Full Moon July 2013

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The July Full Moon this year, as is true most years, has the Moon in Capricorn and Sun in Cancer.  Capricorn is not a favorable place for the Moon (in most cases), and the Sun does not prosper in Cancer (the Moon’s home) either.

Oops, I suppose that we are still affected by the Mercury retrograde / change in station / storm.  I see, now, that this is a Leo / Aquarius full moon.  Those do not happen as often in July, and this one is at the critical zero (0) degrees mark!

Additionally, this one comes upon the heels of a Mercury direct station combined with a historic outer planet grand trine.  (Indeed, the end of the Mayan calendar in December did not gain my attention the way this particular Grand Trine has done.)

We produced predictions earlier this year that this year would tend to be marked by disasters in a manner similar to 2010.  Fortunately, we have not had any similar to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill or the nuclear meltdown in Japan.  Still, reading the news lists a remarkable number of events, ranging from earthquakes to liberation of people held captive for many years (in both Houston and Ohio) to fertilizer plant explosions.  Hopefully, these will start to recede, but the window for disasters is open through the end of the year for this particular year.

That said, here is the full moon chart, both in beginner format and horary format:

Full Moon July 2013 7-21-2013 2-47-59 AMFully Moon July 2013 (Horary Version) 7-21-2013 2-49-28 AM

As a bit of a footnote, I still believe that an important word leader (perhaps several) will be born this year.  This particular full moon would be a candidate for the time of birth of such a person.  (Various possibilities exist, but this is certainly one of them.)  The zero (0) degree mark here is a strong punctuation mark regarding the leadership potential of individuals born at this time.  I feel strongly that many of us will look back, in hindsight, and see the events of this summer as being particularly important in the years to come.

Update: when I wrote the above words, I was not anticipating the Royal Birth that occurred.  (I do not live in the UK, and lately I have not had time to keep up with UK events.)  However, I will state that I believe that this particular individual will be one of the most important in the Royal Family in a very long time, decades if not centuries.

This person will feel a huge amount of weight as they grapple with some remarkably difficult decisions through the course of their life.  They will wrestle endlessly with a internal war between compassion and prudence.  And, sometimes, they will find themselves at a loss for words.  But, in the end, they will have the potential for some of the greatest leadership that the Royal Family has ever seen.  (Keep in mind, as you read my words, that I am not an Englishman.  I am an American.  And, I am not just an American.  I am a Texan.  Frankly, we don’t bow to anyone, although sometimes we tip our hats to those that deserve it.)

Here is the chart, based on available news time:

Royal Birth 7-23-2013 1-06-06 AM

I suppose, in hindsight, that analyzing the Cancer / Capricorn polarity was the most appropriate after all!

That said, we see no air and very little fire.  Leo / Aquarius are intercepted signs, but they do not contain any major planets.  Venus has barely entered Virgo.  Moon in Cap is effectively inconjunct, and Algol is either setting or has just set (is on the 7th house cusp).  I would be greatly surprised if he were to be an intellectual.  (But, I am reluctant to rule out anything for a newborn.)  Relationships, particularly romances, will tend to be difficult.  He might be a bit of a “ladies man” (Algol setting) in some ways, but with Venus at 0 Virgo he will actually be rather conservative in private despite any public image.  He has the ruler of the 10th (Virgo, Mercury) in the 8th with Mars and Jupiter.  I would not be surprised to see him die a hero’s death in battle at an early age.  If that does happen, he will become emblematic of an important turning point for England (and the UK).

If he does survive his youth, he has the potential to be an unusually good money manager.  He might make certain significant financial decisions for England, and he has the potential to lead England into a new era of prosperity.

The Rescue in Cleveland

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What kind of monster imprisons three women in his basement for years?  That is what more than a few people would like to know about Cleveland suspect Ariel Castro.  (We note that (a) he is innocent until proven guilty but that (b) the evidence against him is overwhelming.)

Specific birth time and location are not available for him at this time.  (We do not have access to his birth certificate, and specifics are not yet available.)  So, we have created a bi-wheel for his reported date of birth and the date of the rescue.  While the positions of the Moon and the Ascendant for both are in question, the resulting chart is still “interesting.”

Ariel Castro biwheel 5-11-2013 2-39-39 PM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Our method of rectification is simple.  But, first, keep in mind that we are operating with little to work with, and this is just a “best guess.”  That said, we looked at the charts and looked for the position of the moon on the day of rescue in relation to Castro’s birth chart.  We are guessing that the rescue happened in daylight hours though we are unsure whether closer to noon or sunset.  (We are using noon.)

We have adjusted Castro’s birth chart so that the Moon is just above the 7th house cusp (relationships and open enemies) on the day of the rescue.  Our other choices would be to put the Moon at the Midheaven (six hours earlier) or the IC (six hours later).

But, with the Moon on the 7th house cusp we note that Mercury, Mars, the Sun, the South Node, Pallas, and Venus are in an 8th house stellium (the 8th being the house of death as well as torture; we would also consider alternative versions that place these planets in a 12th house stellium of imprisonment and misfortune).

We note that transiting Juno (spousal relationships and especially issues involving treachery to spouses and family members) either recently aspected his Moon or is in the process of doing so.

Below is a “synastry grid” (usually used to identify compatibility between two people, but used here to identify relationships between Castro’s birth chart and the date of the rescue:

Ariel Castro Synastry 5-11-2013 2-55-28 PM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

For now, that is all we have to say.  But, with more data later, we might update this article or write a subsequent article.

Mass Murder Spreadsheet

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Something has come to light that is a major insight into the shooter at Newtown: he planned the event for years.  In fact, he developed a large and complex spreadsheet tracking the activities of other serial killers and mass murderers.  Apparently the spreadsheet was developed from the perspective of a video gamer.

…the gunman in the shooting rampage at a Connecticut school, was obsessed with past mass killings and even created a detailed spreadsheet more than 7-feet long documenting hundreds of killing sprees and attempted murders, the New York Daily News reports. [USA Today]

See, also, the following links:

He didn’t snap that day, he wasn’t one of those guys who was mad as hell and wasn’t going to take it anymore,” the man said. “He had been planning this thing forever. In the end, it was just a perfect storm: These guns, one of them an AR-15, in the hands of a violent, insane gamer. It was like porn to a rapist. They feed on it until they go out and say, enough of the video screen. Now I’m actually going to be a hunter. [New York Daily News]

Capricorn Moon / Taurus Sun: persistent practically stubborn effort over time.

News of the Death of Aaron Swartz

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Aaron Swartz was an internet activist who allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself Friday.

Here is an horary chart cast of the arrival of news of his death:

News of Death of Aaron Swartz 1-26-2013 10-39-35 PM

[Click Image to Enlarge]

Curiously, the question arrived at culmination of a full moon, one with an interesting pattern.

Chiron opposed the 8th (Sun on Asc), and Jupiter opposed Catastrophe.  Pluto is near the 4th house cusp (graves, final resting places), and the ruler of the 8th (Venus) is near Pluto.  Venus is also semi-square Chiron in this chart.  This Venus & Jupiter activity indicates that someone (maybe several someone’s) likely benefitted from Aaron’s death.

Uranus (Prometheus) has set.  Metaphorically, Prometheus is the bringer of light (insight, knowledge, genius), and he has now set (moved below ground).  Opinions may vary, but I suspect that we are all worse off for this loss.  The Founders of the United States were people like Aaron, and that kind of courage is needed to protect the rights of us all.

Private Inauguration Chart (2013)

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Some of you may have read that President Obama will have two inaugurations: a public one and a private one.  We assume that the private one is the “real” one (per the U.S. Constitution, as amended), and news reports indicate that it will occur “shortly before noon.”  We have cast a chart, “near” noon and rectified it to put Saturn in the 7th house (it was near the cusp anyway).  Here is the chart:

Private Inauguartion 1-19-2013 12-32-31 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

Here is the inauguration chart shown as a biwheel, with transiting planets surrounding Obama’s natal chart (source):

Private Inaug Biwheel 1 1-19-2013 12-41-14 PM[Click to Enlarge]

Four aspects stand out: (1) Mercury (T) Opposite Mercury (N); (2) Sun (T) Conjunct Jupiter (N); (3) Mars (T) Square Ceres (N); and (4) Neptune (T) Trine Venus (N).  We also note that Pluto (Capricorn, T) is Sesquiquadrate Uranus (Leo, N) and Vesta (Taurus, N), forming a Thor’s Hammer.

Private Inaug Thors Hammer 1 1-19-2013 12-41-14 PM[Click to Enlarge]


Kumar’s Chart

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Reader Kumar has requested a chart.  Here it is:

Kumar (Final) 1-11-2013 12-14-39 PM

[Click to Enlarge]

In our analysis, we see that Kumar has Venus near midheaven with Vesta and Mars nearby.  This is generally a favorable configuration, and it also suggests that Kumar would benefit greatly from study in the univeristy, travel, or both.  Kumar may also proper in settings involving legal issues.  But, with Mars in the 29th degree of Pisces, he has to be careful to avoid engaging in dishonest or criminal activities.  He will face temptations.

With Moon in Cancer in the first house, women are particularly important to Kumar as are all things “water.”  He is a solar pisces and has a water grand trine in his chart.  He is capable of rising from humble beginnings to significant wealth if he is willing to work.  His Saturn is in Scorpio (the other piece of the grand trine, besides Moon & Sun), and he is still likely feeling the aftershocks associated with the Saturn return process.  We suspect that he recently had a major life change: a marriage, divorce, birth of child, or possibly a death of close relative.  He may have made a major career shift.

Given that he has a natal grand water trine, the grand water trine of this summer is of particular importance to him.  The decisions and actions he makes this year will affect his life for many years to come.  If he can avoid dishonesty / criminality, then he can become very prosperous.  He also needs to pick his friends and associates with great discretion.  (The temptation to “fall in with the wrong crowd” is a great danger to him.)

Ramona (Romania)

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Ramona has requested a chart:

i am a female scorpio.  i passed throught a very rough time over the last 4 yers . i feel like the sun will never shine again in my life . the last ”lesson of life” was an abrupt break up last june ,still i can’t recover from that painful situation ,i was so attached to him .  up to now i don’t know what went so wrong between us that it couldn’t be fixed. i read more than 200 answers on your blog . you are impressive . maybe you can help me at least to anticipate the next black events in my life so i can be prepared .

Here is the natal chart:

Ramona (final) 1-11-2013 3-31-43 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

For the time being, we will focus on Ramona’s chart in our analysis.

Ramona has Saturn in the 7th house of relationships and marriage, and that is a difficult placement.  It means that she has to work at relationships, and they may not have the glamor that other relationships have.  However, what she builds can endure.  In this case, Jupiter has been approaching her Saturn.  Indeed, we think that what looks “interesting” for Ramona are the transits of Jupiter and Saturn to her natal chart in the coming year.

We do not believe that she will be alone, and we suspect that she might find someone else.  But, the key issue is likely to become something other than a boyfriends.  We suspect that 8th house events will become important to her: death or taxes or both.  This could be the loss of a loved one.  Or, if it does involve a boyfriend (and not death or taxes), then she may find herself in a relationship with a man that she finds to be “sexy” but possibly abusive.  She likely needs to do some important work on her belief in her own self-worth, and if she does not do that she could become involved with “the wrong sort of fellow.”

Alternatively, she may experience the death of someone important to her.  This could be an aging parent or sibling.  If this occurs, then this will “trump” any issues with a boyfriend.  (We expect this kind of thing to show itself in July, when Jupiter moves from the 7th to 8th house in her chart.)  A VERY wise use of her time between now and July would be to spend time with any family members that she has been tending to neglect.  While that certainly includes any older relatives, she should also take time to mend relations with siblings and children as well.  She must heal these relations and heal her own sense of self-worth first, before addressing any issues with boyfriends.

In closing, here is the list of recent and upcoming Jupiter and Saturn transits.  We note Saturn semi-square to her natal moon, a very “irritating” kind of aspect on a very personal level.  (This tends to cause one to believe that one must take action regarding some matter.)

We note that Jupiter squares Midheaven of her chart on July 19th.  We have mentioned elsewhere that we believe that is an important period for all of us.


Dynamic Chart (2):
Ramona (Romania) – Female Chart
Koch Houses,  Mean Node

Selection: Transits Only – Main Aspects (1 Year)

P1 (H)    Asp    P2 (H)    EXL    Type    Date    Time    Zone    Age    Pos1    Pos2

Jup (7)    Tri    Ven (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 2 2012    08:32:38 am    CST    40.065    11°Ge21′ R    11°Li21′ D
Jup (6)    Opp    Asc (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 6 2012    03:58:28 pm    CST    40.076    10°Ge46′ R    10°Sg46′ D
Sat (11)    SSq    Mon (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 6 2012    07:49:31 pm    CST    40.077    07°Sc15′ D    22°Sg15′ D
Jup (6)    Sqq    Mar (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 7 2012    05:02:20 pm    CST    40.079    10°Ge38′ R    25°Li38′ D
Jup (6)    Opp    Mer (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Dec 14 2012    12:58:14 pm    CST    40.098    09°Ge43′ R    09°Sg43′ D

Jup (6)    Qnx    Jup (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jan 21 2013    10:09:52 am    CST    40.202    06°Ge27′ R    06°Cp27′ D

Jup (6)    Qnx    Jup (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Feb 8 2013    01:18:26 am    CST    40.250    06°Ge27′ D    06°Cp27′ D

Jup (6)    Opp    Mer (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Mar 17 2013    07:01:08 pm    CDT    40.353    09°Ge43′ D    09°Sg43′ D
Jup (6)    Sqq    Mar (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Mar 24 2013    02:10:22 am    CDT    40.370    10°Ge38′ D    25°Li38′ D
Jup (7)    Opp    Asc (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Mar 25 2013    00:36:51 am    CDT    40.373    10°Ge46′ D    10°Sg46′ D
Jup (7)    Tri    Ven (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Mar 28 2013    06:59:13 pm    CDT    40.383    11°Ge21′ D    11°Li21′ D

Jup (7)    Sxt    Chi (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 11 2013    01:35:13 pm    CDT    40.421    13°Ge43′ D    13°Ar43′ R
Jup (7)    Qnx    Sun (11)    (X)    Tr-Na    Apr 28 2013    10:21:09 am    CDT    40.467    17°Ge00′ D    17°Sc00′ D

Jup (7)    Cnj    Sat (7)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 9 2013    03:16:53 pm    CDT    40.498    19°Ge21′ D    19°Ge21′ R
Sat (11)    SSq    Mon (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 10 2013    07:51:53 pm    CDT    40.501    07°Sc15′ R    22°Sg15′ D
Jup (7)    Qnx    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 12 2013    07:55:16 pm    CDT    40.507    20°Ge02′ D    20°Cp02′ R
Jup (7)    Tri    Ura (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 14 2013    04:39:01 pm    CDT    40.512    20°Ge26′ D    20°Li26′ D
Sat (11)    Sxt    Jup (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 22 2013    10:37:18 am    CDT    40.533    06°Sc27′ R    06°Cp27′ D
Jup (7)    Opp    Mon (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    May 22 2013    09:49:35 pm    CDT    40.534    22°Ge15′ D    22°Sg15′ D

Jup (7)    Tri    Mar (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jun 6 2013    07:34:03 pm    CDT    40.575    25°Ge38′ D    25°Li38′ D

Jup (7)    Sqq    Sun (11)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 4 2013    03:26:56 pm    CDT    40.651    02°Cn00′ D    17°Sc00′ D
Jup (7)    Sqr    Plu (9)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 11 2013    06:58:15 am    CDT    40.669    03°Cn30′ D    03°Li30′ D
Jup (7)    Qnx    Nep (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 14 2013    10:29:24 pm    CDT    40.679    04°Cn19′ D    04°Sg19′ D
Jup (7)    Sqr    MC (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 19 2013    11:01:59 pm    CDT    40.693    05°Cn25′ D    05°Li25′ D
Jup (8)    Opp    Jup (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Jul 24 2013    04:12:11 pm    CDT    40.706    06°Cn27′ D    06°Cp27′ D

Jup (8)    Qnx    Mer (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Aug 9 2013    05:13:25 am    CDT    40.749    09°Cn43′ D    09°Sg43′ D
Jup (8)    Qnx    Asc (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Aug 14 2013    10:37:01 am    CDT    40.763    10°Cn46′ D    10°Sg46′ D
Jup (8)    Sqr    Ven (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Aug 17 2013    10:40:29 am    CDT    40.771    11°Cn21′ D    11°Li21′ D
Sat (11)    Sxt    Jup (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Aug 22 2013    02:03:43 pm    CDT    40.785    06°Sc27′ D    06°Cp27′ D
Jup (8)    Sqr    Chi (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Aug 30 2013    05:29:54 am    CDT    40.806    13°Cn43′ D    13°Ar43′ R

Sat (11)    SSq    Mon (1)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 2 2013    04:44:39 am    CDT    40.814    07°Sc15′ D    22°Sg15′ D
Jup (8)    Tri    Sun (11)    (X)    Tr-Na    Sep 20 2013    01:50:36 am    CDT    40.863    17°Cn00′ D    17°Sc00′ D

Jup (8)    Sqq    Nep (12)    (X)    Tr-Na    Oct 10 2013    06:31:08 pm    CDT    40.920    19°Cn19′ D    04°Sg19′ D
Jup (8)    Opp    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Oct 21 2013    02:31:19 am    CDT    40.948    20°Cn02′ D    20°Cp02′ R
Jup (8)    Sqr    Ura (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Oct 31 2013    08:36:14 pm    CDT    40.978    20°Cn26′ D    20°Li26′ D

Sat (11)    Qnx    Chi (4)    (X)    Tr-Na    Nov 2 2013    00:43:48 am    CDT    40.981    13°Sc43′ D    13°Ar43′ R
Jup (8)    Sqr    Ura (10)    (X)    Tr-Na    Nov 13 2013    02:03:23 am    CST    41.011    20°Cn26′ R    20°Li26′ D
Jup (8)    Opp    Nod (2)    (X)    Tr-Na    Nov 23 2013    06:36:41 pm    CST    41.040    20°Cn02′ R    20°Cp02′ R
Sat (11)    Cnj    Sun (11)    (X)    Tr-Na    Nov 29 2013    02:48:32 pm    CST    41.056    17°Sc00′ D    17°Sc00′ D

*** END REPORT ***

Pravasini’s Chart

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Reader Pravasini has requested a chart:

Liked your site very much.  I was born in India but presently staying at USA.  Trying for a child for long.will the saturn return affect according to birth place or to the current residence

Here is the chart:

Pravasini 2 1-8-2013 1-25-18 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

Pravasini asks about having a child (and pregnancy).  This kind of question is outside the scope of what we ordinarily address, but perhaps we can find an answer in our more broad analysis.

Furthermore, we are using Western astrology which is a different system from that which Pravasini has encountered before.  If she prefers a Vedic analysis, we recommend that she consult with a competent astrologer trained in that methodology.

A preponderance of planets in Leo, Virgo, or both has the reputation of precluding fertility.  We do not see that difficulty in this chart.  Her moon is in Libra, and in the Via Combusta, so she does meet some life challenges.  Located in the 11th house, she tends to have a fair number of friends and generally has good relationships.  Her largest difficulty is “drawing the line” with people who would “take advantage” of her good nature.

We see Pluto and Saturn in the 12th, and the asteroid Hygeia (health) is beseiged by these two malefics in the house of self-undoing.  This could indicate some significant health difficulties, particularly if she works too hard and does not do what is needed to take care of her health.  Additionally, Saturn has touched both in the last year, and she has been through her Saturn return.  Saturn returns tend to drive certain kinds of events, and the desire for a child is one of them.

Other than taking care of her health, and limiting the demands of friends, we do not see any particular obstacle to her having a child.

As a side issue, she has Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in the first.  That indicates that her life has been frequently puncutated by surprises.  Let us hope her wish is granted in a pleasant way.

Rista’s Chart

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Reader Rista has requested a chart analysis:

hi,  I know that I am currently going through a saturn return and I’m just wondering what I can expect from saturn’s transit into scorpio?  I have been involved in the arts more recently as well as education what do you see in those fields?

Rista 2 1-6-2013 12-27-25 AM

[Click to Enlarge]

[We note that we are doing this analysis during Moon v/c with Mars Square Saturn, so we expect some changes and updates as a possibility.]

Rista has Sun in late Taurus at 29 degrees.  (Similar to, and square, the late Moon in Aquarius of Kalina.)  In Rista’s case, a pursuit of education, career, or both in art is not only advised but is “fated.”  (She will be VERY dissatisfied, long term, if she does not pursue this.)  That is the message of the last three degrees, the last one the most “fated” of all.  However, Rista does need to know that this work in art is preparing her for something else: “things Gemini.”  While she might find great satisfaction in working in sculpture, she needs to recognize that the day will come when she will wish to communicate her ideas in other ways, spoken or written communication.

Both the Sun and Chiron are late in Taurus, and each of them form a yod with Pluto / South Node.  This strengthens the importance of her interest in art and introduces a decision: should she take “the easy way out” (South Node) or “take the plunge into the abyss” (Pluto).  Yods emphasize decisions where, later, we look back and ask “what if”?  (We are never quite satisfied with our decision, later, when we face a yod choice.)  I suspect that she will be better off “taking the plunge,” but in no case will it be “easy.”

If we use asteroids, we can also argue that Rista has a grand trine in earth by sign (Moon & Astraea in Virgo, Pallas in Capricorn, and Sun, Chiron, & Mercury in Taurus).  These also confirm art (and particularly sculpture or other three dimensional art in preference to painting or drawing).  If she has not yet explored sculpture, then she needs to do so.  (And, if she has and discarded the idea, then she needs to revisit.)  We do include jewelry making and all forms of metal and woodworking in the category of “sculpture.”

She can certainly teach, and Mars in Gemini will keep that interesting.  When she has a little more experience, she might use her experiences in teaching and art to write a book.  Indeed, she should keep extensive notes specifically for this purpose.

Milica’s Chart

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Reader Milica has requested a chart, writing the following:

I am a female taurus. I have a Pluto, Saturn and Mars in Scorpio. How would this transit affect me? Thanks

Here is her natal chart:

Milica 1-7-2013 1-12-04 AM

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Milica will experience her Saturn Return this year, and given the events this summer, the experience will be a particularly powerful one for her.  She will deal with a number of emotional issues.  If she is married she may divorce, and if she is single she might marry.  Having a child is also possibility.  These are all things that often happen with the first saturn return, as well as subsequent ones.

Her Sun and Moon are bi-quintile, and that aspect can provide genius.  We are guessing that, given her taurus sun her predilection is music or sculpture but it might be another field, such as finance.  Moon is near Uranus (conjunct if you use loose orbs) and that confirms that she either is very bright or could be.  Unfortunately, the South Node is nearby, and that means that she probably only sticks with things she can do easily rather than a pursuit of magnifying her strengths into what they could be.  The Saturn Return may bring her an awareness of this genius if it is currently dormant.

Saturn has touched her natal Pluto recently, and “things have been difficult.”  She may have experienced a death in the family.  Saturn is active in the eighth house, and she is likely dealing with death, taxes, power struggles, or a mix of all three.  She may have come into an inheritance or may be in line to do so within the next year or two.

Mars opposite Venus leaves her as being rather sexy, likely physically attractive, to potential suitors.  But, if she is available, she must choose wisely.  Venus, Sun, and Chiron, by sign, oppose Mars & Saturn, by sign.  This leaves her with an ongoing series of struggles and can sometimes make decision making very difficult.  Failure to decide, of course, is also a decision.  Any potential suitor must be able to “live with this,” and see her as she is, rather than as merely a sex object.  And, more than a few suitors may be intimidated by her creative intelligence and, effectively, coerce her to hide or dampen the abilities that are her birthright.

She has Pallas in the 12th, and this is double-edged.  Sometimes she can depend too heavily on her intelligence.  If she is indeed very bright, then her trap is easy to see: she becomes dependent upon last minute preparation, and then she fails in goals that require even the brightest students to make serious preparations.  But, if she can overcome this tendency to procrastinate, then she can be a creator of elegant solutions.

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