Rise or Demise 4-14-2020 —

April 14, 2020 at 10:40 pm | Posted in Astrology | Comments Off on Rise or Demise 4-14-2020 —

Break thru ZONE *ahead* Either Level up… ~OR~ Sink Back to…….. EARTH/FIRE: Can = EXPLOSION ” Wild fire & Hot mess if one is left unhooked from emotional Authority. MORNING- Florence here Serving Vibe to TRIBE- `Habit Vs Nature’ Old Structure vs Self >> Hyper awareness: Identifying to feel Secure. *Was this a Crutch to […]

via Rise or Demise 4-14-2020 —

Interesting piece.  I hope you continue to blog on these topics at least through the period in 2024 that you describe.  I also like that you are identifying the opportunities that are opening, opportunities that require action but also require focus and avoiding “lower” expressions (violence, rage, and similar).  Anger can be useful, but it must be focused and channeled.  And for many, these aspects will bring anger.

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