Lunar Eclipse of 2015-09-27 (Blood Moon 4 of 4)

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Lunar Eclipse of 2015-09-27 (Blood Moon 4 of 4)

While the religious fervor is nearing fever pitch, this lunar eclipse (full moon) looks relatively uninteresting.  However, it IS an eclipse, and those are always strong punctuation marks to astrologers.  Also: we note that this occurs 9/28 in UK/EU and that part of the world.

We independently arrive at essentially the same conclusions, and completely agree with the analysis done by, Armstrong Economics: this Blood Moon is not “The End of the World as We Know It” but it does likely signal a major “shift in trend.”

As far as regular patterns go, only an ongoing kite pattern colors this particular eclipse:

2015-09-27 Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon, Blood Moon 4 of 4, Kite)[Click Image to Enlarge]

However, the chart does contain a fair amount of 5th harmonic activity (some of it interesting) and 7th harmonic activity .  We present the chart filtered for 5th harmonic aspects (quintiles and biquintiles) first, noting a pattern similar to a yod (but composed of biquintiles instead of quincunxes):

2015-09-27 Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon, Blood Moon 4 of 4, 5th Harmonic)[Click Image to Enlarge]

Mars (physical energy, sometimes war and violence) is connected to biquintiles to Ceres (feast/famine) and Vesta (tradition, but sometimes weird sex).  Ceres and Vesta are connected by a quintile.  All of this is about insights and novel ideas (think Mozart) about combining these three areas, and perhaps a choice between the Ceres issues (feast / famine) and Vesta issues (traditions and rituals), similar to a Yod.

A similar situation exists with 7th Harmonic aspects (“karma”):

2015-09-27 Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon, Blood Moon 4 of 4, 7th Harmonic)[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here we have Venus (love, beauty, money) at the apex, and Chiron (healing and teaching) on one leg and Ceres on the other.  Resolving “karma” involving these three is the core issue here.

So, if we see any issues from this eclipse, we suspect that they will deal with decisions that involve these higher order aspects.  A decision appears to be present: whether to stick with tradition (Vesta, doing things the way we have always done them) or taking a risk (Ceres, feast or famine).  I note that some people will end a relationship at this time (Ceres, the risk of feast or famine) while others will continue with what they know despite some dissatisfaction (Vesta, sticking with what we know).

Some have said that the unrest in Syria (arguably a civil war) IS central to the message for all of us at this time.  Chances are good that we will only be able to see that more fully in hindsight.  (Do note the 7th harmonic (karma) pattern similar to a Yod that appears to offer us a decision.)  We have some other observations about this eclipse posted on our sibling site Mystic Rectangles.

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Lunar Eclipse of April 2015 (Full Moon of April 2015)

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We present the chart for the Lunar Eclipse of April 2015 (Full Moon of April 2015).  You may also wish to read Early April Patterns, Late March Patterns, and about the Solar Eclipse and Vernal Equinox of March 2015.  We first filter the chart to highlight squares, oppositions, and T-Squares:

Full Lunar Eclipse 2015-04-04 T-Squares

[Click Image to Enlarge]

We note enough squares and oppositions to “get things done.”  You will want to wrap up the growth oriented activities of the past two weeks by the time this Lunar Eclipse (and Full Moon culminates) so that you can shift your energies to “house cleaning” and discarding old projects that did not work after the culmination.  After the culmination of this FM, you will want to begin your “spring cleaning” if you have not already done so.  (In Australia, you would begin preparing for Winter.)

We also see a Grand Fire Trine, one of a series that has been happening and continues to happen.  While Grand Trines tend to bring stability, Grand Fire Trines tend to bring action, almost more like squares than trines.  This is a period when you can “get things done.”

Full Lunar Eclipse 2015-04-04 Grand Trine

[Click Image to Enlarge]

However, we do not find any kites, so this combination of patterns does not have the “luck” that we found in the Late March Patterns.  That window has closed, and this time we may have to “work” for our results a bit more.  But, we can still achieve good results if we are willing to work for them.

We also see another Focused Yod, quite similar to the variant seen in Early April Patterns (the day before):

Full Lunar Eclipse 2015-04-04 Focused Yod

[Click Image to Enlarge]

As with all yods, this means we face a decision.  In many ways, Focused Yods are about working to achieve a result.  We have to first decide what we want and abandon the alternative path.  Having done this, we work and we can achieve.  This pattern echoes the patterns previously discussed.

More than one Yod is in play, and that tells us that we may be facing a number of important decisions at this time:

Full Lunar Eclipse 2015-04-04 Yods

[Click Image to Enlarge]

While one of the Yods, the Focused Yod contained within the Lunar Eclipse, is very much a short term Yod requiring a quick decision and “tactical” in nature, the other has Saturn at its apex and Hygeia and Astrea on each leg.  We have discussed this before, and refer you to that discussion in Late March Patterns.

We also find Rosettas present in this chart; experience shows that these tend to be indicative of a time of unstable or temporary alliances.  (This could be people you meet in a class that you will not see again in this lifetime.)

Full Lunar Eclipse 2015-04-04 Rosettas

[Click Image to Enlarge]

None of the Eclipse is included in this set of Rosettas (arguably four of them overlapping), and it indicates a separate set of issues surrounding the key issues of the eclipse.

Finally, we see a Square Key.  These tend to signify a time of mixed energies, including quincunx, square and trine, that can lead to learning important lessons at this time.

Full Lunar Eclipse 2015-04-04 Square Keys

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Here is a chart, from Kepler 7, that details all aspects (including higher order harmonics such as quintiles and septiles):


[Click Image to Enlarge]

As a simpler alternative, we offer this chart:


[Click Image to Enlarge]

As usual, we have only provided minimal interpretations because the specifics will depend on your birth chart and the birth charts of those around you.  However, we do offer these sites as sources of detailed interpretations:

The viewpoints offered by these sites vary significantly, and our offering of these links does not constitute an endorsement.  (Use the one that best fits your personal perspective.)

For more general information:


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