Full Moon in Libra

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Home planet

Peak illumination, 4.35(BST), 3.35 (UTC), April 8th, 10.35pm(EST), April 7th

The full moon in Libra is all about balancing polarities, between self and other. A full moon happens when the suns rays, illuminate the surface of the moon and reflect the energies of her upon us.

Libra’s symbol is of scales, which in Ancient Egypt was the symbol of the setting sun. This was regarded as the doorway between two worlds. Paying attention to messages or signs from the spirit, the higher self are extremely important right now. Follow your intuition. It is a great time for meditation, and going inward. Libra is about the other, artistic collaborations, partnerships, harmony, charm and beauty.

Venus rules the sign of Libra, which is the planet of love, pleasure, beauty and luxury. In mythology, Venus was the goddess of love and the emotions, who taught the art of seduction to mortal men and…

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