Angel Messages April 16 2020

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Annette Rochelle Aben

Your DAILY MESSAGE from Angels


We love you

Cool, thank you, Angels!!!

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Love Triangle Magic

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Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Video of today’s ASTRO aspects.



That’s a GRAND AIR TRINE to open our hearts and minds.

Make the most of this lovely supportive higher consciousness energy.

Great for internet dating, higher idealism, group work, radicalness, open relationships, organization, management,

If you have planets at 8-14 degrees of all AIR SIGNS you get the uplifting detached love magic benefits blowing on you the strongest.


ARIES, LEO, and SAGITTARIUS get sextiles from all the airy planets and asteroids that easy supportive energy too. If you have planets at all 8-14 degrees of these signs you will have a 6 pointed star appear in your natal chart that is sUPER BENEFICIAL

EARTH SIGNS get squared that’s a hard aspect


 if you have all planets, rising or…

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North Node in Gemini: the Power of Free Speech

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The North Node of the Moon’s entrance into Gemini is one of several major highlights of the year 2020. The True Nodes shift from the Cancer North Nodeand Capricorn South Node to Gemini North Node and Sagittarius South Node begins on May 5th and will last until January 18th of 2022. The Mean Node positions last from June 4th until December 22nd 2021.

During this transit the intense focus on security matters and global economy relative to the Cancer/Capricorn axis will become overlapped before being replaced by a universal increase of information, ideas and communications. As a mutable air sign Gemini heightens mental awareness and brings many new experiences. It stimulates conversation, activism, and collaboration among friends, families and communities. Together with Jupiter and Saturn’s transit through airy Aquarius in 2021-2022, the North Node in this sign highlights a worldwide theme that greatly enhances cerebral…

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Moon Ingress into Aquarius — Divination Counseling Service

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On April 15 2020 around 3:37 am EDT. A chart that features the Moon in conjunction to Saturn. Saturn has recently moved into Aquarius, check out… 304 more words

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New Moon in Aries on 23 April 2020

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Pamela O. Brown

We start a new lunar cycle that is fiery and passionate because the new moon rises in sidereal Aries in Ashwini nakshatra on 23 April. With the masculine side of Mars we will feel confident, ambitious, and determined. Ashwini represents new beginnings, healing, and removing obstacles. As a collective, there may be a general feeling of renewed hope.

Uranus, the planet of sudden changes and innovation, is also in Ashwini. As the new moon passes over it, there may be transformation that we’ve been waiting for. Aries rules the head and brain, so the collective may feel a deluge of inspiring ideas or shift from fear to confidence.

The Sun transitEd sidereal Aries on April 13, where it loves the fire of Aries. It may bestow an abundance of blessings in relation to vitality and creative self-expression. Mercury joins on April 24, where it is neutral, but not foregoing blessing…

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Situation Normal: All Fouled Up

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The “best” bloggers, the ones who can actually make a living out of “this thing of ours,” are the ones that plan ahead.  They have ten or twenty or more blog entries in the queue, and each one publishes like clockwork, once a day or once a week or whatever schedule they have.  If they are sick or need a vacation or anything like that, then those queued up entries cover the time they take off.

That does not work if you curate time sensitive content (such as astrology forecasts).  Without “established” (meaning monetized, “in real life”) relationships, curating content (via reblogs and similar) is a matter of picking and choosing from what is current.  Some content is dependably superb.  (And the best bloggers are a pleasure to work with.)  Others, not so much (on either count).  If you are curating content as it arises, you have no coverage for a “day off.”

What does that mean?

For “me” (meaning Grandtrines, Lost Dudeist Astrology, and the other blogs I use to curate content) it means that, if I need to be away, then the flow of content stops.  And sometimes a day or two is needed to restart.

We needed to be away.  But we will restart.  Keeping in mind that we are all mortal (at least as far as I know), some day will come where I will be “away” and not return.  But, for now, I plan to be back going “full steam ahead” in a day or two.


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