January 6, 2009 A Mostly Uneventful Day

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The way writing astrology columns goes is that I am supposed to tell you about some dramatic event. I’ve already covered that with Jupiter moving into Aquarius on Monday and the upcoming Full Moon on Saturday followed by the Mercury Retrograde Station on Sunday.

To be sure, these are interesting times that ask us to scrutinize our thoughts, communications, and travel. But, today, TODAY (Jan 6th) is relatively quiet and uneventful. You probably know the name for this: “the calm before the storm.”

You should already be noticing glitches in your life, a bit like when Neo notices the black cat walk by and then again. Mercury Retrograde “reprograms” our “Matrix” a bit. So, as you may choose, take advantage of this brief calm period to prepare for the approaching storm.

Jan 5, 2009: Jupiter Moves into Aquarius

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“Jupiter Moves into Aquarius.”  What does that mean if you are not an astrologer?

This shift indicates a move in power from Corporate America & “Big Business” into the grass roots voter.  But, it will affect many other areas, particularly higher education and the legal system.  And, long-range travel, such as vacations by cruise, may be revolutionized by this shift.

If any of this is your order of business, be assured that “things” may be a bit unclear until after January 19th.  On that date, Jupiter moves out of the first three degrees of Aquarius.  That, by itself, may not be enough; you may have to wait until Mercury goes Direct on February 1st.

If you really want to know what this Jupiter transit means to you, personally, you need to look at the period between January 21st of 1997 and February 4th of 1998.  Other major influences were present (notably Uranus in Aquarius), so you’ll have to focus on “things Jupiter.”  (Courts & Legal, long term travel, Higher Education, Ambassadors & Foreigners, perhaps “growing” a new business.)

Whatever MAJOR event you did at that time in your life (going back to school, quitting school, etc.), you are about to somehow revisit it.

Today (Jan 5th, 2009) is a relatively routine day.  Take a few moments to ponder the events of 1997 and how they might be relevant to your life today.

2009 Retrograde Calendar

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Just in case you want to know more about when the retrograde periods will be in 2009, I’ve located a handy “Retrograde Calendar” at ArtCharts.com

Christmas, 2008 (Sextiles, and Conjuncts, and Trines, Oh My!)

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For this column, since about September or October of 2008, I usually follow two rules: (1) Keep it Short (two or three, maybe four, paragraphs); (2) Keep it Simple (Most people don’t really care if Mercury Sextiles Uranus or not, but they DO want to now that this would be a time for creativity in both finances and the arts.) This time, I’m going to break both of those rules.

Before I go any further, I want to may plugs for two sites I’ve found recently.  I like what I’ve seen in both places: (1) http://www.newworldastrology.blogspot.com/ and (2) http://astrologyscout.com/  This last one is an astrology aggregator, and includes my site as well as others.

This prediction is for the general period from the Winters Solstice of 2008 until the following New Moon on Saturday, December 27th.

Tuesday (today): Venus Conjoins Chiron (both in late Aquarius) to bring to the forefront issues of healing. Late Aquarius is really about justice, especially social justice, more than any other part of the Zodiac, including all of Libra. Late Aquarius is the “Libra Decan” of Aquarius, and Aquarius won’t let things rest until the appropriate change has come to pass. Venus is love, beauty, health, and finances, and it joins with the “Wounded Healer” today. Try to resolve disputes today, and if not today by Saturday. Any thoughts that you can cover up or shut up someone will bite you badly, probably within a few days of January 11th.

Wednesday: Just in case you didn’t get yesterday’s message: this period is about healing old wounds. Take a look at your family and your economic sustenance (your business, workplace, or whatever you do to “take home the groceries”). Some innovative ideas may come to you today, but realize that this aspect of Mercury (in Capricorn) Sextile Uranus (in Pisces) will favor Earth and Water Signs the most. Creative finance engendered today will either go very well or very badly. Don’t debt, no matter what the temptation.

Thursday: This is a mostly uneventful Christmas that turns back into “business” as usual in the evening for those on the East Coast, early afternoon for those on the West Coast, and about Midnight for those in the UK. Do what most people do: spend the day with family today. One special exception: (re-read Tuesday): visiting those in Nursing Homes and other Institutions who have been left alone and abandoned.  If you know someone who works this day (nurse, police officer, etc.), please do something special for them.  A special, and unexpected, gift may come to you if you do these things today (or yesterday).

Friday: Issues from the time of the Full Moon on December 12th to Monday December 15th have re-surfaced due to yesterday evenings “T-Square” activation of the “Grand Cross” of that time. For you, that means today has a kind of frantic feel to it. This isn’t just about returning goods or “re-gifting” or any of that stuff. Urgent issues come to light, and not enough time seems available. Actually, you are right. Not enough time is available, and that situation will get worse, much worse, between now and January 11th. Don’t be afraid to work as hard as you need to; do “get things done.” Remember, today is mostly about cleanout and planning. Do NOT launch any new ventures until Monday. (However, you might want to refer to the Daily Planetary Guide and Jim Shawvan’s note of a Cazimi period about 7am EST on Saturday morning.)

Saturday: The VERY short Cazimi period is useful to get a very SMALL handful of focused items done. This lasts for a MAXIMUM of an hour, starting about 6:30 AM EST. After that, the rest of today is about “down time.” Play if you will, but don’t do anything dangerous or “too” physical. Today is a good day for romance, but probably a bad day for anything to last. Romances STARTED today (you meet that special new person) have a tendency to fizzle, and that will probably happen by January 11th.

Think of Saturday as “Love Potion #9” day: you’ll be kissing everything in sight, until you kiss the Policeman and 11th and Vine.  🙂

Mercury Retrograde: Why do I keep mentioning January 11th? That is the day of the Mercury Retrograde station for the next retrograde. We’ll be entering the “storm” phase soon, and getting things done will be difficult. Expect misplaced items, lost messages, and delays. If you DO “clean house” during this period, then the few weeks after January 11th can become very useful as you can focus the retrograde energy on rediscovering old projects that deserve a second look. Please have you vehicle (car, boat, or otherwise) serviced as soon as possible. You don’t want “that” kind of surprise.

December 12, 2008 Full Moon and Grand Cross

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We saw a slightly reversed version of this energy “about” June 18th, earlier this year.  If you want to understand today, and the few days before and after today (roughly Wednesday through Monday), you need to closely examine whatever you were doing “around” June 18th of that time.  Of course, the key event may have occurred on the 17th or 19th, or 16th or 20th for some people.  You’ll find important answers by looking at that time.

Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces will find today, and this period, to be “interesting.”  For some, it will be irritating and annoying; for others they will find opportunity.  The opportunity may not be entirely obvious, show you have to keep your eyes open.  (The advice in the previous paragraph should be helpful.)

Mars and Uranus are interacting in such as way as to cause accidents and fights in the “low form” and intensely driven passions in innovation in the “high form.”  How you use that energy is up to you.  But, if you are at all a problem solver, this is your time to make things happen, particularly related to education, the courts, photography, video, poetry, or composing (music).

Mercury joined to Pluto has the potential to produce some very angry words, exacerbating the likelihood of the “low form” of the energy in the previous paragraph.  But, this energy, too, can spur a “turning point.”  Just be aware that your art or poetry made have a bit of an angry or energetic feel to it.  Paintings & prints with dominant reds and oranges are most favored.  Passionate music that speaks out against an injustice is favored for composers.

Sun and Saturn tell us that we must focus on the details.  Today is NOT the day to be sloppy in your efforts.  A mercury retrograde is lurking in January, so I’d wrap up key agreements and negotiations soon.   After this morning, buyers are favored.  A few good deals can be had in this holiday season.

This can be a very good weekend for shopping.

Sunday, November 2, 2008 A Fuzzy Day

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The Party’s Over

Daily Savings Time ends for many. Neptune has or is stationing direct, and Neptune is all about fuzziness. On the bad side, it is the kind of fuzziness that gets drunk drivers into very bad accidents. Please do be careful tonight if you are continuing to party.

If you use Stumbleupon, you’ll just notice even less sleep than usual. Time to take a nap for you!

Photoshop and the Vaseline Lens

On the good side, “Neptune Direct” is the photographer’s filters that “help” older models and actresses to show fewer lines.

Uranus (electronics, computers, software) cotinues to reside in Pisces, so it influences things Neptune. (12th House = Pisces = Neptune; they are all different faces of the same thing). So, today, it isn’t Vaseline on the lens anymore; it is “Photoshop.” (The Vaseline was much cheaper and easier to use, wasn’t it?)

I suppose it would be extraordinarily inappropriate of me to mention any political candidates here. So, I won’t mention McCain, Palin, Obama, Biden, or the Clintons as possible consumers of the old vaseline lens trick. (Can you Photoshop video?)

You know the old saying “seeing is believing”? No longer true with Neptune and the child of Uranus in Pisces (Photoshop):

Saturday November 1, 2008 will be Ladies Night All Day

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This is a good day for males to hide from females.  Venus (very feminine and sexy females) and the Moon (includes Venus and all other females including Mrs. McCluskey from Desperate Housewives) Join together to afflict both Saturn (authority figures and grumpy old men) and Uranus (Rebels without a cause, both young men and masculine Lesbians of any age).

If you are a male, then you’d better treat your women nicely.  Don’t be surprised if the issue has to do with either the legal system, higher education, or travel.  Or, you may find yourself enamored by a woman foreign to your culture.

If you are a woman, of course, everything is turned around.  You’ll be in conflict with your men, and you might be caught between the stern and the rebellious.  You’ll find allies in other women today.

Neptune is making a direct station, and this brings confusion to most.  Alcoholics and drug addicts in treatment get released, and this is a pivotal time.  The appearance may be one of little progress though great progress is being made.  Others will enter treatment at this time, and they might just ‘make it.’  Artists get creative breakthroughs, and poets get a fresh start.  If you can, go play on this day.  Just watch out for conflicts with lesbian police officers with “an axe to grind.”

Thursday October 30, 2008 A Moon Void Day

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Some time after midnight in Eastern and Central time zones, and about 8AM in the UK, the Moon in Scorpio (police, death) squares Neptune (confusion) in Aquarius (accidents).  Most of us in the United States will be asleep, but the effect could be rather unfortunate on UK and European rush-hour traffic.

This void sets the tone for the remainder of the day.  This is another great day for arists, poets, and dreamers, as long as none of them are driving or in potentially dangerous situations.  Drunk drivers will tend to get into trouble on this day, and the damage could be significant.

Mercury trines Neptune in the void.  This could be a very good time for copywriters and marketing specialist to do their work.  Maybe not the best time to sell, but you’d need to have an independent astrologer verify this for your chart and situation.  Note that Mercury is emerging from the “shadow” of the retrograde, so things could really take off some time in the next few days.

The Mars-Saturn interaction that starts the evening is rather somber.  This is a good evening for most to stay home.  Except for evening and night workers, those in the UK may be asleep by the time this aspect perfects.  Since the aspect involves outer planets, it has the opportunity to affect several days, through Saturday, as discussed elsewhere.

For finances and investment banking, don’t get your hopes too high.  Those pretty pictures and words developed by the copywriters (mentioned above) may not quite represent reality.  To be sure, sign no contracts on this day or make major purchases.

Chiron Direct October 2008

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One more footnote: Chiron makes a direct station on Saturday, October 28, 2008. Planetary stations have a way of disrupting or causing a general uneasiness. This one especially affects anyone with health issues. And, since Chiron is in Aquarius, this also affects “the People.”

For many, this is “Halloween Weekend.” (Now we celebrate the weekend before the evening before the Hallowed Day.) Accidents, mischief, or intended victimization this weekend has the potential to spur “real change” into how some things are done.

Halloween, Quarter Days and November 8th 2008

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Halloween is a celebration of one of the Quarter Days.  See, also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cross-quarter_day

Halloween was a traditional celebration of the November Quarter Day.  (The above link says “cross quarter” days, but the source(s) I originally used simply called them “quarter days.)  I’ve already spoken about Halloween, but I’ll briefly recap.

(1) circa 29th/30th (depending on your time zone) Mercury Trines Uranus  (This is a great time to see movies and stageplays and right poetry; this is a terrible time to buy almost anything, especially tangible things.  Deception is at play, especially from alcoholics and drug addicts.  Just chill out and ‘watch the show.”)

(2) Mars Sextiles Saturn.  Sextiles are usually favorable, but both Mars and Saturn are malefics.  Mars is in Scorpio (death, dying, sex, secrets, and espionage) and Saturn is in Virgo (accountants, monks, nuns, and intractable bureaucrats).  Not very favorable to anyone except maybe assassins and tax collectors.

(3) Mars Trines Uranus.  Another malefic pair.  Notice this implies that Mars, Saturn, and Uranus are linked.  Uranus (perhaps better named Prometheus) is a bringer of change, and it is currently placed in Pisces.  For the development of electronic media, such as digital photography and video, this is a harbinger of great developments and inventions.  (“You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”)  The three connected can be very strange.

I’d think that one side of this may be an explosive development of electronic surveillance, particular “traffic light cams” and such.  Expect events (criminal events) that will prompt this move.  Don’t be surprised if some of these events are created by agents provocateur.  (See, also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agent_provocateur  not to be confused with http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5s5BNHbxeY)

(4) Venus Trines Chron.  Venus is in Sadge and Chiron is in Aquarius.  These aspects give us hope.  But, don’t be surprised if immigration (Sadge) issues “bubble up” (Chiron’s “healing”) at this time.  Venus Trine Chiron SOUNDS benevolent, but with the previously mentioned aspects, some strident times may be at play.  (Riots?  Massive arrests?)

(5)  Finally, Neptune has been in the process of stationing (this tends to be difficult), and “goes direct” on November 1st.  At least one astrologer I knew spoke of someone who would “go into the mental hospital” when Neptune went retrograde and come out when Neptune “went direct.”  I’d say that this time, particularly Saturday through Wednesday, will be a huge turning point for many people, but especially with regard to alcoholism, drug addiction, deception, liars & cheats, and scammers.  Remember that poetry, music, photography and (especially) video involve a sort of “deception,” so these arts may undergo stunning transformations at this time.

I’ll focus on motion pictures in what I say next, but the same may apply to photograpy, poetry, and music.  Include any kind of electronic media (Netscape News, AOL, Reuters, Google News, Topix,  and the rest.)  Expect: (1) radical industry announcements, possibly a giant or two (unexpectedly) filing for bankruptcy or undergoing buyouts / mergers; (2) Certain branches or units being shut down or merged; (3) radical revisions in general (noticed the new changes in Hotmail?); (4) general belt tightening but (5) greater globalization.  Expect to radical changes in copyrighted material and news with regard to the Far East in general and particularly China.

We are far off topic, because I would like to discuss the actual quarter day, which is November 8th of this year.  Quarter Days are powerful, and the only more powerful points in the year are the changes of season (solstice points and equinoxes).  Each of the Quarter Days has been said to be tied to the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.  The November Quarter Day is associated with the Pale Horse, or Pale Rider.

This rider is usually the most devastating of all.  How it operates in any given year is resolved by the Moon (short term) and the outer planets (long term).  This year the Moon (in Pisces) trines the Sun.  From a short term standpoint, this should be favorable.  But, trines tend to producing long-lasting and far reaching events.

HOWEVER, the Moon also connects with Saturn and Uranus on this day.  The Sun already connected with Saturn on the 30th of October, and it contacts Uranus on November 11th.  Said differently, the Sun is effectively connected to these two as well.

All of this implies that, even though November 8th is on a Saturday, it will have far reaching consequences regarding the economy and financial markets.  And, interestingly, somehow the celebrations (Halloween, All Saints Day, Day of the Dead, Dia de los Muertes) will tie to the actual quarter day.

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