Numerology: Energy for each day of the month May 2020

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Monavie Voight

2020 MAY

  • #10 – The Will – One will rise or fall according to one’s will. Absolute creation or absolute destruction. Love or Hate. Respect or Fear. Honor or Dishonor. There is no middle ground. Self discipline is the key.
  • #11 – Compromised, But Not Silenced – One’s goals and ideas conflict with another because of a lack of compatibility and a compromise needs to be reached instead of one person being silenced. Imagine a lion being muzzled and unable to roar.
  • #12 – Crucified – Be alert and pay attention to the plans and intrigues of others. Mental anxiety creates amnesia and forgetfulness of lessons previously learned. Beware of false flattery. Analyze the motives of others.
  • #13 – Metamorphosis – This is a karmic number of heaving the old to break new ground. Tearing down the orthodox for new discoveries. Great power with the responsibility to use it for the greater…

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Ego Death and Confidence

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jbuss Astrology

This is why I am Grateful for astrology…

Yesterday I PIAVAed that Control over the success of a major segment of my Life be transferred from LeftBrain or Ego to RightBrain or Goddess or “Mysterious Coincidences.”  This morning when I Opened that segment of my Life I felt a profound sense of Failure, and an Urge to Give Up on it.  But, knowing that the symbol for Ego Death was Lit Up (asteroid Nemesis Stationary till 30 April 2020 11:20 am PDT), I was able to quickly connect the Feeling of Failure to Ego Death, and to my PIAVA of the day before.  This allowed me to just move on to other segments unencumbered by the Discouraging Emotions, without even having to Poor-Sweetheart myself.

When I Opened the Surrendered segment later in the day, the Goddess had indeed delivered a nice “Mysterious Coincidence,” for which I was very Grateful. …

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Next week’s astrology

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Hitchhiking Stars

Next week there will be some interesting stuff going on astrologically. The lunar nodes will be shifting from the Cancer-Capricorn to the Gemini-Sagittarius axis on the 5 of May (ten days before Venus goes retrograde), and two days later there will be a full moon at 17 degrees Scorpio.

If you have been following my work you have noticed that I don’t really write consistently about the lunations; but I am specially fond of the full moon in Scorpio though and I tend to write about it every time. I think that these full moons are so emotionally powerful that is worth to have a look at the astrological chart of it to gather insight into its general themes.

First with the lunar nodes changing, it seems like there could be a great shift into prioritising the exchange of information rather than the shadowy side of Sag’s dogmatism. Communication, teaching…

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Mercury conjunction Uranus in Taurus 1st May 2020. — Sarah’s Astrology WordPress

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Mercury is conjunction Uranus at 6 degrees 52 minutes Taurus 3.41 am GMT 4.41 am BST 1st May 2020. The tempo of ideas that could be ground breaking may be a cause for excitement. Originality that makes use of your intelligence can be applied equally to regular tasks as well as creative efforts. Practical inventiveness […]

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Mercury Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

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Urania Rules

For the next few days Mercury took over the domestic duties around Venus’s house as her servants were nowhere to be found, and she busied herself wading in the spring for gold or hammering away in her workshop. In the evenings she would sit by the fireplace and polish her latest piece while he tidied up the kitchen, singing songs he had written for her- making sure to use words she could taste, smell and touch. One night, Mercury was longing for some disruption from their pleasant but quiet routine. He wiped his hands on his adopted apron and produced a gift for Venus, hoping it would remind his love of her desire for him. Venus took the tortoise-shell hand mirror from her friend and smiled at its beautiful craftsmanship. She thanked him but didn’t hold it up to her face to admire her divine beauty. Instead she put it…

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