Mystic Rectangle Enters March 12 2016 5:35:37 am

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March 12th has a Mystic Rectangle:

Mystic Rectangle Enters March 12 2016 5:35:37 am (CST +6:00) Mystic Rectangle Leaves March 12 2016 11:03:38 pm (CST +6:00)

With the entry of Venus into Pisces, we enter a powerful new period in which creative ideas abound and can trump the status quo.  This Mystic Rectangle precedes the patterns of next week.  We note that Monday March 14th is a truly remarkable day in terms of patterns.  Expect nothing short of amazing events next week.  Today starts that sequence.

Here is the chart for entry into the Mystic Rectangle:

Mystic Rectangle 2016-03-12

[Click Image to Enlarge]

This Mystic Rectangle, and the entry of Venus into Pisces, marks the beginning of an important period of change.  Some people will be big winners, others will likely be losers.

Moon, Jupiter, Neptune, and Juno are in play here.  Juno is about trust, and Jupiter and Neptune (among other things) can be about deceit (and betrayal of trust).  It is a complex day, and “things” may not be as they seem.  In any case, certain critical events will likely transpire.


2016-03 W11: Forecasts for Week 11 of 2016

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2016-03 W11: Forecasts for Week 11 of 2016

March 8th is the next lunation, and it is a Solar Eclipse (New Moon).  Many states (including Texas) switch to Daylight Savings Time on the Sunday that follows.

March 2016 (Mars Out)

Week 11 (W11)

Sunday March 6th

After last week, you may want a break but Sun square Saturn will not give you one. Duty calls in some form, maybe business or family, and you must attend to it. Much chatter will emerge, and some of it may be continued disputes form the recent Mercury / Mars aspect (and change of signs). Lessons can be learned and skills can be developed. Pay attention. Get things done. And, when you get a chance, give yourself a break and get some rest anyway.

That would be enough, but Jupiter quincunx Uranus perfects today.  You have felt it building for the last few weeks in the form of a sense of false hopes or miscommunications between issues of bookkeeping or accounting, healthcare (especially healthcare professionals) and issues involving a battle between order and chaos on one hand, and issues of energy, the ability to accomplish tasks, possibly anger or violence, and leadership.  It is all very complex, and you will have to identify how it applies in your particular situation.  But, some time this weekend through the upcoming eclipse you will likely see things “come to a head” in some way.  Change is afoot, and “things” will be different after Tuesday.

Monday March 7th

Mercury semisquares Uranus and any angry words we have spoken in the last few days resurface and may be amplified.  For some people, they will be broadcast and re-broadcast.  Be careful what you say.  Vesta (traditions and “doing things the way we have always done them” is void until 6:50 PM CST and this further contributes to “things” going awry and unintended consequences.  You may have some good ideas (Mars quintile Jupiter), but consider writing them down and saving them for another day.  A Solar Eclipse perfects tomrrow and the Moon is very “old.”  That makes this a better time to “clean house” (literally or figuratively) and reflect rather than take action on new projects.

Tuesday March 8th

Today is the day of the Solar Eclipse, a very special type of New Moon.  Sun and Moon join together and each oppose Jupiter (with each individual opposition perfecting at slightly different times on this same day in most time zones).  Saturn (Sagittarius) squares this combination to form a T-Square.  Virgo / Pisces (and Sagittarius) issues are at the forefront as we begin a new cycle in more than one way.  The New Moon governs the 28 day lunar cycle, but the messages of the eclipse apply at least until the other eclipses later this year.  Ceres (prosperity in general and food in particular) BiQuintiles Black Moon Lilith (a point governing taboo issues in general and taboo sexual practices in particular).  This is a difficult aspect to interpret, and we suggest you identify how it applies in your individual situation.  Pallas BiQuintiles the North Node (another point, associated with karma), and we may have some important ideas about how to handle difficult “karmic” situations in our life.

Wednesday March 9th

Whether perfection of the eclipse fell in on yesterday in your time zone or on today, you will still “feel” it.  As we move further past the eclipse, we can start thinking about taking action on some of the ideas that we have noted on previous days.

BUT, the Moon remains v/c (void of course) from yesterday until 1:39 PM CST. That means we have to wait until some time after 1:39 PM CST to make our desired launch today. Keep in mind that the further you can move away from a “sign change boundary” the better (unless you have Venus or Jupiter near the cusp of Aries). That means later in the day as much as possible.

With the North Node semisextile Black Moon Lilith (both points in space, so to some degree this reflects the Earth’s alignment at this time), we have taboo topics (especially taboo sexual topics) bubbling to the surface and may face some “hard karma” in dealing with them. Today is anything but ordinary for many (if not most) people. Venus Novile Pluto says we can learn a lesson here (both can, and do, deal with Love (Venus) and Sex (Pluto)). Venus is also TriSeptile the North Node, and this brings the idea that doing a totally selfless (best if anonymous, also) act to help someone else might relieve at least a little of our “hard karma.”

Thursday March 10th

This is a busy day with a number of higher order aspects perfecting.  We note Sun conjunct Chiron today.  This is an annual aspect that brings health, education, mentoring, and “the Wounded Healer” to the forefront.  Venus quadrinovile Jupiter tells us that we can learn an important lesson or skill that will serve us well in the future.  Keep in mind that this might seem like something trivial because Quadrinoviles often bring us skills that are useful in thefuture (but not yet currently).  Mercury novile Uranus may bring us one or more additional lessons.  Venus quintile Saturn may also bring us a smart, but practical, idea.  Septiles suggest that we help someone less fortunate than ourselves.

Friday March 11th

Today you may feel an urgent need to get things done, but that may not go so well unless you are working writing poetry or song lyrics, doing a photoshoot, or making a video or movie. Scammers and thieves will tend to be more active today, so make certain you do not believe anything a stranger says or buy what they try to sell you. Even family members may be suspect. Stick to the poetry or photography.

Saturday March 12th

Venus enters Pisces today.  This is great for creatives, one of the best possible situations, but not so good for finances.  Similar to yesterday (except that it is with us for a few weeks), this empowers scammers.  Put off major purchases for a few weeks if at all possible.  Certainly avoid speculative endeavors.  As mentioned before, the best use of these few weeks is in developing your abilities with writing poetry or lyrics, photography, or videography.  Other arts may flourish also, but the ones explicitly mentioned work best.

Week 12 Forecasts

2016-03-08 Solar Eclipse (Square Key + Yod + Thor’s Hammer)

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2016-03-08 Solar Eclipse  (Square Key + Yod + Thor’s Hammer)

This eclipse is the first of five this year!  The next Solar Eclipse is September 1, 2016, and we have lunar eclipses March 23, 2016, August 18, 2016, and September 16, 2016.

And, this eclipse has a rather interesting quality (that I had initially missed): it starts on March 9th and ends on March 8th!  Do not believe me?  Read this article.  Again, because it starts in one time zone on one side of the International Date Zone, and it moves “backwards” across the International Date Zone to another time zone, it starts on March 9th and ends on March 8th.  (I do not think we get many of these.)

Solar Eclipse 2016-03-08

First we look at this eclipse from the standpoint of the Square Key:

2016-03-08 New Moon (Square Key + Yod + TH)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Will not repeat in detail the deep dive that other commentators have done regarding Sun/Moon here being close to Chiron (health, education, and the “wounded healer”) on one side and Ceres (“prosperity” in general, and food, diet and nutrition in particular).  But do keep in mind that many of us are facing a blend of these critical issues at this time.  In fact, this is a “5 point Stellium” in Pisces.

What we will note is that, is that a Square Key pattern is present that ties together Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, and the North Node.  Square keys are really interlaced Huber “Learning Triangles,” and this means we are facing important lessons regarding North Node (“Karma,” and in this case dealing with finances or health or both; this is “reaping what you have sown” in these areas.)  How is your health?  Are you doing what it takes to maintain or improve it?  If so, great!  If not, the time is at hand for a change.  Exactly the same is true regarding finances.  Adding Saturn into the mix means that you need to change “or else.”  The “or else” is strong here.

Also in the mix is Pluto in Capricorn (birth, death, rebirth, police, intelligence agencies and taxes all applied primarily to financial areas (or maybe your knees! Or skeletal system).  And Uranus (surprises; unforeseen circumstances along with insights, sometimes genius level insights, and electronics and electricity) is in the mix, too.

As we always say: only you can truly interpret this mix.  (But we hope the previous identifications of issues is helpful.)

Tempers are still fragile from Mercury square Mars over the weekend, and Mercury semisquare both Uranus and Pluto yesterday.  By itself, these would be “enough” to put many if not most people “on edge.”  But, a Thor’s Hammer pattern is present also.  We now present the chart for perfection of the Solar Eclipse, filtered for the Thor’s Hammer:

Solar Eclipse 2016-03-08 (Thor's Hammer)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

What is at stake here?  Vesta, Saturn, and Jupiter are involved.  They tell us the issues that are likely to make someone’s “blood boil” today and lead them to take action.  We note that Jupiter is square Saturn.  Jupiter is in a place of weakness, and things are not so good for Saturn either.  Jupiter (law, legal, courts, higher education, long distance travel, and ambassadors) is addressing Virgo issues (health, healthcare professionals, bookkeeping and accounting, and focusing on “things” being “orderly”).  Frankly, Jupiter is more about looking at the “big picture” and detests focusing on “things” being “orderly.”

Saturn is even worse off.  Saturn (tests, trials, tribulations, sticking to the “basics,” and sometimes the Bear Market side of financial markets but also financial markets in general) is in Sagittarius (all the same issues as Jupiter).  In fact, Jupiter RULES Sagittarius which makes life very bad for Saturn, indeed, at this time.

Sesquiquadrate to BOTH Jupiter and Saturn is Vesta, an asteroid that is all about “doing things the way we have always done them.”  While traditions often serve us, Vesta will continue them far past the point of benefit.  It is in conflict with BOTH Jupiter and Saturn.  Do not be surprised if we have some kind of mass casualty incident at a place that involves some kind of bureaucracy.  (Post workers? School shootings? What is next?)  Some VERY important lawsuits may be filed today.

Again, only you can interpret how this applies to your situation.

A Hele is present, and we will refrain from commentary except to say you should pay attention to who you are talking to today.  The possibility exists that you may identify someone, maybe several someones, who can become an important ally.  Uranus, Pluto, Astraea (law and legal systems), and the North Node combine to form this pattern.  Here is the same chart,  but filtered for the Hele:

Solar Eclipse 2016-03-08 (Hele)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Again, you will have to interpret this pattern to fit your situation.  Finally, we present this chart filtered for a Yod, sometimes called “God’s Finger,” and the pattern that indicates an important decision is at hand:

Solar Eclipse 2016-03-08 (Yod)

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Jupiter (we have discussed this earlier) is at the apex of the Yod.  The debilitated Jupiter that must deal with healthcare and minute details instead of large policy issues looks to a decision.  On one hand is Pallas, a source of very bright ideas that have a bit of a warrior quality to them.  On the other hand is Uranus, the source of the Olympic Torch and bringer of light to all.  Uranus is the true innovator, more so than Pallas who is very good.  But Uranian ideas seem very strange to those who cannot yet quite see the future, and supporters of Vesta (“doing things the waywe have always done them”) will likely go beserk today with a Uranian path.  You will have to decide.  Are you willing to battle the traditionalists who will offer a “good” (but “lesser”) idea, or are you willing to take a risk on an unconventional “best” idea?

Other comments on this Solar Eclipse:

Please note that these are “reblogs” that we have done and contain a sample of the forecasts by each of the astrologers.  If you want to read more about a particular post, then you will have to “click through” to the original post.

If you are interested in comparing the Solar Eclipse last fall (2016-09-13), click here.  And, if you are interested in reading about the Solar Eclipse of Spring 2016, click here.  And you may be interested in the Moon/Juno quadrinoviles on the same day as the “Blood Moon” eclipse last fall.  If so, click here.

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