fIRST Mercury Retrograde 2021 Arrives

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The first Mercury Retrograde of 2021 is here.  We will expand this post a bit in the next few days, but we want to put up a few charts first (on the outside chance you know how to read them or are trying to learn that skill).

A few key points:

  • Mercury Retrograde begins with the Retrograde Station today (January 30th of 2021) 
  • Mercury Retrograde ends with the Direct Station (February 20th of 2021)
  • The Shadow Period prior to the retrograde started January 15th
  • The Shadow Period after the direct station ends March 14th
  • Most of the chaos is associated with the stations and aspects in the shadow period
  • Mercury Retrograde can always be useful; use it to complete “unfinished business” and overlooked maintenance.  Cars break down, but often we have the flat tire because the time for new tires had arrived (and we ignored the warning signs).  Opportunities abound during this time IF you know how to recognize them.

This Mercury Retrograde has all of the patterns discussed in “What the Hell Are You Pissed Off About Now?”  We will cover those patterns again in brief.  

A single pattern unique to the station stands out: a Saturn-Chiron Yod with the Moon at the apex:

Mercury Retrograde Station 2021-01-30 Chiron-Saturn Yod with Moon at Apex

[Click Image to Enlarge]

This pattern tells us that, both collectively and individually, we face a decision : stick with “doing things the way we always have” (also called “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”) as compared to following a path of healing and education that may involve a painful look at ourselves.  Moon at the apex in Virgo tells us that healing is probably the better choice here though the universe will provide both advantages and disadvantages on each path at the fork in the road that we face.  No matter which path you pick, the path not chosen will always leave you wondering “what if I had chosen that way?”

The key, here, is the Moon at the apex of the yod.  This shows up in a Solar Map of the United States at this time with a Moon Descendant line passing through the western part of the United States that passes about halfway between Phoenix and Albuquerque.  (Those two, and that region, are likely to be “activated” somehow.)

Mercury Retrograde Station 2021-01-30 USA Solar Map Moon Line

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

New York, New Jersey, and Eastern PA, along with Boston, are also activated by Mars and Uranus lines.  “Something” (or someone) could go “boom” in these regions.

Mercury Retrograde Station 2021-01-30 USA Solar Map NJ-NY-PA

[Click Image to Open in New Tab]

Notice that Scranton, Allentown, and Philadelphia are all “direct hits” with these lines (Uranus), as is New York City (Mars).  Pluto at MC (Midheaven, top of the sky) crosses the bay at Boston MA.  Expect “interesting” events in these regions from now through (at least) March 15th.  The days near Saturn Square Uranus (February 17th) will be especially sensitive for these regions.

Fifth harmonic (5th harmonic) activity is elevated in this period, signifying that creatives (poets, musicians, photographers, videographers, other visual artists and sometimes “inventors”) will benefit in this period (IF they go back and look at old ideas with “new eyes”).

Mercury Retrograde Station 2021-01-30 5th Harmonic

Mercury (Retrograde Station!) forms quintiles with Mars and Juno.  Issues involving women (and especially anyone who trusted and was then betrayed) will combine with Mars (war, warfare, violence) and Mercury (Standing Still!) is at the apex.  The time is at hand for certain people to right old wrongs, to obtain justice.

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