (Read my other writings about activating events (typically new or full moons).)  Monday is Sun Square Jupiter, a time of often overly ambitious overspending.  The Venus / Saturn / Chiron aspects of Tuesday and Wednesday October 7th and 8th will produce MORE revelations about the “structural soundness” of the world economy as well as the U.S. Economy.  Don’t be surprised to receive interesting “news” on these days, either.  By the Full Moon of October 14th, some of these truths will be unavoidable.  Deceit will continue, but the liars and cheats will find it more difficult to perpetrate the fraud.  So to speak, “Main Street” has had enough.

The key thing to remember, here, is that a huge unbridled bailout (Jupiter) is NOT the answer here.  The answer requires intense work on the “fundamentals” of the economy and finance system.  The time has arrived for a profound belt-tightening.  I’ll say a little more about October, but the real key will be found “about” the time of Thanksgiving Day.  Maybe the Wednesday before Thanksgiving will be the turning point, or maybe it will be Thanksgiving itself.

That said, other rough spots in October: Refuse to succumb to any temptation to be impetuous on October 14th.  This is a “feel good” full moon day that will tempt many to act rashly.  Don’t get sucked into THAT trap.

October 15th Mercury “goes direct” and this means on the 15th or following few days something “overdue” will be handled.  The classic example for some of you is the arrival of an overdue check.

The Grand Trine of Thursday October 23rd will make that a very powerful MORNING (afternoon for Brits) to get things done.  Energies “flip” in afternoon and this is a time to rest and maybe reconsider.

Chiron goes direct on October 25th.  On or about that time we’ll get a crucial message about some kind of healing.  This will definitely affect the financial markets, but also anyone with health problems.  Frankly, I’m a bit worried about Social Security and Medicare.

By Monday the 27th, the new issue of “healing” causes tempers to flare in a profound way.  Expect a battle royale.  “Things” could be very nasty.

The Scorpionic New Moon of the 28th is difficult to interpret.  The conflict of Monday can be read three ways: (1) it is dead & gone; (2) it has been swept under the rug and is festering; or (3) the firefight of Monday has gone totally covert.  Guns are traded for poisons.

The dance of Mercury and Neptune on Wednesday indicate confusion and overextended idealism at best.  At worst, they are about significant deception in a time when honesty is desperately needed.

The firefights of Thursday and Friday could be avoided if you find a safe athletic activity to participate in.  But, covert operations may be at risk for exposure on these days.

This might be one really scary Halloween.

Neptune turns direct Saturday and Sunday.  A planet of “happiness” often in the form of delusion or deceit, Neptune is also excellent at exposing secrets.  This will particularly apply to those born in the late 1950’s and 1960’s.  This is a good time to turn off the cell phone and hide with a good book or movie.  Harry Potter would work well.

Tuesday, November 4th is election day.  This one reminds me of the one in 2000 that was ENTIRELY in a moon void of course.  (“nothing will come of this” or perverse outcomes)  This one has Mars Square Neptune (Bill Clinton may be prominent this day for some unexplainable reason); Saturn in Opposition to Uranus (very, very financial); and (like 2000) the ENTIRE election is Moon v/c.

I predict an outcome similar to 2000, except dramatically more important.  Frankly, this is going to be a terrible mess.  And, in hindsight, we’ll all know that the outcome was crucial.  (Why?  because of the outer planet stuff in the prior paragraph, especially Saturn Opposite Uranus, a once every fourteen years event.)

I’m not sure what was going on politically about 14 to 15 years ago, but it holds important answers for this election.  Even more so is whatever happened 28 to 30 years ago.  To understand what will happen here, look to the election of 1976 and what happened then consequent to the times of the “Arab Oil Embargo.”

November has different events, but the kicker will be when Pluto re-enters Capricorn on Wednesday the 26th of November.  This is the day before Thanksgiving.  Pluto is highly “contractile” and so is Capricorn.  Money will be tight, far tighter than it is at the time I write this (Oct 4th).  This kind of “feeling” will continue through Christmas and the end of the year.  The “Islamic New Year” on December 29th may be a turning point of some kind.

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