Mercury Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

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Urania Rules

For the next few days Mercury took over the domestic duties around Venus’s house as her servants were nowhere to be found, and she busied herself wading in the spring for gold or hammering away in her workshop. In the evenings she would sit by the fireplace and polish her latest piece while he tidied up the kitchen, singing songs he had written for her- making sure to use words she could taste, smell and touch. One night, Mercury was longing for some disruption from their pleasant but quiet routine. He wiped his hands on his adopted apron and produced a gift for Venus, hoping it would remind his love of her desire for him. Venus took the tortoise-shell hand mirror from her friend and smiled at its beautiful craftsmanship. She thanked him but didn’t hold it up to her face to admire her divine beauty. Instead she put it…

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