Swan (aka Yol) and the Chiron return

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Reader Swan (also known as Yol) writes the following circa August 12th,


Thanks for your post. It definitely picked my curiosity and I hope you can help me out here, since my life has been quite a struggle for the past few years… I am a Gemini with both Moon and Ascendant in Scorpio (born 6/6/1960 at 17:30 in Mexico City, Mexico), and I wonder how Saturn moving into Scorpio will affect me? Thank you for your insight!!!

Four key points are noted on the resulting chart:

  1. Ascendant / Descendant are at the Algol point.  Specifically, she has “Algol setting” (at the point where the Sun sets).  This is the 7th house cusp, the 7th being associated with relationships (especially marriages and financial relationships) and “open enemies.”  In a word, her relationships tend to be “difficult.”  Necessarily, this means she has a scorpio ascendant and has likely had a lifetime of significant power struggles.
  2. She has Moon conjunct Neptune in the 12th, both in Scorpio.  People with a Scorpio moon tend to have strong convictions and strong emotions.  Often she has deep feelings that she does not want anyone to know about.  But, both Neptune and the 12th house are the “revealer” and, together, they often force her secrets into the open.  She may have had a lifetime forcing the secrets of others into the open.  If she is a counselor, then this can be benevolent.  In any case, she can be highly intuitive but wrestles with mistaken notions.  She has to double check every contract and every financial instrument.  Things are often not as they appear.
  3. She has both Jupiter and Saturn in the 2nd house.  She can make money, but she has to make an extra effort to hold onto it.  The money has a tendency to slip through her hands.
  4. The most important point: she has been going through her Chiron return.  Not discussed as much, this is similar to a Saturn return, comes about 50 years of age, and visits most people only once in a lifetime.  Her Chiron is part of her grand water trine (if you allow Chiron to do such things), and that profoundly affects her finances and emotional relationships.  Given her Moon and Neptune configuration, she may have a child or grandchild in need of financial assistance.  The situation is a difficult one that might involve drugs, alcohol, or some form of sickness.  In any case, she will have to take a hard look at her own wounds.  Her best way of healing herself will be in terms of helping others.  If she has any “bad karma” from the past, then this is the time to process it and move forward.

To answer her question: “Saturn’s movement into Scorpio will greatly affect you next year.  You should look back at your life 28 to 30 years ago.  What is more important for you, though, is to critically examine the effect that the Chiron return is having upon your life.”

Here is the chart, annotated:

[click to enlarge]

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