The Taurus New Moon of 2012

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The “Dark of the Moon” period from Monday April 16th until the New Moon of Saturday 21st (approximately 2am Plano time) will be a particularly powerful period for planning tangible accomplishments for 2012.  How the financial markets will respond this April / May will be interesting to watch.

A number of events loom near.  We will see a Solar Eclipse on May 20th that will touch Albuquerque NM.  June will have a number of interesting events as well.  Notably, these events are almost certainly setting the stage for the events that will follow the entry of Saturn into Scorpio this October.  Among others, another Solar Eclipse will follow on November 13th.  That Solar Eclipse is part of the same cycle as the May 20th eclipse.  See, also:,_2012

Here is a chart of this New Moon, set in Plano:

[Click Image to Enlarge)

This is a very good window (up until this New Moon) for producing tangible expressions of art, from photography to sculpture.  Take your camera with you, for the rare and fleeting moments may never present themselves again in this lifetime.  Finish existing projects involving farms, tangible art, and finances prior to this New Moon with the intent of launching a new project either at Cazimi (exact moment of New Moon) or a few days later.

The most outstanding feature of this chart is the Mars / Neptune / Mercury yod.  At this location, Pisces is intercepted and Neptune and Chiron are near each other in early Pisces.  Mars is at the apex of the Yod.  Located in Virgo (health, accounting, and related institutions), Mars simply will not allow us to avoid making a decision at this time.  We are given two choices: (1) an intercepted Neptune in Pisces which is the ultimately symbol of either waiting or ineffectiveness or (2) a highly energized Mercury (communications / transportation) near Uranus (mass communications / revolutions / accidents / brilliant insights).

Personally, I would pick the latter.  This yod says you “can” choose to sit still, but it will probably leave your ability to accomplish anything eviscerated.  The mercury path does have some danger, and mis-steps and accidents are possible.  This Taurus New Moon requires the kind of prudence that Taurus is generally known for.  Exceptions exist: both Saddam Husein and Adolph Hitler were examples of what an afflicted Taurus looks like.

So, don’t act like them!  (Note the dates of birth and death!)


So, you must act, and act decisively, but avoid becoming Hitler!  (The balance is delicate, but you can do it.)

A very real danger exists of an event similar to the KrystalNacht:

A few of you must choose the Pisces / Neptune option if you are overdue for downtime.  Sometimes that is the only “choice.”

Also worthy of note: most of the planets involved (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Uranus, & Neptune) are in EARLY degrees.  These early degrees signify that this period is about beginnings, and later in the year more will be revealed. In some cases, that will mean we will bear the fruit of the consequences of our actions at this time.

And, Chiron is at 8 degrees, signifying that events at this time may be related to the teaching and healing of the Diamond of December 21st of this year.

Predictions for 2008 August

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General Predictions for 2008, August

1. August starts with a New Moon in Leo. The event is usually auspicious, but it is spoiled this time by a pair of inconjuncts that do not form a Yod. Namely, Mars (Planet of War) in Virgo (Sign of Healing) creates false hopes by its interactions with Chiron (Planet of Healing) in Aquarius (Sign of “The People”). Once again, this means you cannot believe what you hear at this time about War & Peace.

Virgo applies to finances and especially accounting, so be wary of someone cooking the books, particularly if a lawsuit is involved. Moon (The Feminine, and ruler of things Domestic) is in Leo (The Masculine, and also Leadership) and (1) Inconjunct Jupiter (Growth) in Capricorn (Corporations) and (2) opposite Chiron (Planet of Healing) in Aquarius (The People). More signs to be wary of whatever propaganda the Financial Sector is publishing. Privately, wait a few days (at least til Monday) to start any new ventures.

2. More Inconjuncts show overnight (Mercury to Jupiter and Moon to Uranus). Mercury’s additional inconjunct to Jupiter confirms yesterday’s suspicions re: things financial.

The Moon’s aspect to Uranus points out what might be called a “Yod by Sign.” Yods are always about decisions and the dissatisfaction that follows. In this, a decision must be made between that which is surprising & attractive and that which represents stable growth (maybe a little boring). No matter which you choose, you’ll yearn for the other.

My advice: opt for the more conservative path here. If you are given a choice between entering film school and a good MBA program, this is one time you’d better opt for the MBA. Also, this would be a good weekend for a “Independent Film” (“Art House”) to try to cross over into the mainstream. It has the potential to be a blockbuster hit.

Saturday evening, the Moon crosses from Leo into Virgo. Quiet dates are the best here, and this really sets the stage for Sunday.

3. The rules of some say to never do business on Sunday. If that’s your rule, then maybe you should make an exception. “About” 6PM EDT, will be a good time to propose some kind of business venture or career change. The Moon is still a little young, so some details may have to be worked out.

Separating influences aren’t generally good, but here you should pick a time for your proposal to “peak” sometime within the first hour after Sunset. (That’s a Jupiter-Jupiter Hour, one of the luckiest of the week.) The earlier part of Sunday is constrained, so even with three Leo planets try not to push too hard before Noon.

4. Monday is an active day involving Moon, Chiron, Neptune, and Uranus. The false hopes of Friday continue unabated, so be careful. Moon Squares Pluto just after 8PM EDT, so the business day will likely end with a power struggle. Money may pass hands in investments that aren’t the best.

Generally, however, the arts may be favored. So, this could be a good day for you if you are a photographer, writer, or other artist. You might even get funding for a pet project.

5. If we Cinco de Mayo, then why don’t we have Cinco de Agosto? I don’t know either, but Venus Trine Pluto made for a sexy night (and at least a few women (or men) being conned by their partner du jour). The rest of the day isn’t as active as Monday or Wednesday, so maybe you needed a rest.

Venus is void most of the day, another warning sign re: finances. (For some others, the issues may not be financial at all. Health issues may have popped up. If so, see a professional, but try not to make rash decisions if at all avoidable.) This is a good day to lay low or even “take off.”

6. Wednesday is full tilt again, so you better be well rested. In the early hours Mercury (communications) incojuncts Uranus (surprises in Pisces, the sign of illusions & inspiration).

So, as Jim Shawvan pens in the Daily Planetary Guide, you’ll “feel either inspired or confused.” The Sun also picks up the Inconjunct with Jupiter that the Mercury had with Jupiter on Saturday, so, again, opt for the conservative choice here. If you already did that, you can continue. If you didn’t, this may be your best chance to “jump ship.” Stop the bleeding now.

If you are “accident prone,” then this day is your worst nightmare. Stay indoors. Better yet, stay in bed.

Some artists (photographers, film-makers, writers, etc.) will receive PROFOUND inspiration today. Make certain to harness that. If you need to take the day off from the office and go home to finish your novel, then please do so. (Don’t QUIT your job; just take a day off.)

Lotto Winners: If you won Saturday or tonight: don’t be stupid with your money. This is especially important for YOU. No, and I mean NO bird-brained schemes, especially if cooked up by a relative.

Put it all in a trust designed by a trustworthy lawyer who specializes in that area, and have it benefit you and your loved ones over time. You can be trustee, but you need to invest it in a VERY conservative investment, such as Blue Chip Stocks. No more gambles.

If you are a compulsive gambler, NOW is the time to quit (if you didn’t already on Saturday).

7. Everything shifts today. Scammers can be uncovered and exposed. If you did succumb to that “great deal” then today is a good day to scrutinize it hard and investigate. Some of you may need to get the police involved.

If you are elderly and someone is trying to swindle you out of your life savings, today is THE day to stop the bleeding and call the authorities. (I don’t mean you should WAIT until today, but I do mean you need to do it TODAY if you haven’t done so already.)

Artists may come to realize, on this day, how important it was to NOT share their work earlier in the week. If you showed unfinished work, then you may be feeling some pain today as you realize, for example, someone else has stolen your idea and may be about to profit from it. Keep everything hush-hush until time to publish, show, or whatever.

Every year in Leo this Scorpio Moon represents a turning point. It is especially important to some because Leo and Scorpio (together) are the signs of royalty. Special secrets can be revealed to you today, if you have eyes to see and ears to listen.

8. The turning points of the week may culminate for some. Mars forms an Inconjunct to Neptune, tying more false hopes into Monday’s misleading promises. Please don’t continue to be taken. You can choose today, more so than other times, because the T-Square between Sun in Leo, Moon in Scorpio, and Chiron in Aquarius will MAKE the “still small voice” in your head speak.

You’ll feel compelled to act, and you should heed your conscience and prudence.

Outside of astrology, today is what some call the 8:8:8 StarGate. Opinions vary on the significance of that, but if you follow numerology then today is a very, very important day. I’ll add that the Chinese, and some other groups, consider “8” to be the most lucky or “auspicious” number. “9” is unlucky to this group; “7” and below are “incomplete.” YMMV (Your mileage may vary.)

Even among people who are total atheists (but number fanatics), postmarks on this date are a favorite (collectors’ items, of sorts).

9. This past week was all about “decision making,” and some of them were Big Decisions. Students may have contemplated last minute entry into school. (Do I work or do I go to school?) Others were tempted by “Get Rich Quick” schemes. Still others had other decisions, such as whether to follow a prudent medical course or a more risky one. (I’d only advocate the risky courses to those who have little to lose. If you have cancer, then maybe you should opt for the experimental drug this week.)

Like so many Saturdays, this is an R&R day. You might have “words” with someone about 2PM Eastern, but you’ll discover that this squabble can lead to an improved situation. Both of you will be tempted to lie and deceive, but for different reasons. The deal you strike will tend to be lasting, and it will have a “fated” quality to it. Could you have decided differently?

Effectively, after 2PM Eastern, Mercury will be void until Sunday morning. Until “about” Tuesday or so, communications may be a little confused as Mercury moves through an area known as “too early to tell.”

For those in the U.S., a brief void will hit between 5p Eastern (2p PDT) and 7p (4p). Just lay low. Moon moves into Sadge, a good time for overnight trips, working with animals (such as horseback rides), and telling each other all kinds of tall tales that may or may not be true. Unless Moon in Sadge disfavors you, this will be a good evening. (Just don’t buy any used cars.)

10. Early Sunday morning in the U.S., and by Noon in the UK, Mercury moves into Virgo. Debates exist as to whether this is good or not. Mercury “co-rules” both Gemini and Virgo in the traditional model.

Some moderns say Mercury should NOT rule Virgo. Why? Because both Gemini and Mercury are very quick; in fact both are associated with “QuickSilver.” But although Virgo has mercurial properties, it tends to be methodical and plodding.

Gemini can develop entirely plausible stories off the top of its head (hence its association with liars and thieves), but Virgo tends to move step by agonizing step. (Okay, I’ll admit, not all Virgos match “their sign.” This would be especially true of the Virgo who acts like a Leo, and (surprise, surprise!) has a four planet stellium in Leo. But, I digress.)

Whatever your opinion, this period through August 28th will be one where you’d better “cross every ‘T’ and dot every ‘I’.” The energy promotes that kind of thing, and if you don’t you’ll regret it.

Moon squares Saturn (I want to go on vacation; we CAN’T, we don’t have the money) and Sun opposes Chiron today. If you haven’t made a family budget and made medical appointments, then you should consider this.

Also, remember all those squabbles around Father’s Day and the 4th of July? They just might be revisited today….

11. Despite a surprise mid-Afternoon (on the East Coast) or about 9pm UK, today is mostly feel good and a good day to get things done. That’s especially true if you are a fire sign.

This is a Moon Trine Sun day, and you only get two of those per lunar cycle. Despite two squares, this is a VERY good day to launch short to medium term projects. Despite the energy being “fire,” I like this for certain kinds of purchases, such as watches and electronics.

This is THE day to buy a new grill or stove. Also, a good day to buy gifts. (As long as the recipient wants what you have to offer.) (Today favors the following signs (Fire & Air): Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sadge, & Aquarius)

Later tonight, avoid a squabble. (Did you buy a shotgun for your wife? Did she buy a fur coat for you?) It might seem “big” at this time, but it isn’t. You won’t remember it in a year, maybe not even in a month.

12. The energy totally shifts yet remains the same. How?

Today’s energy is even smoother than yesterday’s energy, but it tends to favor earth and water rather than fire and air. (So, today favors: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, and Pisces.)

Today particularly favors Virgo & Capricorn. For most, this will be a “feel good” day, and it’s powerful energy for lasting change is easily squandered on the meaningless. But, if you really do need to take a break, then take a break.

Today will be excellent for purchase of tangible items, including homes and real estate. Not as good for gadgets, electronics, and cell phones as yesterday. Regardless of what you buy, avoid debt if at all possible. (Use cash.)

13. Yesterday’s energy continues, even stronger, but vanishes by sunset. You can get a “second bite at the apple” if you need it, but not after dark.

14. How can such WONDERFUL energy turn to mud? It is all part of the process of cycles. Okay, if you didn’t get it done, then I won’t say “I told you so.” Strike that. I DID tell you. If you deferred til today, then dump it. It wasn’t meant to be. The afternoon is void (UK = the evening is void) and “nothing will come of it.”

If you did make your purchases, or “get the job done,” or both, you might have an annoying surprise today. Here is one of the few times I’d advise you to KEEP the item. You made a legitimate purchase (as long as none of it was subsequent to last week’s inconjuncts), and you can either work out or live with the “bugs” in this case. Just let that “buyer’s remorse” pass you by. The six hour void on this date, from 1p EDT to 7p EDT, is very good for athletes, just as long as they don’t have heatstroke or some similar emergency. (That’s a real possibility here in Dallas.)

15. The Ides of Leo. Is it really? I’m not sure. But, I’ve noted over the years that August 15th tends to be a “power day.” It isn’t particularly “good” or “bad,” but disasters do tend to happen from now to the 17th. I suspect it is related to the nearing of a fixed star called “Regulus.” Think about how YOU want to use today’s energy. You will have to make a decision; you can’t avoid it. Even “not deciding” is, itself, a decision. (Abdication is invariably the WRONG decision on this date, by the way.)

The Aquarian Moon makes a series of Inconjuncts today. You’ll have to decide between being a detail oriented bureaucrat, a functionary who is determined to “establish firm boundaries” and being an innovator and person on the people who can see the big picture. I’m sad to say that you’ll be at least a little disappointed no matter which one you choose. If you are earth / water, you should opt for being detailed oriented and drawing the line. If you are fire / air, you’ll want to opt for being the visionary.

Sun Opp Neptune will mean that this will be a “low energy” day for many. Summer colds may peak. Artists may build even more profound insights based on their earlier work. Some psychics may release bold predictions that prove to be accurate. This is a good day for a movie to open.

For almost everyone, the moon is effectively full tonight. (Waxing Full.) Think about what you want to grow. I hope you’ve launched it earlier this week, because today’s inconjuncts make such a launch more difficult. Tonight is about dreaming and visualization (US & UK)

16. The moon will be full again tonight, but this time it will be waning. Today is VERY complex. For people in the UK, they get one last SUPER “launch” day before about 11pm. Not so in the U.S.; the window will have passed by today. In general, UK & Europe (overall) will be favored over US on this day. (Some days are like that.) For the US, “things” get a little ugly late at night; for the UK & Europe this same energy hits circa 8am. This is “Mars Square Pluto.” Being Mars (War & violence) Square (a squabble, disagreement, or fight) Pluto (Intelligence Agencies, Poison, Assassination, & Spys), it actually affects a period from Thursday through about Tuesday.

This could be a night where some bar fights go terribly, terribly wrong. Stay home.

17. Moon enters Pisces early morning hours US & about 9am in UK. Mars Square Pluto is in full force in both places, and the terrible fight is characterized by the confusion and (misplaced) idealism of a Piscean Moon. I think this would be a GREAT day to HIDE! 🙂

Mercury Trines Jupiter after dark in US and wee hours of Monday in UK. This COULD bring about a little healing if both parties are genuine and not still trying to undercut each other. BUT, deception is in the air again. Go slow. Take today off. And, don’t get mad in traffic.

18. Today is characterized by oppositions, but they aren’t bad ones. If you avoided the serious conflict late Saturday / early Sunday, then today is the day to take what you launched last week (US, UK, & Europe) or Saturday (UK & Europe, only) and “make it so.” Today is a “work day,” to be sure, but you can get things done. So, do it.

19. A Sun Moon Inconjunct, followed by Mars entry into Libra (a bad place for it), and Moon entering Aries (Mars Home) and opposing Mars make this an unpleasant day. If you didn’t feel the aftershocks from Mars/Pluto yesterday, then you’ll feel them today.

20. This day has “Yod” written all over it. Multiple Yods in many ways. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to count how many. The point is, once again, decisions face us. REALLY BIG decisions could face us today. Whatever happened over the weekend, we have to deal with it now. And, you can’t put this one off, either.

21. Today is all about a Grand Fire Trine. Remember the last one of those? Actually, this is very similar to “The Fire Kite of Friday June 27th 2008” Remember that time? What were you doing then? What worked right for you? What did you do wrong? Same deal today, but this one is even stronger. You’ll also feel that this one seems a bit “fated,” as if you HAD to do it. Free will is always present, but sometimes moreso than others. This is one where it isn’t quite as strong. By 1pm Eastern, and 6p UK, it is all over. So, you have to “seize the day” this morning. At least that is true for fire & air signs. Also, the Sun goes void at this point.

After 3pm Eastern and 8p UK, all this shifts into another “Earth Kite” such as the one on June 28th of this year. Suddenly Earth and Water come to power. Regardless, this is the last full day of Sun in Leo this year.

22. Between 8a and 1p Eastern, some excellent opportunities arise. These are Earth Opportunities but they are attenuated a bit because the Sun went Void yesterday about 1p Eastern. Solar voids aren’t discussed as much as lunar voids, but they tend to have a similar effect. So, decide carefully whether you want to risk these “oppotunities” or not. Small risks, especially if short-term in nature, will probably work. But this is NOT a time to start large projects, especially if long-term in nature. If you must work today, then use this time to clean up the office and maybe shop for small items for the office.

23. This is the first full day in Virgo, and I see it as extra-ordinarily complex. Jim Shawvan claims an opportunity period exists between Noon & 3p Eastern. I question that because today looks so “messy.” If you are “back to school” shopping, do it in the morning (before 5p UK). After that, everything changes. Moon moves into Gemini, and a bit of conflict is at play. Today will tend to favor shoppers and disfavor sellers. Sales may be disappointing despite the fact that many will urgently need to make purchases.

The Mercury / Neptune Inconjunct this evening isn’t very good to anyone, even the artists that need Mercury / Neptune aspects. Tell your sweetheart that you really love them, but you need a little “alone time.” No anger; no fights; just “alone time.” Best use of this evening to write extensively in your journal. What has this month been like? What did you get done? How would you do it differently next month? Next year?

24. Almost all inconjuncts and squares today. Beware tricksters & thieves. You might want to write a few paper-based letters today, but don’t seal them or mail them yet. Stay away from e-mail & text, no matter how you are tempted. You need a day off from that stuff, anyway.

25. Another day of squares. You’ll feel compelled to “get things done.” You can. You probably will feel irritable as you do get things done, but you’ll feel even more irritable if you don’t.

This is a VERY good day to pay bills. Get them off your desk and gone. Make a budget for next month if you haven’t done so already. Some of you will have to buy a new cell phone today because the old one breaks or otherwise becomes unusable.

If school started for you this week, I can understand why you are irritable. Yes, most of them ARE jerks. “Things” will get better tomorrow.

26. If you are a Leo, I want to let you down by saying that you need to let someone else have the spotlight today. Mom’s and students discuss problems, and some parent-teacher meetings are held IMMEDIATELY because of yesterday’s bullying. This does need to be done. If at all possible, “nip it in the bud,” because it grows bigger or worse. (Mom’s have a LOT of power today, if they wish.)

For the rest of us, take it easy today. Fur is flying in some circles.

27. The moon activates the Yod involving Pluto (War) and Neptune / Chiron (dreams, healing). Mercury squares Pluto much later, and angry words almost cannot be avoided. In fact, they probably need to be spoken. Today is dangerous. This is the day that the bully’s drunken wife-beating father comes to school to find out “who’s picking on his son.” If you suspect this could be true AT ALL, please have the police present and ready. Put the b*stard in jail for as long as possible. Make CERTAIN that you “press charges.” And, witnesses are important. Mercury goes void later tonight.

If you are NOT directly involved with the brewing drama of the past few days, then you can have a pleasant day today. You should try to get a few things done.

28. For many people, the storm of the past few days has ended. Today feels like a “let down.” So, don’t push too hard. Today will reveal to you what you need to know. 11P Eastern (4a UK), Mercury enters Libra and “too early to tell” through the end of August.

29. Venus Squares Pluto (6a Eastern; 11a UK). Venus is void after this.

It isn’t over yet, Mom. This is a time when you need to persist. You may even need to consider resorting to the court system. If you don’t have an attorney, then you can turn to other sources, such as Legal Aid or the ACLU (or UK equivalent).

If you have just gotten out of an abusive situation, I’d recommend that you NOT contact the abuser at this time. Do remember that, because Venus is void, some things done today might have to be “re-done” later.

You need some breathing room, and you’ll find at least a few points in this day to do just that. Today is a good day to clean out and discard the old.

This is a night to visualize what you want from your life.

30. Moon enters Virgo; Venus enters Libra. Moon is VERY old, and you can do especially strong work in terms of cleaning out and throwing away up until about 4p Eastern / 9p UK. Tonight isn’t a “bad” night, but if you’ve had a tough week then you should rest. Given a choice in the matter, you should dream tonight.

31. Much has transpired lately. If you can take today off, then do so. For those who MUST work, they may find today a bit “irritable.” This is a day when criticism flows easily, much too easily.

Saturday, May 31st through the Gemini New Moon Tuesday

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The moon becomes “balsamic” tomorrow. That’s considered a “malefic” time by many, but I think it is a GREAT time to clear clutter and get rid of things. Can be good for breaking habits, particularly if you couple the initiation of that process *IN* a moon void of course, such as the one Saturday morning starting “about” 9am EDT and ending a little after 6pm the same day.

When is the best time to breakup?

If you are thinking about “breaking up” with someone, from now til Tuesday is the time to do it. This is especially true for Saturday. Just make certain to do the breakup during the DAY on Saturday, not the evening. By evening time, new events may change your mind or situation, and you’ll miss your opportunity to let go. AND, if you are going to do it, make certain communications are terminated through “about” Tuesday. If possible, turn your phone off.

Accidents Happen

If you are NOT trying to break it off Saturday, then be careful what you say. You might precipitate someone else to break it off with you. For many people, despite the beautiful spring weather, this might be a day better spent at home in quiet, possibly solitary, pursuits.

Dark of the Moon

People who claim to “work magic” like to do it in the “dark of the moon,” and that would be Monday night, although you might get results on Sunday.

Personally, I think “dark of the moon” is a good time to clean house then rest and imagine things as they could be, not as they are (to paraphrase JFK).

The rest of the week after Tuesday’s new moon will bring “Gemini” type opportunities: phone calls, writing letters, reviewing the accounts, and teaching.

For some, the “opportunities” will be those of lying, cheating, theft, and deception. Be careful.

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