Jade Helm 15 Question

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Over on our current (mid-July 2015) New Moon post, reader and frequent visitor Gia posits this: “Hi Grandtrines, hope you are well! What do the stars say about the Jade Helm 15 situation? I am quite worried about all the hype and paranoia of it all. Can you please look into it?”

First of all, WHAT is this “Jade Helm 15” thing?  Here is the Wikipedia page on Jade Helm 15.

Second, I do not ordinarily do “Horary” charts, and part of this is because they are a “fortune telling” in the purest sense of the phrase.  (I am looking for a study of patterns in astrology that, at least potentially, COULD be scientific in nature.  Horary / fortune telling does not seem to fit that to me.  Maybe I am wrong, but that is my impression.)  But, I am also very much a fan of Anthony Louis, I adore his book, and on rare occasions I make an exception.

Third, I also usually avoid conspiracy theories.  So, this is an exception to that as well.

So, throwing caution to the wind for a moment, here is the Horary chart for when I had completed reading the initial question and formulated my initial response:

2015-07-13 Jade Helm 15 Question (Horary Chart)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Part 1 of an Horary analysis (as I understand it based on my understanding of Anthony Louis’ book) is to ask: is this chart fit to be interpreted?  We have to check several “considerations,” and if we fail any of them, then we STOP the analysis.

1.  Is the ascendant in the first three or last three degrees of a sign? No.  Proceed.

2.  Is Saturn in the Seventh House?  No.  Proceed.

3.  Is the Moon v/c?  YES. STOP!  DO NOT PROCEED.

Well, that’s it.  Sorry to disappoint.  We cannot go any further without the peril of messy answers and flat out wrong results.

But, of course, we cannot resist the temptation to peek.  (Curiosity killed the cat; you would think we would learn that lesson.)


4.  We are not only in a Moon v/c, but in a really LATE waning Moon.  Probably MORE evidence to STOP NOW.

Did that ever stop us before?  Well we will peek a bit further but not go deep.

5.  Neptune in Pisces is in the first house and rules the ascendant.  That tells us that DECEIT is almost certainly at play here, but we do not know the precise source.  Is it from the military?  Is it from the rumor mongers?  Is it self-deceit?  Somewhere else? We do not know.  But it is another sign that this is a messy question.  Juno (trust issues) is on the seventh house cusp, and Pallas (warrior goddess) is near MC.  SOMEthing is going on, but we cannot say what.

So, now, we will stop.  Either “nothing will come of this” (traditional moon v/c interpretation), or we simply cannot answer the question at this time.  Feel free to comment.

March 29, 2009: Pluto Dominates

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dallas-sunrise-2009-mar-29-9th-pluto1Please do not get your hopes up that I will post any more than once or twice a week (at most).  But, the mood hit me, and I thought I would do Sunrise on Sunday here in Dallas. (aka “The DFW Metroplex,” or just “The Metroplex”)

I pick the Metroplex for no other reason than “that is where I am located.”  Generally, Sunday is characterized by squares.  We know this already (if you read the Daily Planetary Guide), but this chart highlights power struggles and issues between the Moon in the 2nd House (money, finances, sometimes health) and Pluto dominant in the 9th House (Long distance travel, foreign relations, court battles, and higher education).  Here are some of the dramas I expect to be “heightened” today.

Custody battles have a way of erupting on Sunday evenings.  This one will be particularly delicate.  Seek diplomacy if possible.  Otherwise, be prepared to pay the lawyers again.

College students (higher education) may have to face their inquisitive parents about their grades and “how they are doing” this semester.  Spring break is over for most (if not all), and the time is at hand to pass or fail (or whatever the goal may be).

On the political scene, this weekend is a bit fragile in general.  This chart confirms that.

The Moon squares Jupiter, Chiron, and Neptune.  Moon Square Jupiter is one of the two “spendthrift” aspects (the other being Sun Square Jupiter).  Overspending and overeating are notorious here.  Chiron signals the involvement of a mentor relationship (not usually parental but possibly) and Moon Square Neptune is all about deceit in many cases.  Do not be surprised if you lie or are lied to.  Armed with this knowledge, you can decide how you wish to handle the deceit.

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