Venus Retrograde Guide April 3-August 7

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Paris Bordone / Public domain, Venus in Gemini illustrationVenus and TWIN Flames in GEMINI April 3-August 7, 2020  

Venus is making a very long transit in Gemini the sign of Twins as


From 21+ degrees GEMINI back to 5+ degrees Gemini

Before COVID-19 I had written that this was a NO-FLY ZONE  FOR WEDDINGS

GEMINI rules the LUNGS and while Venus is here our lungs will be prized and what we breathe and how will be precious during COVID-19.

Note also that the NORTH NODE will enter GEMINI on MAY 5 indicating our highest goal is to integrate GEMINI energies until January 18, 2022

 VENUS RULES TAURUS AND LIBRA, they will feel the effects of the Retrograde along with Gemini’s the strongest.

SHADOW PERIODS -the track which the Retrograde planets goes through before and after The Actual RETROGRADE PERIOD already affects Venusian things-women, love, relationships, money and communications

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