Bing and Google and Treachery

April 14, 2015 at 8:57 pm | Posted in Astrology | 5 Comments
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Bing and Google appear to have decided to NOT list the New Moon analysis for April 2015 on their search engines.  (Try it.  Do a search for “New Moon April 2015,” and see if you find the entry for this site for that event.)  Could be that someone “reported” the blog to blacklist it.  In any case, new entries do not show up in the search engines.

Therefore, if you want to share this information with your friends, please email the links.  (Your friends will not find the New Moon entry if they attempt searches, so emailing the link has become necessary.  This is oddly consistent with our prediction of “treachery” associated with this new moon.)

Thank you to my 150 regular readers! (Update: now 151 readers!)

I would be interested in feedback of what happens if you submit” to Bing / Google to see it comes up at all.

Update April 15th: Bing technical support has been responsive, and SOME of the new pages are showing up in some of the searches now.


And no sign of our April New Moon 2015 entry on Bing, either:


Gone from Yahoo also:


I suppose that if you want to attack an astrology blog that this is one way to do it.  (Did Bing or Google do this, or was it some malicious third party?  Unsure.  But, I note that Donna Cunningham’s Ransomware attack comes at the same time.)

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