US (North America) and UK + EU Maps for Full Moon (Blue Moon) 2015-07-31

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US (North America) and UK + EU Maps for Full Moon (Blue Moon) 2015-07-31

Here is the United States map (with most of North America) for the Blue Moon:

US (North America) Map for Blue Moon 2015-07-31

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Here is the United Kingdom and European Union map for the Blue Moon:

UK and EU Map for Blue Moon 2015-07-31

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World Map for Blue Moon of 2015-07-31

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World Map for Blue Moon of 2015-07-31

Here is the Solar Maps map for the Blue Moon of July 31, 2015:

World Map for Blue Moon 2015-07-31

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Blue Moon August 31, 2012

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The most important thing about today’s Blue Moon is that it is part of the sequence of several of them this year.  Blue Moons are a calendar artifact.  The Wikipedia article on Blue Moons does a decent job explaining them.  We had several across 2009 and 2010, but the next one will not be until 2015.  The most interesting one to await us will be on New Year’s Eve of 2028.  That said, here is the chart:


The ABC News piece on this Blue Moon is also a nice read.  So is this piece from the Daily Mail in London.  Note that the time of day mentioned is different from New York and London.  Just in case you do not know, when it occurs depends on where you live.

But, what does it mean?  This blue moon is mutable, with a Piscean Moon (poetry, play, & music but also drugs, alcohol, and debt) opposing a Virgo Sun (work, “getting things done,” but also debt) and both squared by a Gemini Jupiter (Jupiter makes things large, and Jupiter squares to Sun/Moon lead to overeating, excessive alcohol (or drug) use, and (you guessed it) debt).

So, today is a day where you will be tempted to spend, and you will be tempted to go into debt to do so.  Avoid it if you can.  Create big debts today and you will likely find yourself having a LONG time to pay them off.  But, it is Friday, so many of you will go out with friends or sweetheart (or all) and spend too much money overeating at a large meal, maybe getting dangerously drunk, and finding out “soon” that you really overdid it.

The Horary version of the chart shows both the Moon and Jupiter to be Peregrine, which is horary-speak for “theives.”  “Honorable Acquaintance” and “Sudden Advancement” is lit up in this chart, so some of you will meet important people and receive some kind of “promotion.”  Moon touches Uranus (surprises) when it enters Aries (tomorrow), so this may be a radically unexpected promotion.  (A bit like a cameraman at ABC being suddenly promoted to Vice President or something similarly startling!)

Disclaimer:  Not everybody “believes” in Horary (it is far more like “fortune telling” than the study of aspects/transits).  So, we will have to see if any interesting “promotions” (could be via death of someone) occur in this period.  (I would not be entirely surprised to see a military dictator fall during this window of time.)  Feel free to post your Blue Moon experiences here in the comments section.

[click to enlarge]

Blue Moons in Taurus, 2008

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Stephie Azaria, who I met “IRL” at UAC ’98, publishes “The Cosmic Path.” On May 19th, she wrote about the second full moon in Taurus this year. Just in case you don’t know, a second full moon in the same astrological sign doesn’t happen often. I refer to such a special full moon as a “Blue Moon.” The popular notion is that a “Blue Moon” is based on the calendar, and that an astrological “Blue Moon” is some kind of special exception.

I differ.

To be sure, some debate exists about this. Stephie went with the “traditional” notion that a “Blue Moon” must be based on our calendar. That’s fine, except that the calendar was originally based on the twelve signs. (She knows this, and she indicated that she felt a little uncertain about using the popular definition.)

If you know the history of the modern western calendar, then you know that it basically originated with the Romans and originally had ten months. (That’s why DECember is based on Latin for ten, NOVember for nine, OCTober for eight….) (What two months were added? July = Julius Caesar, and August, for Caesar Augustus.)

The calendar drifted out of alignment, and several variations on “Leap Years” were developed to fix the problem. Still, it is about twenty days out of alignment, with the Vernal Equinox being on March 21st (roughly) instead of March 1st (where it was originally). (MARs = MARch, and Spring was thought to begin with the energy of Mars.)

My point? Well, *IF* the calendar was correctly aligned, then a (Calendar) “Blue Moon” and a “Astrological Blue Moon” would be the SAME THING.

The “Astrological Blue Moon” is not properly the “exception” unless you capitulate to the notions of the masses who don’t understand the history.

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