Kite of January 5, 2014

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A window of opportunity will open for some on January 5th.  In particular, a Kite will occur:

Kite of Jan 5 1-3-2014 12-59-16 AM[Click to Enlarge]

A kite is a kind of a super-charged Grand Trine, and this one taps the Grand Water Trine of 2013 which continues to persist into 2014 (although it will begin breaking up).  This particular kite is stronger than many (which have the Moon somewhere in them which makes them comparatively unstable).  With the Sun in opposition to Jupiter, some will overspend, overeat, and overdo.  This will be to their detriment.  But others will greatly benefit during this period, particularly the prudent people who can focus themselves appropriately.  (With the Sun in Capricorn, the key to harvesting the beneficial energy of this event is self-discipline.)

Here is the U.S. Map.  Based on this map, I would not be surprised to see this energy manifest as a winter storm (with those who have properly prepared benefiting from their preparations).  Since Hercules is here (as I write this), I have to wonder if this means another storm will be coming behind Hercules?  (If so, it looks like the Rocky Mountains may be hit very hard.)

Kite of Jan 5 US Map 1-3-2014 1-13-31 AM[Click to Enlarge]


Jupiter squares Uranus and Grand Cross for 2014

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The planet to watch in 2014 is Jupiter.  By far it is the most active, with a number of tales to tell.  Ruling the legal system, universities and higher education, animals and animal welfare, and infidelity, Jupiter dominates the outer planet events of 2014 until late November.  (Late November and December has a new and different drama that prepares us for 2015.)  The most potent (explosive) of these is the Grand Cross of April 20th.

Here is a summary of the two squares (the second of which is part of the Grand Cross):

(1) Jupiter squares Uranus on February 26th.  This, and any activating New or Full Moons, sets the stage for the big events on or near August 20th.  Do not be surprised to see explosions, earthquakes, school shooters, etc. at this time.

(2) April 20th: Jupiter Squares Uranus and Opposes Pluto (on the same day!) with retrograde Mars in Aquarius completing the Grand Cross.  All of this happens close to 15 degrees of the four fixed signs (the points in the zodiac associated with the “Quarter Days”).  This is even more volatile than the first square.  Sun is on or near the point associated with the birth of Adolph Hitler.

(3) Particularly interesting are the interlocking Double Yod Keys of November 8th.  These occur with the Sun at 16 degrees (basically aligned with the points of the Grand Cross of April 20th) and the day after the Cross Quarter Day associated with Scorpio.  (We speak of the Cross Quarter Day as it occurs astrologically rather than by any particular tradition or ritual.)

Other activations in April and May show that this may be an “interesting” time for the financial markets.

Jupiter Square Uranus #1

Jupiter Square Uranus 1 12-18-2013 12-52-01 AMJupiter Square Uranus #2 / Grand Cross 2014 (near 15 degrees of Fixed Signs)

Grand Cross 2014 Jupiter Square Uranus 12-18-2013 12-54-40 AM(3) Interlocking Double Yod Keys (November 8th)

Double Yod Keys of 2014 Nov 8 12-18-2013 1-27-32 AMWe note that the Pluto / ASC and Mars / ASC lines are near Guantanamo (aka “Gitmo”) and actually cross on top of Jamaica.  Here is the associated map:

Cross Quarter Map 2014 12-18-2013 1-40-30 AM

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