April 29, 2020

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The Moon Almanac

April 29, 2020

Waxing crescent moon

Moon’s age: 6 days 15 hours (at noon EST)

Fraction of the Moon illuminated: 33 percent (midnight EST) 38 percent (noon EST)

On this day in 1913, a U.S. patent was issued to Gordon Sundback, a Swedish-Canadian, for his invention, a hookless fastener that was dubbed “the zipper” in one of its first commercial applications, on rubber overshoes from the B.F. Goodrich Company.

On this day in 1922, the Teapot Dome scandal began to emerge as the U.S. Senate introduced a resolution for a subcommittee investigation into the sale of oil reserves controlled by the Navy in California.




Times. Time of day is indicated as UT (Universal Time), EST (Eastern Standard Time), CST (Central Standard Time), MST (Mountain Standard Time), and PST (Pacific Standard Time). To figure Daylight Saving Time when in effect locally, subtract one hour from the time…

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