Full Moon in Cancer; December 25th, 2015 🎄⛄❂♋

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“Visit the family, hugs all around
Pictures and stories, feast for a crown
Inside our hearts lay, spirit profound
Turn up the music, of Christmas sounds”

-Paul Mooseberg, Christmas Glee

Making Christmas super special this year is a Super Full Moon in sentimentalCancer! The energetic peak will occur on December 25th at 6:11 AM EST. This Full Moon stimulates a need for comfort, intimacy and nurturing bonds. It will be a time when it feels as if everything comes together, like a gift wrapped with the perfect bow.

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A Big Moon for Christmas Eve!

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Sarah Fuhro Star-Flower Alchemy

moon ladyThe full Moon in Cancer of December 25, will fill the sky on Christmas Eve, and be exact at 6:11 am EST on Christmas Day.  She is in her most comfortable sign, oceanic, while dedicated to home; moody, yet focused on feelings of maternal compassion. Cancer Moon vibrates to ancient cycles, and still hears the ancestral lunar wisdom.

This particular Moon Lady holds a crescent Moon in the form of a bison horn. Taurus, the Bison, is the Moon’s sign of exaltation. Scratched on the horn/crescent she holds are thirteen lines for the number of lunar cycles in a year.  This is a reminder that the Moon is the calendar.

This delight in the Moon and her cycle continued into Christian times, butvirgin with snake and crescent the Moon lady now wears clothes…..and always  seems to be shown standing on the Moon, as if to over come lunar power. Snakes are wrapped around the…

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Full Moon in Cancer 12-25-15

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Emotional rebirth is a strong keynote of the Full Moon 3 degrees of Cancer on December 25th of 2015, the day that celebrates the birth of the Christ. Birth itself can be cathartic, excruciating or even ecstatic for the mother, disorienting or wonder-filled for the new life being born. There is a Upanishad saying that birth is death and death is birth…both are true in their own ways and those ways are highlighted now. Something that has been cultivated inwardly may shows signs of becoming ready to come forth, and something that has been too exposed might need to be tucked in for healing and regeneration.

Significant beginnings and endings are occurring simultaneously…

Phoenix cluster starbirth, NASA Phoenix cluster starbirth, NASA

Uranus stations direct at 17 degrees of Aries the same day bringing surprises and reversals that may be gifts in disguise. What’s the last thing you’d ever expect to happen? Basically, whatever happens will probably not…

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A Rare Christmas Full Moon Sheds Light on 2016.

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Monika Carless Author *Intuitive Coach


“Drink in the moon as though you might die of thirst.” ~ Sanober Khan

This Christmas Day, the moon will be full in the constellation of Gemini, just above the star Geminorum, also known as Alhena.

This is a powerfully rare occurrence that has not been seen since December 25, 1977 and which will not return until the year 2034.

This graphic represents the view due east at 7pm GMT on Christmas Day 2015 as seen from the center of the British Isles, about an hour after full darkness has descended.

Welcome to December’s Full Cold Moon, a powerhouse of potential and possibilities!

“As we look at the Moon on such an occasion, it’s worth remembering that the Moon is more than just a celestial neighbor. The geologic history of the Moon and Earth are intimately tied together such that the Earth would be a dramatically different planet without the…

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old fash santa animatedOn Christmas, December 25th this year, we will have a Full Moon in the sign of chatty, communicative Gemini.  The last time we had a full moon on Christmas was in 1977! 

So, with families joining together to celebrate the holiday, be aware that full moons bring out the crazies!  Be patient and tolerant and drive carefully.  Lunatic is a word derived from Luna, the name of the moon and when the moon is full, it’s in full energy phase.   It has a strong effect on the tides and even on the fluids in our body; and this time will also be affecting what people say.  You might have to bite your tongue more than once!  Please be aware of the energies out there and make this a happy, serene holiday for yourself and others.  trees and heartsWISHING ALL MY READERS A MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND A HAPPY, PROSPEROUS NEW…

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Real Time Astrology: Full Moon in Cancer December 25, 2015

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2015 Solstice and Christmas Full Moon in Cancer

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Susan Levitt

AngelWinter Solstice

December 21, 2015 at 8:49 pm PT is Winter Solstice, the longest night in the northern hemisphere. The Sun enters Earth sign Capricorn, and many planets are in Earth signs to get grounded by focusing on earthly matters such as health and finances.

There is much good fortune as the Moon in Taurus makes a grand trine with Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto. People are in touch with their emotions and can express what they feel, there is a pleasant sense of well being and generosity, and encounters with others are powerful.

The Taurean Moon also sextiles Neptune in Pisces for creative reflection. But Mercury squares Mars and Uranus so be thorough when communicating. You can defend your beliefs and stay true to your values, no mater how different or eclectic they may be.

Christmas Full Moon in Cancer

December 25 at 3:11 am PT is a full Moon…

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Full Moon Calendar – Dates and Times for 2015 and 2016

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Hālau 'Aha Hūi Lanakila™

FULL MOON Calander with dates and times for all Full Moons, New Moons and blue moons for 2015 and 2016.

Source: Full Moon Calendar – Dates and Times for 2015 and 2016

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Full Moon in Cancer-25th December 2015

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✨🌙 ~AstroUranian~ ✨🌙

December full moon, will be the last for the year 2015 and will be held at the 3rd degree of Cancer (family, homeland, national security) in the 3rd house of the solar horoscope at 1:11:26 PM.
That testifies Christmas Day and generally the festive atmosphere around the family table that runs in many countries and houses of this world and the atmosphere that will prevail against the milieu of sad memories of events that have occurred up to now, which is not pleasant at all. In this full moon will participate Mercury in Capricorn in the 22nd degree (fatal sad events, suicides, nuisance, and chaos), Pluto also in Capricorn, and Mars at the 24th of Libra and Uranus from Aries.


It is important to note that a few hours later, on 12.26.2015 in the morning, at 4:26, Uranus from Aries will return on a straight direction, after a long time…

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Full Moon of October 8th (October 2014 Full Moon)

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Here is the astrological chart for the upcoming Full Moon of October 8th, set in Plano TX:

Full Moon October 2014 (Basic)

 [Click to Enlarge]

We see the Moon in Aries opposing the Sun in Libra, which is what we expect at this time of year.  Several things make this FM interesting.  First of all, Pluto in Capricorn squares it, which greatly heightens the tension.  Some of the people born at this time will be quite remarkable, judges, or generals, or maybe serial killers.  If you use asteroids in your interpretations, then we see Hygeia (healthcare and health issues) in Cancer in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn.  I would not be surprised to see HMO’s or some similar kind of healthcare issue pop up in the news.  (We already have the Ebola discussion, but this involves something financial, such as why Big Pharma has not funded much (any?) research on developing a vaccine for Ebola.)

[Update: Thomas Eric Duncan dies on this date (less than two hours after culmination of the full moon), spurring much debate about the healthcare system.  NY Times Article. ]

Another condition that makes this FM interesting is that Mercury is retrograde.  Some things really are “coming to a head” or to a “boiling point” with this FM and some people will decide that “something must be done.”  We may see some kind of important breakthrough about six days after the FM as Mercury moves backwards to conjoin Pallas.  Alan Lin describes Pallas as the “Goddess of Applied Intelligence.”  We may not see a good window to fully apply this breakthrough until after the New Moon and possibly until after Mercury turns direct.

All of that SHOULD be enough, but we note, also, that a Grand Fire Trine is in play: Moon and Uranus together in Aries, Jupiter in Leo, and Mars (and Vesta!) in Sagittarius.  This provides the inspiration to “get things done” but does have the danger of “much talk and no action.”  Whether or not action occurs depends on Pluto (finances) in this case.  If you decide to become enthusiastic about something, pick a project (or projects) that have the resources (money) to actually be done.  Otherwise it will all be much ado about nothing.

Like one of those late night television advertisements, here is where we say “but, wait! That’s not all!”  Remember that rare (and USEFUL!) Quintile Kite that we keep talking about!  Well, that happens the NEXT DAY on October 9th.  Use this surplus of energy (FM, Grand Cross, Grand Trine) on a project that is feasible (Pluto in Capricorn) and funnel those energies into creative solutions (Pallas, Vesta, Quntile Kite).  Solving problems involving healthcare issues are especially favored.  And, keep in mind that you may hit some bumps in the road.  You may not see progress until after the New Moon or even after Mercury makes the Direct Station (October 21st).

Apparently some of you do like the maps (I received some feedback about this).  Keep in mind that what I put up, or say, depends on feedback.  1,000 visitors and no one comments about maps means that no one is interested and I take them down.  (And, yes, that kind of thing can easily happen.  This site sees roughly 12,000 to 13,000 visitors per year currently, so 1,000 visitors can easily come through in a month.  A month with no comments leads me to believe that I do not have much interest in what I am doing and I expend my time and energy elsewhere.)

Here is the U.S. map:

FM 2014 October US Map

[Click to enlarge]

This is a very active map, but it only has one noteworthy crossing.  We see lines through Denver, Albuquerque, and Nashville.  Eastern Seaboard is lit up with a complex collection of lines with Boston and Philadelphia particularly affected.  But most interesting of all is the crossing of lines a few hundred miles due east of San Francisco.  If I had to pick an “interesting” place to be (in the U.S.) on this full moon, I would pick San Francisco or more specifically that spot a bit east of there.  Interesting “things” may happen there.  (But, even more interesting, see Trondheim, below.)

Regarding the map of Europe, we first see a Vesta line through the UK, approximately on the border between Scotland and England.  Looks like things there may not be quite settled.  And, since Vesta (THE “warrior goddess”) is involved, and on the Ascendant, we may see the UK become involved (decisively!) in a military action.  What I am saying is that they may decide to strike.  And, if they do become so focused, they will pretty much obliterate the enemy, whoever that is.  (Ouch!)

FM 2014 October Europe Map

[Click to Enlarge]

Something equally troubling is brewing in Poland (I do not read the news there, so I do not know what), and we see this with the Mars line coming so close to Warsaw.  Lithuania is similarly activated, and we see Austria, Italy, and several other countries “picked up” by this Mars line.  Sun and Moon lines are near Berlin and prominently influence the Czech republic as well.  Not sure how Germany will handle this, but I bet that change is “afoot.”  I think that Germany CAN use this time/energy to make their financial position EVEN STRONGER.  (And, to be sure, they are very strong.)

Even more interesting is how the already powerful financial juggernaut of Norway has a Vesta/Venus crossing!  Wow!  If I could move to Norway and start a career there, then I would be tempted to do just that!  This is really the place to be, maybe even more than Germany.  Trondheim is VERY strong.  (Refer to Map.)  All of Scandinavia is treated quite well by this FM, but Norway is particularly strong (with Sweden very close)!

FM 2014 October Scandinavia Map
[Click to Enlarge]

(Too bad Trondheim is not a sister city to Plano!)

The complex of lines through Southeast Asia, including Cambodia and Viet Nam, is really too complex to interpret.  This may be the most highly activated area in the world currently, and the unrest could break out into some kind of war, possibly something similar to a civil war.  The instability is really difficult to describe.  Also worrisome is the triple line crossing at the northernmost edges of India and Pakistan.  Involving Chiron (old wounds), Neptune (deception and misunderstanding), and Mars (violence and war), “things” could become very dicey here as well.

FM 2014 October India Map

[Click to Enlarge]

The Jupiter / Vesta crossing in Eastern Iran indicates some kind of powerful opportunity there for someone who knows how to take advantage of it.  Here is a “zoomed out” map of SE Asia:

FM 2014 October SE Asia Map

[Click to Enlarge]

Australia is far quieter than these other parts of the world.  However, Sydney and Newcastle may be experiencing some odd kinds of problems with their food supplies this spring.  (This is spring in Australia, and that is probably a good excuse to go visit.)  Perth is also activated, but a Pallas Descendant line is likely to be beneficial: certain individuals (and maybe teams) in Perth has an opportunity to innovate solutions that may not be obvious to others.

FM 2014 October Aus-NZ Map

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